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What’s in a name?

Seems I’ve opened the flood gates since my last post – here I am again with another spiritually led discovery! This is just a quick one, something I just want to share since its such a cool find, sent by my inquisitive little spirit.

I have been noticing a name a lot recently, in fact, not recently – maybe over the last 6 months… it shows up in my life, time and time again, to the point where I find myself having multiple conversations going at the one time with a person with this same name…scary right? well, it would be much more scary if the name was something really odd like ‘Maleficent’ (token Sleeping Beauty reference for anyone else who’s down with Disney) – and I guess I never took much notice of this name in the beginning, because, well for starters its one of the most common names of my generation, and – the name is actually my own name, Sarah.

Yes we probably all know a Sarah or two, and I do – but not like this. There’s a Sarah at the online jewellery store I’m emailing, a Sarah who is helping me with catering for an event, a Sarah who is helping me up-cycle my vintage dining chairs and even yesterday when ordering a coffee the barista made a comment that since she started working there, she has come across SO MANY SARAH’S…. I said in passing, “well – it is a very common name!” But what seemed like a random observation she was just blurting out to a stranger, what she said to me has stuck in my head. She also sees a lot of Sarah’s, but I feel like she was telling me that for a reason – she wanted me to get the message. She wants me to finally acknowledge the name Sarah.

So, thats what I’ve done. My good friend google has given me some very interesting leads, which I would love to share.

Since it’s my name, I already know that in Hebrew it means “princess” and that Sarah is also a biblical name – she apparently was the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac. But then I turned my attention to angels. I’ve been thinking – well, I’m much more interested in angels, and I believe we all have them watching over us – so maybe there is an angel named Sarah and I just don’t know about her yet?

(FYI Even if you don’t believe in angels, and think its all non-sense, there is no denying that what I’m about to show you is eerily coincidental to my current  situation) 

Sure enough – there is.  She is not a commonly referred to angel, not like the ones I already know like Archangel Michael, but a quick google search discovered the below passage, which I think is what I was meant to find, and it has really hit the nail on the head for me right now…

 Archangel Sarah has been referred to as “the spiritual bulldozer”. Her energy is strong and relentless, while at the same time gentle. Many energetic blocks are no match for her steady flow of energy. Archangel Sarah helps us release feelings of powerlessness, especially when they are a result of situations we have no control over. She’s a good angel to call on when you need doors to open in order to live your soul’s purpose. She loves to open the doors of opportunity. She helps with the practicalities of living on the earth plane while working with spiritual realms. She gives the gift of ease and empowerment. I’d like to give you a small word of warning, though. When you call on Archangel Sarah, be careful what you wish for, be ready to receive it, and be ready for transformation…fast. Sometimes we ask for things to come, and they do. Then we run away from them because we never really expected to get what we asked for. Or, they come to us in a way we didn’t want or expect, and again, we get scared and push the gifts away. Angel Sarah makes things happen. except from Spirit Magazine, author Robyn Linke.

 In other words – she’s been lingering around me for a reason. Sarah has allowed for me to go on my spiritual quest, whilst keeping me on the ground with developing my product range too. I have to giggle about the part that mentions she helps to release the feelings of powerlessness with situations we have no control over (finally accepting that I have forever lost my bloody phone?!). Sarah is the one who has helped to open all these doors, lead me to all this information and to develop all these little links along the right track – what a babe!!! Basically now that I know she is around, I need to be careful not to focus too much on her bringing me what I want just yet…I have a little bit to go before I’m ready to bare my all, so Archangel Sarah – we will be chatting in a few weeks! Please go out for a extra long smoko break or something?!

I will let you all know how it goes, and I’m sure you will be able to watch all the magic unfold once I launch my exciting new ventures, seems like she will help me come out with a bang!

And to tie it all in nicely, I’ve been trying to think of what she might look like, so I could attach a photo of her below. As I have been pondering it, my thoughts tracked back to when I was pregnant and I went to get a pregnancy massage. The women was a beautiful chinese lady, who turned out to be incredibly spiritual too. She told me I was having a boy, she gave me a lovely massage and did some sound therapy using singing bowls around the room whilst I lay down and soaked in the vibes… she then put something quite hot over my eyes as they were shut and I thought I had drifted off to heaven. As I came back to reality, I sat up and asked her what she had used over my eyes that were so warm? I thought perhaps she used some hot stones. She giggled “that’s just my hands – they are very warm”. She generated so much heat from her palms I honestly felt like I was in a sun bed! She told me as she worked on my energy, she saw me (on a spiritual level) and that I had a big white light, I was a white angel. When I told my mum the story about my angel, she replied “well duh….I could have told you that!” (smart ass).

So here she is, my beautiful Sarah angel, with her radiating white light. Conveniently, she has a peacock feather in her hair.

 As a final note – I put it out to you, do you notice a particular name on a regular basis? Maybe your intuition is trying to tell you something, or give you a message from your angel with this name?…. a quick search around on the internet might give you just the right message, at just the right time. Feel free to share you findings with me, I would love to hear them!

Love, light and white angels,

Sarah xox


My 3 little lessons learnt

This post has been a long time coming….I’m admitting I lost my mojo for blogging (and life) last week. I have been suffering from a little bit of mummy guilt, mixed with exhaustion, lack of motivation and throw in grief for the loss of my beloved friend (my iphone 5) and I think its safe to say, I’m glad that week is now over.

Just over a week ago I travelled back to my homeland for a friends wedding, followed by my 10 year high school reunion, then a football grand final pool party (aka boys watching footy, girls inside talking party). It was the busiest weekend I have had in a long time, and although I had plenty of fun, I came home with plenty of guilt, too.


Since becoming a mum, obviously my priorities have changed quite dramatically. I used to be a social butterfly, love dressing up, dancing and just going with the flow of the life of a young, 20-something with a well paying 9-5 job in tow. Life was very un-complicated, pretty cruisey and self indulgent. I know it sounds like I shouldn’t still be new to this, my son is almost one! but one thing I have learnt is that it doesn’t get any easier with time….the noise in your mind never stops. As a mum, when you are faced with new or old scenario’s, its always really challenging trying to decipher what it is you really want to do. I’m always wanting to make the best parenting choices, trying to be prepared, plan ahead, but also live in the moment, enjoy myself, let my hair down, reconnect with my partner, enjoy the precious time with my friends, yet always be a mum, first. There are so many conflicting statements in that last sentence, and for a reason. That’s just how things are, and sometimes – its just plain hard to know what to do, and which thoughts to listen to.

Now, I obviously don’t win mother of the year with last weekends antics (I drank about 5 champagnes and was completely written off until well into the afternoon of the next day), but I don’t regret anything. I had a really great time, and ticked those ‘old Sarah’ boxes off, all in one big foul swoop.

