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My personal psychic reading experiences and knowing which one is right for you

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Psychic readings have a bit of a reputation for being a bit hit and miss and it’s super important to either be recommended by others or to know that this person has great success in their field but more importantly to also trust your own gut when it comes to deciding when and who to ask for a reading.

The majority of the planet don’t really want to know anything about themselves or their spirit guides or get messages from people who have passed and that is totally ok! Some of us are just happy letting nature take its course and don’t really believe – so naturally, if you aren’t drawn to it you simply don’t do it – but for me – I need confirmation from the universe that my own intuition is right and I cannot explain how amazing the feeling is when someone tells you things about yourself and your future that you can already see or feel is your truth.

It’s so exciting when I feel really aligned, in tune and ready to own my power and trust that what I’m doing truly is the right path and journey for me in this lifetime. Sometimes it just takes someone to tell you something at the right place and time to help it truly sink in. Especially when you are paying them for this information, which I think plays a big part in the process on a subconscious level!

If you have been thinking about getting yourself a reading from someone, I highly recommend it. However it’s not something to rush into and sometimes life throw you signs as if to say “your not ready for it yet!” – (such as missing out on my free readings on Monday nights :) ) but when you do and you feel that magic feeling; it really can change your life.

Here are my tips to finding the right person to ask for a reading:

1. They are highly recommended by friends or family; or you have heard stories on how accurate the reading was from them – or, you have seen them in action and click with them instantly!

2. They have a very successful business with a bonus of a great testimonials page and you connect with them upon researching them online.

3. Your gut tells you this person is the right person to be asking for a reading at this time.

4. Know what it is your looking for before you ask someone. There are so many different readers out there and they all serve different purposes – read the most common list here. They of course all use different tools – personal belongings, a huge array of tarot and oracle cards, birth charts, ruins, crystal balls, crystals, even tea leaves! The list is endless and can be daunting and confusing. Think about what it is you truly want from them and work back towards what they offer and see who’s services resonate with you.  

If things don’t work out don’t be disheartened. You have most likely still seen the right person, at the right time and for the right reasons. Think about it – if you get a reading from someone and it doesn’t ‘speak’ to you – what is that telling you about yourself? did you trust your intuition? or did you need to have that reading in order to give yourself clarity on what it is YOU really want to happen? regardless, have you still learnt something? These things happen for a reason!

After all, we are the masters of our own destiny and your path is not written in stone. It is in the embodiment of that reading in mind/body/spirit that allows for you to create your own truth; as the message is simply something you needed to hear in order to follow your own intuition at this time.

There really is no right or wrong reading – it’s all about perception, intuition and interpretation.

In saying all this, I want to share a few things with you about my personal experiences with some readings I have had over the last few weeks to perhaps help you to decide what kind of reading is right for you- but to also help you to understand the process a bit better.

Personally, I’ve only ever really had readings from my myself, mum, aunty and played around with reading each other with friends many moons ago. Since I’ve now decided to offer paid readings online, I have felt the need to experience readings from others to help me to not only grow and learn as a reader but to also learn more about myself and my path, too. I am intuitive & psychic to a degree (we actually all are) and currently I resonate most with being a ‘diviner’ and these gifts are being opened up more each day, but there is something special about hearing it from someone you respect and trust, but don’t really know – to help you to make sense of your world and what it is you truly want.

Through my blog I’ve been contacted by many beautiful souls which lead me to places I have never heard of – forums, groups of like-minded people and the such. Cue my discovery of KV and her universe which is known as Aquarius Nation. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico – KV instantly got my attention as someone who I just had to get a reading from. Her messages are so profound and I connected with her and her teachings instantly.

I want to share with you some key things her reading confirmed for me, as I asked for a reading of my birth chart from her in regards to my soul’s purpose.

Here’s what really resonated for me:


“You are one of the oldest souls on this planet; you have all the information you need inside”.

