Magic Money Month – DIY style!

DAY31MMM.jpgHello favourites!

I’ve had a fair few requests and comments from some amazing peeps who are going to be taking on the ‘Magic money in May’ concept in their own time after seeing how effective it was for me (refer to my last post).

It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to read how others have manifested some cool shiz into their lives, or want to do so after being inspired by the magic we spun together on my Facebook page throughout May.

So I’ve just whipped up a little graphic which you can save (right click!) and print out and stick near or on your computer screen or up in your office and you can do your own MMM in your time. It would be even cooler to get the girls together and make it a thing to work together on to stay accountable with eachother, It can sometimes be more challenging doing this stuff on  your own.

Whatever way you decide to go with, I sincerely hope it brings you loads of awesome stuff – whether it be free lunch shouts, a puppy (jealous!) or better yet ‘THE’ one million dollar idea you have been waiting for! Just remember – this is not about spending money in your head and thinking you will get that thing your buying…it’s much more than that. It’s in the energy you put out there in the universe that says “hey, I’m worth this, I deserve this and I want to make myself feel like this forever” and in that perspection shift alone, you’re going to be a bit of a magnet for the same types of energy back – awesome new friends, your dream job or a spontaneous trip somewhere with your man! It’s just about forming a better relationship with your finance, as well as highlighting your self worth so much that you attract the same worth back.

Anyway, I’ve explained this to death so here is your graphic to save + print + share with your girls!


Wilder & abundant months ahead



5 thoughts on “Magic Money Month – DIY style!

  1. niki cotton

    Ive just started reading your previous post and realised how many times I put into you MMM on FB about having my own gallery space and doing workshops and studio spaces…. My absolute dream….. anyway last week I was offered a space to take over to do just that…. OMG….EEEEKKKKKKK! Its a teeny tiny space but so ace to get my head round everything and to test ideas and stuff with out breaking the bank or soaking every waking moment, I will still have time for the smalls, hubby and my painting (yes i will, keep saying it!). It will be just a gallery for the moment but it WILL lead on to workshop space and studios…. keep dreaming. I will have to invest so things will be more tight for a while but for what exciting reasons :) things are definitely falling into place this year since I have changed my mind set in every way possible. Some has been slow inching change and others has been massive change but I feel I am getting there and it is only July. So who knows, but I like to think it was MMM and the stars aligning and me having said it out loud and clear to the universe. Whatever it is, its working!!! Thanks gorgeous xxx

    1. Post author

      you freakin rule!!!!! I’m moving next month and I need me a piece of Niki Cotton Art please so hurry up and send me the bill! xoxo

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    1. Post author

      Hi toni! I ran this as a post on facebook each day, so you could do it whichever way you felt: you could post it on facebook, you could write it in a journal, you could change your computer desktop or phone background to the thing of each day or just simply do the action and meditate on it for a little while to make you really feel into the action. x


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