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Want to learn about my Bschool experience? (no BS…. Lots of waffling)

photo (27)

I know many of my tribe have been here since the beginning and have watched my space evolve over the last 2 years (2 years, what?!) – organically growing from personal blog to thriving (yet still growing) mirco biz.

Last year, due to a series of syncronocities and signs, I found myself exposed to the wonderful world of Bschool.

I was primarily a stay at home mum, one income family – with a big dream to do bit things (with no money, no help and no fucking clue on where to start). *cue violins*

I was at a crossroads, I had just launched my little mandala ring biz and had a few sales rolling in each week. Enough to get me excited that a) people wanted to actually buy my designs and b)I had created something from nothing and finally felt I had ‘found myself’. Yet, reality was nipping at my heals, and it was make or break – I either had to start making some more money, or I was out to get a ‘real’ job.

I’ve put together this video blog for you to get to know my business journey a little better, learn about my personal experience with biting the bullet and investing in Bschool (trust me, it wasn’t an easy decision!) and shared some of my learnings with you to help you decide if it’s right for you or not.



So, what did you think? I’m hoping you could see past my blotchy nervous skin reaction? (ha!) and found something in there that resonated for you?

If you want to dip your toes into the free training videos Marie provides prior to Bschool opening it’s enrolments, just sign up here on her homepage if you haven’t already.

And, if you feel drawn and want to learn more about my special offering with Naomi Goodlet – Here are the details on our offering here (note the cart doesn’t open until Thursday 19th Feb for Aussies).


1. It’s only worth it if you put ALL of yourself into this – you are the key to a successful biz, no amount of money or training programs can make you a successful biz goddess.
2. If it doesn’t feel right, then trust that feeling – if it does, and you notice your fears/self sabotage kicking in, dig deep to decide which path to follow here – the fear, or the love?
3. Shop around for offerings, but remember that taking on a lot of things at once can be counter productive, so always look to people who you admire in business, pick an offering for something you know you could really use to your advantage (and won’t be an overwhelming amount of work for your already busy life) and who you connect with on that heart to heart level – because learning from those you admire in business is exactly what I did and still do, it keeps you on your own hearts journey, too.

Sending you lots of clarity, abundance and confidence for this exciting new chapter ahead for you and your business!

Wilder success,


ps >> I meant it when I said to email me to chat.


5 tips on how to build authentic + sacred business collaborations from social media relationships

(OFF TOPIC: It’s feeling great to be back here writing – I’ve felt guilty for not continuing to blog weekly over the last few months, but I feel I really needed the time to focus creatively on my business and new home – and it has definitely paid off so I thank you for your continued support and encouragement to get back here and share my journey with  you all!)

I can confidently say that I love the internet, and more specifically, social media. I do understand that it’s always going to be one of those love/hate relationships – but without it, I wouldn’t be here today. I wouldn’t be sitting in my beautiful office looking at the stack of orders I have to pack for today, sketching up a design for my exciting moon calendar collab, arranging supplies and photo shoots and all that stuff I love doing on a day to day basis. Continue reading

10 things I learnt in my first year of blogging


I’ve been blogging my journey since around April 2013, but more seriously from about June/July 2013 – indicating that a full year has now past and I’ve written something like 50 posts since then!

As a bit of a reflection and fun activity for myself and my tribe I thought it would be cute/scary to share the 10 things I learnt in my first year of blogging – in hopes to either inspire current start-up bloggers to keep truckin’ on, to help others decide whether this whole blogging thing really is for them or not, or for those with no interest in blogging apart from just reading blogs – for them to also learn something about the process of the person behind the blog feed.

Continue reading

5 ways to cleanse with a full moon


Of late I have found myself awaken more to my feminine energy; thus now feeling a deeper appreciation for the moon and its cycle. It is such a fascinating topic and one that has really reconnected me with myself and my own habitual rhythms in life as a woman and a mother.