This would have been just another night out in my ‘old life’, or to my friends, but for me, it was THE night…the one where I discover my new limitations, I learnt about where I fit in on the social scale, where I now draw the line, what my body can and can’t do these days, and the consequences of being a little selfish. My son was in good hands, he was safe and loved, but I felt like I let him down. As my first real taste for ‘letting my hair down’ – I really don’t think I mind my new simple pony tail.

little lesson learnt #1 – I am human. After giving myself a mental, physical and spiritual caning after the wedding, I realised that I am human, and that I will always make mistakes. I guess trying to start a new chapter up here in Townsville has really paid off on a lot of levels – I feel better than I ever have, I love myself more than ever, I know myself well and I am learning so much more about what makes me truly happy, but as much as I know I am a new and improved version of myself, I’m still a human being. I still want to have fun, let go, be spontaneous, enjoy life, and its in the balance of the structured everyday routine and the crazy party animal antics that I am seeking. So from one extreme to another, I now know my new limits.

Drunk bitch act aside, I also managed to lose my phone – which – ironically enough was a much bigger test for me for the last week. If you would refer to my previous blog post where I explained how dependant I was on my social media and online community – well, how is that for irony? Again, from one extreme to the other – I’ve gone from FOMO land to UNCONTACTABLE! Needless to say, I have been going through some serious stages of grief for the loss of that evil bastard. Check them out…it’s so sad, it’s funny.


This one kicked in when I realised I didn’t come home with my phone. “It’s ok, its here somewhere, I will find it later”….2 mins later….”must. find. phone.”….”WHERE IS THE IPAD?!?!” I was utterly lost. What the hell was I meant to do with all this spare time?!? I need to see what I’m missing!! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!?!


stage 2: ANGER

This is legit. After spending much of the morning feeling sorry for myself with the world’s most rubbish hang over, I crawled upstairs and sat on the couch, on the verge of tears. I haven’t felt this shit since the juice fast I did earlier in the year, only at least I knew all that detoxing was going to benefit me, and it did! Alas, this detox feeling was so bad  I wasn’t even able to keep a sip of water down for more than 5 minutes without hurling into the toilet bowl like I was 17 again. I said to my partner with water in my eyes “I want to go home.” I was so angry with myself. How could I lose my phone? I have NEVER lost a phone! and now, the ONE night I do something social, I manage to leave it behind in the cab? who am I? why am I SUCH an idiot. *cue violin and self sabotage*


“if only I didn’t drink so much” “I’m sure I checked my seat” “maybe this is a blessing in disguise” “its only a phone” “why me?” “what did I do to deserve this?” “I’m never drinking again” all the what if’s, self blame and pity came pouring in… hindsight is a bitch.


This one set in after the dust settled from my whirlwind weekend, about Tuesday. I was just in a constant state of funk. No drive, no motivation, no energy. I just couldn’t accept that it was gone. I had lost over 100 notes of my sleepless midnight brainstorms, photos, recipes, even a beautiful poem I wrote was gone, forever. I didn’t care so much about IT, but just all the things that were going on within it. It was my connection to the world, my little friend who answered all my questions, entertained me in the down time and even tucked me into bed every night ( and yes, I can’t believe I am writing this, either….get a grip?).


So by about Thursday I realised I had to say goodbye. I had to accept my new reality. I lost the stupid thing, its gone, move on. So I connected up my old iphone 4, got a new sim card and set up my new phone. Due to the new software update being as slow as a freakin’ snail and full of glitches, I can’t even access my instagram account. I can barely use facebook without wanting to rip my hair out. SO.MANY.ROAD.BLOCKS. So here I am, 10 days in, and I’m trying to accept my new middle ground. I’m not the gadget queen or the nomad. I’m that middle guy.

So it was clear that this was my little lesson learnt #2 – Time to live more of my REAL life. Worry less about everyone else, and just get on with REAL LIFE. This is my chance to re-write history, where the little mummy blogger went from social media savvy to obsessive compulsive FOMO MOFO who wears the latest PC glasses, is now divorced and only real life thrill is camping outside of apple when the latest gadgets get released. I’ve decided that my little angels have been working hard in the background to give me this message, and now that I have been physically disconnected from my online life, its time for me to draw a clearer line in the sand. Be conscious, be present, be accountable. Embrace the real relationships more, the real life I have created more, enjoy my physical surroundings more. It’s again, about being human. I can have both. I don’t need to istagram my smoothie to know I am eating better. I need to have the balance. One extreme experience has led me to the middle ground. I am grateful for this lesson, as hard as it has been – it truly has opened my eyes.


Imageand this is what I have going on in my real life. Not so hard now, is it?

That weekend wasn’t all bad news for me – I went to my 10 year high school reunion, and I must say I was pleasantly suprised. It was pretty tame, quite intimate and pretty enjoyable. The awkward silences were at a minimum, and the group was dynamic enough to chat to people we haven’t seen in 10 years, yet had plenty of ‘safe-houses’ to check in with when we needed to regroup. I had some great conversations, and one in particular stands out in my mind. A few of us were talking about “putting yourself out there” and we discussed why we thought some girls didn’t want to come, and also spoke about this topic in general terms. We were all putting ourselves out there on some level, and by simply attending we were potentially going to gain something positive from the experience, eg ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’.

I was talking about starting up in business and how with past ventures I practiced “putting myself out there” alot. I used to send the most desperate emails to strangers I admired, ask questions of other business guru’s for their help, prod and poke my way around my industry until I found my answers. When you want to achieve something worthwhile, you simply have to put yourself on the line. You have to take risks, you have to push aside the fear and just follow your heart. Be fearless, be courageous and go and get it! A little bit like what I’m doing with my own blog and business now, It takes a lot of guts to say some of the things I do, there is always the fear of being judged, of people not liking what I have to say, of thinking I am are a phoney, a fake, boring, *insert favourite insult* – but you know what?! Alot of that shit is just in my own head. I know I’m on the right track, I have friends and acquaintances private messaging me to further discuss things I have blogged about, or just to say “hey, I read your blog, its awesome!” on a regular basis…THIS is what keeps me going. That one random act of kindness puts that little spark back in my heart when I am feeling doubt. Its like a little message from my angels telling me to “keep going, your on the right path!”. Speaking of angels, at the reunion as I was about to leave, one of the girls came up to me (and I don’t think we had much to do with each other at school, but I’m glad she came up to me to say say this) and she said to me that before I go, she wanted to say that she read one of my very first blog posts about my breastfeeding journey, and that if it wasn’t for me, she wouldn’t have persevered with her breastfeeding her beautiful little bub. I was completely taken back. She commended me on putting my story out there, for sharing my journey and telling it like it really is. I want her to know, I will never forget that moment. It truly touched my heart, and I thank you so much for giving me that gift. Thank you for putting yourself out there, too.

little lesson learnt #3 – putting yourself out there is always worth it. 

