This post is a bit of a carry on from my previous one about the current shift in consciousness happening within me and all around me.

As usual, since writing that piece I have found more information and clarity on the subject, and have heard a few things that get a little bit more specific about the changes going on within the world, and collectively within our selves.

You see, the past has been filled with a dominating masculine energy. Women were always considered the ‘lesser’ sex, being brought up to believe we were to serve men, conditioned to come second (or last), our role was to nurture them, bare and raise their children  (with certain cultures placing emphasis on celebrating bringing more boys/men into the world, considered to be the preferable sex of a child) and men were always left in charge to make all the ‘big’ decisions.

Soon this imbalance of power allowed for this uprising of masculine energy to morph from protective, analytical and practical level-headed energy to dominating, greedy and egotistical energy types. For centuries, women felt so powerless, and begun to think them selves into existence, when the women were considered ‘beneath’ the men, they were left to compete with each other. A bit of a dick measuring competition, of sorts. We all know that men crave the brotherhood, the comradery, the bonding – thats where the football games, the fishing trips and the camping adventures play a positive role in them maintaining their own masculine balance, but when there isn’t any feminine energy to balance this surge in masculine energy (for example, take male prison for instance, the crime, the competitiveness, the corruption, the violence), it grows and begins to turn on itself. This is when we see an imbalance in energies and the negative side of masculinity is dominating, because simply there was not enough nurturing energy to complement it!


Take the humble farmer for example – he was the original business man. He would work a hard, honest day producing goods to support his family. As the energy grew more fiercely, so did the men. They became more greedy, more motivated (by the wrong priorities) and subsequently we have seen the unfolding of the industrial revolution, and now the world is pretty much run by a handful of BIG, DISGUSTING, GREEDY, SOCIOPATHIC, HATED, POWERFUL corporations. Even the governments stand no chance against them. Great example of this, is a company called MONSANTO. If you aren’t familiar with them, I urge you to look it up.

Luckily, whist the masculine energy had been building its empire, the feminine secretly begun to notice, and heard the earths vibrations to act. We appear to have reached a point where women have become more empowered, and the men have become more consciously aware of the masculine heirachy that had turned detrimental to the earth and its inhabiters. 

It’s not about ‘girl power’ as such – it’s not about the ‘women wearing the pants’ or the the feminist movements preaching that ‘they are equal, they can do just what a man can! we don’t need men to do this, that and the other’.Yes, I feel this type of movement has merit and I do feel it is important for women to feel this way, but I don’t relate to this form of thinking exactly, I feel this simply puts us up against the other sex, and if we ever want to make a real difference, we need to come back together, we need to unite the masculine and the feminine and bring out the best in each other. The perfect combination, a harmonious union of energies.

balance masculine feminine

When I refer to the feminine energy, I simply mean the energy of the mother earth.  Like the water element, she is soft, sensitive, sensual, she feels the hurt, she shows great compassion to others. She just wants to give, and feel connected. She knows in her heart when something doesn’t feel right. Combined with the grounding, down-to- earth, nurturing and resourcefulness of the earth. She is warm, nurturing, she brings the perfect ingredients to living in harmony recipe we so crave.


Perhaps their was a focus on masculine energy to help with our evolution from the apes. Cavemen were relied on to protect and provide. This kept them growing, thriving, helped us to adapt, evolve and become what we consider modern man (and woman). Once their was less protecting to do (they no longer had as much predatory threat, had invented a lot of things to help create more modern and easy lifestyles) they perhaps felt they had reached a pivotal point to which their ego’s had now been nurtured so much from the powerless women, that in fact it switched them into ‘asshole’ mode, as I like to put it 😉

Anyway, I’m sure catch my drift. This is all just my own theology, I haven’t read too much into it, but my point is that over the last year, we have moved mountains in terms of releasing any pent up repression, and are fully embracing our femininity (this goes for men, too). By that I don’t necessarily mean we now wear floral dresses and lipstick everyday (although, that is happening too! floral crown trend, anyone?!) it means our inner feminine goddess has been awaken. She is in sync with the earths energy, and feels the emotional surges from the water, she is thankful, gracious and feels more connected to her sisters, more than ever. Its like a massive underground sisterhood movement, have you felt it?

I’m not insinuating that men now take a back seat, and women will run the world (aka Beyonce song style) but I am saying that right now, we are more important to the universes’ survival, and our own ascension into the next type of evolutionary phase – more so than ever before.

Its about creating the perfect partnership again. Uniting the masculine and feminine and moving forward, together. In harmony. AIR, FIRE ( masculine) EARTH, WATER (feminine) to awaken our fifth element, the SPIRIT.

This is what I’m all about. I’m embracing my sisterhood journey, I feel like I’m seriously vibin’ hard on all the amazing chicks (and some guys, too!) that have embraced the change and are seeking to develop upon their feminine earthy self.

We are ALL a mixture of both energies – of course, we would not exist without the two. Its now all about finding and then maintaining the balance of both types of energy. ALL of us being strong, yet compassionate. Being motivated, yet grounded.


Ya feel me?

Love, light & goddess vibin’



  1. Mike

    Good Post

    Everything in life is interdependent .. all living things coexist .. I’m living inside of natures heartbeat .. an amazing vibrational & eternal energy that has the power to transform.

    To the universe .. thank you for this gift of life.


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