INDIGO EXPLORATION part III: Rainbow children & resources

Wow! I absolutely loved the feedback I received to last week’s post! Seems there are quite a few of us ‘indigo shifters’ – I love that this is a thing!


Today i’m wrapping this thing up in a pretty (rainbow) bow, and sharing the 3rd level of these spirits – which are called rainbow children.

The newest phase, the rainbow children are vibrating on the next level from the crystals – and have been labelled “little buddhas”.


  • Balanced masculine & feminine energy
  • Love to give and don’t mind not receiving
  • Full of wisdom
  • Serene in nature
  • They are essentially ‘new’ souls – so they have no karma. They are here to just transform the planet and take on from the undoing’s of the indigos, and the rebuilding from the crystals.

In summary, we have:


More masculine energy – ‘angsty’, fighter spirit – breaking down the old ways and detecting deceit and exposing the corruptness on our planet today. Old, wise yet sensitive souls.


More feminine energy – gentle, connect with nature – particularly with animals. Sensitive, calm and often communicate telepathically, also through music.


Balance of feminine and masculine energy. No karma – I imagine them as like completely ‘clean’, straight forward, down to earth, switched on, efficient, yet also really nurturing, loving people.

As I mentioned last week, I definitely connect with the indigo traits, not all, but most. I also feel a shift towards some of the crystal traits – which I feel is my spirit ‘upgrading’ or shifting/evolving….although I don’t like to say the word ‘evolve’ because I don’t necessarily think I’m better than anyone else, but simply just different. We all play our own roles, I just really connect with this concept and can actually feel this energy where others don’t and won’t.

If you want to learn more, here are some great books / links / resources I found when I was researching it for myself.

Love, light & rainbows

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INDIGO EXPLORATION part II: My Indigo story & my crystal child


sneaky shot of my new branding images – whaddaya think?!

Last week I gave a bit of a run down on what an ‘indigo’ is. I must admit I thought I would have a lot of people responding saying they felt they were considered as an indigo (much like my empath post a couple of months back) but it kinda flopped.

I realise it’s more the story behind it that helps explain, and it’s obvious people aren’t coming to me for a ‘how to’ on something because I’m the first to admit I’m no pro at anything but trusting my own spirit and my peeps are more interested in my stories/journey, so I thought I would do that in this follow up post about indigos.

Basically, I feel like I am definitely an indigo. (learn about what an indigo is here).

Was I born one? Maybe, maybe not. I can’t say I was outstandingly ‘different’ as a child, I didn’t suffer from illness, or ADHD and I wasn’t defiant (I could say that about my brother, though). I was born into an extremely creative family, having both parents working from home as commercial artists; back in the day before computers churned out graphic design – my parents would hand write and illustrate logos, brochures, campaigns – I was always watching, learning. So you could argue the creativity was already in my blood, or that it was taught to me at an early age as well – either way, I was heavily influenced by the creative industries my whole life – I was bound to incorporate that into my adulthood in some form.

Anyway, my point is that I was just a regular kid, I was popular to a degree, I had my fair share of authoritative run ins but all in all I loved school, I loved my friends, my family and my pets were my best friends.

It wasn’t until I reached my late teens / early twenties that I began to feel a shift within; towards a more ‘indigo’ nature. Year by year I begun to reject the societal norms, embracing holistic, more natural ways of living. I also experienced some big trauma (my dad passing away suddenly) which I feel shook me into this new vibration, much sooner. Throw in a keen interest for new age practices and spiritual connection and I feel that last year I reached a full indigo status. It is like I awoke my third eye and now I see the world completely differently. I sleep differently, eat differently, think differently, act differently. I feel as though I have slowly shifted from ‘normal’ (third eye blind) and then a series of events awoke me, and now I’m a woman on a mission. I always knew I had something big to offer the world but I never had the confidence, conviction or resources to find out what it was. Now I’m here, and I’ve got a trail blazing behind me, I can’t even keep up with myself. Woman on a mission has a whole new meaning.

So, discovering this about myself has left me with a lot of questions. There are books, there are others who know a lot more about this topic (part 3 I will cover these things) but I managed to work out that you can be someone who ‘shifts’ into an indigo status, like I feel I have… and then you can also upgrade into the next ‘level’ which is considered a ‘crystal child’, which I feel I have had a taste of this energy, but I am still far from being a full crystal. However, I have been told that my son is a crystal/rainbow child by a very well-known psychic, so that makes sense to me that I am indigo/crystal.

Crystal children have similar traits to the Indigos, but their purpose is slightly different. Indigos are here to break down old world foundations; basically exposing the deceptive government, industrial and corporate systems. They are more like warriors. I feel like I have recently shifted from this warrior attitude to a more level headed one towards the world. Sure, it’s all still there, but I feel like I’m more understanding and even-tempered these days about the world and am focusing more on building the good than tearing down the bad.

photo (28)

Traits of a crystal child are:

  • Even-tempered and blissful
  • Telepathic – which I find really cool because I have always felt my son and I communicate a lot telepathically (I don’t really tell anyone this).
  • Delayed speech – sometimes they don’t speak until they are 3-4 years old. My son at 18 months still rarely speaks ‘real’ words, and we prefer to communicate in sounds, songs, signs or telepathically (you will think I’m crazy but we actually even shared the same dream space once, like, actually both dreamt the same thing, together, and both did stuff together in the dream).
  • Have a fascination with rocks and crystals – again, myself and my son both have this trait. He will find my crystals from my secret stashes in the house and play with them regularly).
  • Forgiving and easy-going – My son is always so easy going. He is the most loving, affectionate, gentle little soul. I’ve even had strangers tell me how beautiful his energy is, and he is always waving to strangers, blowing kisses to new friends and will hug anyone he feels he can trust. A very great judge of character!

photo (32)

You can be born into being an indigo/crystal/rainbow, or you can shift into being one. Right now, I feel I am an indigo shifting into crystal, and my son is possibly a crystal or rainbow, won’t fully understand this one until he grows up a bit more. My mum too has shifted recently into full on indigo status, with her and I both going through similar shifts energetically at the same time, but just slightly differently. I feel she is still very much a warrior, and still breaking down all her old conditioning and shedding all the old stuff personally, and universally, where as I have done that and am now in the ‘building the new’ phase.

So, what do you think? Could you be an indigo or crystal? maybe your child could be one too? I would love for you to share with me your personal stories relating to this topic. I find it both really scary talking openly about such ‘taboo’ stuff, but hey – I’ll never get anywhere if I play by the rules now, will I?!?

Love, light and crystals

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INDIGO EXPLORATION part I: What is an indigo?