Now that these 3 little lessons have been acknowledged, I feel much better about applying them into my future. I now know that yes – although I am on a quest to always grow, always improve, always learn – sometimes I feel like I am away with the fairies. I get too caught up in the mystery of the world, and forget to keep my feet on the ground. Being reminded that I am human, allows for me to say “it’s ok” if something doesn’t go right, or If I steer off the path. I can always get back onto my feet and walk forward. Living more of my REAL life reminds me to embrace the NOW, and to enjoy it while it lasts. I won’t always have this space in time to enjoy, so I have to play with it while I can. By putting myself out there, like this, consistently – means that I will always have a chance to document, and share my journey, with whoever, whenever. That is a beautiful gift in itself.

Next week I will be returning down south for another wedding and more festivities, but I know this time I will have a different set of limits in place, my 3 little lessons learnt in the back of my mind to ensure my feet are still firmly planted and walking forward, ready to come home to my brand new website and product launch! I consider the next few weeks as my little pre-wedding getaway, because when I come back, I’m committing myself to this full-time – and there is no turning back.

This will be my little mantra over the next few weeks, let the good times roll.

ImageLove, light and champagne,

Sarah xox

The accidental alchemist

It’s another Saturday night. The football is on tele (yawn), the baby is sleeping peacefully in our bed, and I’m doing some editing for my new blog site in my room (I’m also fluffing around in facebook forums and eating ice cream). It’s a full moon. I’m just recalling the aura readers message to me a few months back at the mind-body-spirit festival who said to me “work with the cycles of the full moon; you will do your best work on the day of the full moon and three days after”. Just typing that has sent shivers down my spine!!! I’ve just confirmed with google that this full moon’s message is that “The key to balance lies in identifying and expressing our spiritual needs, while maintaining order in our everyday lives.”

I’m having a bit of a moment here, so bare with me. I would usually just leave this stuff for me to mull over myself, since I don’t really have anyone to talk to about it, but I need to frantically type it out while its fresh on my mind and so I have a record of it.

After I mentioned that I was working on my “about” section on my new blog a couple of blog entries ago, I was talking about my spirits identity. I asked you to think about who your spirit is and to send me your spiritual identities in private for me to share on my blog at a later date (and special thank you to those who truly embraced this task and took the time to do this for me and yourself, I am really grateful). I’ve just had another one of those mind-blowing, freaky, intuition-led discoveries and its seriously freaking me out. I legitimately had a tear in my eye. Rewinding to a few months ago, on my ventures to self-discovery, learning about the elements, mind/body connection, the doctrine of signatures and so forth (and if you have NO idea what I’m on about, check out my previous blog posts if you can be bothered) – I started noticing a word. A word I had never heard before, or at least never noticed before recent times. Alchemy.

Here’s where it began: I organised for my mum to meet with a healer for her arthritis a couple of months ago when she was on her holiday in Bali, their meeting spot was a cafe called Alchemy, in Ubud. It stuck in my mind at the time, but I never bothered to look into the word.

Fast forward to last month – one of my best friends visited, and was reading a fiction novel called The Alchemist. I hadn’t heard of it, but she said it was interesting. I ignored the sign, again.

The other day I was on instagram, and stumbled on a couple of other bloggers/soulpreneurs talking about the same novel, and how great it was. Ok…I hear you, intuition (you nag!). However, I got distracted and forgot to look it up. Today I asked my friend who was reading the novel, if I could borrow it next, maybe I need to read it? (getting warmer). So that takes me to right now, I’m at my computer, and I think about the word alchemy again. YES! OK! I’m going to google it. HOLY SHIT BATMAN. HOLY SHIT.

I’ve spent the last few hours immersed in the wondrous world of alchemy. Here’s a passage from a particularly informative website which has explored the many facets of the alchemy world, summarising the many books and teachings from alchemists across the world, and over centuries. A particular book called “The Alchemical Tradition in the Late Twentieth Century” by Richard Grossinger has listed the basic components of the different types of alchemy, which he has referred to as “planet science”. Check them out (my cheeky notes are in the purple):

1. A theory of nature as made up of primary elements. – yep, elements.

2. A belief in the gradual evolution and transformation of substance.

3. A system for inducing transmutation. My grand plan is to create a program for myself and others that does exactly this!

4. The imitation of nature by a gentle technology.

5. The faith that one’s inner being is changed by participation in external chemical experiments.

6. A general system of synchronistic correspondences between planets, herbs, minerals, species of animals, signs and symbols, parts of the body, etc., known as the Doctrine of Signatures. hello!?!!! already blogged about this one!

7. Gold as the completed and perfected form of the metals, in specific, and substance in general (Alchemy is the attempt to transmute other substances into gold, however that attempt is understood and carried out).

8. The existence of a paradoxical form of matter, sometimes called The Philosopher’s Stone (the lapis), which can be used in making gold or in brewing elixirs and medicines that have universal curative powers.

9. A method of symbolism working on the simultaneity of a series of complementary pairs: Sun/Moon, Gold/Silver, Sulphur/Mercury, King/Queen, Male/Female, Husband/Bride, Christ/Man, etc. In my healing course I am learning about mind/body connection, and everything I’ve been teaching myself is about creating balance, hence the marriage of two worlds which is a common theme amongst alot of things I’m into at the moment.

10. The search for magical texts that come from a time when the human race was closer to the source of things or are handed down from higher intelligences, extra-terrestials, guardians, or their immediate familiars during some Golden Age. These texts deal with the creation or synthesis of matter and are a blueprint for physical experimentation in a cosmic context (as well as for personal development). They have been reinterpreted in terms of the Earth’s different epochs and nationalities. Things like angel cards/tarot etc spring to mind here!

11. In the Occident, alchemy is early inductive experimental science and is closely allied with metallurgy, pharmacy, industrial chemistry, and coinage. I do have a focus on modern medicine at the moment…hmmmm…..

12. In the Orient, alchemy is a system of meditation in which one’s body is understood as elementally and harmonically equivalent to the field of creation. (Between East and West, the body may be thought of as a microcosm of nature, with its own deposits of seeds, elixirs, and mineral substances). I have been meditating and learning more about chakras, crystal healing etc

13. Alchemy is joined to astrology in a set of meanings that arise from the correspondences of planets, metals, and parts of the body, and the overall belief in a cosmic timing that permeates nature. I keep referring to the moon’s cycles and meanings, and of course have mentioned types of cosmic timing on many occasions lately.


Thus, alchemy deals fundamentally with the basic mysteries of life as well as with transcendental mysticism. But its approach is neither abstract nor theoretical, but experimental, in nature.

Just who were the alchemists, and why are their contributions important to us today?

