The best $20 I’ve ever spent

Last week was a ROLLERCOASTER RIDE. I had plenty of wins but also some major loses (errrrmmm…aka gastro…). Now that I reflect on last week, I realise it’s not the hours spent curled into a ball rocking or the hi-fives I was giving myself for my awesome manifesting skills finally falling into place; it was how I spent $20.

The back story is – My beautiful friend Liz over at Living the Light Way started a daily “random act of kindness” challenge on social media and through her newsletter. Each day people were given a random things to do to put themselves outside of their comfort zones, and to truly GIVE to recieve. Law of attraction style stuff, right?

So for example – one day her and I went out for lunch and after we went down to the local main street and left little notes with coins taped to them and stuck them all over the parking metres.

parking.jpg.jpgcute, right?

We felt like little school girls driving away giggling, wondering who would see them and what their reactions would be! But we made sure not to watch anyone as the magic was truly just in the act itself, not the outcome. The key is to avoid clouding the experience with judgement or ego.

The following day she upped the anti on me. We were finishing our weekly hiphop dance class, and she sprung on me that we would go home via the local shopping centre as she had a challenge for us.

The challenge was to head into a shop, buy a store voucher – write a little note on it and then high-tail it back into the store and find a random person to gift it to.

random act.jpg


Can I just say, it’s called a CHALLENGE for a reason. Not only did I instantly start sweating bullets; but I felt nerves like I used to back in highschool – you know that moment your teacher calls your name to perform your oral infront of the class? Yep – that feeling.

So bazaar, right? Like giving to people is really hard? It was such a foreign state to be in, so awkward yet I just knew how right I felt about doing it – and it was totally more for me in that moment than it was for them. I needed a personal challenge; I craved getting outside of my comfy little zone.

We purchased our vouchers and headed back to the entry. Liz announced “right, so you go that way and I go this way and we meet back here” – hold on – what?!?!! We weren’t doing it together?! Cue heart palpitations.

I took a deep breath (aka strapped my nuts on) and I went in. I started walking, nerves building with each step.

I caught myself beginning to judge people I would see “they look rich”, “he’s a kid, he’ll just buy lollies” “They don’t look inviting” etc etc. Serious learning curve in that right there.

So I said to myself, stop it – Sarah. Stop judging. The next person to make eye contact with you is the one.

I walked over past the layby counter and noticed a small queue by the desk and the guy on the end was standing there in his hi-vis shirt, a pram with a cute little bubba in front of him and a pile of baby paraphinalia in his basket.

He locked eyes with me. Before I had any time to judge, I locked eyes with him and darted into his direction.

I blerted “hey mate….ah…. this is for you. It’s my random act of kindness for this week.” He looked at the card I handed over with a startled face, still registering the kindness bomb I just handed him. He said “ohh….wow….gee, thanks so much” and I gave him a reassuring tap on the shoulder and said “have a great weekend” and I scooted off.

Those first steps away from him I felt such a huge range of emotions. Firstly, I was bloody relieved, my oral presentation was over. Closely followed by tears of joy?! Yep, I felt just a little bit swelly in the eyeball area. Then, as I took more steps – I just smiled. Like legit, I’m so proud of myself smile. I pretty muched skipped/floated out of the store and saw Liz standing there, grinning and giggling and we just looked at eachother with sheer excitement. Both proud mamas for eachother.

The value in this random act of kindness is untangable. 

I understand the random act of kindness thing should be more about making a difference in another persons life; and I’m sure it did. I will never know what that gift meant to him but I feel it would have caused a massive shift in his energy because it made a huge difference in mine, too. It showed me how to truly FEEL something again. As I mentioned, I experienced such a huge scale of emotions just by spending $20. You can’t get that feeling buying your lunch. I felt alive. It was the best $20 I have ever spent. The memory for me will never ware off.

This challenge reminded me that this is what life is about – FEELING & TRULY EXPERIENCING it. Taking a chance. Sending those vibrations to the universe that resonate “hello! I’m here, I’m full of love, I’m full of light and I want you to feel it too”. Its such a powerful gift we all have, yet so many of us don’t share it enough. That gift of shift.

Now, you know what I’m gonna suggest to you, right?

Yep. I challenge you to do your own little random act of kindness.

Maybe you pay for someone’s coffee; shout someone to the movies – or better still – shout the bloke behind you a ticket to the movie too!

I would love for you to share your stories with me in the comments below.

With wilder shifts (no…not shits),



5 thoughts on “The best $20 I’ve ever spent

  1. niki cotton

    There is nothing like that feeling is there, that moment when you arent actually dong something for yourself or those you love, its about making a total stranger feel just that little bit better about the world for a moment. I always hand over my parking ticket if there is plenty of time left on it to the next person at the carpark and the tube ticket, if im in the big smoke and i know Im not heading back out again later that day, I hand my card to the next person to look me in the eye entering the station. The left over of my meal aswell to the next homeless person or their trusty dog. The poor person trying to get out of the junction in a steam of traffic, i think I probably drive the cars behind me nuts as I do this all the time but it makes a difference to the driver stuck and it only adds a couple of minutes on to the journey, its not exactly a biggie is it?! It doesnt happen often enough but and I really should make a more concerted effort to do something at least once a week in a more considered effort. Its that feeling of something that I am not sure even has a name but it is pure. To know you made someone smile even just a little bit and re align their faith in human nature. That is a beautiful thing. Everyone should do it. At least once a week and then the world would be a smilier place. x

  2. julie b

    You totally inspired me to do the same! I went into my bookstore to buy a book and decided to get a gift card and find a random nice lady and give it to her! Totally an amazing feeling. <3 thank you


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