“These next several years you will be meeting your guides and discovering a new comfort and new solid connection that will pull you through anything”.

“You will be gifted with helping others to get more out into the world just because you love it and talk about it”.

“You will come up with those beautiful magical words that really soothe an injured soul and set them on the right track to go out there and soar in life”.

“You are very in tune, and you need to honour that because your information comes from existential sources and it comes up through your intuition as a sign or a feeling or with how something maybe just doesn’t smell right. you can always trust this, 100% of the time”.

“You are very in tune with what others need as you are ultra sensitive to subtle vibrations and are also more than willing to come forward and help, and that is so kind of you”.

“You are like a tower of strength to others and they really do see you as a sort of hero”.

“You will always have opportunities that will drop into your lap to be this upstanding teacher who is here to guide others”

“Always pulling information from above and from your 3rd eye, you are hooked up in a way so that the channel is always open and sharing information that is quite ahead of the times. maybe some have thought you are a freak because they don’t understand what you are saying, but with the right crowd of awakened souls, they are in complete unison with your visionary words.”

“That mind of yours is always churning away trying to figure everything out and trying to always come up with the perfect answer”.

“You will be sharing wisdom of the highest caliber through writing, publishing or something internet related. you are hear to share the new world energy and in a very positive and humanitarian sort of fashion.”

“In past lives you were possible something like a witch or someone who was persecuted because their gifts were not understood.”

“You will gain much experience on the shamanic path with shamanic studies. but you already know everything you will learn from anybody else as you incarnated with this powerful wisdom”.

“You will be the ultimate teacher guide”

“I just heard the world midwife – you might want to study something like this”

“You are to leap often!” “requires your heart on your sleeve”

“You worked so hard to be able to incarnate as this great wise old soul teacher that you will be. so honour that and do not question this life now”.

Now, for anyone who has followed my blog posts for the last year will know that everything she told me is BANG ON. Like, after reading that (the skeptic in me still hasn’t quite left the building) It honestly flashed into my mind that she can’t have known all that about me and I thought she must have read my blog or cyber stalked me. Now, I know that’s 100% not true because ‘ain’t no body got time fo dat’! I know this woman is the real deal and she wouldn’t be nearly as successful as she is if she was a stalker. ha! This is a true testament to her ability and she will forever be my big soul sister as we are very similar in a lot of ways and I’m so thankful to have connected with her.

Now, if that isn’t cool enough for you, queue yesterdays adventures. I saw an ad on TV to go to the “fantabulous” psychic expo here in Townsville. I felt a calling so I took myself and my little boy to the expo to check it out. There I found an international psychic medium by the name of Cassandra Eason  who has written 95 (!!!!) books, has been on UK & US television and radio spots for her work and is also a celebrity psychic. So, of course – I picked her to give me a reading.

Picture source:

Picture source:

We sat down, and she instantly connected with my son. She told me he was one of the rainbow children (will do a blog post about these soon) and also spoke about my father who has passed and told me he is with Billy and always protects him (confirming to me my hunch as to why this kid has NEVER had a bad boo boo, even at 16 months old and has many close encounters with the floor/chair/tiles/wall/cement). It was so nice to hear about my dad finally. She told me my son is will be an animal healer and is very connected with animals (spot on). There was loads more, but I won’t go into too much detail, will save for another post regarding spiritual children.

Anyway, funnily enough – Cassandra also told me I would be writing books and I would be connecting with women on spiritual journeys and also made emphasis on maidens and mothers and working with women through pregnancy, birth and motherhood. (midwife reference?!). This has confirmed to me about my new sister company to The Fifth Element Life that will see me working with women in this way. This business is still in planning stages but this reading has basically confirmed for me that it’s exactly what I need to be doing right now.

She saw a location change ahead for our family, and once the move has taken place – everything is going to align and we are going to hit the ground running. (We are working hard on manifesting a move to the Sunshine Coast at the moment).