The alchemists were the leading explorers of consciousness in medieval times, and their research led to a vast improvement in the conditions of human life. Among the more famous are Albertus Magnus, Paracelsus, Nicholas Flammel, and Sir Isaac Newton. Their contributions not only improved the lives of their contemporaries, but influenced the thought of many philosophers if the same and later eras, such as Meister Eckhart, Thomas a Kempis, John Dee, Johannes Kepler, Thomas Vaughn, Bishop Berkeley, Emanuel Swedenborg, William Blake, and Geothe.The contributions of these eminent alchemists are staggering: Albertus Magnus, alone, wrote eight books on physics, six on psychology, eight on astronomy, twenty-six on zoology, five on minerals, one on geography, and three on life in general from an Aristotelian point-of-view. He was a Dominican friar who was canonized a saint in 1931. No wonder I can’t make my mind up on a subject I like to explore?! check out this guy!!!

So, what is Alchemy?

It is a cross-cultural phenomena which has been practiced in various forms by ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Christian Europeans, and the Islamic, Hindu and Taoist faiths. All of these use symbols to depict a process of transformation, whether this process is thought to occur inside (introverted) or outside (extroverted) of the human body. Although there are many types of alchemy, the main split seems to be between material (extroverted) and spiritual (introverted) alchemies. The deciding factor is the direction of the practitioner’s creativity. And to really let this one sink in for you all – last year when I was designing my ring range, I created 25 symbols out of thin air that at the time, represented the animal spirits I was going to work with. I have since broadened this to the geometric symbols representing a set of affirmations which aid in both physical and spiritual transformation.

SO….what does all this mean? well. I’m a bloody alchemist, aren’t I? I have been sub-consciously practicing alchemy for the last year and didn’t even know what it was.

exhibit A:

here’s the logo I designed for my business. I didn’t look into the symbolism of things much, just went with the fact that a pentagon is a 5 sided shape, and I will be working with the 5 elements so that should be a feature.  In my alchemy surfing tonight I found these interesting facts about the geometric shapes and their meanings, kinda freaky right?! I like to think that the hexagram has just been slightly morphed into circular points instead of the ones on the star, perhaps a more modern take on the symbols meaning and the fact that the circle around it gives it wholeness.

And here’s a definition from P.T. Mistlberger more specific to spiritual based alchemy (not the chemical/scientific alchemy type)

“alchemy is thus a means by which we re-structure our personality and the various levels of our identification with it, so as to realize the infinite potential of our true being. It is essentially a comprehensive roadmap, using colourful and sophisticated symbols, detailing the means and steps by which we get ourselves ‘out of our own way’ and allow our highest and best destiny to unfold.”

Now its Sunday night, and I’m doing the final touches to this post before releasing it into the abyss. Funnily enough, I got 2 more signs today with the word ALCHEMY!!!!! Don’t believe me? Hell, I don’t believe me either – but I couldn’t even make this shit up if I tried!

Innocently check my emails, BAM!

Creeping around on Instagram an hour later – BAM!

This stuff is coming in thick and fast, and its starting to creep me out, in a “holy shit life’s magical!” kinda way. I have had “signs” before, but I think now that I am truly listening, or have my hearing aid turned up a little louder, that they are being received much more loud and clear. cool, huh?

As a final summary, I thought it would be cute to do some angel cards on all this, just to see if I had found something I was looking for this week or if there was any further clarity I needed.

Adriana says that I am leading towards the answers to my prayers. To please listen to and follow the steps she is communicating to me through my intuition, thoughts and dreams. (gulp!)

Aurora confirms I’m flying high right now, which may threaten others, but says not to descend, because others will soon become inspired by my example. She is totally spot on. this is my fear card. I have been thinking all day, that well, am I just bat shit crazy? will people stop reading because I’ve lost the plot to fairy land??!! I needed this reality check. Fear is going to always keep me from being who I want to be, so I’m never going to not do something, just because others may not get it. I get it. Thats all that I need to focus on, being my biggest cheerleader in life.

And finally, my mate Daniel – who is the angel of marriage says he is assisting me right now. No, not a literal marriage – he’s showing me how to connect the dots, to bring it all together. Which is exactly what the word “Alchemy” has done for me. Its tied all this crazy searching, finding and learning into one big neat package for me. Knowing that this is actually A THING (that I haven’t just made up, and that many others have explored themselves) makes me feel like I belong, to a much greater picture. It’s liberating, and so exciting! I can’t wait to continue on this adventure and take some of you with me!

On a final note, perhaps last weekend when I set up my very first ‘Element Alter’ that this sent out a very powerful message to the universe to send me something amazing! the alter I set up was dedicated to the Air element – air represents our thinking and reason. Its the element that guides our thoughts, helping to bring clarity and higher intellect. It can also represents inner turmoil, but reminds us to always do things with love in our hearts. So thats exactly what I have been issued this week – clarity. Wow, to say a weight has been lifted off my shoulders is an understatement!

complete with my “AIRESS” illustration, scented candle and incense for aroma, some small ‘lavender like’ flowers (which is a flower linked to the air element) and two of my crystals which are coloured in pink and green, the heart chakra/air chakra colours.

Now, I know not all my readers are into this spiritual stuff, but if you are reading this – thank you. Thank you for taking enough interest in my journey, even if your own truth looks nothing like this. The best thing about all this is that you have watched it unfold in front of your eyes, and even though we don’t all know what is next, we know that there is going to be something amazing. Not just for me, but for you. We can look back at this very moment in time and say “this is when it all really began” (whatever it may be!)

love, light and alchemy

Sarah xox

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The sower of seeds and searcher of spirits