I’ve decided this will be a 3 part series because otherwise I may blow your mind with info so hard that you won’t ever come play with me here again, so I’m taking this topic slowly.

You remember my post about discovering I’m an empath? Well, let’s change that to “Indigo Empath” now, shall we?! – I’ve heard about indigo children for years now; but my intuition led me to dive back into this information over the last few weeks whilst being in a bit of a retreat and I spent a good 3 hours reading about Indigo, crystal and rainbow children/adults and the age of Aquarius and naturally thought I would share what I’ve discovered because it helped me to understand things from another perspective and really enjoyed connecting with this theory.

So firstly, what is an indigo?

Basically it’s a term coined by psychic Nancy Anne Tappe in the 80’s who discovered that a core group of children at the time (and some adults) had predominately Indigo coloured auras or energy fields and all possessed similar characteristics or traits.

Which were (generally speaking):


  • Feeling out of place/don’t belong
  • Have a lot of anger towards the world and particular people who don’t think like you
  • Often show resistance to authority – including government structure and heir-achy type systems
  • Often feel depressed, or have depression, sometimes even suicidal tendencies and thoughts
  • Can feel very alone, isolated and outcasted
  • Addictive personality
  • Higher sensitivities to things like food additives, chemicals and allergens
  • Insomnia, restless sleeper or fears around sleep


  • High self esteem and have self worth
  • Show a lot of love, have a lot of love to give everything!
  • Creative – creating and expressing self through the arts
  • Incredibly intuitive – can be psychic, telepathic, can sense deceit, have 6th sense
  • Tendency towards vegetarianism or plant-based/whole food diets
  • Deep sense of self – very authentic and connected to self/spirit
  • Head strong
  • Feel like your hear for a purpose or mission


I want to know …… Did you nod at all those traits, like I did?

This my dear, could mean you are also classed as an ‘indigo’.

But what exactly does that mean?

Basically, without reading any books or studying the subject very in depth (which I’m super keen to do now!) the term ‘indigo’ refers to the colour of the 6th chakra – which represents the third eye.


On more general terms (aka not in crazy spirituality hippy dippy speak like I would prefer to dribble about) an indigo is someone who is born with an ‘old soul’. They are born more aware, more awake and more attune with the world and are here to help the world’s population become more sentient beings* and essentially to help heal old paradigms and aid in the shift of the planet’s energy to one more of peace, oneness and healing.

*A sentient being is something that is aware of everything; has the ability to feel and to experience , all at once and all of the time is the ability to feel, perceive, or to experience subjectivity.

I will let  you soak that in for a week, and then next week I will dive a bit deeper again and then throw in another curve ball with Crystal children.

Now, I know I will have some readers who ‘get this’ and then some who will screw their face up and just say what a load of bullshite. I like to consider myself someone who ‘gets it’ but also won’t let it rule my life choices, I do, believe it or not, have a very strong inner sceptical side (although, I like to just call this my intuition).

This type of spiritual exploration is all about journeying into your own truth and discovering what side of the fence you sit on, or maybe your still sitting on it, looking down at both sides trying to decipher which way you feel reflects you most? I know a lot of ‘spiritual’ people would shun you and say you were all about the fluff and not a true spiritual person, but you know what…. who the f*ck cares. At the end of the day, you believe what you want to. Nothing is actually right or wrong, good or bad. You have the almighty power to decide those things for yourself.

So my grand plan is to just expose you to these types of things and leave it with you to decide how you wish to apply it into YOUR life. It is not up to me to decide whether you are in fact a true indigo and this information will, in fact, change your life; that you are only interested in spirituality for the aesthetic and trend-driven side of things or that you are just plain not into woo woo stuff at all (science, science, science. the end).

It is however, my job to dangle these little tasty carrots and see what you click with. See where your intuition or spirit takes you when you expose yourself to it. See what you learn about yourself.

Ok, so true to form I’ve rambled off topic.

me so sorry.

I would LOVE to hear for you about this subject – are you an indigo? you believe in it? or not? How does it affect your life?

I feel learning this about myself has made a lot of inner journeying very clear to me, like I have a bit of a road map now instead of completely winging it….does that make sense?

Leave your comments below or hit me up on my social media and tell me what you think

Love, light & indigo

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Breakdowns & breakthroughs

breakthrough.jpgThe last few weeks have been a roller coaster of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental breakdowns and breakthroughs.

I’ve had some of the highest and lowest days on record.

I’m writing this on a plane, on my trip from Townsville to Brisbane where I will be attending my aunties funeral for the day. This morning (amongst the sadder thoughts) I thought ‘yes! I will actually have some down time today to read a book on the plane, I have so many I want to read – which one do I take?’

I chose this. The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks.

big leap.jpg

No idea why (at the time) I had 3 others in my hand that were all more spiritual and deep things, but I thought – no. That’s not what I need today. Give me something powerful, straight forward and BIG.

Well, I’m about half way in and the message is already abundantly clear. This book is all about reaching your upper limits of joy and basically how we have conditioned ourselves to self sabotage our joy, happiness and success.

Here’s what I’m talking about in action.

Cue a couple of Fridays ago. I was on an absolute high; I was led to a really key part of my marketing direction for The Fifth Element Life and I spent hours just submerging myself in new information and direction. I was high on life and felt a huge sense of comfort in knowing that something big was just on the horizon, I could feel it. This coincided with me finding a new friend here who walks a similar path to me who has also answered a lot of my calls out to the universe for support, sisterhood, clarity, friendship and fun! She even led me to the hip hop dance classes I had been searching for and craving for months (years).

So this Friday night was special. We had set up my sons bike cart and we took our first bike ride to the farmers markets! A huge dream of mine was now finally fulfilled!

Here we are on our first ride together!

Here we are on our first ride together!

Then was my first dance class, moving my body and mind the way it had been craving for ages. I came home to a clearer mind and discovered some amazingness for my business. This is how the elements work. When they are finally all in harmony, magic happens. I was finally filling the void of moving my body, perusing my passion for dance (all fire element stuff) and syncronocity was prevailing.

Then Saturday came. In the span of a matter of hours I was informed that my aunty (dads sister) had taken a turn for the worse and was in hospital (she had been re diagnosed with cancer two weeks prior). She had only a matter of days left (possibly hours) in her physical body. The fact that this was happening was devastating enough as it was; but to put into perspective for myself – it dug up all those same emotions and experiences on the day I lost my own dad two weeks after he was re-diagnosed with cancer and passed in an eerily similar manor. I was reliving that day again and I felt for my cousins who were about to embark on that same journey too.

As if that wasn’t enough bad news; in a separate incident, another aunt (mums side) was in a freak accident and fractured/broke 20+ bones in her back, ribs and shoulder.

