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What does it mean to be ‘spiritual’?

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I’ve been noticing a few comments from the kindred folk around me regarding spirituality. I feel like this word gets thrown around a lot with not very much conscious thought being considered for it’s origin at times. I get the feeling a lot of ‘non-spiritual’ types associate the word spiritual with being a hippie, a psychic or just plain out-there/bonkers/cray cray/stupid/woo woo *insert judgemental assumption here*.

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Mecury Retrograde – My how to thrive guide

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Well, this was a fun one! I have been thinking of writing about this old chestnut for a while now and as syncronocity would have it – My girl Gala Darling already posted the purrrrfect post about my mate MR (mecury retrograde) earlier in the month. I thought – well, I’m not one to re-invent the wheel, so I thought I would ask you to read this little gem first to learn about WHAT it actually is in a astronomy sense and then refer to my little illustration below on how to not only survive, but to THRIVE during the rest of this retrograde (finishes early July!) and to help us be better prepared for the next one in October.

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