Do you feel the pull? The global shift in consciousness


Do you feel the pull?

Do you crave individuality?

Are you embracing change?

Do you feel an unexplainable urge to be a better version of you, always?

Have you grown tired of what you were taught and conditioned to believe?

Are you seeing signs?

Are you feeling more ‘awake’?

Can you sense something big is coming for human kind?

Do you feel a growing conscious towards your actions, and others?

Feel like you are no longer having fun, you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Do you take your life very seriously?

Do you feel extra pressure to make improvements, be more ‘you’?

If you answered yes to most of those questions, you are not alone. I say yes to all of this, too.

So, what the hell is going on? Why is there so much back and forth in your world? So much hate and love, destruction and repair, war and peace, suffering and salvation – on a BIG scale, and constantly coming at us from all directions?

There are a lot of theories, philosophies and explanations out there on the internet. Basically, I’ve been noticing it more and more as I continue to change my ways, learn more about myself – and its a common theme that it all stems back to this – the global shift in consciousness.

We are embarking on times where a big change is coming. A time where we, as individuals begin to awaken our inner selves and find a new voice, a new confidence and self-mastery.

It has been playing out for years now, and as time progresses in this shift, the movement grows deeper, thicker, faster and stronger – a domino affect from the vibrations we omit when we shift our own conscious thoughts to these new ways of thinking, feeling and being. We are changing on a CELLULAR LEVEL.

You are apart of the universes’ grand plans to change. Don’t worry if you haven’t felt it, it doesn’t make you any less important, any less special. You too have importance in all of this, you are helping us to understand everything better, where there is yin their is yang to balance it. For how do we know what light is, if we do not know what dark is first?


It is no coincidence that you feel unusual connections to people you normally wouldn’t like/vibe with, or that you see things at the right time and place in your life, that you can’t explain why you feel a sudden urge to do something different, that you have a confidence to break from the pack, that other people seem to be doing and saying the same thing as you, at the same time without it being planned. You share the same interests, you try new things at the same time.

There are underground movements happening in the masses based on health, wellness, fitness, spirituality, creative industries, self expression, personal growth, healing, DIY, getting back to basics, nature, organic, cleaning living, detox, aid work, charity, less material wealth and people are choosing to follow careers they are passionate about, that feed their soul more than their wallets.

This is not a phase. It is going from strength to strength. Sure, it’s level of potency depends on what circle you run with, but once you start noticing one thing, it will always lead to another – and sooner or later, the old stuff becomes less interesting, less important and the new stuff becomes your mission. Your passion. Your purpose.


Fascinated with symbols? Always seeing triangles, circles, mandalas, the moon? It’s in the latest fashions, film clips, all over social media. This is connected too. Its your DNA relating to its origins – it’s called sacred geometry. It’s cellular memory. All life started as geometric shapes (this is a very in depth tangent – will do a separate post on this topic).

Are you noticing we are being urged to get off devices, enjoy the little things, live the life the quotes say. Quotes are everywhere, inspiration coming at us left, right and centre. We are living in a time where no longer are we VICTIMS to our genetics, our upbringing, our disposition or ourselves – we are OWNING our own desires, our true selves and one by one, are beginning to see that we are the MASTERS of our own destiny, our own lives. We have the control. We have the power to do anything, to say anything – to inspire others to break out too.


But why is there still so much devastation, so much violence and unrest in society, if this shift is taking place?

In my understanding, it’s because as much as we know how to love well, we also know how to fear well, too. (This goes back to the light and dark topic).

Our two most natural states are in fear, or in love. We are afraid. We resist change because it is a feeling we do not know well. We fear the unknown. We are comfortable with what we know, and have always known – for generations upon generations. The religion-based wars and battles amongst the corporations ALL have one common discourse – they do not embrace individuality. For, if you are an individual, you are harder to control. We have been conditioned to focus more on the rules bestowed upon us from the “powerful” and have in turn, disconnected our intuition, our individual thought and our own power. We have been taught that we are less, in all aspects – we must fear them.

It is only natural to resist change, for what we already know is much ‘safer’ to rely on.

Thankfully, times are changing. I have been seeing the signs – left, right and centre. I ask a question, I get the answer. It is right there if I place my consciousness upon it. I personally no longer feel like a victim, I no longer feel afraid or insecure – I have a voice, I have an individual spirit who wants to dance to its own freakin’ beat. I don’t care if my fish pond is small, my outreach of contacts is minute – I no longer fear failure.

WE ARE SO POWERFUL. You are not just one person, you are one person – in a vast sea of individuals who also happen to feel the way you do, about a lot of things. Things we haven’t felt before. We are entering uncharted waters ahead, but we are together. We choose our own path, we think our own thoughts and live our own lives, but we do it in syncronocity. That is a beautiful and powerful place to be.

What am I referring to, specifically? Well, I can only speak upon my own path – but in a very short amount of time I have discovered that the foods I was brought up on are not right for my body to thrive and grow and be conscious on, we have the ability to be able to heal ourselves of almost anything (if that is our souls purpose to do so), the animals on this planet are not here for humans – they also have their own journeys and purpose in the circle and cycle of life, I have a beautiful mind, body & soul to which I never once acknowledged its power up until recent times, there is a god, but not the way I have been taught – WE ARE GOD, we all have the same power as him (and this global shift in consciousness proves this theory because of the monumentous changes that are unfolding before us are coming to fruition) the natural world we live in plays a crucial role on our evolution and survival and I for one now know to nurture mother nature and her gifts, in order to restore her faith in us as carers of this planet, we are all connected in ways we cannot imagine, and the world is small and we ALL play an important role in evolution, natural disasters and wars are not a coincidence, they are not just random occurrences. (I could go on, but I hope you catch my drift).

How can you help to shift your conscious?

Start by paying attention. Follow your intuition, listen to your gut. Ask questions. Read, read, read. Be open minded. Pay attention to your thoughts – try to only think only positive ones. Don’t pay attention to the negitive news stories. Put your energy into doing what you love. Stop hatin’. Love yourself. Don’t do anything out of fear. Ditch the victim mentality. Put yourself back in power. Care for yourself, nurture your needs. Don’t fight it. Let it be. Go with the flow. Embrace your flaws. Own your power. Fear nothing. Join the revolution. Shift the gears. Be strong. Be yourself.

And, if you’re not sure what to think of all this – check out these amazing individuals who all begun as little babies like you and I, who evolved and shifted their conscious and decided to be individuals, and to help unite those individuals and move them up higher to the next level. Well-being is ours, if we want it. If we choose it.

Viva la-revolution!

Matt Damon – The problem is civil obedience

Russell Brand – Revolution rant on Paxman

Alan Watts – What if money was no object?

2012: Consciousness Shift

Paradise or Oblivion: The Venus Project (full length documentary movie)

Thrive: What on earth will it take? (full length documentary movie)

And one that is a great summary for this post – Believe it or not, I found this clip AFTER I wrote out this blog post. I haven’t really “researched” things, more just put all the puzzle pieces together for myself, and it all finally makes sense, there has been reason for all of whats being going on within me.

check this out.

10 signs of spiritual awakening

If you have other links similar to the above – please share them with me! 

Love, light & awakening,

Sarah xox


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  1. Danique

    I just got trapped reading the comments / arguments on that YouTube video for sooo long.

    Anyway, Russell Brand’s rant is the best!!
    And you’re right – the times and way of thinking are definitely changing!!


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