What the fuck is this, universe?! How is it that I have come from such a high to the ultimate low in a matter of hours?

(please note: I’m not saying that these things are all about me, they are unrelated to an extent but what I’m coming to realise is that if it wasn’t this, it would have been something else. I do believe there is power in the collective thought so we draw these things/events to us subconsciously.)

The week following was very hard. I lost my aunty to cancer (rest in peace earth angel) and I allowed myself to go back to those memories of my father and truly feel what I was feeling. I reached out to my community, since I live away from most of my loved ones it was the only way to get through.

I allowed my days to flow into the next, without expectations, without goals or direction. It was what I needed.

In true Sarah form I was asking why was this happening? Why can’t I just enjoy my successes and happiness for longer than an hour or so?

According to this book, it was because I wasn’t allowing it to be possible. Somewhere deep down, I’m saying to myself that I am not worthy of that feeling for extended periods of time. **The big leap is now educating me on how to break through this and change these thought patterns**

So then as is the circle of life, I went another 180 and by Friday I was starting to get back to that ‘normal-ness’ I knew and went on my family bike ride to the markets and did my second hip hop dance class. Here we go, I’m coming back! I say to myself.

Cue self sabotage: I pull my groin muscle. I can barely do the routine and every time we go through it it gets worse. Cheers, body. Now I can’t twerkit. (Seriously…..twerking injury).

I wake up Saturday morning. My groin muscle is fine. Message received. That was just a cheeky mind game last night.

Saturday night: It all falls into place. I’m laying in bed, I can’t switch off. It’s 1am, and I have the ‘ah-ha’ moment. Wow. Everything becomes so clear; it was all there in front of me but I had to be patient and trust this process; which I had been practicing all week in my down time. Allowing myself to just be in the moment, honor my feelings and just know that everything would eventually pan out. I allowed this shift to occur and all of these puzzle pieces to magically come together when they were ready.

3am Sunday: I’ve got a whole page of notes in my phone, I’ve got two huge business breakthroughs and most importantly now I know the best way to market my vision. Holy shit batman. Life’s about to get real!

Fast forward to me in this moment. on the plane about to attend my aunties funeral and I know today will be hard and I am accepting and open to this day.

Trusting the ebbs and flows of my life now are much more clear. Trying to push something out that is not ready to eventuate, trying to pressure myself to make magic happen has done me no good. I must just focus on the flow and feel accordingly.

Creativity and emotional expression (water element) = √ check

Passion and movement/action/desire (fire element) = √ check

Mind stimulation/powerful thought and strength (air element) = √ check

Reconnection with nature, nurturing self and allowing abundance (earth element) = √ check

Listening to my intuition, following my spirit cues and trusting my vision (spirit element) = √ check!

It’s all connected. To eat my own words ‘Everything is connected and anything is possible’ – the last few weeks have been a perfect example of this. You neglect one element of your life, in favour of another. You show great success/passion/joy for one area and have been taught that that feeling can’t possibly be felt in other aspects of your life. You can’t have it all. Well, guess what. You can. That’s all bullshit. Those limitations? Don’t exist.

You can have the career you want, the home you want, the love you want, the family you want, the friends you want, the passion you want, the body you want and the lifestyle you want. All together. At the same time. You can feel joy, happiness and bliss for longer periods of time than an hour or so you have always given yourself in the past. I’m learning now that I’ve been self sabotaging for far too long and the real work to be done is not in busting my ass to build my empire, whilst being a doting mum, partner etc etc, it’t just breaking down my own perceptions of myself and telling myself I am worthy. I am allowed to have everything I want.

Big stuff, right?

So even though it’s been a super hard few weeks, I’m coming out of the other side with a new perception of my world.



Love, light & breakdowns

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Creating boundaries to avoid energy depletion (or complete mental breakdown)

panda.jpgAs a newly notified empathic person, the last few months I’ve been working on acknowledging this big part of myself – and with the acknowledgement has come more conscious management.

The more I’ve become aware, the more it’s taken on a life of it’s own – inevitably allowing for my energy levels to reach an all time low, leaving me feeling like a shell of who I actually am. Spiritual violation at its finest.

It’s got absolutely nothing to do with anyone else but myself. Truth is, I haven’t taken the time to learn how to spiritually protect myself and my sensitivities – it’s all well and good to have the best intentions, direction, drive, healing abilities, wisdom, clarity and compassion – but I’ve learnt today that these things are no good if you have no energy to drive them properly.

I’ve simply taken on so many tasks, projects, ideas, thoughts and business opportunities whilst also inviting many people into my personal ‘zone’ online that I’ve completely blurred the lines of what is me and what is not me.

Not only do I have all these things going on externally, but I’ve also got a million other emotions and noise from others swirling around internally, too.

Again, I know a lot of my friends, readers and fellow fifth element lifers are thinking ‘shit, is she talking about me?!’ – but no babe, it’s honestly not you, it’s me. It’s me because I never set myself clear boundaries. I never asked myself ‘do you really need to do this now’ or ‘is this worth your energy?’ Or ‘do you have enough to give right now?’ – I never took the time to check in with myself and just say, well ya know what? Maybe you don’t need to nominate yourself for that task/job/idea/request – maybe instead of saying ‘yes’ and getting caught up in the emotion of it all, you need to stop and check in with the mother ship BEFORE you act. Basically, I need to learn the art of saying no.

Being a ‘yes’ woman is all I know. I love it, I honestly do. It brings me so much joy when someone asks me for guidance/advice/help/healing – I know this is my purpose so therefore it is ALWAYS welcome and ALWAYS ok for anyone to associate me with these things. What isn’t ok is that I kept emptying my tank to fill up others, but never allowed it to be filled up again. I feel like over the last few months I’ve just been running on the smell of an oily rag and now I’ve pulled over on the side of the road, 5km from the nearest petrol station with no cash, no battery on my phone and a toddler who’s already trying to Houdini his way out of the car seat straps. I’ve just pulled up short and left myself in a bit of a pickle with a long walk ahead.

Funnily enough, today when I was feeling very overwhelmed emotionally, I noticed a blog post from Renee Longworth titled “how to give and not burn out” and it stopped me in my tracks. You know how much I love a good sign from the universe, and this was no exception. Renee is so amazing at what she does and after reading this post I felt like she had written it just for me. Her spirit knew my spirit was suffering, and this gift was just what I needed to see the light and pull me back out of that dark place. (Thank you Renee, your life force helped me reacquaint with mine).

So after that symphony of violins, I’ve decided to take some action and already started energetically implementing them. I want to share them with you so that next time you feel like you’ve run out of gas, you can remember how crazy ol’ Sarah saved herself from complete spiritual disempowerment and possible mental breakdown.

