INDIGO EXPLORATION part III: Rainbow children & resources

Wow! I absolutely loved the feedback I received to last week’s post! Seems there are quite a few of us ‘indigo shifters’ – I love that this is a thing!


Today i’m wrapping this thing up in a pretty (rainbow) bow, and sharing the 3rd level of these spirits – which are called rainbow children.

The newest phase, the rainbow children are vibrating on the next level from the crystals – and have been labelled “little buddhas”.


  • Balanced masculine & feminine energy
  • Love to give and don’t mind not receiving
  • Full of wisdom
  • Serene in nature
  • They are essentially ‘new’ souls – so they have no karma. They are here to just transform the planet and take on from the undoing’s of the indigos, and the rebuilding from the crystals.

In summary, we have:


More masculine energy – ‘angsty’, fighter spirit – breaking down the old ways and detecting deceit and exposing the corruptness on our planet today. Old, wise yet sensitive souls.


More feminine energy – gentle, connect with nature – particularly with animals. Sensitive, calm and often communicate telepathically, also through music.


Balance of feminine and masculine energy. No karma – I imagine them as like completely ‘clean’, straight forward, down to earth, switched on, efficient, yet also really nurturing, loving people.

As I mentioned last week, I definitely connect with the indigo traits, not all, but most. I also feel a shift towards some of the crystal traits – which I feel is my spirit ‘upgrading’ or shifting/evolving….although I don’t like to say the word ‘evolve’ because I don’t necessarily think I’m better than anyone else, but simply just different. We all play our own roles, I just really connect with this concept and can actually feel this energy where others don’t and won’t.

If you want to learn more, here are some great books / links / resources I found when I was researching it for myself.

Love, light & rainbows

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4 thoughts on “INDIGO EXPLORATION part III: Rainbow children & resources

  1. Brigee B Soul Sister Extraordinaire!

    Again.. LOVE!!! <3 Your site is so informative – light sharing – love spreading and straight up WICKID! P.s. I love the word EVOLVE (not only because it has 'love' in it! but) I think the races we run are always against ourselves – to improve, soar higher and develop into the most radiant, authentic, beautiful versions of ourselves! The more we evolve – the more our energy allows others to follow suit! You are an EVOLVING GODDESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry, I just love that word 😉 )Thank you babe – THE RAINBOW CHILDREN will rock this world with the rest of us – great insight as always! Love you xxx

  2. niki cotton

    mwah! loves you and your openness with the world around you. I have a little mixture of everything i think wether that is an evolving thing or just a general hash up im not sure 😀 my eldest does too. in fact I think y boys do too. my hubster im not so sure about. hes incredibly sensitive although he like to pretend hes not, he likes to communicate with me telepathically but doesnt check with me that ive heard…i generally havent!, he has a weird sixth sense though. really tuned in when he lets it be,…… scary! x


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