INDIGO EXPLORATION part II: My Indigo story & my crystal child


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Last week I gave a bit of a run down on what an ‘indigo’ is. I must admit I thought I would have a lot of people responding saying they felt they were considered as an indigo (much like my empath post a couple of months back) but it kinda flopped.

I realise it’s more the story behind it that helps explain, and it’s obvious people aren’t coming to me for a ‘how to’ on something because I’m the first to admit I’m no pro at anything but trusting my own spirit and my peeps are more interested in my stories/journey, so I thought I would do that in this follow up post about indigos.

Basically, I feel like I am definitely an indigo. (learn about what an indigo is here).

Was I born one? Maybe, maybe not. I can’t say I was outstandingly ‘different’ as a child, I didn’t suffer from illness, or ADHD and I wasn’t defiant (I could say that about my brother, though). I was born into an extremely creative family, having both parents working from home as commercial artists; back in the day before computers churned out graphic design – my parents would hand write and illustrate logos, brochures, campaigns – I was always watching, learning. So you could argue the creativity was already in my blood, or that it was taught to me at an early age as well – either way, I was heavily influenced by the creative industries my whole life – I was bound to incorporate that into my adulthood in some form.

Anyway, my point is that I was just a regular kid, I was popular to a degree, I had my fair share of authoritative run ins but all in all I loved school, I loved my friends, my family and my pets were my best friends.

It wasn’t until I reached my late teens / early twenties that I began to feel a shift within; towards a more ‘indigo’ nature. Year by year I begun to reject the societal norms, embracing holistic, more natural ways of living. I also experienced some big trauma (my dad passing away suddenly) which I feel shook me into this new vibration, much sooner. Throw in a keen interest for new age practices and spiritual connection and I feel that last year I reached a full indigo status. It is like I awoke my third eye and now I see the world completely differently. I sleep differently, eat differently, think differently, act differently. I feel as though I have slowly shifted from ‘normal’ (third eye blind) and then a series of events awoke me, and now I’m a woman on a mission. I always knew I had something big to offer the world but I never had the confidence, conviction or resources to find out what it was. Now I’m here, and I’ve got a trail blazing behind me, I can’t even keep up with myself. Woman on a mission has a whole new meaning.

So, discovering this about myself has left me with a lot of questions. There are books, there are others who know a lot more about this topic (part 3 I will cover these things) but I managed to work out that you can be someone who ‘shifts’ into an indigo status, like I feel I have… and then you can also upgrade into the next ‘level’ which is considered a ‘crystal child’, which I feel I have had a taste of this energy, but I am still far from being a full crystal. However, I have been told that my son is a crystal/rainbow child by a very well-known psychic, so that makes sense to me that I am indigo/crystal.

Crystal children have similar traits to the Indigos, but their purpose is slightly different. Indigos are here to break down old world foundations; basically exposing the deceptive government, industrial and corporate systems. They are more like warriors. I feel like I have recently shifted from this warrior attitude to a more level headed one towards the world. Sure, it’s all still there, but I feel like I’m more understanding and even-tempered these days about the world and am focusing more on building the good than tearing down the bad.

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Traits of a crystal child are:

  • Even-tempered and blissful
  • Telepathic – which I find really cool because I have always felt my son and I communicate a lot telepathically (I don’t really tell anyone this).
  • Delayed speech – sometimes they don’t speak until they are 3-4 years old. My son at 18 months still rarely speaks ‘real’ words, and we prefer to communicate in sounds, songs, signs or telepathically (you will think I’m crazy but we actually even shared the same dream space once, like, actually both dreamt the same thing, together, and both did stuff together in the dream).
  • Have a fascination with rocks and crystals – again, myself and my son both have this trait. He will find my crystals from my secret stashes in the house and play with them regularly).
  • Forgiving and easy-going – My son is always so easy going. He is the most loving, affectionate, gentle little soul. I’ve even had strangers tell me how beautiful his energy is, and he is always waving to strangers, blowing kisses to new friends and will hug anyone he feels he can trust. A very great judge of character!

