What is your life purpose?

LIFE PURPOSE.jpgHey soul sister!

Last week on Facey B I mentioned I had some big stuff I wanted to talk to you about. I’ve been feeling the pull to get outside from my introverted box and out into the ‘speaker’ arena and start doing the occasional video blog post for you to connect with me on a more personal level. I really want you guys to, in a sense, ‘meet me’ because I feel so much connection with you all, just by writing interacting online together, so I thought it’s about time I show you more of me so you can get to know me better.

So, today is the mother flippin’ day! Here is my very first VLOG – and it’s a BIG one. It’s all about me, explaining to you, what your life purpose ACTUALLY is…. It’s kinda of the starting point on how to ‘find it’ and should hopefully put your mind at ease, and your heart back in prime position, inspired, ready and willing to follow it.

I thought a video blog entry would be an easier way for me to share my thoughts with you on a less ‘word overload’ kinda way, like when I post novel long blog posts and ain’t no body got time to read them?! Well, apologises in advance because my plan really backfired. I had every intention of keeping it short and sweet…. but maybe that’s just not my style? My strength is not in getting to the point!

It’s freakin’ 17 minutes long. WTF?!!!

For someone who is introverted and doesn’t talk much in a social setting, get me speaking my mind about stuff I’m interested or passionate about, and well, I can churn out 17 minutes of dialog in ONE take. Boom!

So, I say get yourself a coffee / smoothie / chai / wine and find a comfy place, but more importantly, some free ‘you’ time – and watch this clip.

I promise it’s got what you have been looking for.

And if it doesn’t, then I’m sorry – but at least it’s given you 17 minutes of down time, right? That’s still a good thing.

If you aren’t able to watch right now, and want the juicy bits in point form, here’s  what I covered:

1. I tell you about where I am at in my ‘music’ career – I watched a documentary called ’20ft from Stardom’ which I found a lot of parallels in my own life right now, so I highly recommend checking this flick out.

2. I explain that finding your life purpose isn’t actually ‘a thing’ – like you don’t magically just find out your purpose in life is to be a yoga teacher and then you live happily ever after…it’s much more simple AND complex than that. See why it’s such a big, loaded question?

3. I ask you the question – ‘what is the one thing you have, that no one else does?’ – Maybe you need to find this out about yourself. That’s what I’m busy doing right now.

4. I discuss how our childhoods and education have allowed us to be here, now, questioning our lives, and the keys to undoing all of the limiting conditioning from those times which will allow you to contribute who you truly are to the world, in a free spirited way.

5. Key quote to focus on was “If you don’t get to know yourself first, then you will settle for less”.

I hope you enjoy! Please, I would love for you to leave your feedback in the comments below and if you’re picking up what I’m puttin’ down, please sign up to my weekly newsletter where much more secret squirrel stuff will be revealed soon 😉

With wilder purpose,


20 thoughts on “What is your life purpose?

  1. Sarah Rowley

    I just acted on your wise words….I was feeling so paralysied by not knowing what my purpose is and not knowing which path to take….a cloud lifted…… on my way back from the long school run I stopped at the beach. I have this desire to educate people on the way we live, on what we purchase; where does it come from and where does it go…………I found all this plastic on the beach, so heartbreaking so I combined my love of environment and photography and captured it…..this got me thinking….education through images and art……just a little bit excited!!!!……..Thank you for your clarity of such an important message, ……I posted it on Instagram @sarahlouiserowley if you want to see the ripple effect of your work!

  2. niki cotton

    Hello mrs! Great to ‘see’ you! I did alot of this internlizing last year after quite a few catastrophic years (mum getting breast cancer again, dad being diagnosed with motor neurone, the family business going down the tubes…blah blah blah) I found my little studio space was a literal example of my head, heart and soul. I had crammed so much rubbish in there that kept it all so frantic I couldnt find the time to stop and think or feel anything.
    So, I literally purged everything. Got down to the bare bones of me and what I needed and wanted from my life. I realised I will always be a magpie and yes I am a ‘starter’ too. Find it so difficult to keep pushing on after the initial excitement and flurry has worn off. found a great quote on pin the other day about commitment… commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you…. It rang sooooo true with me!
    As a creative i think it is natural to collect stuff that interests us, be side tracked by things, be taken off at a tangent (I can feel a blog post coming on for myself here!) I think this feeds our creativity, mind and soul, it refreshes you and when you come back to your work it has been fed by this new stuff. The key I think is to keep reasonably focused on what the main issue is.
    I have decided (probably mentioned before!) that i will work in printmaking, painting and then use my stitch work with in these formats. I was being dragged off at tangents that kept everything seperate, I was glad when I found a way I could marry them all together and when I went off and did a silver smithing course and had the burning desire to become a jewellery maker, I realised that that is something I can do for me, when I fancy it, take myself off for a weekend to a studio, make a couple of pieces that I would like to have and be done with it, I dont need to make it a profession. That was quite a big thing for me to realise! It also mean that when people are having clear outs of creative things or I decide I want to knit something I dont need to go out and become brilliant a it. I can just have a mess about make something for me then come back to my work……
    It was all quite liberating so whilst clearing the decks of so many things in my life from clutter, mess in my head, people, work related stuff… (you get the picture) I now feel I can move again. Yes I think I will always wonder where I am meant to be pushing myself next but I also think that helps to keep things interesting otherwise we would never move forward. The unknown is rather exciting but having the strong foundations is what helps make it feel that way and for it not to end up an utter panic.
    big loves and exciting times xxxxx p.s. bet your glad i found the time to sit and listen/read/write now arent you 😉 not! xxx