I’ve been a busy little working bee over the last month, fine tuning my brand new blog and business platform (yay!). The original website I built and launched (not so long ago) I have since taken down and I am just using this basic blog in the interim as my way of continuing to communicate and maintain momentum for my ventures. I found that I needed to just ‘do something’ in a forward motion to get the ball rolling for me, but since launching it initially, I quickly realised It didn’t really capture the essence of what I was trying to say. It wasn’t ‘me’. But that’s ok. I’m finding that it’s totally fine to just do something and it not be quite right, than not to do it at all in fear of it not being perfect from the start. It is/was right…. It’s led me to here so this whole trusting my instinct and listening to my heart thing is paying off, it all feels so right, even when it’s wrong! Ha!
As a pretty impatient person, I must admit its been really testing lately just wanting everything, NOW. My friend and I joked about this only this morning, we both have so many ideas and visions for things we want to do with our lives, and simply bite off much more than we can chew at that very moment and get annoyed when we can’t just do it/be it/have it all in that very second. There is Devine reason why I haven’t got everything I want right now, I know if I had it all I wouldn’t be able to handle it – but still, it’s the nature of the beast….sowing seeds takes time, it needs nurturing, nourishment and time. So that’s what I have been doing. Dedicating my babes nap times to business time, and watching lectures online when he goes to bed to keep me learning new things I might need one day. It works, but it’s a slow process. ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ is my mantra of late – no wonder I love turtles/tortoise’s so much (and sloths for that matter!!!).
Anyway! two exciting things fell into place late last week! yippee – its harvest time!!!! First one was my etherial ‘element’ illustrations, drawn by the beautiful and talented Lara Cresser landed in my inbox!
These lovely ladies capture the essence of the underlying theme of my new life’s work – embracing the elements. Each one of these goddesses symbolise not only an element each, but the healing properties of those elements – encorporating associated healing plants, animals, minerals, tarot and emotions. I have given them each a name, and they carry a very special message. I can’t wait to show you more!!! Here’s a sneaky snap of one of my lovely bunch of beauties….
Ladies (and gentlemen?!) introducing – The Earthess
The second awesome thing is some images of yoga poses from one of my good friends Danique, who happens to also be on a similar spiritual journey to me. She’s epically amazing at yoga, and has nothing but success on her horizon. We have collaborated on a series of images that will help heal and unlock the chakras that are linked to the corresponding elements- and well, without giving away too much, these will be used for something big I’m working on.
Here’s another sneaky shot to wet the whistle…
Stunning lines, right? She makes it look so easy and effortless!
Even though I haven’t quite finalised the grand plans for everything I’m putting my time and energy into, I know I’m meant to be doing it. My big ‘all the planets have aligned’ moment is coming! I’ve got the new blog in development, I’ve got my jewellery line in production, I’ve just enrolled to become a  certified holistic wellness healer, I’m half way through 2 e-courses on nutrition and lifestyle and well, ummm?!? Probably a few other things too – and my point is that I don’t really know WHY I need all these things at once, but I know that it feels right and I have to trust it will all fall into place for me at the right time.
I was writing my ‘about’ section the other night on my new site, and that’s been the hardest thing to get my head around. I can blab on about everything else, but when it comes to summing up me and my purpose for all this – it’s been quite challenging. Who am I? What am I about? What’s my title? Who do I want to speak to? Who’s going to connect with this? I don’t have a degree or title to throw around with  my academic achievements, I’m more than a stay at home mum (which, believe me, is more than enough too!); I’m just me – but how do I put it in writing? I know its not that important to anyone else, in fact I’m not even sure people really read that section, do they?! but its imperative for me to nut this one out so I can always remember it when I move forward, so I know I am always remaining true to myself and never trying to be someone I am not.
To quote the amazing book “Conversations with god” again – he wrote something which has really resonated with me. Here is one mention about the value of words…
So I had to just stripe it all back, cut out the shit, and just say what I feel without worrying how others will interpret it. It was a lot easier to say the things that I wasn’t, so I did that first. Then I had a passing thought to try and make it a bit easier – what if I cut away all the titles, fancy words, achievements, accolades or over exaggerated descriptions and try and describe who my spirit is? this is a snip of what I came up with…


“Who am I? My name is Sarah Williams, I am a mother to a beautiful little soul and a lover of all my own discoveries. I am not a nutritionist, shaman, witch, hippy, healer, councillor, designer, philosopher or new age trendy…. I’m just a young woman following her instinct with a spirit yearning for rediscovery and that has the freedom to dance to its own beat”.

I’m interested to know how you would describe your own spirit, too?!….if you feel daring enough, let me know please! I find it fascinating to take a person out of their comfort zone and get to the bare parts of their soul…do it, It’s really liberating! We don’t have to be restricted to what we look like on paper. We are so much more interesting and complex than that! Private message me too if you thats more of your thing, please!!! It’ll be fun – If I get enough, I might do a cute blog post about them (ALL anonymous of course!) so you can see it in writing and connect with your spirit and be ever reminded of its message – it might also inspire others or help them to fine-tune their descriptions too :) Oh and that reminds me, perhaps if this task interests you enough to send it through to me, you might just be a fantastic candidate for my program I’m working on – maybe your one of the spirit sisters I’ll be searching for to trial it out??
In summary, since words are the lowest form of communication, my focus will be more on words unspoken. Yes, I’m blogging but these are not the only stories I have to tell. If you like what I’m about, if you connect with me on any level, through my designs, my musings, my images, my theories, my insights, my information; if you see my photo and think “yep, I like her” then thats all I can wish for (and thank you). If you don’t connect, thats ok too. I appreciate the time taken to take a chance on me. 
Love, light and dancing spirits,
Sarah xox