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You can be born into being an indigo/crystal/rainbow, or you can shift into being one. Right now, I feel I am an indigo shifting into crystal, and my son is possibly a crystal or rainbow, won’t fully understand this one until he grows up a bit more. My mum too has shifted recently into full on indigo status, with her and I both going through similar shifts energetically at the same time, but just slightly differently. I feel she is still very much a warrior, and still breaking down all her old conditioning and shedding all the old stuff personally, and universally, where as I have done that and am now in the ‘building the new’ phase.

So, what do you think? Could you be an indigo or crystal? maybe your child could be one too? I would love for you to share with me your personal stories relating to this topic. I find it both really scary talking openly about such ‘taboo’ stuff, but hey – I’ll never get anywhere if I play by the rules now, will I?!?

Love, light and crystals

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7 thoughts on “INDIGO EXPLORATION part II: My Indigo story & my crystal child

  1. Dejana

    Hi Sarah,
    Yes, totally feelin’ you on this one!:) I don’t want to play small, and I’m ready for the next step.
    Btw, love the new look!
    Thank you so much for writing this article! I’m indigo, and it never occurred to me that you can evolve, and what you say is so true for me too. Getting out of the warrior mode and into peace-creativity-love. Years ago when I learned about indigos it was such a relief because I finally understood how different I was from my family. Always too sensitive, too enthusiastic, too open:).
    I also communicate with children (used to be a nanny, now babysit occasionally) telepathically, through gestures and eye contact, and they are so grateful and feel more free to be themselves.
    I’m holding you accountable and I’ll call you out if I see you’re straying from your time to play big path. Love your moon calendar and checking it daily.
    Much love

    1. Post author

      hey Dejana! oh, so glad your feeling the same! and thank you for holding me accountable – that’s exactly what I need! 😉
      thanks honey xox

  2. Raquel

    I love reading this posts. Thank you! It has answer so question and raises some. I feel I am a indigo too and my kids for sure are crystal and rainbow child. I even name then Dream and Serenity because I had a dream about them before they were born;) looking forward to part three and I will start to google some info as well. thank you
    Sending love and blessing,


  3. Brigee B Soul Sister Extraordinaire!

    Just beautiful (as usual!) I love the way you express and break open truths in a way that we can all understand <3 I have had one hellava full on (and awesome) week (loving this galactic love/power/evolving energy going around!!!) so I missed your last post.. I can't wait to check it out! Keep that wisdom and love flowing beautiful – There are no words to express how gorgeous your (Old) Soul is, and I'm sure your having fun shedding your old/outdated/preconceived layers as I am. The futures so bright baby – we're were going, theres no need for shades… xoxoxo

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  5. niki cotton

    When my eldest was born the midwife took one look and said ‘shes been here before’ it was weird to hear that from the mouth of someone in the medical profession. She has always been obsessed with stones, i would find pockets full after we had been on the beach/garden centre/anyones house with a stony path. If we went near a shop that sold crystals she would nag til she had one bought for her! We used to joke that she would be a geologist or a jeweller but actually i thin this sums her up pretty well (apart from I think she is an old rather than new soul and none of my kids have ever struggled to talk…i wonder why?! although they have when little when not at home or with family). She is a really gentle soul and always seems to hit the nail on the head everytime when she says something, profoundly so, always makes me step back and stop, even from a really young age. When we had to put down our old dog, at the age of nearly 4 she said ‘dont worry, he is going to a better place where he wont be in any pain anymore’??????!!!!!! I was uterly floored. last year when the hubster went away for a week I was moaning in the kitchen that I was missing him and it felt weird knowing he wasnt coming back for a week. she said (aged 12) ‘thats how Gaz must feel everyday without Pop’ my Dad had died 6 weeks before. again i was silenced, put in my place and floored by her wisdom. Im an empathetic person at the best of times but she cracked the nail on the head first time and stopped me wallowing in self pity. I think all my kid have alot of all these traits in varying degrees. but I also think it helps that I talk to hem about stuff, im open and encouraging to them to question, look , feel, think and most of all trust in themselves. thanks lovely as always, massively interetsing and sorry for another ramble! xxxx


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