It is often evident that at times of the full moon that we, particularly women, do tend to feel differently – whether we are conscious of it or not. We have all heard the phrase ‘raving mad lunatic’ – and well, that’s because the word lunatic really means to be momentarily crazed by the moon. I’ve felt the urge to learn how to balance this more and help me to work with the moon cycles to help me find more flow and rhythm in my life, and to help manage hormonal impulses and emotional surges.

Continue reading

Mecury Retrograde – My how to thrive guide

mercury retro.jpg

Well, this was a fun one! I have been thinking of writing about this old chestnut for a while now and as syncronocity would have it – My girl Gala Darling already posted the purrrrfect post about my mate MR (mecury retrograde) earlier in the month. I thought – well, I’m not one to re-invent the wheel, so I thought I would ask you to read this little gem first to learn about WHAT it actually is in a astronomy sense and then refer to my little illustration below on how to not only survive, but to THRIVE during the rest of this retrograde (finishes early July!) and to help us be better prepared for the next one in October.

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The best $20 I’ve ever spent

Last week was a ROLLERCOASTER RIDE. I had plenty of wins but also some major loses (errrrmmm…aka gastro…). Now that I reflect on last week, I realise it’s not the hours spent curled into a ball rocking or the hi-fives I was giving myself for my awesome manifesting skills finally falling into place; it was how I spent $20.

The back story is – My beautiful friend Liz over at Living the Light Way started a daily “random act of kindness” challenge on social media and through her newsletter. Each day people were given a random things to do to put themselves outside of their comfort zones, and to truly GIVE to recieve. Law of attraction style stuff, right?

So for example – one day her and I went out for lunch and after we went down to the local main street and left little notes with coins taped to them and stuck them all over the parking metres.

parking.jpg.jpgcute, right?

We felt like little school girls driving away giggling, wondering who would see them and what their reactions would be! But we made sure not to watch anyone as the magic was truly just in the act itself, not the outcome. The key is to avoid clouding the experience with judgement or ego.

The following day she upped the anti on me. We were finishing our weekly hiphop dance class, and she sprung on me that we would go home via the local shopping centre as she had a challenge for us.

The challenge was to head into a shop, buy a store voucher – write a little note on it and then high-tail it back into the store and find a random person to gift it to.

random act.jpg


Can I just say, it’s called a CHALLENGE for a reason. Not only did I instantly start sweating bullets; but I felt nerves like I used to back in highschool – you know that moment your teacher calls your name to perform your oral infront of the class? Yep – that feeling.

So bazaar, right? Like giving to people is really hard? It was such a foreign state to be in, so awkward yet I just knew how right I felt about doing it – and it was totally more for me in that moment than it was for them. I needed a personal challenge; I craved getting outside of my comfy little zone.

We purchased our vouchers and headed back to the entry. Liz announced “right, so you go that way and I go this way and we meet back here” – hold on – what?!?!! We weren’t doing it together?! Cue heart palpitations.

I took a deep breath (aka strapped my nuts on) and I went in. I started walking, nerves building with each step.

I caught myself beginning to judge people I would see “they look rich”, “he’s a kid, he’ll just buy lollies” “They don’t look inviting” etc etc. Serious learning curve in that right there.

So I said to myself, stop it – Sarah. Stop judging. The next person to make eye contact with you is the one.

I walked over past the layby counter and noticed a small queue by the desk and the guy on the end was standing there in his hi-vis shirt, a pram with a cute little bubba in front of him and a pile of baby paraphinalia in his basket.

He locked eyes with me. Before I had any time to judge, I locked eyes with him and darted into his direction.

I blerted “hey mate….ah…. this is for you. It’s my random act of kindness for this week.” He looked at the card I handed over with a startled face, still registering the kindness bomb I just handed him. He said “ohh….wow….gee, thanks so much” and I gave him a reassuring tap on the shoulder and said “have a great weekend” and I scooted off.

Those first steps away from him I felt such a huge range of emotions. Firstly, I was bloody relieved, my oral presentation was over. Closely followed by tears of joy?! Yep, I felt just a little bit swelly in the eyeball area. Then, as I took more steps – I just smiled. Like legit, I’m so proud of myself smile. I pretty muched skipped/floated out of the store and saw Liz standing there, grinning and giggling and we just looked at eachother with sheer excitement. Both proud mamas for eachother.