1. Claiming back my space. I’ve made some clearer boundaries for myself, especially in the social media world. I’ve decided to do the next best thing to completely deleting Facebook and begun reducing my friend hoarding. This also includes private groups (I literally think I got to about 30 groups before I realised what I had done), page likes (2000 of the bastards) and friends I’ve networked with through various groups and things. Whilst I have nothing against any of these things or these amazing people (they have actually been quite helpful since I have a huge online presence and have only a handful of friends in the flesh where I live) but my problem is I just had too many, way too much of one thing and not enough of another. When my tank was getting low, I just kept filling the void with more of the same thing that was depleting it. Giving and giving and giving and not taking enough to balance it back out. Now I’m working on having a beautiful balance of private/personal space and amazing/interactive kindred spirit style space, here on my website and on my business social media platforms. Having a refuge from ‘what I do’ will help me to just disengage and retreat when I need to.

and you know your always going to be one of my unicorn sisters, right?


2. Follow Renee’s advice in the link I shared above and imagining your life force above you that feeds you your energy, and when giving in anyway to another you simply remember they have their OWN energy and remind them of this too, basically just reaffirming to them that they control their own destiny and have the ability to help themselves, too.

3. As with above, I find that literally getting out the in the sunshine helps revitalise you spiritually. Especially as the feminine lunar energy at the moment is so strong, balancing it out with the masculine solar energy too can help you to build up your energy levels again. Not to mention getting reconnected with the elements outside can help you to find your sense of self and grounding too.

4. Learn to say ‘no’. It is not that you are a horrible person and you think your time/money/guidance is superior – it’s more about you checking in with yourself first and asking if you really need to take it that on at this time. Here is a video post from Denise Duffield-Thomas who was the same as me and realised how she was doing herself an injustice by being a constant “yes” person.  I also trust now that by honouring what I want to actually do, will be sending out the right message to the universe to not keep attracting the same type of energies I have exposed myself to, and will help me to attract the right YES for me after gaining back that time I spent doing something I didn’t want to.

5. Practice self love and care. This goes hand in hand with the saying no thing, but it’s also about doing things for yourself as much as you help others. I did this just today when I was at the height of my spiritual low and treated myself to a coffee date and window shopping with my little boy. I walked away from finishing my projects, my phone, my blog post and just gifted myself with that time because it’s what I really needed.


As usual, I’ve waffled on more than I should so thank you for making it to the end of this post!

I want to just say thanks to you for always being so supportive of me, and I hope that if you have experienced first hand ‘boundary setting’ with me this week that it’s not that I don’t love you, it’s just that I love me more and the only person who is going to get me out of this place right now is moi!

Love, light & boundaries

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What does 11:11 mean to you?

If your anything like me – you notice things. Small, seemingly insignificant to most, but breathtakingly meaningful and beautiful to you.

Finding a feather in the grass, the smell of the air just before it rains, that perfect shade of pink in the sunset. The moment you think of someone and they text you (don’t you love that?!). It’s all apart of something big. Bigger than you, than me. It’s the pure magic around us. The universal love and oneness.

If you are feelin’ me on the above – then no doubt your also gonna connect with this blog post.

I’m talking about the 11:11 phenomenon.

1111.jpgWhat do I mean?
Look at your phone – it’s 11:11. **makes mental note**
Look at the clock – it’s 1:11.
**makes mental note**
Write the date – it’s the 11th.
**makes mental note**
Up working late. (Maybe working on Pinterest) – decide to stop and go to sleep, lock screen on phone – 11:11pm.
**make mental note**
Missed call; at 11:11am

I think you get the picture. It can be on a sign, phone, clock, picture, letter. Anything. Anywhere, anytime (as long as it’s 11:11 haha).

So after all this mental note making **must look this up** I’ve finally decided to put together this post to help us to find out what it REALLY means TO YOU. I mean, I didn’t really know exactly what it’s all meant until now, but I always knew it was significant and special. I know it’s something for me to not brush aside and something I can and should use to my advantage. I knew it was a nudge from my spirit. But why does everyone see it? why is this a ‘thing?’

Of course, to me – everything has to MEAN SOMETHING. I am constantly asking myself, but what does that mean????!!!!

11, or a combination of 1’s to me is like a little nudge (sometimes a big face plant!) from our spirit reminding us to keep aligned with our current level of consciousness. I feel like people who see this are quite ‘in tune’ to this sort of thing, thus are always searching and learning from the universe and asking some deeper questions about themselves and the world.

When you honour your intuition, things like this really do start to play a significant role in developing your connection with your spiritual self, and the repetitive, sometimes relentless signs are all just apart of the bigger plan to aid you on your journey.

I’ve read on my little google adventure today that the occurrence of multiple 1’s can mean MANY things and here are some of the ones I found – see which one’s resonate most with you:

  1. To make a wish – they come true!
  2. That your thoughts are manifesting instantly, so to keep your mind focused on what you desire.
  3. That it’s a sign from the universe that everything is in alignment and you are exactly where you need to be right now. Kinda like a high-five from your angels.
  4. Something significant is happening at that very moment and to make note of it.
  5. Reminder to simply stop, breathe and take in this very moment with gratitude.
  6. That its a ‘glitch in the matrix’ style time and it’s the best time to ask your angels/spirit guides for guidance.
  7. Represents the doorway to your inner self
  8. In runes, the symbol ‘1’ is called ISA – Which represents reflecting inwards.
  9. Significance with the Mayans (particular date in 2012 when we had a spiritual awakening)

Reading these things didn’t completely ‘feed me’ or answer my question the way I wanted it to. So I looked further into the numerology side of things because I feel quite connected to numbers. In numerology, the number 1 represents creation. The first, the primal force of which all other numbers are born. Without 1, there would be no other numbers.

When you look at the number 1, its shape also gives us a clue – it’s about standing up tall, pointing up to the sky, I think of an arrow when I see the number 1.

So when I put these two points together – to me a repeated occurrence of the number 1 is like those traits magnified…keep looking up to the sky, keep tracking forward on your journey, create your own reality, use your primal force and intuition to guide you there.

This then lead me to what are referred to as ‘master numbers’ – I have heard about them and knew they existed but never really took the time to research what they meant. Here’s my interpretation if your interested!

Master number 11: So here is the 11 we see everywhere! It represents our intuitive and psychic abilities – and when we see this number in this form or repeated, especially the way a lot of the masses are now – it’s a sign of a spiritual awakening. It means we are at a stage of looking to our intuition and reconnecting with ourselves and our spirituality. This is not about turning into a hippie, it’s about living in inline with your spirit – the part of you who already knows who you truly are and that simply wants you to live that journey. So to me – 11:11 is all about us REALISING that we extremely intuitive and connected; that this is a time of fine-tuning our spiritual abilities. It’s about creating syncronocity and harmony between mind/body/soul.

