What it means to be an empath

IFEELAmidst all the crazy business stuff going on with me since the new year I’ve neglected to share a couple of pretty profound things I have learnt and thought now would be a pretty great time to share!

This might end up being a long winded post (like the good old days!) so please bare with me!

Just before christmas, I was learning a lot about the different kinds of people there are out there (in a more spiritual sense). There are people called star seeds that come from other planets; indigos (also rainbow and crystal children) who are given special gifts at birth; healers; walk-ins; light workers… I mean, seriously. There is a whole other world out there! It’s all so fascinating (but something I will go into at another time!).

Anyway, I was in a forum with other people like this and I expressed my confusion about where I fit into all of these ‘types’ of humans. As you know, I’ve been embarking on a bit of a spiritual journey/transformation, I’m drawn to a lot of things – the earth, animals, the moon, the stars, plants, crystals, mandalas, sacred geometry…I mean, theres just so much going on, and from so many different sources. It’s hard to know where to start or what you connect with truly.

So I simply asked, where can I learn about all this stuff and see which one I am? Of course, the answer was not so simple (I wonder when I’m actually going to get the hint that I will never just be able to learn something from a book and me be that exact one thing and live happily ever after….). An interesting comment was then provided “Sarah, your name means princess and you expressed how you are interested or feel drawn to many different walks of life…. you are the princess of the multitude“. I thought “hell f*ing yeh I am!!!” See, there can be one name for me, after all!


And here she is – All hale the princess of the multitude!


So. here I am – Sarah, the princess of the multitude – Meaning, I’m bits and bobs of many types of energies and entities. I’m meant to just be the boss of many things! (aha! so thats why I call myself “the amateur of many!”…its all coming together, right?!).

Anyway, I thought that was cool enough. But then….. two days ago I was given a reading by another intuitive person about a situation/crossroads I found myself in. He said many things to me which were pretty spot on, but at the end he threw in “I also think your an empath”.

So, what did Sarah, the princess of the multitude do? She googled it. This is what I found.

Introducing, the key traits of Sarah Williams KEY TRAITS OF AN EMPATH

  • You have a ‘knowing’ – always seem to know answers to things you haven’t necessarily learnt
  • You get overwhelmed in public spaces
  • Feel the emotions of others and usually take them on – eg moods change depending on who you are around
  • Know when someones not being honest
  • Digestive disorders/lower back problems
  • Others confide in you; often unload their problems on you or seek your counsel
  • Constant fatigue – drained of energy when out socialising etc
  • Highly creative – express yourself through singing, dancing, drawing, writing
  • Deep rooted love for nature, animals – you feel that all plants and animals have a spirit or energy that you feel
  • Need for solitude
  • Gets bored or distracted if not stimulated – hates mundane tasks.
  • Always looking for answers and knowledge
  • Prone to carrying excess weight – usually as a way of protecting oneself from energy around you
  • Drawn to holistic therapies and healing
  • Excellent listener
  • Can appear moody/aloof/shy/detached/daydreamy

There are a load more…but, you get the idea.

Basically an empath is someone who takes on the energy of things/life around them. If you live with a depressed person, you often feel depressed too. If you hang out with someone with physical pain, you often feel sympathy pains for them, too. If your neighbours have domestics and they yell at their kids – you feel that anger and pain too and sadly might start emulating that. If you watch tv and something or someone is being abused/hurt/tortured – you feel physically sick. You feel that pain too.


A great (recent) example of this in action for me was when my mum visited in November last year. She was experiencing a lot of pain in her right knee from her arthritis that she could barely walk. Around the same time, I started getting shooting pains in my right knee when I knelt down and stood back up. It was annoying and getting worse. I ended up booking in to see a chiropractor (which I had never needed before in my life) who told me why whole right side was out of alignment and she did some adjustments.

I originally blamed it on carrying around my son on my hip, but in hindsight, I’m sure it was my ’empath-ness’. She mentioned I would need on-going treatment to realign and for maintenance. I went to two appointments. After seeing mum, and I was back into my normal routine and home; the pain diminished significantly and then just disappeared. Yes, you could say that maybe the chiro session fixed the problem….but, well now that I think about it, this is just one in MANY circumstances recently where I have carried the same pains/issues/feelings of others.


