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The balance of East and West

Recently when I was in my super moon rampage, I was doing a lot of reading about mind/body/soul connections and how everything is linked. It’s had me thinking a lot about the human race, and where we stand in regards to living our lives as our truest self. Deep, I know.

I guess I’d consider myself as one of the ‘minority’ on a lot of my beliefs. It’s not easy to break away from mainstream thinking and certainly takes a lot of un-learning of things, but I must admit it is so much sunnier here on the ‘other side!’. I have found my truth, which has really helped me to understand myself, my soul and the world I live in much better.
I have a really keen interest in medicine at the moment. I have been educating myself on ‘self care’ and healing with foods. Something we are not taught from birth, that’s for sure! I mean, we all know a few of these – foods high in vitamin C are good for colds, ginger helps settle your stomach and cranberry juice is good for bladder infections… But this goes much deeper, something that eastern medicine has always practiced and embraced,where as us westerners have decided to embrace a whole other practice (industry) – modern medicine. We are now working against nature, so much so that diseases caused by lifestyle choices are on the rise at an alarming rate.
¬†Where we once would have eaten 5 oranges at the sign of a cold, we now are pushed to just nibble on some vitamin tablets. instead of learning the foods that omega 3 is found, here’s a simpler way! Just swallow 2 super krill red power oil capsules which have 5000 times more omega 3’s than any food can provide you, and take them everyday for the rest of your life! Why the hell are we eating krill anyway?! Leave that shit for the whales.
Every time I see a freakin’ vitamin ad on TV, I die a little inside. Why do you think these companies need ads for ¬† vitamins,supplements, panadol, meat, dairy?!? To sell them -they are just products! The health food industry is worth billions,the pharmaceutical companies are worth trillions. They don’t actually care about YOUR health and well being. The media and advertising industry is an absolute joke. If anyone truely cared for human health and wellbeing, we wouldn’t see KFC sponsoring football teams or ads for McDonald’s new potato wedges on in prime time. It really grinds my gears when I see ads for fast food on huge sporting time slots, and then they are all wearing a pink jersey to raise awareness for breast cancer. Do we not see the connection?
We’ve all heard this to death – ‘you are what you eat’ – that is because its true. Fast ‘foods’ are full of hormone injected, genetically modified, bottom of the line, high salt, high sugar, high processed carb crap. It’s been through so many processes, it shouldn’t even be classed as food! It is a food-like substance! Don’t even get me started about the animal welfare either.
Anyway, I digress. What I’m trying to say is that I feel we are out of balance. A bunch of oxymorons (thats for you Karen). Western culture is focused on the treatment of the body. Something breaks, we fix it. Something is off balance, we take a pill to rebalance but then that just masks the cause, or creates another reason to become more off balance. Anti-biotic means ‘against life’. I believe that the more antibiotics you take, the more you are at risk of taking the life out of yourself. It’s in the name. If you must take them, learn how to counter-act the damage it causes. This is where pro-biotics are helpful. Keep it a level playing field. I cannot say how empowering it is to learn more about why we do the things we do, and not surprisingly, a lot of the time things don’t really add up.
Why don’t doctors learn much about nutrition? This is a major concern for me, now knowing what I do and can’t actually believe that they still don’t cover much about nutrition in medical school (so I have heard). It is becoming more and more apparent these days at the massive disconnect there has been between diet, mental and spiritual health. Thankfully, there is an increasing number of amazing people who are unlearning what they were taught as children and taking their lives into their own hands. Ain’t no body got your back more than yourself! Jess Ainscough is one of those people – she chose to heal her rare ‘incurable’ cancer by embracing natural therapy after a failed medical road. She completely cured herself of her cancer, and is so spiritually and physically awakened its so inspiring! I might do another blog going into some more amazing people like Jess ‘ stories so you can see what I’m getting at.
Eastern medicine is more focused on healing the soul. Acupuncture, meditation, sound therapy, aromatherapy, naturopathy etc all embraces the nurturing of our souls, and with that the body should follow.
The soul is what makes us, us. It is where we find our dreams, aspirations, intentions, decisions, fascinations and beyond. It is what makes us all unique. Our body is the vessel in which our soul rides in.
Too much focus on healing the physical body means you are disconnected from your soul. You are not healing it. If you are stressed and sick, your soul is weak because you haven’t been listening. It sends the weakness message to your body, and that is where the physical cracks start to show. I have realised that in order to heal your physical body of an aliment, you need to also extend your focus into your soul and spiritual body too. Emotions play a huge role on your physical self. As does your physical self play a similar role on your soul.
For example – you are overweight, you don’t like yourself, your inner dialog is negative towards yourself, you feel nothing but sadness and hate, which then goes back out to the physical body and shows up again – drug or alcohol or food abuse, cronic disease, cancer etc. it’s all connected. On the other side, you start treating your physical body better, you start to see yourself more positively, your inner dialog is loving towards yourself and other amazing things start to happen in the physical world – you attract more positive energy – a new love, new job, healthier complexion and other physical ailments begin to heal themselves as well.
I have noticed this first hand with my own body. I have gone from disliking myself, eating badly, not leading the life I wanted to, to finally listening to my souls urges for change – going vegetarian, introducing new foods, cleaning up my diet, which saw me looking at myself in a more positive light and now more than 10 kgs down and since having a baby, feel like an absolute warrior woman and am so blessed to have this vessel in which has created something so perfect all on its own. I no longer focus my energy on the negative parts of my body, instead have nurtured both my body and soul, through healing foods, beautiful natural foods – and soul cleansing practices like meditation, yoga and just even listening to music again. You don’t have to be a raging hippy. It’s not about that. I’m far from done in my transformation too. Take the stereotypes off the eastern practices and embrace them. They do just as much healing, if not more, than any doctor could.
It’s all about listening. I know you hear it, but are you listening? Second guess everything. Trust no one but yourself. You hold the answers to all your own health issues. Why do you feel the way you do? What could you do to fix it? Think outside what you know. What feels right? what does your body and soul lack? Follow the thoughts and see where they take you.
The key to remember is balance. If something is off balance – either body or soul, try to pin point what you can do yourself to even it back out. Obviously, if you are in a car accident and break you leg in 3 places, you need medical attention. You need to repair your physical self. You also need to keep a positive mindset in order to accelerate your physical healing too. Don’t ever let a physical issue defeat your mental and spiritual self too. If you are feeling emotional, don’t eat the whole chocolate bar and then call yourself a fatty! Think about why? Have a cry. Have a bath. Play some soothing music. Go for a walk in nature.Treat your soul. Get that balance back. Deal with those emotions, accept them and move forward.
(Sorry that that turned into a bit of a random rant in the middle there, as a scanner my brain sometimes enjoys discussing a million topics all at once.)
Love, light and whale food
Sarah xox