Master number 22: Is the next ‘level’ up so to speak – even though it’s not a competition and we must look at this as us all being a collective, all one mass working together. But there will be those who embark on this journey and build up their spiritual gifts, psychic abilities and become a master of their spirit. This number is about spiritual maturity – really living and breathing it. Oozing it. It’s practicing it daily to the point where it becomes second nature.

Master number 33: This represents the true master. Where you are at a level where you can teach your learnings and journey to others. When I think of this I think of people like Ghandi, like the Dalai Lama and even Einstein. They are true masters of their spirit. (I hope to experience this one day!).

So, essentially – this is my own conclusion – to me the 11:11 represents your connection to your higher consciousness, and when we notice it, it could mean a few different things depending on the circumstances but for me it’s about awareness that the universe is always conspiring to help you, and we are not alone.

It’s about realising that you are free – free to choose whatever path you want, free to choose the life you want to live, or free to continue to ignore the signs and live a life of restraint.


If you see 22’s or 33’s and wondered what they meant – look into this a bit more, because it might be indicating to you that it’s time to take your ‘art’ to the next level, whatever it may be.

Whether or not you believe any of this, I still think it’s pretty damn cool. I love being able to interpret something as mundane as the time of day into something simply magical, that could often be a life altering moment if you let it.

What does it mean to you? I would love to know!

Love, light & 11:11

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6 ways to be more authentic in an artificial world

I want to take this moment to talk to you about something that keeps showing up on my intuition raider. Little signs all around keep pointing to this topic so I’m gonna finally give it the nod and address it.


THIS MAGICAL WORD: Authentic. Aka genuine / original / real / true. The actual legit truth.

In a world filled with hidden agendas it can sometimes be quite hard to be your truest self; especially when you are still trying to learn who that truest self actually is.

We are constantly bombarded with images from the media that are edited within an inch of their life but I think most of us now know to question the reality of what the media and advertising agencies are up to; but on a more personal level – we are now suffocating in the ‘digital noise’ of others that then make us feel just that less in love with our own self.

Take selfies for example, we can sometimes forget that they (or we?) took 20 outtakes before finding the one with just the perfect amount of pout, then filtering it to brighten the colour or set a mood, throw in a bit of airbrushing or bokeh and send it out to the world with hash tags about how great life is #livingthedream. Oh, and don’t get me wrong in saying all that – I absolutely do this, too.

I am building myself a brand. I do these things with intentions of mimicking an aesthetic that matches my inner spirit, therefore (most of the time) I have pure soul-led intentions. The social media world pins us all together in such an unnatural way it’s easy to fall prey to comparison traps. I fall into them daily. “She’s so creative” “she’s got the best body” “I will never be that successful” “Why couldn’t I think of that?!”. It’s time to stop. If I’m saying that about them, maybe others are saying that about me, they are thinking that about someone else – and it keeps going on, around and around in circles. How exhausting, how debilitating to the collective consciousness.

I am now learning new ways to try and be my most authentic. My true self. No smoke and mirrors. Raw spirit. Truth. Transparency. I feel I do that a lot in my writing and sharing of my journey and whenever I create something new or have a new idea, I am now better able to decipher the genuine self from the imitation self.

2014-02-26 14.38.46

Screen shots from my very first ‘vlog’ asking for your support recently – weirdo faces, right?!

I’m slowly trying to not worry about what others think of me and focus more on what I think about my own self – it is challenging – but it’s also very freeing. When you stop caring you start living. You stop holding yourself back. And guess what happens when you stop holding yourself back? You come into your truth. You align and you soar. Then you just get on with the life you dream about.

One big thing I have been asking myself is why? Why am I doing this? What’s the desired outcome? You might be surprised at what the answer is. And don’t try and bullshit yourself, doesn’t work. Trust me – I’ve done it. You can only be a fool to yourself for so long (after all, your super intuitive like that.)

So, lets get down to it shall we?
How do you go back to your authentic self in an unauthentic world?

1. Motivations – do the old ‘go within’ and see what comes up first BEFORE you act.
Ask yourself; What motivates me?

Is it to get more likes? why? does that align with your spirit?
To be perceived as trendy? why? does that align with your spirit?

To look like you are smarter? funnier? more wealthy? more intellectual? more creative? more in love than you actually are? why? does that align with your spirit?

It’s ok to do unauthentic things, it really is. We are all human that crave that connection. But more importantly this is about the WHY…. getting to know yourself better. Provoke that thought and learn to love these imperfections you have (we all have them!).

2. Do shit offline. Would it still be done in your day to day life? What should truly be documented and shared and what is just a reflection of how your feeling today? Need validation? Need to be told your beautiful? Need a hug? Go on, give those things to yourself in real life. It will feed your soul so much more, I promise.


like my modern spin on the ol’ tree falling philosophy? 😉

3. Block out the excess noise. Fighting yourself constantly to ‘be’ someone? Be better? Be different? Be like her? Can’t tear yourself away from stalking their profile or website and sighing like you aint’ ever gonna be that good. Well, here’s an extreme (but helpful) measure – unlike/unfollow them! Just for a month. See what a difference it makes in your life. Or delete facebook/IG altogether! Some of my friends have done this and express how liberating it is to get back to their authentic, simple life.

4. Be vulnerable. People love the unpolished, un-edited you. Your a real person;  not a
Magazine spread. You have wrinkles, freckles, weird teeth, bad regrowth, hairy legs. Don’t filter that shit out of oblivion. Small chubby hands? And design rings (like me)? Oh the irony. Rock that shit anyway, at least others will feel a sense of reality and self in that action and be left with a feeling of equality, rather than inferiority.


5. The “what would my spirit do?” question – as in, when you’re about to take any action – whether it be start a new course, get a job, take a photo, buy a concert ticket, shop for new clothes – ask yourself “what would my spirit do?” – not this whole “what would Miranda Kerr do” or “what would Oprah do” – that’s just putting people up on a pedestal in YOUR life that make you feel like you have to always be BETTER. Do BETTER. Choose BETTER. Stop that, it’s soul destroying and artificial. The harder question is – what the hell would your spirit do? That deepest, most raw, natural, soulfulness that resides in you? DO THAT. Fuck what ‘others’ are doing.

6. Find your voice – don’t mimic others – Ain’t no copycat ever find happiness or fulfilment on a soul level when they followed an unauthentic path. I absolutely love this post from one of my mentors – Leonie Dawson – how to deal with copycats – check it.

