Mecury Retrograde – My how to thrive guide

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Well, this was a fun one! I have been thinking of writing about this old chestnut for a while now and as syncronocity would have it – My girl Gala Darling already posted the purrrrfect post about my mate MR (mecury retrograde) earlier in the month. I thought – well, I’m not one to re-invent the wheel, so I thought I would ask you to read this little gem first to learn about WHAT it actually is in a astronomy sense and then refer to my little illustration below on how to not only survive, but to THRIVE during the rest of this retrograde (finishes early July!) and to help us be better prepared for the next one in October.

I wanted to make this retrograde representation kind of beautiful because it actually is. It’s raw, it’s confusing and it’s all kinds of irritating – but I’ve come to realise this is what makes life fun. Challenging. Interesting. I wish I could blame all my typo’s and shocking punctuation on Mercury, alas I don’t think any of you would fall for that one all year round 😉

Tonight I decided to meditate on the key points of what this retrograde means to me and how it affects our daily lives during this period and incorporate its message into a bit of a mandala form.

Now whenever I have the urge to shoot Mercury down and blame it for all my problems for a good couple of months of my year, I can look back on this mandala, peel back the layers and recall his teachings to me at this time.

I hope it brings you the same positive and prepared feelings and that this has helped you to embrace this time just as much as any other. Print it out if you need a daily reminder to see the beauty in this seemingly chaotic time.

One last thing to note is that you really shouldn’t fear this time – ‘Don’t do this’ ‘Don’t do that’ – it’s all fear based reactions and I’m really trying to teach myself and others that this is no way to live and lead your life – Simply see it as a chance to take a different path. Stop and reflect before you sign the papers, double check it really is the perfect home for you before you ask for the keys – or take that deep breath, go back into your heart deeper than before and find out what it really is that is causing your current irritability, agression or stress before you approach the other party. This is a time for learning and understanding some darker elements of yourself, or to simply just slow down and smell the roses and forget about those not-so-urgent website updates, computer upgrades or material things. They are just things. Look out for yourself, be kind, be gentle and just be.

On that note, I’m going to take tomorrow to just hang out with my little dude and forget about the emails.

Wilder retrogrades,


3 thoughts on “Mecury Retrograde – My how to thrive guide

  1. Brigee B Soul Sister Extraordinaire!

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!! Embrace, experience, rejuvenate, deep breaths, clearing out, reflect, check & have no fear “cause every little thing – is gonna be alright!” – Love your work baby – Such a wise Soul guiding and setting that feminine magic alight! Love you! xxxx

  2. niki cotton

    It certainly was a mixed bag. It bought many new experiences and opportunities but it also made me feel like I was walking through treacle. I have been ridiculously over emotional to the point of feeling quite depressed and grief seemed to be spurting out of me at the most inopportune moments. It was a rollicking roller coaster but one I feel, knowing what was going on and taking the time to focus on the stuff that was happening and taking note of my emotions, reactions and decision making, that I have learnt a great deal from. I was ridiculously busy but lacked the energy and mainly drive to keep focused which in turn drove me nuts on tp of everything else. This week I have just started to feel that I am back on track and actually going back in the direction I started on and moving again! Cant believe we are going to have to go through all that again in blumming October!!! Superb illustration again by the way. Beautiful xxxxx


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