The mandala story

edited niceHOORAY! My beautiful mandala ring creations have FINALLY arrived in their first (very small) drop into my crafty (but chubby) little hands!

If you haven’t already heard much about them; I thought I would share with you how they came about as It’s been a long journey; but absolutely perfectly timed by the universe. I’m sure you’ve noticed this is not your conventional spring/summer catalogue style range; business or product. I purposely chose to go with a more personal, organic approach to creating, producing and sharing my creations with the world and here is a bit more of the story on how they came to fruition.

Mid 2012, whilst pregnant with my son; I was closing down my previous business (Saralli Design) and wanting to create some basic tools to help me to create change in my life, on my terms. Coming from a jewellery and accessory fashion background, I wanted to design something that I not only was proud of but also was something I could use in my everyday life to help me grow, learn and make great things happen. Something affordable, special, unique and so spiritually switched-on that no matter what happened next, I knew the universe would feel all the positivity oozing from my creations and I wouldn’t ever have to worry about their success.

My attention quickly directed towards sacred geometry; symbolism and this wonderful word ‘mandala’.

Screen shot 2013-10-12 at 2.18.27 PM

They are a form of artistic expression using geometry and symbolism which holds a imprinted message within its design and represents particular stories from the creator. They are particularly helpful in therapeutic and religious contexts, and I wanted to harness the beauty, simplicity and universal acceptance of this form of design in my work.


I designed 20 unique mandala symbols, all of which carry a beautiful message in their symbolism. Without using cliches or religiously restricting themes, these mandalas are simple, aesthetically beautiful and universal. Anyone from any walk of life can find their own special message in their design. Its all about using this symbol as a vessel to remind you of what it is you want, and helps you get it. Each individual is encouraged to find their own meaning, fashion their own message for their own life.

numbered range

So I had the ONE little prototype made up; and I sat and waited for further instruction from the universe as to how to move forward next. No financial backing, about to have a baby – was I ready to launch a new business too? I had every intention to make it happen; but the WHEN was the big question how do you know when? how would I ever get the money, the time, the energy, the following they deserve?

I waited. I knew it was going to be something worth waiting for, so this kept me optimistic, driven but calm.

It took all of last year to fine tune the design, from my hand sketches and measurements, to working out the best way to get my digital symbols onto a ring without compromising the details. It was a huge task! I spoke to many different people, all over the country – and as much as I wanted this to be an Australian made product, I simply couldn’t find anyone to do it the way it needed to be done.

thecrewEventually, I found this lovely little Balinese jewellery designer who helped me bring my vision to life. They bought a new printing machine around the time I asked them to produce my work for me, and they have worked tirelessly for me for months (apparently each ring takes 3 whole days to complete production!) and my first drop has arrived to me here, in Townsville – with the help of pre-sales from my website which allowed me the capital to make it all happen!

I’m being so totally transparent here because I believe this is the future of business; this is how we fall in love with the things we buy. I want this to be the reason why you would choose to support my tiny little business over something mass produced by a huge, faceless company overseas.

You see; I have absolutely no intentions for this to be a multi-million dollar collection, in fact, as you read above – my production line simply couldn’t support that kind of business if it tried! But I do have intentions of always being open to opportunities, possibilities and for everything to progress much more organically as this product development process was. To be forthcoming when it comes to my intentions in life and business and to always stay in check with my own spirit is what I’m all about, and I’m so humbled with the support that has been shown so far and look forward to continuing to share these little gifts of light with you all in the future.

If you want to get your hands on one; there are a limited amount left from the first drop – check out the listings over at TFEL ONLINE STORE – and if you have already missed out, I have left the pre-sale link open for you to secure the one you are coveting, which will arrive in the next drop within a month.

multi ring hand

Thanks again to everyone for all your lovely words, your support and of course for loving my mandala rings as much as I loved creating them for you!

Love, light & mandala magic

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5 thoughts on “The mandala story

  1. Sara Brooke

    Beautiful :)

    I just ordered one – “Connection” and then read this blog post – and its made me even more excited to have my own on its way and be part of this special creation :) Love it!! x Sara

  2. niki cotton

    OMG My beautiful Inspiration mandala ring arrived this morning!!!!!! Found it in the post box on the drive as I was heading out to walk the dog and I had to rip open the packaging and stick it on my hand right then and there rather than wait til I returned….instant gratification monster in me 😉 I LOVE it, thank you so much you gorgeous, talanted, clever girl. Am thrilled. (Can you tell….?!) I tried it on every finger until I found it wanted to sit on my middle finger right hand so hopefully the inspiration I use for my art work will be even more tickled than it is already. Thank you. Love, light and laughter xxx


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