Cassandra told me my first book would be about my own journey, and would be something to do with “spiritual motherhood” – she said she could see that I was a very laid back mum who connected on a deeper level with my child and that I would be helping other mums to trust their intuitive selves to do the same. She said I could have been born 5000 years ago as my instincts are so ancient, as in not been influenced by modern day parenting styles. I was also asked if I read tarot and I said yes, and she asked me if I had thought about going professional – so that was another lovely little boost of confidence for me to know that my reading abilities are developing well enough that she picked up that I should be offering them as a paid service (if I wasn’t already).

So anyway, I’m sorry that may have turned into a bit of a yawn fest for anyone other than myself! But my point is that these readings have really cemented some key aspects of my path to myself – and I am so grateful to have been intuitively led to both of these amazing people.

I would say these readings were life changing to me because they have given me exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the right time of my life – and they are pushing me forward at a time I could easily choose to let self-sabotage break my spirit.

If you have any further questions or want to share your reading stories with me, please do! I love hearing about them!

Love, light & psychic readings

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1st Birthday party for a conscious kid

As you know, I’m making some positive changes, element by element – and when it comes to throwing parties, they are no exception.


I’ve made a conscious decision to be that mum – the one who reads the ingredients lists, checks if its been testing on animals, if it can be recycled, if its bad for the environment, if its going to make my kid a junk yard for preservatives, chemicals and artificial crap – and so far, I’ve managed to do pretty well – I admit I’m still not perfect at this, but it is something I am working on and although you can’t sway everyone in your life to be mindful of this fact when it comes to food, gifts and participation, all I can do is continue to do my thing, and hope eventually it inspires others to rethink their impact too.

So, here it is! My son’s 1st birthday party breakdown – complete with natural surroundings, amazing people and plenty of healthy food and fun.

 The Venue:

We chose a Wilderness theme, considering my son’s middle name is “Wilder” which we chose because it means “protector of the wilderness”, and went from there.

The local park seemed fitting, with its beautiful gum tree backdrop and ample table and chairs for our guests.

 The Menu:

As a ‘veganish’ vegetarian, and also raising my child as a vegetarian – I always love to explore new yummy recipes and introduce them to my meat-eating friends and family. Parties are my time to shine! I’ve made a bit of a pact with myself that any events I host in future will always follow this lifestyle, and if your looking for a pig on a spit – just simply don’t RSVP 😉

 Here are some of the great recipes I sampled at the party.

This one my friends have made time and time again at various parties and gatherings, its always a favourite amongst EVERYONE. I got some organic corn chips from Flannerys, and layered the dip with these ingredients: refried beans, mild salsa, sweet paprika, fresh corn, thinly diced fresh tomato and capsicum, sour cream and topped with avocado mash and some mild mexican seasoning. YUM!

This was adapted from the Natural New Age mum blog – Instead of using popcorn I went with puffed corn, which you find in the health food isle at the supermarket (its like a cereal) – thought I might change things up, less chance of getting it stuck in your throat! recipe can be found here

 all home-made – and vegetarian! The meat -eaters didn’t even notice!

Find the awesome recipe from Veggiemama’s blog – here 

Adapted from this Quirky Cooking blog recipe – find here 

Decorated with sunflower seeds and pepitas which have been caramelised in maple syrup with a splash of natural green food colouring, found at the health food store.

 Party Favours:

One thing most kids parties do have is a party favour – which usually entails some sort of goodie bag of sugary treats. Again, I can hear some of you mentally calling me a bit of a “party pooper” or “no fun” mum, but hey! mum knows best, right? So, I found a cute idea somewhere (probably pinterest) to send the party goers home with little pouches of seeds to take home and grow! nothing like a cute little green thumb mission for the kids, right? We went with all organic rocket, sunflowers, sage, coriander and basil – all really easy to grow.

 *You can get the organic seeds usually from your local organic/speciality health food store – ours were from Flannery’s.

