INDIGO EXPLORATION part I: What is an indigo?


I’ve decided this will be a 3 part series because otherwise I may blow your mind with info so hard that you won’t ever come play with me here again, so I’m taking this topic slowly.

You remember my post about discovering I’m an empath? Well, let’s change that to “Indigo Empath” now, shall we?! – I’ve heard about indigo children for years now; but my intuition led me to dive back into this information over the last few weeks whilst being in a bit of a retreat and I spent a good 3 hours reading about Indigo, crystal and rainbow children/adults and the age of Aquarius and naturally thought I would share what I’ve discovered because it helped me to understand things from another perspective and really enjoyed connecting with this theory.

So firstly, what is an indigo?

Basically it’s a term coined by psychic Nancy Anne Tappe in the 80’s who discovered that a core group of children at the time (and some adults) had predominately Indigo coloured auras or energy fields and all possessed similar characteristics or traits.

Which were (generally speaking):


  • Feeling out of place/don’t belong
  • Have a lot of anger towards the world and particular people who don’t think like you
  • Often show resistance to authority – including government structure and heir-achy type systems
  • Often feel depressed, or have depression, sometimes even suicidal tendencies and thoughts
  • Can feel very alone, isolated and outcasted
  • Addictive personality
  • Higher sensitivities to things like food additives, chemicals and allergens
  • Insomnia, restless sleeper or fears around sleep


  • High self esteem and have self worth
  • Show a lot of love, have a lot of love to give everything!
  • Creative – creating and expressing self through the arts
  • Incredibly intuitive – can be psychic, telepathic, can sense deceit, have 6th sense
  • Tendency towards vegetarianism or plant-based/whole food diets
  • Deep sense of self – very authentic and connected to self/spirit
  • Head strong
  • Feel like your hear for a purpose or mission


I want to know …… Did you nod at all those traits, like I did?

This my dear, could mean you are also classed as an ‘indigo’.

But what exactly does that mean?

Basically, without reading any books or studying the subject very in depth (which I’m super keen to do now!) the term ‘indigo’ refers to the colour of the 6th chakra – which represents the third eye.


On more general terms (aka not in crazy spirituality hippy dippy speak like I would prefer to dribble about) an indigo is someone who is born with an ‘old soul’. They are born more aware, more awake and more attune with the world and are here to help the world’s population become more sentient beings* and essentially to help heal old paradigms and aid in the shift of the planet’s energy to one more of peace, oneness and healing.

*A sentient being is something that is aware of everything; has the ability to feel and to experience , all at once and all of the time is the ability to feel, perceive, or to experience subjectivity.

I will let  you soak that in for a week, and then next week I will dive a bit deeper again and then throw in another curve ball with Crystal children.

Now, I know I will have some readers who ‘get this’ and then some who will screw their face up and just say what a load of bullshite. I like to consider myself someone who ‘gets it’ but also won’t let it rule my life choices, I do, believe it or not, have a very strong inner sceptical side (although, I like to just call this my intuition).

This type of spiritual exploration is all about journeying into your own truth and discovering what side of the fence you sit on, or maybe your still sitting on it, looking down at both sides trying to decipher which way you feel reflects you most? I know a lot of ‘spiritual’ people would shun you and say you were all about the fluff and not a true spiritual person, but you know what…. who the f*ck cares. At the end of the day, you believe what you want to. Nothing is actually right or wrong, good or bad. You have the almighty power to decide those things for yourself.

So my grand plan is to just expose you to these types of things and leave it with you to decide how you wish to apply it into YOUR life. It is not up to me to decide whether you are in fact a true indigo and this information will, in fact, change your life; that you are only interested in spirituality for the aesthetic and trend-driven side of things or that you are just plain not into woo woo stuff at all (science, science, science. the end).

It is however, my job to dangle these little tasty carrots and see what you click with. See where your intuition or spirit takes you when you expose yourself to it. See what you learn about yourself.

Ok, so true to form I’ve rambled off topic.

me so sorry.

I would LOVE to hear for you about this subject – are you an indigo? you believe in it? or not? How does it affect your life?

I feel learning this about myself has made a lot of inner journeying very clear to me, like I have a bit of a road map now instead of completely winging it….does that make sense?

Leave your comments below or hit me up on my social media and tell me what you think

Love, light & indigo

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8 thoughts on “INDIGO EXPLORATION part I: What is an indigo?

  1. Sophie- Charmed Heart

    I’ve never heard of this concept before but I can see strong elements of both myself and my guy in this. In the last couple of years I’ve learnt to manage the negative aspects and embrace the positive, though he gets more overwhelmed by the negative (I think its harder for guys because they get worried about seeming weak if they embrace those positive attributes that make them whole). Looking forward to learning more xx

    1. Post author

      cool babe! yes, Doreen Virtue has written a book about it and talks a lot about them, but other than that, it’s a bit ‘out there’, but it makes complete sense to me! Agree, it is harder for guys to embrace their feminine energy, but when they do – they are unstoppable! x

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  3. LJ

    I read this and like you went ‘YES’ to most but not all of the character traits ie I have a real sense of ‘I’m here for a purpose’ etc but I definitely do not have good self esteem for eg. On a side note what made this particular post stand out to me was the fact that only quite recently it was brought to my attention, the colours I had been seeing for as long as I can remember weren’t the result of me looking at a bright light and are apparently aura’s (I think that’s what both the guru guy and the spiritual lady I saw both called them). I. A very science minded person working in that field but like you I’m on a journey myself an in the very early stages of this and so happy to have come across your site!!!!

    1. Post author

      Awesome Lori! You can totally be both spiritual and scientific! they work together, really :) Your a natural aura reader – that is sooooo awesome! what a gift! I bet if you started to focus on that gift more, some super amazing things are gonna happen for you girl x

  4. Beth

    Okay, wow. I did not expect to resound with this…but I do! And my soul’s color is in fact indigo. Craziness! Time to ponder…

  5. Elle North

    I feel like I’m a hybrid of sorts — part indigo, part crystal…and I feel like I’ve *always* been that way, since I was very small. I feel like I’m not as headstrong and confident as an indigo, I’m more feminine, forgiving, easy going and *obsessed* with crystals like crystal child…but I’ve also always been intuitive and have felt like I’m here for a reason for forever. I loved coming here and reading through the descriptions of each….although I first heard of indigo children 15 years ago (eep that makes me feel so old!) I love that crystal and rainbow children are making more of an appearance now.
    Much love and light, fellow indigo/crystal! xx

  6. niki cotton

    Yep Yep and yep. Its something Ive never heard of but rings alot of bells. Its may seem a bit out there but if it helps put things in some kind of perspective does that matter?! x


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