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What does 11:11 mean to you?

If your anything like me – you notice things. Small, seemingly insignificant to most, but breathtakingly meaningful and beautiful to you.

Finding a feather in the grass, the smell of the air just before it rains, that perfect shade of pink in the sunset. The moment you think of someone and they text you (don’t you love that?!). It’s all apart of something big. Bigger than you, than me. It’s the pure magic around us. The universal love and oneness.

If you are feelin’ me on the above – then no doubt your also gonna connect with this blog post.

I’m talking about the 11:11 phenomenon.

1111.jpgWhat do I mean?
Look at your phone – it’s 11:11. **makes mental note**
Look at the clock – it’s 1:11.
**makes mental note**
Write the date – it’s the 11th.
**makes mental note**
Up working late. (Maybe working on Pinterest) – decide to stop and go to sleep, lock screen on phone – 11:11pm.
**make mental note**
Missed call; at 11:11am

I think you get the picture. It can be on a sign, phone, clock, picture, letter. Anything. Anywhere, anytime (as long as it’s 11:11 haha).

So after all this mental note making **must look this up** I’ve finally decided to put together this post to help us to find out what it REALLY means TO YOU. I mean, I didn’t really know exactly what it’s all meant until now, but I always knew it was significant and special. I know it’s something for me to not brush aside and something I can and should use to my advantage. I knew it was a nudge from my spirit. But why does everyone see it? why is this a ‘thing?’

Of course, to me – everything has to MEAN SOMETHING. I am constantly asking myself, but what does that mean????!!!!

11, or a combination of 1’s to me is like a little nudge (sometimes a big face plant!) from our spirit reminding us to keep aligned with our current level of consciousness. I feel like people who see this are quite ‘in tune’ to this sort of thing, thus are always searching and learning from the universe and asking some deeper questions about themselves and the world.

When you honour your intuition, things like this really do start to play a significant role in developing your connection with your spiritual self, and the repetitive, sometimes relentless signs are all just apart of the bigger plan to aid you on your journey.

I’ve read on my little google adventure today that the occurrence of multiple 1’s can mean MANY things and here are some of the ones I found – see which one’s resonate most with you:

  1. To make a wish – they come true!
  2. That your thoughts are manifesting instantly, so to keep your mind focused on what you desire.
  3. That it’s a sign from the universe that everything is in alignment and you are exactly where you need to be right now. Kinda like a high-five from your angels.
  4. Something significant is happening at that very moment and to make note of it.
  5. Reminder to simply stop, breathe and take in this very moment with gratitude.
  6. That its a ‘glitch in the matrix’ style time and it’s the best time to ask your angels/spirit guides for guidance.
  7. Represents the doorway to your inner self
  8. In runes, the symbol ‘1’ is called ISA – Which represents reflecting inwards.
  9. Significance with the Mayans (particular date in 2012 when we had a spiritual awakening)

Reading these things didn’t completely ‘feed me’ or answer my question the way I wanted it to. So I looked further into the numerology side of things because I feel quite connected to numbers. In numerology, the number 1 represents creation. The first, the primal force of which all other numbers are born. Without 1, there would be no other numbers.

When you look at the number 1, its shape also gives us a clue – it’s about standing up tall, pointing up to the sky, I think of an arrow when I see the number 1.

So when I put these two points together – to me a repeated occurrence of the number 1 is like those traits magnified…keep looking up to the sky, keep tracking forward on your journey, create your own reality, use your primal force and intuition to guide you there.

This then lead me to what are referred to as ‘master numbers’ – I have heard about them and knew they existed but never really took the time to research what they meant. Here’s my interpretation if your interested!

Master number 11: So here is the 11 we see everywhere! It represents our intuitive and psychic abilities – and when we see this number in this form or repeated, especially the way a lot of the masses are now – it’s a sign of a spiritual awakening. It means we are at a stage of looking to our intuition and reconnecting with ourselves and our spirituality. This is not about turning into a hippie, it’s about living in inline with your spirit – the part of you who already knows who you truly are and that simply wants you to live that journey. So to me – 11:11 is all about us REALISING that we extremely intuitive and connected; that this is a time of fine-tuning our spiritual abilities. It’s about creating syncronocity and harmony between mind/body/soul.

Master number 22: Is the next ‘level’ up so to speak – even though it’s not a competition and we must look at this as us all being a collective, all one mass working together. But there will be those who embark on this journey and build up their spiritual gifts, psychic abilities and become a master of their spirit. This number is about spiritual maturity – really living and breathing it. Oozing it. It’s practicing it daily to the point where it becomes second nature.

Master number 33: This represents the true master. Where you are at a level where you can teach your learnings and journey to others. When I think of this I think of people like Ghandi, like the Dalai Lama and even Einstein. They are true masters of their spirit. (I hope to experience this one day!).

So, essentially – this is my own conclusion – to me the 11:11 represents your connection to your higher consciousness, and when we notice it, it could mean a few different things depending on the circumstances but for me it’s about awareness that the universe is always conspiring to help you, and we are not alone.

It’s about realising that you are free – free to choose whatever path you want, free to choose the life you want to live, or free to continue to ignore the signs and live a life of restraint.


If you see 22’s or 33’s and wondered what they meant – look into this a bit more, because it might be indicating to you that it’s time to take your ‘art’ to the next level, whatever it may be.