 Divide them up into smaller portions and write a cute little instruction and info speil on small envelopes (you can find recycled ones online but as the queen of last minute, some seed envelopes from Office Works did the trick).


Usually, first birthday parties aren’t really very eventful. The kids were just happy playing together on picnic rugs out on the grass, amongst the trees. The bigger kids played soccer, cricket and foraged in the creek. We did also have a funny little introduction for my son, where he road in on his electric “big red car” which his pop found at a junk sale. He re-wired it and turned it into a remote control buggy, fit for a birthday king.

So he made his grand entrance ridin’ in on his chariot. It was pretty damn cute.

We also did a “cake smash” where you bake a special cake just for the little one to “go to town” on – this always makes for a great opportunity to sing happy birthday, everyone stand around and watch the birthday boy having fun eating, and in our case – kneeing his own cake.

And, of course – its got the best ingredients! coconut sugar, rapadura, organic dark chocolate, cocao, banana, almond milk, real vanilla, macadamia oil and the rest! somewhat healthy, delicious, no-nasties birthday cake. Decorated with my salted caramel corn puffs and fresh mint leaves in the shape of a ‘1 tree’ (bit rustic, I know, can you tell I’m new to this?!!) I adapted the recipe from the Quirky cooking blog – check it out here!


It’s always hard to address the gift thing, as these days most children don’t really NEED anything. They find amusement in the strangest of everyday things that all the latest toys and things are rarely ever really warranted. I also always feel really uneasy when it comes to children’s stuff because so much of it is wasteful plastic crap, and seeing all the packaging really makes my skin crawl.

Keeping with the theme, I kindly mentioned to our guests that our son would be more than happy with just having them at the party, and should they want to bring a gift (and most people can’t resist buying things for little kids so I do understand this) that he would love some more books, educational or wooden toys. He was also in need of some new clothes, so we certainly got looked after in that department, for which we are truly thankful. I also attached a link to where any last minute gifters could donate to less fortunate children on our son’s behalf. Most people, and particularly other mother’s are always really respectful of these requests.

I thought I would share some of the awesome gifts he received to help anyone out there who is stuck for idea’s – keeping within our eco-friendly ethos, these things are perfect for one year old’s who are about to embark on toddlerhood! (This is only scratching the surface of the gifts he received….thanks to everyone but I simply couldn’t blog them all!)

For eating:

Re-play recycled plastic no spill sippy cups – they are made in the USA, but can also be found at kitsch health food stores and online, check their website here

Cute cutlery set by Dandelion Kids made from corn! check out their website here

Zipzicles re-usable Ice block tubes! I can’t wait to use these! Find them here

 For learning and playing:

 HAPE early melodies pound & tap bench, check it out here 

And lots of books, which we will love for years to come! If you ever have doubt, get a book!!

Cute personalised gifts:

 Letter blocks from smiling tree toys, find them here

 Name wood puzzles, find them here

And, if your one step ahead – handy books on how to be more Eco friendly!

Find this and more here.

 Other details:

Of course, its not a party – unless its themed. So, as a family we got into the spirit and dressed up as a bunch of cute wilderness rangers – ala Irwin family.

 and for the kids, I ordered some fun animal masks to keep or leave with us for dress ups.

We didn’t bother with physical invites, 1 – because I’m too lazy to organise that, and 2 – because its a waste, majority of people don’t really look at them anyway (or at least, I don’t). Instead we just told people to tell people aka the ones not on social media, and also did a private invitation via Facebook for everyone to get the details. This worked really well for us, and cost us nothing.

 Hot tips:

The BEST investment for the day is not in tacky decorations, giant balloons or over the top cakes – its all about the PHOTOGRAPHER! I am so glad we got these beautiful moments captured, since we live away, we rarely get to see everyone we love all at the same place at the same time – so we definitely took the opportunity to let a professional take over and capture the magic moments. Usually your running around like a blue-assed fly, so photo opportunities are often missed at important events.