I must admit, I didn’t always feel all of these things. Some of them are only new to me in the last year or so, even more evident in the last few months. This is because I’ve become more conscious and spiritually aware of myself and others, so my ’empath-ness’ (yep, made that word up) has been vibrating on a new level.

So what does this all mean? Well, I’m not quite sure yet. But I am so glad to have a bit more clarity and understanding of why I am like I am, and that I need to embrace this gift more. It’s exciting for me to feel like I’m still learning more and more about myself each day; that my journey is no where near over. I love inspiring others on their own fifth element quests; but I equally love moving further into my own. It confirms to me that I’m authentic;  I’m conscious;  I’m alive and I’m doing all this because it still lights me up.


So, anyone spring to mind when you read the list? Are you an empath, too? Would love for you to share any of your empath stories!

Love, light and empath-ness

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14 thoughts on “What it means to be an empath

  1. Byron

    OMG, seriously just feels like you have exactly described my life! WOW! The most interesting and beautiful thing I have read this year! Thanks so much for sharing! x

  2. Jessie

    Boom!! That just put waaaaayyyy too much into perspective. This explains why I can’t work in a room full of people, to and sit near water when I’m distressed and why I had to get rid of our tv and radio. Soooo excited to google more on this

  3. Sharyn

    I learned about empaths a while ago and had wondered whether I was one or not. I’m still undecided but I’m sure I will know soon as I continue to do more inner work to strengthen my intuition. What I do know for certain is that I’m a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). I definitely find it very hard to not ‘feel’ what others feel if they are stressed, upset or in pain. Just last week I was feeling nauseous as my husband was dealing with an annoying business matter. I told him so at the time and I think he sees and understands the connectedness I feel to just about everything! In high school I was the philosophical confidante and sensed things about friends and their families, but just didn’t know or have the wisdom to point things out or offer my help. Now I know for sure that my gut instincts back then were correct after confirmation from one friend in particular. I’m an only child so think solitude is a natural state of being and I crave it most when I am with too many people! Clearly it is because there is too much ‘noise’ from their energies or moods or something. I absolutely hate going to the mall. No wonder I was pleased to leave Sydney after spending my whole life in a city that just got busier every year. I used to think it was just a simple fear to hate being amidst a huge number of people but it is far more complex than that. Empaths and HSP’s unite!

    1. thefifthelementlife@gmail.com Post author

      awesome! we are all attracted to eachother right now! so cool! I’m the opposite – don’t resonate with hsp but definitely empath! xxx

  4. CharleySDG

    So perfectly described. You are a wonderful soul & you are going to go on to be an incredibly intuitive & gentle healer. It’s been amazing watching you on this journey so far & I can’t wait to see where it takes you next. Love & Light. x

  5. Brigee B Soul Sister Extraordinaire!

    I finally got around to reading your post and wholly fire fart balls! You hit the spot again! I am so plugged in to everyone of your posts it’s LOCO 😀 (Like the best kind of crazy ever!!!) I too am still in the baby stages of discovering what all this means – but it’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one out there that ‘feels’ things that every body else in the room seems unaffected by. Some days I’m not sure if it is a gift or a hindrance – but I know once I dig a bit deeper – acknowledge and fully accept what ever super power it is – (and figure out how to use it properly..!) Some cool sort of magic will soon follow <3 Let go to the flow and all that 😉 Love you like midnight loves the moon xoxo Ps. That was kinda eerie reading that list! 😀

    1. thefifthelementlife@gmail.com Post author

      I know right!!! synced up to the max! wait until we are living closer together….we might start getting telepathic! xxx

  6. Jess

    I feel like this post could have been written for me Sarah, seriously every single thing you wrote applies to me haha. I’ve know for the past 5 months that I’m an empath, before then I never really had a good under standing of why I felt the way I did and was always so sensitive. Coming across this knowledge for the first time was life changing for me as it has changed the way I approach situations and people now. Such a good read, thanks you! x


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