  3. Elle North

    Oh, I loved seeing that you posted a video today, and what a perfect topic! I totally resonate with your feeling of never just being one thing — I’m so many things, wearing so many hats, and combining all of my passions into various projects — and friggin’ LOVE It. I can’t imagine life boxed into one purpose — I have lots and I’m planning on fulfilling them all! xox

  4. Jenny

    Hi Sarah (AKA lead backup singer :-))
    What a beautifully authentic soul you are! Inspiring and timely message, thank you for sharing. I think you have the most amazing eyes! They really stood out to me in the video. Have a great week and look forward to your next video x

    1. thefifthelementlife@gmail.com Post author

      oh how amazing are you! thanks Jenny :) Thank you – my eyes are definitely my favourite part of my features, thanks for the beautiful compliment. Looking forward to creating one for you! xox

  5. Lala

    Loved it – it’s always so refreshing to hear people speaking their truth and voicing what seems to swirl around in so many of our minds. Thank you gorgeous! Can’t wait to see more :) Lala xx

  6. Ashley

    Hello lovely! There is something so much more personal and easier to connect with on a deeper level with “face to face” communication. All of your posts really speak to me, but this one was by far the most touching. It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day and be on some sort of “auto pilot” and we, as human inhabitants, try to make things so much more complicated than they ever really need to be. Getting back to the basics, simplifying it, being 100% you is really all it’s about. Thank you for bringing a tear to my eye and resonance in my heart. I appreciate you and your light. xoxo Ashley

    1. thefifthelementlife@gmail.com Post author

      oh thank you beautiful! I totally agree, It feels more ‘me’ when I just talk like that, too – I’m glad you connected with ‘me’! I appreciate your lovely words, much love xo

  7. Brenda Hamilton

    Hi Sarah,
    As the song goes ” you took the words right out of my mouth” (just in case you’re too young it’s a Meatloaf song from the 80’s). I am definitely in the same space at the moment and seem to be bombarded with copious amounts of different information and courses to do, while each day I end up feeling like I’m wading through mud and getting nowhere. Thank you so much for speaking your truth and sharing. I just have this feeling like I’m standing on the brink of something and while I’m so excited to see what’s ahead I’m also scared shitless to move toward it and it’s driving me crazy. I will definitely do as you suggest and work out my strengths and focus on them.
    Thanks again you are terrific :)

    1. thefifthelementlife@gmail.com Post author

      love ya Brenda! I’m so excited to watch you come out the other end of your business breakthrough x

  8. Raeanne

    I love when you find something right when you need it. Thank you! I don’t even know how I ended up on your site, but I’m glad I did. I’ve been completely overwhelmed with this feeling of what am I doing!!!! I’m a creative soul stuck wading the waters of a job that, though great, is not me. I’m met daily with the feeling of – I should do this, or this, or that and the list just grows and grows and I find in the tiny breaths in between that I’ve don’t nothing. I’m simply paralyzed at this point. I know I’m capable of great things…..some days I wish someone would just bonk me on the head and tell me what to do. Here’s to finding our true selves.

    1. thefifthelementlife@gmail.com Post author

      You know…so many people start contacting me like that “i have no idea how I ended up here…but I am and wow! etc etc” it’s so awesome how that higher power just drives the right people here at the right time! This is a tough gig, but you know what? we have been taken on this journey because we can handle it…it’s ours and ours only. Your doing great babe, just remember to breathe and trust. Let me know when you take that leap xx

  9. kerri

    Hi Sarah!
    Thanks so much, I am at the very same point, i know there is change coming but not sure what it is – it’s just nice to hear someone else say they are in the same boat!
    So i’ll stick to my strengths for now and see where it takes me

    1. thefifthelementlife@gmail.com Post author

      awesome Kerri! yes babe, your never alone! just keep following the signs and trust xx

  10. Yvonne

    Sarah, I am so happy I found your blog. I loved this video =) thank you for saying what you are saying, I needed to hear it. And I love your rings too!


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