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Soul sisters from other misters

This one is dedicated to my soul sisters.

For years we search for friends who reflect who we are and who we want to be, we spend more years developing those friendships into full blown relationships – we kiss, we fight, we make up, we back stab, we joke, we cry and we help each other at every cross road. Friendships are so imperative in life, yet we do often take them for granted. We also mix them up and try and make them things they simply are not. We sometimes can’t let go, which in turn keeps holding us back from finding new friends who help to further nurture our souls and help us on our never ending quest for growth.

As I reflect on my many friendships with many different souls over the last 20 odd years…. It’s only really dawning on me now just how precious these friendships were and still are. Not only that, but just how amazing and powerful we are at manifesting the right friendships at the right time. Yep, even the bad ones!
 I’ve been doing some research on my animal totem interests – and in the spirit animal world, Evidently there are really 3 different types of spirit animals/ totem animals. To my understanding and interpretation, this is how it works:
1. The power animal – the one who follows you throughout your entire life. Is a reflection of your own negative and positive sides. The animal who represents you, who walks beside you in the spirit realm. Think of Harry Potter or the Compass movies – the main characters all have an animal who represents them in animal form, it is their soul mate.They are Kindred spirits. Family.
2. The totem animals – these animals are the ones who come and go throughout life, helping you to learn lessons, deal with particular situations in life and then move on. They are like guardian angels, they know when to be there at the right place and right time. The animals that cross your paths – in your dreams, in real life. It’s the butterfly that lands on your hand, the snake that is laying across your walking path or the owl nesting in your favourite backyard tree. They all have a message, once it has been received, their job is done.
3. The shadow animal – these are the animals you fear, the ones who you don’t understand, are afraid of or simply freak you out, upset and frighten you. They too have lessons to teach, yet often we let the fear supersede them which doesn’t allow for us to acknowledge their true message, and thus they tend to linger around in life, much longer than we would want them to. They represent our own fears, the negative stuff that hides in the shadows of your spirit.
 These are my current guides…
Now, if you were to replace the word ‘animal’ in those last 3 options with people, then I believe you can also apply this same principle to all people you have in your life, too.
1. The power people – your familia, your soul sisters. The ones that will grow old with you. You perform the dance of life together, hand in hand. For most there may only one be of these, could be a family member as well, for they also know every aspect of you and your life and have no intentions of moving on. For me, however, I’m blessed with more than one – I believe my own soul didn’t want to choose and needs access to multiple soul sisters to help me become a more diverse person (greedy, I know!).
2. The totem people – the great friendships that offer you more of a shorter term relationship, yet can be ever consuming at times of need. These friendships can last minutes, days, months or years. They are beautiful, powerful forces that lead you to another in hopes to find support, love, hope, company, guidance at different points in life. For instance, since having my baby boy, I have found a handful of totem/spirit friendships that I would never have had prior to becoming a mum. Perhaps we might all move on once our babes are all grown up and we all go our separate ways, but the beauty of it is that with these relationships, that is ok. It’s ok to let go, to grow apart and to move on – for it was only meant to be, what it is or was.
3. The shadow people – this is where it gets complicated. The people in your life who you see as poison, depressing, draining, hard work, scary, annoying, intimidating etc the ones you hate to love or love to hate – they really are a type of friend. They are showing you something about yourself, a teacher of sorts. They test you, time and time again to see if you are either going to take the bait and let your fear get in the way, or if you will truly see what it is they are showing you. Only when you understand their lesson, will they no longer play this same role in your life (thankfully!).
No friendships are the same, nor is any more important than the others. We all need one another for one (or more) of the above reasons. As individuals, I believe we are also all 3 of those types of people, to others. I am a soul sister to some, yet a shadow person to others. Once upon a time, if I was told that, I would have perhaps tried harder to be more of a power person than a shadow person, how on earth could anyone find me scary? I would have fought harder to prove to others just what I THOUGHT I should be to them, but now in hindsight, it simply doesn’t work that way. The role I play in others lives, really isn’t any of my business. It is what it is; I am what I am. I love that everyone is so different, and that every relationship brings out the best and worst in me. Relationships and friendships are imperative to personal development.
The only thing that makes sense is that I know most of who my 3 groups are, and to always be available to receive their blessings, even when disguised.  From simply studying yet another spiritual based philosophy that I truly believe in, it has helped to unlock an amazing insight into my friendships with others, I feel it really makes so much sense now that I have typed it out. When I think to all my past relationships, I can definitely see now who mine are and what it truly is that we are sharing together. Once you can categorise the relationships in your life, it really will help you to see things clearer. Just like cleaning up your desktop. Those 3 different folders hold all the answers you need. Let go of the totem friends you have outgrown, embrace the new ones and acknowledge that your power people have totem people, and don’t ever be threatened by those relationships. They won’t ever replace you in your power position. Reflect harder on the shadow people, what is it that they are trying to say to you? Are they a reflection of one of your own traits to which you might want to perhaps work on to better yourself? Or are they simply teaching you patience or to be more understanding or compassionate? The harder you look in the shadows, the clearer the picture becomes – and then comes on the light!
Love, light and shadows
Sarah xox