A big thank you to the amazingly talented (and beautiful inside and out) Kristina Childs Photography for these images, she really ‘gets it’ and its so important to find a photographer you gel with, and I think I’ve finally found my ‘go-to’ gal for life.


Love, light & happy 1st Birthday B-Boy!

Sarah xox

Reflections on my first year of #mumlife


We celebrated our beautiful son’s first birthday last week, Tuesday 5th of November (remember, remember). In the week leading up to his birthday, I started getting all kinds of nostalgic about the end of the biggest year of my life, to date.

What. A. Year. 365 days of tears, tantrums, turds, heart-exploding love and pretty much everything in between. I had felt my absolute rock bottom, and my absolute most joy – all in the same little year.

It’s seen me reflecting on how much I have learnt, about myself, about being a woman, about myself as a mother. I will admit now that I was soooo utterly unprepared for motherhood, that in hindsight – I was so stupidly naive about the whole thing, I’m a little embarrassed. My lack of knowledge really did throw me in the deep end, but I guess thats the way life goes – I wouldn’t change anything. I did read a few of the stock-standard books like “what to expect when your expecting” but in all honestly, those books taught me jack shit. The real learning comes when your smacked in the face with it. When you hear other mums say to you “you can never be ready” to have a baby – its 100% true.1000% true. 

Being the ‘first cab off the rank’ out of my group of friends meant I was to learn the ropes on my own, and to find the answers in unlikely places. I had to learn what kind of mother I was, while I was mothering. At some of the darkest moments, when you feel like you are so incredibly alone, helpless and inundated, comes a strength only a mother truly knows. Its the same strength that pushes that sucker out, that goes days without sleep, that will miss out on her old social and professional life, just so that her baby has everything it needs, always.  

I thought It might be cute (or scary?!) of me to share some of my reflections with any of my audience who are either eventually going to be, are about to be, or already are – mothers. Be warned, this list may make you giggle til’ a little wee wee comes out, make your ovaries shrivel up and die, have you screwing your nose up in utter disgust  or perhaps a little of all three. These are dedicated especially to my online mum friends from all over Australia, who have helped to shape the woman and mother I am today. Thank you, sisters.

 Here they are, my reflections on my first year of #mumlife

 (these are simply my own truths, yours may or may not look a little different)

On a Mental level:

1. There will be times you hate being a mum. There, I said it. And this does not make you a bad person. It just means your adjusting. I hated being a mum at times when I was far too tired, too sore, too emotional, felt too restricted or too scared. Luckily, these feelings are mostly fleeting. Just know, there are good days and very, very bad ones. On those days, just have NO expectations. Just go with it. Pyjama’s are the new black.

 2. Your hormones will reck havoc on your life. Yes, we all know that pregnant women have crazy hormones – but so do new mums! I cried everyday for the first few weeks of my son’s life. sometimes, for pretty much no reason. I would fixate on the smallest things, and could just not shake them, I needed to cry to get over it. But its not just an overwhelming sadness, EVERYTHING is off balance. I would also laugh at EVERYTHING! on the tv, at peoples shitty jokes – an uncontrollable laughter, to the point where sometimes it would then turn into a cry. A happy, happy sobbing cry. Beware, some days you can’t even string a sentence together, somedays your the mega bitch from hell. somedays, all you want is cake. Somedays, you might yell out just the word “CAKEEEE” whilst crying uncontrollably. Somedays, you feel so much love you think you might spontaneously combust. It’s all one big hormone party, and your the hostess with the ‘mostest’!

 On a Physical level:

 3. Breast feeding is f*ing hard sometimes. Don’t be just like me and assume it’s ‘natural’ and will ‘just happen’. Ask EVERYONE you know and trust, about it. Add yourself to breast feeding Facebook groups and pages, read about things like tongue ties, mastitis and how to boost supply. Education (or lack there of) is the main reason why most women give up before they want to. I have learnt so much about it since having my son, so much so that now I am super passionate about it, and we are still going strong. I have previously blogged about this topic and did say it was much harder than anything I have ever done – don’t be naive like I was, ask a breastfeeder all the intricate details, or at least know who to call upon when and if you ever need advice/help/assurance. Oh and one last thing, don’t freak out when you wake up in a pool of your own milk. Have a towel on standby.

