Magic Money Month – DIY style!

DAY31MMM.jpgHello favourites!

I’ve had a fair few requests and comments from some amazing peeps who are going to be taking on the ‘Magic money in May’ concept in their own time after seeing how effective it was for me (refer to my last post).

It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to read how others have manifested some cool shiz into their lives, or want to do so after being inspired by the magic we spun together on my Facebook page throughout May.

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How spending magic money in May manifested me REAL abundance

day3.jpgIf your a regular on my Facebook page you will have noticed throughout the month of May that I set myself a challenge to spend a magic (virtual) amount of money each day on something that matched back to set daily themes.

The idea was to shift my money mindset from scarcity to abundance – instead of focusing my energy on how we would pay the bills on one income, how I would continue to expand my business, pay childcare fees and continue to work towards my dream, without resorting to me effectively selling my soul to a job at the new local Bunnings. Yep, that was a legit option my partner suggested to me when we realised we could no longer sustain our lifestyle on his income alone (no offence to Bunnings employees, it’s just not my bag, baby).

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