What does it mean to be ‘spiritual’?

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I’ve been noticing a few comments from the kindred folk around me regarding spirituality. I feel like this word gets thrown around a lot with not very much conscious thought being considered for it’s origin at times. I get the feeling a lot of ‘non-spiritual’ types associate the word spiritual with being a hippie, a psychic or just plain out-there/bonkers/cray cray/stupid/woo woo *insert judgemental assumption here*.

I want to put this word back in it’s rightful place and help others to understand what I believe it’s true meaning is, as well as where it fits in with other personal belief systems – such as science, religion and new age cultures. (Will be a bit of a series of posts I think).

So, take away all your pre-concieved ideas of what it means to be a spiritual person – remove your tarot cards, crystals, incense, chanting, meditating, vegan and yoga pants, please. Let’s dive into my perceived truth of this word and see what you come out with on the other end too.

Remember, I’m all about you finding your truth and beliefs to lead your life by – every one of us have a different story. So, as the broken systems around us become more worn and exposed – we all become more aware that there is never one big blanket solution / explanation / truth for anything or anyone. Ever.

What is spirituality?

To me, as a lover of all possibilities and feeler of all that’s connected – it simply means you lead a life more aligned with your most truest self, your spirit, your heart, your lifeforce or whatever reasonates for you.

For example – A spiritual person would endeavour to intergrate all elements of their life in such a way that they felt the most harmony, joy and fulfillment in their own life.

It is the WAYS in which people choose to express themselves spiritually that then leads us to different spiritual practices and belief systems. In my eyes, none is more powerful than any other, no truer or no more wrong or right – simply whatever helps the individual continually realign themselves – mentally, physically and spiritually. This is where most people assume one must meditate, pray or keep crystals in their home in order to be more ‘spiritual’. Yes, these things definitely help some – but if there are fundamental flaws in the elements of your life and you are unconscious to them – then you are less likely to feel you are of an actual spiritual nature.

We are all born spiritual beings. We are all given the gift of exploring ourselves, our world and our individual journey. As we grow, we are either directed on paths that take us away from this connection within, or are nurtured along the path in alignment with it.

Diet can steer us off this path, our lifestyle, our relationship, our home environment, our mindset, our education – they all play a key role in our spiritual connection and alignment.

I believe that we are born with 5 fundamental elements in which are our true spiritual nature.


1. We are born with the ability to connect with the earth

This includes it’s wisdom and it’s inhabitants – plants, animals, other people.

This is where I feel spiritual people feel drawn to crystals, herbs, wholefoods, flowers, essential oils, animals, astrology as well as religion – they are always very grounded, wise and feel at one with their environment, not superior to.

2. We are born with the ability to connect with our intuition

Meaning to ‘follow our gut instinct’ – understanding ourselves on an mind/body/spirit level, and using this to make decisions. On our own health, relationships, life choices etc.

This is where I feel spiritual people often are quite empathic, highly sensitive, and also choose less mainstream life paths as their intutition leads them beyond conditioning and into their pure instinctual framework. It goes beyond reason to follow ones intuition, therefore people who choose to make decisions based on their intuition often feel ostrosized from mainstream society as they no longer understand this precious tool we were born with.

3. We are born with the ability to connect with our desires

So we instantly know what we do or do not like, we are all born with individual spirits with individual strenghts, weaknesses and at time, past life stories. We are all born with the ability to choose how we wish to live our lives. Although often as children this is not nurtured and we often find whole generations of lost and confused souls due to parental conditioning being passed on and our desires not being met.

This is where I feel spiritual people often go through some sort of trauma in their lives to be shocked back into their body and they feel a shift in consciousness that wasn’t there before. They see the world with different eyes. This can also be a gradual thing if the individual begins to implement changes throughout their journey that are more aligned with their spirits intentions.

4. We are born with the ability to connect with our heart and mind, together. We are all born into LOVE.

To seek love, be love, give love, receive love. We are not born with conscious baggage, ideologies, religious prejudice, hate, fear. This is something that we are taught. This is why I am so passionate about harm to animals – we are all born animal lovers (see #1). It is our experiences as we grow that then either steer us away from this love and connection, or in alignment with it.

This is where I feel spiritual people lean towards more compassionate, mindful and loving lifestyles – vegans, vegetarians, humanitarians, philantrophic achievements and feel drawn to things like meditation/yoga/breathing/prayer. These are all very loving and nurturing practices, to get us back to this original state of love, and harmony between heart and mind.

5. We are born with the ability to communicate

In every sense. I don’t just mean talking – there are many forms of communication. Seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, speaking, writing, body language and signing, telepathy, inner dialog – and they are just off the top of my head. I feel we are all born with specific gifts in way of communicating with ourselves and the universe.

This is where I feel some spiritual people are exceptionally gifted or drawn to the arts – through writing, music, art, dance, teaching, or whatever form of creative self expression they choose – and then of course those who have psychic, intuitive, medium abilities.

Therefore, to lead a spiritual life – we are simply living with the conscious desire to continue to practice these very birth rites.

I won’t give any ‘examples’ of types of people who I believe are spiritual or not, because I think that’s really up to the individual to decide for themselves. Anything I think of another is pure judgement. Just know there can be religious and new-age practice, without being spiritual – just as there is also spirituality with or without religion or new-age practice, too.

There are spiritual people from all walks of life. Spirituality is a journey; a journey to get back to alignment with your truest self. It is always evolving, moving, flowing.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel you are still a spiritual person?

With wilder spirituality,


3 thoughts on “What does it mean to be ‘spiritual’?

  1. Devon

    Loved this! Please continue the series. I wouldn’t mind a list of recommended books, either! I’ve recently realized spirituality isn’t necessarily tied to organized religion (something that doesn’t sit well with me because of past experiences) and I think you really hit the nail on the head with the idea that many spiritual people had to be “shocked” into it, that it comes after a trauma that removes the veil and allows you to watch the world click into place.

    1. thefifthelementlife@gmail.com Post author

      thanks Devon! books is definitely coming – although I am finding some better clarity and understanding with documentaries at the moment so I’ll start building a good list! yes, definitely all about the veils! we need to be reminded of whats important and what makes us feel alive sometimes – thanks for your lovely comment x

  2. niki cotton

    Bang on Baby! I know many religious people who are in no ways spiritual in the slightest but their religion gives them a feeling of being correct in their behaviour patterns… I wont go into it as I am incredibly opinionated on the whole debacle of organised religion and the people that you find wandering the halls of it. Needless to say I feel that spirituality begins with the self and the place of self amongst the world and all the ebbs and flows with in it. Its a good word to use to sum it up. I also know that the word spirtualist is used to explain mediums, its a word that I use for this purpose too but I much prefer the feeling of it is about the original, the beginning on which everything else is built and to understand that and to flow with that you then begin to make the world a better place, you begin to understand that you are a part of it, not better or worse but a part of what makes it all happen and that to treat it right it generally treats you right back. Karma and all that. x


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