and p.s – send me your spirit identity asap, it can be our little secret! xx

Chasing that innocent bliss

As I have previously written, I’ve made alot of changes in my life over the last few years – the catalyst being the sudden death of my father in 2008. The more I have learnt, the more changes I have made – to my physical life, mental state and spiritual energy. Improvement after improvement has seen me grow more and more and become who I am today. I am proud of myself and my achievements, but there is just something still going on that hasn’t allowed for me to completely let go and to be 100% happy, I don’t get that “bliss” feeling nearly as much as I think I should be. I know its very hard to be 100% happy (and note when I just wrote that 100% I accidentally wrote $100!! hmmm…thats definitely a sign, and another story! ha!) – there is always something we want to change/do/become in order to find our bliss  – but personally, I just don’t think its real. I don’t think happiness is a place, certainly not a place to stay. This is the trap I have found myself in, always striving to make changes so I can be happy. What I am finally wrapping my head around though, is that happiness is not a destination – it’s just a fleeting feeling in that moment, much like all the others.
Don’t get me wrong, I am far from depressed. I’m comfortable in my own skin. I have so much to be grateful for, and I am. I may not show my gratefulness all the time, but I truly am blessed and I know it. The problem is that when I reflect on my past, I was “happy” then too…just a different kind of happy. I had an ignorant happiness. I felt more carefree, relaxed and had more stereotypical fun, didn’t take life too seriously. I wasn’t as wild as some of my peers, but I was my own version of wild. Its true, perhaps it comes with “growing up” that the fun changes, or that as you grow as a person, you grow out of your old self…. but I must admit, at times I do miss her, I miss the ignorant life a little. It’s a little selfish, I know. Although I don’t quite think thats the right way to put it….
Since making alot of the positive changes I have increased my knowledge and understanding of more world issues, as well as made alot of personal development – but with all that, I have found there are some negitives to knowing the things I do. The more I learn, the more I know about certain subjects – parenthood, diet, climate change, animal welfare, spirituality….the more I learn, the harder it is to go back to that time when I knew much less, but was that kind of happy, an ignorant happy. The stuff I have now seen, I cannot un-see. Yes, its made me stronger. No I would never want to not be the person I am today, but man…..does it make life more challenging at times!
The old saying “Ignorance is bliss” has literally been dancing around in my head for a few months….it pops in and out of my consciousness as if it were wanting me to address it. So here I am! Now, I don’t particularly like the saying, but its extremely relevant in my life right now. The saying can be used as a way of people to remain being kept in the dark about certain things, and that not knowing something is a better place to be. An excuse of sorts. I agree, it probably is in some instances. The love of your life is cheating on you, and you don’t know (or don’t want to know); The red meat consumed multiple times a day by some people is causing their body more harm than good, but a high protein diet is ‘good for you’ so its not given a further thought. Ignorance IS a kind of bliss, but it still means you don’t know and don’t choose to know – which is something I find really hard to grasp. Why doesn’t anyone WANT to know? Being ignorant means to have a lack of knowledge or awareness; to be uneducated or unlearned – why do so many choose to lead their lives this way? I am finding it harder and harder to sympathise with people who decide to live their lives in complete darkness. Punch in and out of work they hate, waste their money on detrimental substances and services and then pass this same un-educated blind lifestyle onto their own children. I know I shouldn’t dwell on how others live their lives, it is their journey, that is their truth – but I just wish we could all evolve a little quicker, they are lagging behind!
I am a self-confessed “know it all” or “knower”…. I know a little about alot. I always want to know more. I am always wanting to stretch my knowledge in many different aspects, always asking questions or researching something until I know enough that I have made my mind up about it and can then move on. With that, comes an ever growing conscious – one that is tested much more than it once was. Now that I know more, I feel a bigger sense of responsibility, like I am carrying the worlds problems on my shoulders at times. Burdened by the reality of our existence, heavy right? I feel immense guilt if I dwell too long in the supermarket, staring at the wall after wall of processed health-ruining food-like substances, the government do nothing, the advertises do nothing, the doctors do nothing – they all keep the population from taking their blinkers off from seeing the world the way it truly is. When I see people with trollies full of meat, dairy, soft drink and junk food, I cannot help but feel for them, their families and sink deeper into a headspace of utter grief and despair. I want to do so much, I feel a huge sense of responsibility as a human on this planet. The earth is our home. I feel a huge sense of duty to speak for the ones who cannot speak, to speak my truth as I know it. I have made a lot of changes, some of which I don’t like, for the greater good. For the big picture. YES, sometimes I do want to eat a piece of salmon, or smoke a cigarette – but I won’t because then all this work I have done will be jeopardised, and nothing is more important to me than my journey, and the positive impact it has on our beautiful planet. I want my children to be proud of me, and this place, and to not feel the way I do, or even see what I have. The thing I don’t understand, is why doesn’t everyone feel this way? Will a time come when everyone stops and sees that nothing is more important? not their greed, tastes, desires or lifestyle?
Speaking of children, again, since I have learnt much more about parenting, parenthood and raising children – I am constantly tested and reminded just of this old “happy” me who used to work in a childcare centre, warming bottles of formula for the babies and toddlers in my care, putting them to sleep in their cots or beds and playing with them on the playground. Back then, I had absolutely NO knowledge about the types of parenting, about children’s diets or anything much at all! I had no idea what kind of parent I would be either. It did not phase me to raise my voice at these little innocent beings, feed them their un-nutritious foods or to punish them when they were being “naughty”. Now, I am embarrassed for myself. THAT kind of ignorance may have been bliss for me, I enjoyed my workdays and got so much out of working with children…..but what gets me now is the consequences of my ignorance. Have any of the children in my care been negatively affected by my interactions with them in their early development? Could I have done more to be a positive parent-like role model for these beautiful little people? If I had known what I do now, could I have changed their lives for the better? all of these answers I will never know.
Ignorance is bliss…. for the ignorant.  thats what the saying should be changed to. The lack of knowledge keeps the knowledge keeper in a “happy” place, but what are the consequences of this selfish act? If you choose to be ignorant, you are selfish. You are saying to the universe that its ok to live a lie, to ignore your intuition, that anyone can take advantage of you and your precious gift of life and that its ok to live at the lower spectrum of evolution. You are teaching your children that its ok for someone else to tell you how to live your life, to settle for less. The ripple effect can be catastrophic. So many others are effected by our selfish actions, sometimes we just don’t see it until we have to finally face the consequences. Knowledge is power, knowledge is the key to us ever evolving.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that this big, daunting word “HAPPY” needs to be taken less seriously. Let it come, let it go. I have found that new things make me happy now, and they are a far cry from past happy feelings….like going to the health food store and finding a new vegan dessert, designing a really cool logo, watching an awesome doco on juice fasting or watching my son giggle at his daddy reads him his favourite book. They are my new “bliss” feelings. They all take me to my happy place.
In reflection, perhaps its truly the INNOCENCE I miss, not the IGNORANCE. I miss that blissfully unaware feeling I had when I would down 10 rum and cokes and chain smoke all night long, but that was me being ignorant and their are consequences to those actions. The school dances where we could dress in theme and dance the night away with our friends….that is the stuff I miss, the innocence. I have to accept that those days are past, but new ones are coming and will always continue to. My son’s own innocence is already helping to teach me to stop taking on so much of the world’s issues, and to live in the moment, with him, my world. By acknowledging the feeling that innocent bliss gives me, I am showing others what the true happiness is; and perhaps that is all I can be doing now to help inspire others to ditch their ignorant blisses and to find it in the more uncorrupted, pure form of the word. To laugh at the little things, to let go and feel those innocent feelings again, with, and through my son. Then perhaps those other uneducated choices might begin to seem less important. Here’s hoping :)
Right, thats enough rambling for today. I’m off to jump through the sprinkler or something.
Love, light and bliss
Sarah xox

Be the change

As apart of my character, I have always felt compelled to help people. All the time. It can be considered both a help, and a hinderance.  I think it’s definitely apart of my ‘scanner’ nature, to always look for answers to others problems in life. Sometimes it’s asked for, others its not! (Sorry about that).

Lately I have been thinking harder about my longing to always want to help others – offering advice, ways to solve problems,  a bit of tough love here and there… On all topics, relationships, health, technical, business, creatively – and well, why do I do it? What is it about being the ‘problem solver’ that I get off on? And who am I to offer such guidance? Sometimes I don’t even listen tomy own advice, so why the hell would anyone else? I always feel a little more empty inside when I can’t seem to get my message across, or provide the help I feel others need at that time. It’s like I am so invested in the situation, always the highest bidder. I give out too much, and don’t receive enough in, leaving myself off balance on all levels, which then impacts on my life, like a ripple effect.