The value in this random act of kindness is untangable. 

I understand the random act of kindness thing should be more about making a difference in another persons life; and I’m sure it did. I will never know what that gift meant to him but I feel it would have caused a massive shift in his energy because it made a huge difference in mine, too. It showed me how to truly FEEL something again. As I mentioned, I experienced such a huge scale of emotions just by spending $20. You can’t get that feeling buying your lunch. I felt alive. It was the best $20 I have ever spent. The memory for me will never ware off.

This challenge reminded me that this is what life is about – FEELING & TRULY EXPERIENCING it. Taking a chance. Sending those vibrations to the universe that resonate “hello! I’m here, I’m full of love, I’m full of light and I want you to feel it too”. Its such a powerful gift we all have, yet so many of us don’t share it enough. That gift of shift.

Now, you know what I’m gonna suggest to you, right?

Yep. I challenge you to do your own little random act of kindness.

Maybe you pay for someone’s coffee; shout someone to the movies – or better still – shout the bloke behind you a ticket to the movie too!

I would love for you to share your stories with me in the comments below.

With wilder shifts (no…not shits),



What is your life purpose?

LIFE PURPOSE.jpgHey soul sister!

Last week on Facey B I mentioned I had some big stuff I wanted to talk to you about. I’ve been feeling the pull to get outside from my introverted box and out into the ‘speaker’ arena and start doing the occasional video blog post for you to connect with me on a more personal level. I really want you guys to, in a sense, ‘meet me’ because I feel so much connection with you all, just by writing interacting online together, so I thought it’s about time I show you more of me so you can get to know me better.

So, today is the mother flippin’ day! Here is my very first VLOG – and it’s a BIG one. It’s all about me, explaining to you, what your life purpose ACTUALLY is…. It’s kinda of the starting point on how to ‘find it’ and should hopefully put your mind at ease, and your heart back in prime position, inspired, ready and willing to follow it.

I thought a video blog entry would be an easier way for me to share my thoughts with you on a less ‘word overload’ kinda way, like when I post novel long blog posts and ain’t no body got time to read them?! Well, apologises in advance because my plan really backfired. I had every intention of keeping it short and sweet…. but maybe that’s just not my style? My strength is not in getting to the point!

It’s freakin’ 17 minutes long. WTF?!!!

For someone who is introverted and doesn’t talk much in a social setting, get me speaking my mind about stuff I’m interested or passionate about, and well, I can churn out 17 minutes of dialog in ONE take. Boom!

So, I say get yourself a coffee / smoothie / chai / wine and find a comfy place, but more importantly, some free ‘you’ time – and watch this clip.

I promise it’s got what you have been looking for.

And if it doesn’t, then I’m sorry – but at least it’s given you 17 minutes of down time, right? That’s still a good thing.

If you aren’t able to watch right now, and want the juicy bits in point form, here’s  what I covered:

1. I tell you about where I am at in my ‘music’ career – I watched a documentary called ’20ft from Stardom’ which I found a lot of parallels in my own life right now, so I highly recommend checking this flick out.

2. I explain that finding your life purpose isn’t actually ‘a thing’ – like you don’t magically just find out your purpose in life is to be a yoga teacher and then you live happily ever after…it’s much more simple AND complex than that. See why it’s such a big, loaded question?

3. I ask you the question – ‘what is the one thing you have, that no one else does?’ – Maybe you need to find this out about yourself. That’s what I’m busy doing right now.

4. I discuss how our childhoods and education have allowed us to be here, now, questioning our lives, and the keys to undoing all of the limiting conditioning from those times which will allow you to contribute who you truly are to the world, in a free spirited way.

5. Key quote to focus on was “If you don’t get to know yourself first, then you will settle for less”.

I hope you enjoy! Please, I would love for you to leave your feedback in the comments below and if you’re picking up what I’m puttin’ down, please sign up to my weekly newsletter where much more secret squirrel stuff will be revealed soon 😉

With wilder purpose,


INDIGO EXPLORATION part III: Rainbow children & resources

Wow! I absolutely loved the feedback I received to last week’s post! Seems there are quite a few of us ‘indigo shifters’ – I love that this is a thing!


