The birth of Saisha Red Wolf

Today I woke up feeling a need to nurture my spiritual side a bit more. I have always dabbled in tarot, angel cards and the like as a bit of fun. I enjoy deciphering messages and telling stories from the images and meanings that appear in the spread. Sometimes it’s a bit hit and miss, but mostly my interpretations are pretty accurate. I am used to reading myself and my friends and family, but have done a few readings where I didn’t really know the person or their story, and well, lets say I need some work there!

I feel the missing element has been that (aside from doing alot more practice!) I forget to listen to my intuition. The fifth element! I’m not sure if you are like me, but I do have a pretty apparent intuitive streak. Things like thinking of someone from your past who you haven’t heard their name or even thought about in 10+ years, and then within hours you see their name mentioned in an email or they show up somewhere unlikely. Or simply thinking of someone, so you text them and at the time of pressing the send button, you get a text from them! This happens all the time, some intuitive moments appear more dominant that others, but they do always happen.
Everyone has an intuitive side, its apart of your soul, however some just know how to listen better than others.Trusting your gut, listening to your deepest most inner thoughts. I’m slowly getting the point that I need to put more priority on developing my intuition and I think developing my reading skills is a great place to start this.
This morning I got a call from one of my
Dearest friends. She has some exciting things going on in her life and we briefly discussed them before she had to start at work. I hung up and I just couldn’t stop smiling. I remember doing her tarot cards back on our holiday on Stradbroke Island a good few months ago, and her spread suggested that she had been putting too much emphasise on searching for her soul mate, and that once she changed her priorities and truly loved herself and showed herself the respect she deserves, she will attract someone who emulates those same things. Amongst other parts of this reading, it’s proven to be right on track! As I stood reflecting on this, I headed over to my new ‘zen’ room (the spare bedroom which has a reading table and all my spiritual bits, bobs and books on display) and thought I would get an update on her situation with my tarot deck. As usual, it’s confirmed that she was in a dark place spiritually and that since finally shifting her mindset – the road is very straight forward with great direction, purpose and positivity. It even had rainbow lines along the tracks! She’s got it going on and I’m like a proud mumma!
I was feeling particularly energised by this so thought I would do a few more short message readings for a few people I had recently been thinking about and just felt might need a random reading to gain some clarity on whatever situations they were dealing with. With this small gesture, I have decided I would now make it a regular thing, and when I’m feeling particularly intuitive, will be sending random readings to my network when I feel they might need it most.
Since this is just one side of me I have chosen to nurture, I decided to give her a name so that way, she can come and go when I decide to envoke her, and I can carry on just being Sarah on normal days  without further ado – introducing Saisha Red Wolf. Saisha is the name of a hindu princess, and means ‘truth of life’. pretty fitting. The red wolf is a great communicator, a teacher of valuable lessons. They are very rare and treasured creatures, extremely loyal. Also very fitting. Funnily enough, to link a few of my last blog posts together (because everything is connected, remember!) in my aura photograph reading I was told I would do my best and truest work during the full moon, which is coming over the weekend – so I must work with the moon cycles…and, if the last full moon is anything to go by, the next few days are going to be very busy but positively mind blowing for me! No wonder Saisha has been born today.
On a final note, I wanted to complete my reading session this morning with one for myself, just to see if my thoughts were on the right track… I was shuffling, and this card fell out of the deck:
The empress is the mother card, the goddess of the tarot. I feel her message to me was to continue to nurture my instincts, much like a mother would her child. It’s like my mind is my new baby and its time I give it all the nourishment, nurturing and attention it deserves to develop into a beautiful, strong, healthy version of itself. The empress also urges me to reconnect with nature, and even says in the guide book ‘ go outside tonight and find the moon’. Well, I heard that sister! The full moon is calling my name, and like the red wolf knows best…. AAAAWOOOOOO! (Yes, I just did that).
Love, light and random readings
Sarah aka Saisha Red Wolf xox

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