It comes as no suprise, that as I have been having these thoughts and pondering what drives me, I have seen the quote ‘be the change’ absolutely everywhere. (When I say everywhere, I mean social media). The Ghandi quote ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’ I have seen many times over the years, but hasn’t actually sunk in until the last few weeks I think. The message was always there, but I wasn’t ready for it then. Right now, in this moment, I am ready. I am ready to be the change. I’m accepting that my previous approaches to situations haven’t always been aligned and now it’s time for me to do less of telling people what to do, and to just shut up and do it for myself.
 I don’t mean that if a friend asks me for relationship advice I would say ‘sorry I can’t help you’, but I perhaps need to stop worrying about how others are parenting, eating, living, working, exercising, loving, what they are doing and how they do it, and just focus that wasted energy on my own life. Too much of my time I have invested in others who have benefitted very little from it. Not because it had anything to do with what has been said, but simply because the other parties may not have been ready to truly hear it. Whether it be good or bad advice is irrelevant, the fact is that the words are lost in translation, regardless. I know myself that it took me 27 years to finally hear a lot of things, and I’m still muting others until I am ready to hear them. Change takes time. Especially positive changes.
We are all on our own journey. So this has become my new mantra – ‘it’s their journey’. Whenever I’m faced with a situation when I feel an opinion brewing, I’m trying to make more of a point to stop, breathe and just realise that it’s not my life. No one will ever live exactly the way I do, nor would I want anyone to! My focus is now on taking the judgement out of everything – by giving someone unwelcome advice, I’m judging them. This is leaving it wide open to be judged right back, and no body likes to be judged for anything.
Unwelcome advise is  simple just dead words. It comes from negative place. Straight away, the advise receiver feels judged, defenses are up and the change receptors shut down, no information, even if it will benefit the reciever, will penetrate, or if it eventually does, it will take alot longer to be truly heard than if it was welcomed in the first place. The advise giver has made a judgement, thus being instantly made to be a judgemental person, making themselves open for further judgement on themselves. They also feel unheard… A bit like the ‘nagging’ child. If your audience is listening intently and welcomes your words, then it’s just simply positive conversation, even if its constructive criticism.
I am reading a beautifully in depth philosophical book named ‘conversations with god’. I was given this book series years ago by my mum, and it had been sitting in the book shelf collecting dust up until a couple of weeks ago. I judged the books title years ago by seeing the word ‘god’. I wrote it off as some sort of religion based, Christianity book to which I had no interest in ever reading. (If you just thought the same thing when reading the title, your not ready for the book yet, either ;)). A few weeks ago I saw the book in a new light. I thought, yep, that title sounds interesting. Lets do this. Boom. Sarah’s intuition strikes again! It’s come to me at exactly the right time in my life. It’s helped me put a whole new perspective on my business development, and more importantly, my life. I won’t tell you too much because I won’t do it justice, but basically the part I just finished reading touched on the fact that there is no right or wrong in the world, good or bad. There is a much bigger picture. The purpose of our lives is to simply reconnect with our soul, in our human life. Our soul has been represented in many forms, in many dimensions and lifetimes, and when it joins us at birth, it helps us to relearn what it knows, and then to build onto that with new experiences. We don’t ever really discover anything, we are simply remembering it and using it as a compass for our own journey. This is why we are drawn to certain things and we can’t explain why, perhaps why we feel déjà vu or I sometimes feel I already knew something that I just ‘learnt’ for the first time, and it was just refreshing my memory. Perhaps it explains why some things come so naturally to people.
I 100% connect with this philosophy. It puts things into perspective for me – for example, with my advise giving and intense interests in self help, self care and self discovery – I most definitely was some sort of healer/teacher/guide in my past lives. It comes so naturally to me to hear a distress call and want so badly to answer it. Even if they aren’t truly distressed, I still feel compelled to guide someone to find whatever it is they are searching for. I need to use my past experiences (in this life and my past ones)  to help me develop a new path for my soul to follow this time around. Anyway, when your ready to flip the script on your shit, read the book. Only when you are ready. Maybe just buy it and let it sit around for ages until your intuition tells you it’s time. I know I get really excited about a lot of books and things and they are always ‘mind blowing’ ‘life changing’ – and they are, but this one is GOD, the others are just the deciples.
I did have a tendency to be ‘preachy’ with regards to my beliefs, however I’m turning over a new leaf and going to make a conscious effort to just focus my energy on doing the things I believe in, thusly inspiring others to want to do the same. No amount of guilt, shame, pressure or preaching will ever trump the power of leading an inspiring and covetable life. Simply, being the change.
Please be sure to remind me of this if you ever feel I’m slipping back to my old ways! I promise I won’t judge :)
Love, light and unwanted advice,
Sarah xox

The amateur of many…

I mentioned in a previous post about a book I was reading called ‘ refuse to choose’ by Barbara Sher. This book has already changed my life. Not so much in a physical sense (just yet) but its been priming me for my many goals ahead. The book is basically directed at a specific type of person. A scanner. Who or what is a scanner? Well, they are the ones who have so many interests in life, but a lot of them don’t seem to ever ‘achieve’ much. Multi-passionate, A scanner is someone who likes to scan the surface of subjects, get something out of it (whether it be to learn something new, teach it to someone, gain clarity, be able to prove themselves etc etc) and then move onto the next subject.

For example, as I am most definitely considered your typical scanner – I have dabbled in ALOT of things over my 27 years. My friends and I have joked about the many ‘jobs’ or ‘titles’ I have had over the years. It explains why majority of the near 100 books I own have only been half finished and that when I recently listened to a new guided mediation CD, during the meditation I wasn’t thinking ‘wow this is so relaxing’, I was thinking ‘wow! I’m going to make my own line of guided meditations!’ – Ha!

One of the first tasks this book asked me to do was to make a list of the things you have achieved, or started and not finished. Can be trivial like win a contest, paint a picture to finishing a uni degree. For the divers (the opposite to a scanner – the ones who know a lot about one or two fields, for example anyone who has worked or wants to work their way up in a company for 20 years, their hobbie is golf and they live happily ever after or choose to keep on studying into a certain field so that they become a master of the subject) this list would be relatively small in comparison. My list was 2 A4 pages long! Just so you can gauge what a typical scanners life can look like, here’s parts of my list:
Hairdressing, Pet sitter, cert II native animal rehabilitation, koala rehabilitation volunteer, child care worker (started studying child care too), fruition tuition tutor and manager, clothing production, bachelor of creative industries, 2 failed attempts at getting into fashion school, fashion retail, cert II fashion illustration, office manager for wholesale haberdasheries, sales account manager in textiles, multiple fashion accessory labels (started my first jewellery line in grade 5), online business, dabbled in photography, graphic design, painting, costume design, belly dancing and hip hop dance. Currently wanting to study nutrition, iridology, tarot, start another jewellery line, a coaching business and there is about 25 things on my list of ‘to-do before I die’. That’s just scratching the surface.

        Saralli – necklace from my range

                  Surfboard artist?!