Today i’m wrapping this thing up in a pretty (rainbow) bow, and sharing the 3rd level of these spirits – which are called rainbow children.

The newest phase, the rainbow children are vibrating on the next level from the crystals – and have been labelled “little buddhas”.


  • Balanced masculine & feminine energy
  • Love to give and don’t mind not receiving
  • Full of wisdom
  • Serene in nature
  • They are essentially ‘new’ souls – so they have no karma. They are here to just transform the planet and take on from the undoing’s of the indigos, and the rebuilding from the crystals.

In summary, we have:


More masculine energy – ‘angsty’, fighter spirit – breaking down the old ways and detecting deceit and exposing the corruptness on our planet today. Old, wise yet sensitive souls.


More feminine energy – gentle, connect with nature – particularly with animals. Sensitive, calm and often communicate telepathically, also through music.


Balance of feminine and masculine energy. No karma – I imagine them as like completely ‘clean’, straight forward, down to earth, switched on, efficient, yet also really nurturing, loving people.

As I mentioned last week, I definitely connect with the indigo traits, not all, but most. I also feel a shift towards some of the crystal traits – which I feel is my spirit ‘upgrading’ or shifting/evolving….although I don’t like to say the word ‘evolve’ because I don’t necessarily think I’m better than anyone else, but simply just different. We all play our own roles, I just really connect with this concept and can actually feel this energy where others don’t and won’t.

If you want to learn more, here are some great books / links / resources I found when I was researching it for myself.

Love, light & rainbows

signature rainbow



INDIGO EXPLORATION part II: My Indigo story & my crystal child


sneaky shot of my new branding images – whaddaya think?!

Last week I gave a bit of a run down on what an ‘indigo’ is. I must admit I thought I would have a lot of people responding saying they felt they were considered as an indigo (much like my empath post a couple of months back) but it kinda flopped.

I realise it’s more the story behind it that helps explain, and it’s obvious people aren’t coming to me for a ‘how to’ on something because I’m the first to admit I’m no pro at anything but trusting my own spirit and my peeps are more interested in my stories/journey, so I thought I would do that in this follow up post about indigos.

Basically, I feel like I am definitely an indigo. (learn about what an indigo is here).

Was I born one? Maybe, maybe not. I can’t say I was outstandingly ‘different’ as a child, I didn’t suffer from illness, or ADHD and I wasn’t defiant (I could say that about my brother, though). I was born into an extremely creative family, having both parents working from home as commercial artists; back in the day before computers churned out graphic design – my parents would hand write and illustrate logos, brochures, campaigns – I was always watching, learning. So you could argue the creativity was already in my blood, or that it was taught to me at an early age as well – either way, I was heavily influenced by the creative industries my whole life – I was bound to incorporate that into my adulthood in some form.

Anyway, my point is that I was just a regular kid, I was popular to a degree, I had my fair share of authoritative run ins but all in all I loved school, I loved my friends, my family and my pets were my best friends.

It wasn’t until I reached my late teens / early twenties that I began to feel a shift within; towards a more ‘indigo’ nature. Year by year I begun to reject the societal norms, embracing holistic, more natural ways of living. I also experienced some big trauma (my dad passing away suddenly) which I feel shook me into this new vibration, much sooner. Throw in a keen interest for new age practices and spiritual connection and I feel that last year I reached a full indigo status. It is like I awoke my third eye and now I see the world completely differently. I sleep differently, eat differently, think differently, act differently. I feel as though I have slowly shifted from ‘normal’ (third eye blind) and then a series of events awoke me, and now I’m a woman on a mission. I always knew I had something big to offer the world but I never had the confidence, conviction or resources to find out what it was. Now I’m here, and I’ve got a trail blazing behind me, I can’t even keep up with myself. Woman on a mission has a whole new meaning.