There is a difference between experimentation or trend/play; do it for you first – and others second. Remember too that authenticity is a process, as we are always growing, learning and living and experiencing this life in real time – so too our spirits move with us in this way.

Luckily for me, when I haven’t been authentic or motivations were for artificial reasons – the universe has picked up on that and it’s never come to reality or given me my desired outcome. The most authentic and organic actions have made the biggest impact – so that’s filled my heart with enough authentic soul stroking for me to move forward in that direction, further away from the ego moves and more towards me being the real deal Sarah Williams.

I would love to know what you do to help with staying authentic too! I think its such a fascinating topic, and we are all so caught up sometimes on what others think about us, but not what we think about us – which I think is the key to happiness.

Love, light & authenticity

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My personal psychic reading experiences and knowing which one is right for you

2014-02-18 11.53.02-2

Psychic readings have a bit of a reputation for being a bit hit and miss and it’s super important to either be recommended by others or to know that this person has great success in their field but more importantly to also trust your own gut when it comes to deciding when and who to ask for a reading.

The majority of the planet don’t really want to know anything about themselves or their spirit guides or get messages from people who have passed and that is totally ok! Some of us are just happy letting nature take its course and don’t really believe – so naturally, if you aren’t drawn to it you simply don’t do it – but for me – I need confirmation from the universe that my own intuition is right and I cannot explain how amazing the feeling is when someone tells you things about yourself and your future that you can already see or feel is your truth.

It’s so exciting when I feel really aligned, in tune and ready to own my power and trust that what I’m doing truly is the right path and journey for me in this lifetime. Sometimes it just takes someone to tell you something at the right place and time to help it truly sink in. Especially when you are paying them for this information, which I think plays a big part in the process on a subconscious level!

If you have been thinking about getting yourself a reading from someone, I highly recommend it. However it’s not something to rush into and sometimes life throw you signs as if to say “your not ready for it yet!” – (such as missing out on my free readings on Monday nights :) ) but when you do and you feel that magic feeling; it really can change your life.

Here are my tips to finding the right person to ask for a reading:

1. They are highly recommended by friends or family; or you have heard stories on how accurate the reading was from them – or, you have seen them in action and click with them instantly!

2. They have a very successful business with a bonus of a great testimonials page and you connect with them upon researching them online.

3. Your gut tells you this person is the right person to be asking for a reading at this time.

4. Know what it is your looking for before you ask someone. There are so many different readers out there and they all serve different purposes – read the most common list here. They of course all use different tools – personal belongings, a huge array of tarot and oracle cards, birth charts, ruins, crystal balls, crystals, even tea leaves! The list is endless and can be daunting and confusing. Think about what it is you truly want from them and work back towards what they offer and see who’s services resonate with you.  

If things don’t work out don’t be disheartened. You have most likely still seen the right person, at the right time and for the right reasons. Think about it – if you get a reading from someone and it doesn’t ‘speak’ to you – what is that telling you about yourself? did you trust your intuition? or did you need to have that reading in order to give yourself clarity on what it is YOU really want to happen? regardless, have you still learnt something? These things happen for a reason!

After all, we are the masters of our own destiny and your path is not written in stone. It is in the embodiment of that reading in mind/body/spirit that allows for you to create your own truth; as the message is simply something you needed to hear in order to follow your own intuition at this time.

There really is no right or wrong reading – it’s all about perception, intuition and interpretation.

In saying all this, I want to share a few things with you about my personal experiences with some readings I have had over the last few weeks to perhaps help you to decide what kind of reading is right for you- but to also help you to understand the process a bit better.

Personally, I’ve only ever really had readings from my myself, mum, aunty and played around with reading each other with friends many moons ago. Since I’ve now decided to offer paid readings online, I have felt the need to experience readings from others to help me to not only grow and learn as a reader but to also learn more about myself and my path, too. I am intuitive & psychic to a degree (we actually all are) and currently I resonate most with being a ‘diviner’ and these gifts are being opened up more each day, but there is something special about hearing it from someone you respect and trust, but don’t really know – to help you to make sense of your world and what it is you truly want.

Through my blog I’ve been contacted by many beautiful souls which lead me to places I have never heard of – forums, groups of like-minded people and the such. Cue my discovery of KV and her universe which is known as Aquarius Nation. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico – KV instantly got my attention as someone who I just had to get a reading from. Her messages are so profound and I connected with her and her teachings instantly.

I want to share with you some key things her reading confirmed for me, as I asked for a reading of my birth chart from her in regards to my soul’s purpose.

Here’s what really resonated for me:


“You are one of the oldest souls on this planet; you have all the information you need inside”.

“These next several years you will be meeting your guides and discovering a new comfort and new solid connection that will pull you through anything”.

“You will be gifted with helping others to get more out into the world just because you love it and talk about it”.

“You will come up with those beautiful magical words that really soothe an injured soul and set them on the right track to go out there and soar in life”.

“You are very in tune, and you need to honour that because your information comes from existential sources and it comes up through your intuition as a sign or a feeling or with how something maybe just doesn’t smell right. you can always trust this, 100% of the time”.

“You are very in tune with what others need as you are ultra sensitive to subtle vibrations and are also more than willing to come forward and help, and that is so kind of you”.

“You are like a tower of strength to others and they really do see you as a sort of hero”.

“You will always have opportunities that will drop into your lap to be this upstanding teacher who is here to guide others”

“Always pulling information from above and from your 3rd eye, you are hooked up in a way so that the channel is always open and sharing information that is quite ahead of the times. maybe some have thought you are a freak because they don’t understand what you are saying, but with the right crowd of awakened souls, they are in complete unison with your visionary words.”

“That mind of yours is always churning away trying to figure everything out and trying to always come up with the perfect answer”.

“You will be sharing wisdom of the highest caliber through writing, publishing or something internet related. you are hear to share the new world energy and in a very positive and humanitarian sort of fashion.”

“In past lives you were possible something like a witch or someone who was persecuted because their gifts were not understood.”

“You will gain much experience on the shamanic path with shamanic studies. but you already know everything you will learn from anybody else as you incarnated with this powerful wisdom”.

“You will be the ultimate teacher guide”

“I just heard the world midwife – you might want to study something like this”

“You are to leap often!” “requires your heart on your sleeve”

“You worked so hard to be able to incarnate as this great wise old soul teacher that you will be. so honour that and do not question this life now”.

Now, for anyone who has followed my blog posts for the last year will know that everything she told me is BANG ON. Like, after reading that (the skeptic in me still hasn’t quite left the building) It honestly flashed into my mind that she can’t have known all that about me and I thought she must have read my blog or cyber stalked me. Now, I know that’s 100% not true because ‘ain’t no body got time fo dat’! I know this woman is the real deal and she wouldn’t be nearly as successful as she is if she was a stalker. ha! This is a true testament to her ability and she will forever be my big soul sister as we are very similar in a lot of ways and I’m so thankful to have connected with her.