Whether or not you believe any of this, I still think it’s pretty damn cool. I love being able to interpret something as mundane as the time of day into something simply magical, that could often be a life altering moment if you let it.

What does it mean to you? I would love to know!

Love, light & 11:11

signature rainbow


What’s in a name?

Seems I’ve opened the flood gates since my last post – here I am again with another spiritually led discovery! This is just a quick one, something I just want to share since its such a cool find, sent by my inquisitive little spirit.

I have been noticing a name a lot recently, in fact, not recently – maybe over the last 6 months… it shows up in my life, time and time again, to the point where I find myself having multiple conversations going at the one time with a person with this same name…scary right? well, it would be much more scary if the name was something really odd like ‘Maleficent’ (token Sleeping Beauty reference for anyone else who’s down with Disney) – and I guess I never took much notice of this name in the beginning, because, well for starters its one of the most common names of my generation, and – the name is actually my own name, Sarah.

Yes we probably all know a Sarah or two, and I do – but not like this. There’s a Sarah at the online jewellery store I’m emailing, a Sarah who is helping me with catering for an event, a Sarah who is helping me up-cycle my vintage dining chairs and even yesterday when ordering a coffee the barista made a comment that since she started working there, she has come across SO MANY SARAH’S…. I said in passing, “well – it is a very common name!” But what seemed like a random observation she was just blurting out to a stranger, what she said to me has stuck in my head. She also sees a lot of Sarah’s, but I feel like she was telling me that for a reason – she wanted me to get the message. She wants me to finally acknowledge the name Sarah.

So, thats what I’ve done. My good friend google has given me some very interesting leads, which I would love to share.

Since it’s my name, I already know that in Hebrew it means “princess” and that Sarah is also a biblical name – she apparently was the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac. But then I turned my attention to angels. I’ve been thinking – well, I’m much more interested in angels, and I believe we all have them watching over us – so maybe there is an angel named Sarah and I just don’t know about her yet?

(FYI Even if you don’t believe in angels, and think its all non-sense, there is no denying that what I’m about to show you is eerily coincidental to my current  situation) 

Sure enough – there is.  She is not a commonly referred to angel, not like the ones I already know like Archangel Michael, but a quick google search discovered the below passage, which I think is what I was meant to find, and it has really hit the nail on the head for me right now…

 Archangel Sarah has been referred to as “the spiritual bulldozer”. Her energy is strong and relentless, while at the same time gentle. Many energetic blocks are no match for her steady flow of energy. Archangel Sarah helps us release feelings of powerlessness, especially when they are a result of situations we have no control over. She’s a good angel to call on when you need doors to open in order to live your soul’s purpose. She loves to open the doors of opportunity. She helps with the practicalities of living on the earth plane while working with spiritual realms. She gives the gift of ease and empowerment. I’d like to give you a small word of warning, though. When you call on Archangel Sarah, be careful what you wish for, be ready to receive it, and be ready for transformation…fast. Sometimes we ask for things to come, and they do. Then we run away from them because we never really expected to get what we asked for. Or, they come to us in a way we didn’t want or expect, and again, we get scared and push the gifts away. Angel Sarah makes things happen. except from Spirit Magazine, author Robyn Linke. http://www.openzine.com/aspx/ReadMore.aspx?ID=92655&lid=78&IssueID=14221&zineID=0&divid=313

 In other words – she’s been lingering around me for a reason. Sarah has allowed for me to go on my spiritual quest, whilst keeping me on the ground with developing my product range too. I have to giggle about the part that mentions she helps to release the feelings of powerlessness with situations we have no control over (finally accepting that I have forever lost my bloody phone?!). Sarah is the one who has helped to open all these doors, lead me to all this information and to develop all these little links along the right track – what a babe!!! Basically now that I know she is around, I need to be careful not to focus too much on her bringing me what I want just yet…I have a little bit to go before I’m ready to bare my all, so Archangel Sarah – we will be chatting in a few weeks! Please go out for a extra long smoko break or something?!

I will let you all know how it goes, and I’m sure you will be able to watch all the magic unfold once I launch my exciting new ventures, seems like she will help me come out with a bang!

And to tie it all in nicely, I’ve been trying to think of what she might look like, so I could attach a photo of her below. As I have been pondering it, my thoughts tracked back to when I was pregnant and I went to get a pregnancy massage. The women was a beautiful chinese lady, who turned out to be incredibly spiritual too. She told me I was having a boy, she gave me a lovely massage and did some sound therapy using singing bowls around the room whilst I lay down and soaked in the vibes… she then put something quite hot over my eyes as they were shut and I thought I had drifted off to heaven. As I came back to reality, I sat up and asked her what she had used over my eyes that were so warm? I thought perhaps she used some hot stones. She giggled “that’s just my hands – they are very warm”. She generated so much heat from her palms I honestly felt like I was in a sun bed! She told me as she worked on my energy, she saw me (on a spiritual level) and that I had a big white light, I was a white angel. When I told my mum the story about my angel, she replied “well duh….I could have told you that!” (smart ass).

So here she is, my beautiful Sarah angel, with her radiating white light. Conveniently, she has a peacock feather in her hair.

 As a final note – I put it out to you, do you notice a particular name on a regular basis? Maybe your intuition is trying to tell you something, or give you a message from your angel with this name?…. a quick search around on the internet might give you just the right message, at just the right time. Feel free to share you findings with me, I would love to hear them!

Love, light and white angels,

Sarah xox