So, discovering this about myself has left me with a lot of questions. There are books, there are others who know a lot more about this topic (part 3 I will cover these things) but I managed to work out that you can be someone who ‘shifts’ into an indigo status, like I feel I have… and then you can also upgrade into the next ‘level’ which is considered a ‘crystal child’, which I feel I have had a taste of this energy, but I am still far from being a full crystal. However, I have been told that my son is a crystal/rainbow child by a very well-known psychic, so that makes sense to me that I am indigo/crystal.

Crystal children have similar traits to the Indigos, but their purpose is slightly different. Indigos are here to break down old world foundations; basically exposing the deceptive government, industrial and corporate systems. They are more like warriors. I feel like I have recently shifted from this warrior attitude to a more level headed one towards the world. Sure, it’s all still there, but I feel like I’m more understanding and even-tempered these days about the world and am focusing more on building the good than tearing down the bad.

photo (28)

Traits of a crystal child are:

  • Even-tempered and blissful
  • Telepathic – which I find really cool because I have always felt my son and I communicate a lot telepathically (I don’t really tell anyone this).
  • Delayed speech – sometimes they don’t speak until they are 3-4 years old. My son at 18 months still rarely speaks ‘real’ words, and we prefer to communicate in sounds, songs, signs or telepathically (you will think I’m crazy but we actually even shared the same dream space once, like, actually both dreamt the same thing, together, and both did stuff together in the dream).
  • Have a fascination with rocks and crystals – again, myself and my son both have this trait. He will find my crystals from my secret stashes in the house and play with them regularly).
  • Forgiving and easy-going – My son is always so easy going. He is the most loving, affectionate, gentle little soul. I’ve even had strangers tell me how beautiful his energy is, and he is always waving to strangers, blowing kisses to new friends and will hug anyone he feels he can trust. A very great judge of character!

photo (32)

You can be born into being an indigo/crystal/rainbow, or you can shift into being one. Right now, I feel I am an indigo shifting into crystal, and my son is possibly a crystal or rainbow, won’t fully understand this one until he grows up a bit more. My mum too has shifted recently into full on indigo status, with her and I both going through similar shifts energetically at the same time, but just slightly differently. I feel she is still very much a warrior, and still breaking down all her old conditioning and shedding all the old stuff personally, and universally, where as I have done that and am now in the ‘building the new’ phase.

So, what do you think? Could you be an indigo or crystal? maybe your child could be one too? I would love for you to share with me your personal stories relating to this topic. I find it both really scary talking openly about such ‘taboo’ stuff, but hey – I’ll never get anywhere if I play by the rules now, will I?!?

Love, light and crystals

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What does 11:11 mean to you?

If your anything like me – you notice things. Small, seemingly insignificant to most, but breathtakingly meaningful and beautiful to you.

Finding a feather in the grass, the smell of the air just before it rains, that perfect shade of pink in the sunset. The moment you think of someone and they text you (don’t you love that?!). It’s all apart of something big. Bigger than you, than me. It’s the pure magic around us. The universal love and oneness.

If you are feelin’ me on the above – then no doubt your also gonna connect with this blog post.

I’m talking about the 11:11 phenomenon.

1111.jpgWhat do I mean?
Look at your phone – it’s 11:11. **makes mental note**
Look at the clock – it’s 1:11.
**makes mental note**
Write the date – it’s the 11th.
**makes mental note**
Up working late. (Maybe working on Pinterest) – decide to stop and go to sleep, lock screen on phone – 11:11pm.
**make mental note**
Missed call; at 11:11am

I think you get the picture. It can be on a sign, phone, clock, picture, letter. Anything. Anywhere, anytime (as long as it’s 11:11 haha).

So after all this mental note making **must look this up** I’ve finally decided to put together this post to help us to find out what it REALLY means TO YOU. I mean, I didn’t really know exactly what it’s all meant until now, but I always knew it was significant and special. I know it’s something for me to not brush aside and something I can and should use to my advantage. I knew it was a nudge from my spirit. But why does everyone see it? why is this a ‘thing?’

Of course, to me – everything has to MEAN SOMETHING. I am constantly asking myself, but what does that mean????!!!!