Now, if that isn’t cool enough for you, queue yesterdays adventures. I saw an ad on TV to go to the “fantabulous” psychic expo here in Townsville. I felt a calling so I took myself and my little boy to the expo to check it out. There I found an international psychic medium by the name of Cassandra Eason  who has written 95 (!!!!) books, has been on UK & US television and radio spots for her work and is also a celebrity psychic. So, of course – I picked her to give me a reading.

Picture source:

Picture source:

We sat down, and she instantly connected with my son. She told me he was one of the rainbow children (will do a blog post about these soon) and also spoke about my father who has passed and told me he is with Billy and always protects him (confirming to me my hunch as to why this kid has NEVER had a bad boo boo, even at 16 months old and has many close encounters with the floor/chair/tiles/wall/cement). It was so nice to hear about my dad finally. She told me my son is will be an animal healer and is very connected with animals (spot on). There was loads more, but I won’t go into too much detail, will save for another post regarding spiritual children.

Anyway, funnily enough – Cassandra also told me I would be writing books and I would be connecting with women on spiritual journeys and also made emphasis on maidens and mothers and working with women through pregnancy, birth and motherhood. (midwife reference?!). This has confirmed to me about my new sister company to The Fifth Element Life that will see me working with women in this way. This business is still in planning stages but this reading has basically confirmed for me that it’s exactly what I need to be doing right now.

She saw a location change ahead for our family, and once the move has taken place – everything is going to align and we are going to hit the ground running. (We are working hard on manifesting a move to the Sunshine Coast at the moment).

Cassandra told me my first book would be about my own journey, and would be something to do with “spiritual motherhood” – she said she could see that I was a very laid back mum who connected on a deeper level with my child and that I would be helping other mums to trust their intuitive selves to do the same. She said I could have been born 5000 years ago as my instincts are so ancient, as in not been influenced by modern day parenting styles. I was also asked if I read tarot and I said yes, and she asked me if I had thought about going professional – so that was another lovely little boost of confidence for me to know that my reading abilities are developing well enough that she picked up that I should be offering them as a paid service (if I wasn’t already).

So anyway, I’m sorry that may have turned into a bit of a yawn fest for anyone other than myself! But my point is that these readings have really cemented some key aspects of my path to myself – and I am so grateful to have been intuitively led to both of these amazing people.

I would say these readings were life changing to me because they have given me exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the right time of my life – and they are pushing me forward at a time I could easily choose to let self-sabotage break my spirit.

If you have any further questions or want to share your reading stories with me, please do! I love hearing about them!

Love, light & psychic readings

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the spirit diet

In past posts I have shared with you about my journey with regards to feeling ‘reborn’ again after the birth of my beautiful son, late 2012. A chance to be present; to stop working for ‘the man’ and to spend that time with myself and get to know myself again, as a mum, as a new woman.

Before falling pregnant, I was what I liked to call a “fat skinny person”. I didn’t consider myself overweight, but I did feel like I was meant to be thinner; as in, I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin and felt like I wasn’t my true size/weight/shape. In high school, I was always quite thin (although, I always said I was ‘fat’ as teen girls unfortunately do) but ate a really bad diet; so I would never have called myself healthy back then. I’ve always been curvy, busty and freakily. I used to hate that about myself, but those things don’t even make me blink these days.

Throughout last year and to date – I’ve dropped around 15kg since pre-pregnancy. I would never have thought I had that much excess weight to drop, nor that it was possible the way it has happened for me. I didn’t even consciously say I wanted to lose that amount of weight, just to simply drop a few so I felt more ‘me’.

me montage

Over the weekend I caught up with family and friends who hadn’t seen me in a while and a reoccurring comment was on my weight. “where’s the rest of you?” “what have you been doing?” “your so skinny!” – I honestly didn’t know how to respond because I guess I live in my own little bubble and didn’t realise how much I had changed, and (here’s where it might annoy you) I hadn’t really done anything drastic to drop it – so I didn’t feel proud or wasn’t looking for the praise for my efforts; I even felt a bit guilty?! I fumbled through my responses, grasping at anything to say as my big ‘secret’.

I mean, I still eat bread, I still eat pasta, I still get hot chips when I feel like them and my kryptonite at the moment is a soy very vanilla chiller from Gloria Jeans. Yes, I know these things don’t fit into the ‘optimal health’ category; but I do also eat a vegetarian, near vegan diet – with plenty of fresh organic produce, smoothies, real juices and I try and cook everything myself from scratch to have better control of things like preservatives and over processed crap. I feel like I’m definitely much more healthy with my diet than I once was, and I know I still have a way to go; but I am enjoying the process, I will not give up anything I feel I need for the *right* reasons. I also don’t do enough exercise; however do still breastfeed which is equivalent to some cardio energy burning stuff, and I do try and walk or do yoga a few times a week. But that’s it. No busting my arse at bootcamps, no making myself run when I would rather sleep. I have literally just honoured the things I enjoy doing and eating. That’s it.

So, my REAL response to everyone is this hypothesis I have come up with. It’s probably not a medically proven thing, it may or may not really exist, but in my world – its the only thing that makes sense. Yes there are loads of contributing factors; but this is the only one true thing that brings it altogether for me.

I’ve been on the spirit diet.

The Spirit Diet-

It’s really quite hard to explain, but I’m going to just rattle off my thoughts on it all. You see, by becoming more consciously aware of the things I put into my body, the things I do to my body, and also of what I actually love to do on a day to day basis, I feel like my physical body has simply just fallen into line with that. Like my mind/body/spirit is all in the same place, working together in harmony, finally.

I have no physical ailments that I’m aware of, I’m able to thrive on less sleep (even though sleep is very important to me, and I always honour that when I’m tired) and I don’t have any outrageous mood swings, or binge eating habits like I used to. I don’t crave things nearly as much as I used to – so now I can stop at one biscuit instead of 10. It just doesn’t interest me, it doesn’t “fill” me the way it used to. I was unfulfilled spiritually, so I compensated by indulging the in the wrong things.

The fact that I’m also back to my high school weight has got me thinking. What’s the common theme between then and now? spiritual fulfilment. In high school; I enjoyed almost every day. I was ALWAYS creating something – I would draw costumes for dances in class, I would go home and paint shirts or make earrings. I would read tarot with my mum or my friends. I would choreograph hip hop dances for talent quests and school events. I was in my element. After that amazing few years of overdosing on the stuff I loved; I obviously had a void to fill when I entered “the real world”. I wasn’t allowed to do those things anymore because we were conditioned to go to uni, travel the world or get full-time work. What the hell kind of job would allow me to paint sparkles, burn incense and play Missy Elliot while I popped and locked eating hot chips? Yeah. Dream on girl. Enter downward spiral.