If you are thinking you are a scanner, or know someone who might be – I cannot recommend this book more. It’s honestly so hard being a scanner when you don’t know you are one. You start something, you have an idea, it flies around in your head and drives you crazy like a little voice is saying ‘ do it all now, now, now before its too late! Today is the only option’ but then there are reasons why you can’t get to it today, or the next day and then you realise your list of things that interest you has tripled and you don’t know where to start, so you don’t. You stress constantly about doing things, creating things, starting or finishing things, inventing things and being someone or doing something and then you generally just give up because the chaos is exhausting, confusing and overwhelming. This book helps you make sense of it all, and of what drives you.
It has brought my attention to a word I once thought had quite a negative undertone – amateur. Who wants to be an amateur? We are all taught to be the best, do our best and apply ourselves, but so I have learnt, scanners just don’t work like that. Not everyone is the same. We need the divers and the scanners of the world to keep everything balanced, together.  If you look it up in the dictionary, it says something which kinda makes my heart flutter:

In other words, they do things for the love of it. I thought – absolutely. I love so many things! That’s why I want to do them! The hardest part to grasp is that not everything I love needs to be made into a career, like I once thought. In this book, it teaches scanners how to focus, plan and adjust how they perceive themselves and their world and how to harness all the potential. They are good at so many things, yet are a master at none of them. This is so true. I’ve always been really good at a lot of things and they come quite naturally to me, but never the leader, never the master or go-to person in those fields. It used to really piss me off that I seemed to have a lot of potential and drive to do great things but never really got anywhere? The reason is, I got what I needed to from it. Whatever my driving force is (which I think is something like wanting to help people) once I was able to forefill my needs, the topic no longer interested me so I moved on.

So anyway, I’m about 1/3 into the book – I have a bit to go! But I just wanted to mention one thing I just read – Barbara has come up with a system which can help bring ideas to reality for those who are scared of taking a leap from – for example – leaving their current office job to persue their new career goal of becoming a yoga instructor. Scary right? Her system is called ‘backward planning’ – basically you write the end goal, and work your way down the line to a point where you see something you could do now. A tiny, minor little thing which would be your first step to achieving your end goal. With regards to my example, perhaps it goes like this:
Teaching yoga full-time
Find clients to come to class
Locate local space for hire to run classes
Research other yoga studios in area
Complete instructor course
Practice a lot of yoga, move to advanced class
Start yoga classes after work
– this is your first step. You could do this tomorrow? Not scary. Just jump on the computer and find your local classes at the gym or yoga studio. Easy. Take a friend? That way you have someone to make sure you go.
I hope that made sense. How awesome and simple is this process?!? Her way of explaining it is 50 thousand times better but hopefully you get what I mean. I’ve started applying it to the huge list of things I want to do, and its helping me to set goals, time frames and actually hit targets instead of getting lost in my own head.
If you have something you have been meaning to do, achieve or want to start – perhaps give this system a whirl?! Fear is the biggest hurdle between our dreams and reality, and I’m definitely learning now that this has been the only thing keeping me from being the person I really want to be. Once we break it all down into easier steps, the fear melts away. So  my mantra for the next few months is going to be ‘just shut up and do it!’ Ha!
Love, light and amateurs
Sarah xox

SUPER moon SUPER powers

I had a whole other post typed up, was just finishing up on the last paragraph. Some how, in all my wisdom I have managed to lose the entire blog post. Shit. I was pissed off for about 3 seconds, but I decided perhaps that I wasn’t meant to discuss that post just yet. So here we are. I’m all blogged out with nothing to show for it.

I’m going to share a little experience I have had over the last week and a bit which is really amazing/cool/awesome. Last weekend when I was packing my place up in Sydney, was a full moon. A super moon to be precise, and funnily enough the moon was in Capricorn (that’s me) and it was MY moon. Well, I felt like that at the time!
Anyway, the weather was so crappy I didn’t even get to see the bloody thing until we drove from Sydney to Brisbane 2 days later. I was pondering for days what that moon would be giving me, as apparently, according to the astrologists was all about inner reflection and facing deep truths.
Well. Did I get so freakin’ deep last week or what!? All of a sudden, a few things popped up on my radar/social media. A tribe leader of mine (refer to last weeks post) mentioned something called the ‘doctrine of signatures’. It’s basically, amongst other things, discovering the link between everything – a philosophy that herbalists have developed that all plants are linked to the healing of the body. For example, a mushroom looks like a thyroid gland, or an ear, and the tomato is the same colour, shape and size of a human heart – it also has four chambers. I already knew of this theory but wanted to read more into it.

I found some amazing documents online regarding this doctrine, which then dove into links between plants and animals, and then also the classical elements (water, earth, fire, air) and their connection to everything. I mean EVERYTHING. Plants, animals, humans, the ground, the stems, the mind, our emotions, the planets, colours, horoscopes, chakras, seasons, numbers… I literally spent hours teaching myself and taking notes on the elements and their connections.
The most bazaar thing about this is that my new business is called ‘the fifth element life’. I chose this name last year when I was trying to come up with a business name for my new jewelry line. I was wanting to call it something with the word ‘totem’ or ‘spirit’ but I just wasn’t getting anywhere. Beside it being my all time favourite movie (the fifth element – Bruce Willis, Chris Tucker, Mila Jovovich) the fifth element is referred to as the forgotten element – the spirit, the aura, the unknown energy that surrounds us and guides us. So it felt right to name my business after this as it was basically another way of representing spirit.
Since launching my blog and website recently,I always knew there would be more to my business than just a jewelry range and was feeling a bit lost with where it was taking me. I just wasn’t clear on the direction, as I have so many passions and interests, how can I possibly combine them all into ONE business? I told myself I just had to jump in and start writing and soon enough I might find myself leaning towards the direction that felt right. Well. Thanks to my super moon, I’ve developed a super deep mind frame and all in the last week, have confirmed how I would do this – it’s all in my business name but I didn’t even realise.
The elements are going to guide me to developing a multi faceted business which will see me exploring nutrition, health, activism, healing, teaching, spirituality, products, creativity, writing and beyond. It all makes so much sense to me now that my head is just exploding with drive to develop and share my findings with anyone and everyone.
With the elements now a clear force behind me, I have begun on this journey by teaming up with an amazing illustrator friend Lara who has seen my vision come to life for me in such a quick amount of time (there are no road blocks for me anymore now I know exactly what I am meant to be doing!) these beautiful illustrations will be the spokes images for my teachings and represent each side of my business.
I am bursting at the seems with excitement and really feel like this is a life changing moment for me, and I just know it will be the same for those who follow my journey. The next month will be heads down, bum up fine tuning everything, and a new website and blog will be my platform to easy understanding of what it will be all about. There will be e-books, program’s, coaching and retreats all based on the elements and I will be looking for lovely ladies to road test these for me! Watch this space – I’m finally getting somewhere!
As a last thing to share, over the weekend at a mind body spirit expo I had my aura photographed and read. It confirmed to me that I was a healer and teacher with a spiritual energy, and well; that’s exactly the path I am about to embark on! A message I was given was to make sure I practice what I preach, so I have some changes to make myself and I know my new life in tropical North Queensland is my place to begin this also.
Love, light and super moon’s
Sarah xox