11, or a combination of 1’s to me is like a little nudge (sometimes a big face plant!) from our spirit reminding us to keep aligned with our current level of consciousness. I feel like people who see this are quite ‘in tune’ to this sort of thing, thus are always searching and learning from the universe and asking some deeper questions about themselves and the world.

When you honour your intuition, things like this really do start to play a significant role in developing your connection with your spiritual self, and the repetitive, sometimes relentless signs are all just apart of the bigger plan to aid you on your journey.

I’ve read on my little google adventure today that the occurrence of multiple 1’s can mean MANY things and here are some of the ones I found – see which one’s resonate most with you:

  1. To make a wish – they come true!
  2. That your thoughts are manifesting instantly, so to keep your mind focused on what you desire.
  3. That it’s a sign from the universe that everything is in alignment and you are exactly where you need to be right now. Kinda like a high-five from your angels.
  4. Something significant is happening at that very moment and to make note of it.
  5. Reminder to simply stop, breathe and take in this very moment with gratitude.
  6. That its a ‘glitch in the matrix’ style time and it’s the best time to ask your angels/spirit guides for guidance.
  7. Represents the doorway to your inner self
  8. In runes, the symbol ‘1’ is called ISA – Which represents reflecting inwards.
  9. Significance with the Mayans (particular date in 2012 when we had a spiritual awakening)

Reading these things didn’t completely ‘feed me’ or answer my question the way I wanted it to. So I looked further into the numerology side of things because I feel quite connected to numbers. In numerology, the number 1 represents creation. The first, the primal force of which all other numbers are born. Without 1, there would be no other numbers.

When you look at the number 1, its shape also gives us a clue – it’s about standing up tall, pointing up to the sky, I think of an arrow when I see the number 1.

So when I put these two points together – to me a repeated occurrence of the number 1 is like those traits magnified…keep looking up to the sky, keep tracking forward on your journey, create your own reality, use your primal force and intuition to guide you there.

This then lead me to what are referred to as ‘master numbers’ – I have heard about them and knew they existed but never really took the time to research what they meant. Here’s my interpretation if your interested!

Master number 11: So here is the 11 we see everywhere! It represents our intuitive and psychic abilities – and when we see this number in this form or repeated, especially the way a lot of the masses are now – it’s a sign of a spiritual awakening. It means we are at a stage of looking to our intuition and reconnecting with ourselves and our spirituality. This is not about turning into a hippie, it’s about living in inline with your spirit – the part of you who already knows who you truly are and that simply wants you to live that journey. So to me – 11:11 is all about us REALISING that we extremely intuitive and connected; that this is a time of fine-tuning our spiritual abilities. It’s about creating syncronocity and harmony between mind/body/soul.

Master number 22: Is the next ‘level’ up so to speak – even though it’s not a competition and we must look at this as us all being a collective, all one mass working together. But there will be those who embark on this journey and build up their spiritual gifts, psychic abilities and become a master of their spirit. This number is about spiritual maturity – really living and breathing it. Oozing it. It’s practicing it daily to the point where it becomes second nature.

Master number 33: This represents the true master. Where you are at a level where you can teach your learnings and journey to others. When I think of this I think of people like Ghandi, like the Dalai Lama and even Einstein. They are true masters of their spirit. (I hope to experience this one day!).

So, essentially – this is my own conclusion – to me the 11:11 represents your connection to your higher consciousness, and when we notice it, it could mean a few different things depending on the circumstances but for me it’s about awareness that the universe is always conspiring to help you, and we are not alone.

It’s about realising that you are free – free to choose whatever path you want, free to choose the life you want to live, or free to continue to ignore the signs and live a life of restraint.


If you see 22’s or 33’s and wondered what they meant – look into this a bit more, because it might be indicating to you that it’s time to take your ‘art’ to the next level, whatever it may be.

Whether or not you believe any of this, I still think it’s pretty damn cool. I love being able to interpret something as mundane as the time of day into something simply magical, that could often be a life altering moment if you let it.

What does it mean to you? I would love to know!

Love, light & 11:11

signature rainbow