My point is – I’m slowly coming back to that now. That place where “work” didn’t really exist, and life was all about creating, playing, exploring and learning. So essentially, my body has just falling into line of it’s own truth, as I have consciously decided to align with mine by working hard in mind and spirit.

It’s not easy though; I’m not saying to just start being spiritual and you will be skinny. No way. It’s about just doing things more out of love, being true to yourself and not doing things because “you have to” – who the f@$k says?! You don’t have to be anything you don’t want to be; you just have to accept yourself and then decide to want to be the real you.

Carrying excess weight for me was a security blanket; sheltering me from the big bad world of my dreams. Element, by element – I have taken off layers on my own aura (spirit), off my own conditioning (mind) and thus, my own weight (body). I busted about a million fears over the past 12 months, and every time another one disappears, I drop a KG or two.

Like I said, I have no idea if this is a real ‘thing’ – but this is what I believe about my own journey. Pretty cool, huh?

If I can tell you one thing though – is that this feels so bloody fantastic. To wake up and not feel like crap, to not let other peoples sadness penetrate me the way it used to; to look in the mirror and my weight not even cross my mind in the slightest; to now have the problem that I don’t fit into any of my old clothes and I want to?! To just do almost anything because it just feels right. Eat that chocolate if it feels right; make a smoothie if it feels right. Don’t juice for a month, if it feels right. Hell to the yeah. This is what a ‘diet’ should feel like. Like I have done nothing but follow my intuition. My bliss.

By no means do I think I’m perfect; but I’m definitely close to the perfect me. The kind of person I would admire – the one who doesn’t follow the latest diet fads, doesn’t pop pills to numb the pain, the one who knows what she wants, and gets it. The one who doesn’t do it if she doesn’t like it. The person who didn’t have weight goals, didn’t want to be a certain size or shape or colour or want to be any celebrity, but just wanted to feel like they were their true self, whatever that may be.

There are still things I do that I am not proud of or don’t follow my intuition, but I am very aware of them. I accept them. I know that about myself, and I forgive myself. I know what needs to be done, and I will do them in an organic way.


I want you to do a bit of thinking, about the time in your life you felt most ‘at home’ within yourself. When were you the most happy? what did your body look like? how did you feel? perhaps the secret to your weight is locked up in that place. What were you doing then that you aren’t doing now? Maybe its time to bring her back, you never know what might happen in the other parts of your world.

Or, on the other hand – where are you denying yourself in life? food restrictions? too much thrashing of your body? not following your dreams? not thinking for yourself? Maybe in there lies the clue to your weight issues, too.

Love, light & 15kg of fear busting

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The mandala story

edited niceHOORAY! My beautiful mandala ring creations have FINALLY arrived in their first (very small) drop into my crafty (but chubby) little hands!

If you haven’t already heard much about them; I thought I would share with you how they came about as It’s been a long journey; but absolutely perfectly timed by the universe. I’m sure you’ve noticed this is not your conventional spring/summer catalogue style range; business or product. I purposely chose to go with a more personal, organic approach to creating, producing and sharing my creations with the world and here is a bit more of the story on how they came to fruition.

Mid 2012, whilst pregnant with my son; I was closing down my previous business (Saralli Design) and wanting to create some basic tools to help me to create change in my life, on my terms. Coming from a jewellery and accessory fashion background, I wanted to design something that I not only was proud of but also was something I could use in my everyday life to help me grow, learn and make great things happen. Something affordable, special, unique and so spiritually switched-on that no matter what happened next, I knew the universe would feel all the positivity oozing from my creations and I wouldn’t ever have to worry about their success.

My attention quickly directed towards sacred geometry; symbolism and this wonderful word ‘mandala’.

Screen shot 2013-10-12 at 2.18.27 PM

They are a form of artistic expression using geometry and symbolism which holds a imprinted message within its design and represents particular stories from the creator. They are particularly helpful in therapeutic and religious contexts, and I wanted to harness the beauty, simplicity and universal acceptance of this form of design in my work.


I designed 20 unique mandala symbols, all of which carry a beautiful message in their symbolism. Without using cliches or religiously restricting themes, these mandalas are simple, aesthetically beautiful and universal. Anyone from any walk of life can find their own special message in their design. Its all about using this symbol as a vessel to remind you of what it is you want, and helps you get it. Each individual is encouraged to find their own meaning, fashion their own message for their own life.

numbered range

So I had the ONE little prototype made up; and I sat and waited for further instruction from the universe as to how to move forward next. No financial backing, about to have a baby – was I ready to launch a new business too? I had every intention to make it happen; but the WHEN was the big question how do you know when? how would I ever get the money, the time, the energy, the following they deserve?

I waited. I knew it was going to be something worth waiting for, so this kept me optimistic, driven but calm.

It took all of last year to fine tune the design, from my hand sketches and measurements, to working out the best way to get my digital symbols onto a ring without compromising the details. It was a huge task! I spoke to many different people, all over the country – and as much as I wanted this to be an Australian made product, I simply couldn’t find anyone to do it the way it needed to be done.

thecrewEventually, I found this lovely little Balinese jewellery designer who helped me bring my vision to life. They bought a new printing machine around the time I asked them to produce my work for me, and they have worked tirelessly for me for months (apparently each ring takes 3 whole days to complete production!) and my first drop has arrived to me here, in Townsville – with the help of pre-sales from my website which allowed me the capital to make it all happen!

I’m being so totally transparent here because I believe this is the future of business; this is how we fall in love with the things we buy. I want this to be the reason why you would choose to support my tiny little business over something mass produced by a huge, faceless company overseas.

You see; I have absolutely no intentions for this to be a multi-million dollar collection, in fact, as you read above – my production line simply couldn’t support that kind of business if it tried! But I do have intentions of always being open to opportunities, possibilities and for everything to progress much more organically as this product development process was. To be forthcoming when it comes to my intentions in life and business and to always stay in check with my own spirit is what I’m all about, and I’m so humbled with the support that has been shown so far and look forward to continuing to share these little gifts of light with you all in the future.

If you want to get your hands on one; there are a limited amount left from the first drop – check out the listings over at TFEL ONLINE STORE – and if you have already missed out, I have left the pre-sale link open for you to secure the one you are coveting, which will arrive in the next drop within a month.

multi ring hand

Thanks again to everyone for all your lovely words, your support and of course for loving my mandala rings as much as I loved creating them for you!

Love, light & mandala magic

 signature rainbow