 4. Yes, a little bit of wee might often trickle out. Your pelvic floor is shot to shit. It’s the most uncomfortable feeling, and sometimes it can take a good 6 months for it to feel ‘normal’ again. I started some light PT work around the 6-8 month mark PP, and yep – a little bit of wee wee came out when I skipped rope. Get straight onto those kegels girlfriends, that cheeky little tight pelvic floor (where none of us know where the hell it really is) is whats keeping you from having to rock a Tena lady at age 27.

5. Your body is a wonderland. A weird, wrinkly, squishy, pudgy, hairy, pimply, pigmented wonderland. Before children, you feel so insecure about your weight, your skin, your this, your that. I know I did. Pregnancy I felt like a glowing unicorn princess, until I reached the end and looked more like a swollen white whale – but my point is, that after you birth a child – your priorities change. You haven’t got nearly as much time to obsess over looks, and I have come to terms with the fact that this is me, this is what I’ve got to work with. I may have been slightly over weight, but my inner dialog neglected to mention that I had just grew and birthed a beautifully happy, healthy little baby boy and fuck that is so amazing. MY body made HIS body, from nothing. I sometimes still can’t believe it. When you start to see your body as the wonderful vessel that it is, you care less, and you feel more at peace, and can crack on with what really matters. I might also add that this year has been a huge eye opener for me in understanding nutrition and health – particularly now I am in charge of that of another’s life. I’ve decided to shift my focus on providing my amazing body with the nutrients it needs to repair and rebuild after all that work its done for me over the last 2 years. Once you have a new life to grow, you realise just how crappy your diet habits are, they all affect your baby in some way….and when it comes time to sharing your food habits with your little one, you are really put to the test. Owning my bad habits, and tossing them to the side has helped me to feel much more positive about my beautiful body, and now the stretch marks are permanent residents (for now) and I accept them.

6.Your hair will fall out at an alarming rate. During pregnancy, you are lulled into a false sense of security when your hair thickens up and everyday looks like you just walked out of a hair salon. After birth (about 3 months I think is the usual time) your body decides to shed ALL that it had held onto over that year of no-shedding, and you are left with the limpest, driest, and sometimes semi-balding head on the planet. Just because we have nothing else to worry about, right!?!? Hence, the #MUMCHOP – ever notice why a lot of new mums head to the salon for their first big day away from their new babes and come out with all their long locks gone?? NO, we aren’t all copying each other, its not some haircut cult – it’s because we are all half bloody bald and got sick of our babies ripping out the rest direct from the scalp. Hello easy to manage, short and sweet.

 On an Emotional level:

7. You and your partner will struggle. I can see how couples split up with young children, I honestly can. There is a good few months there were I swear we barely spoke to each other, properly. It was always just ‘I’m having a shower, can you watch him’ ‘I just changed a poo, it’s your turn’ ‘ewww we’ve got a cat5, I’m gonna need more wipes!’. Romantic, huh?! Having children really changes your relationship. In the beginning, I recall actually crying because I missed my partner so much (cheers for that, hormones). He was home with me everyday, but I just missed ‘us’. Suddenly you rarely snuggle in bed at night, you rarely say ‘goodnight’. It’s the little things you realise you really need in order to still feel special to one another, and you can both feel very neglected. Just know, that with time, while you both learn who you are as parents and continue to build your rhythm together as parents, things will slowly come back, but it’s something you always have to make time for now – its no longer just an automatic thing. Caring for a young human takes 99% of your attention, all day, everyday. As long as you both remember you are a TEAM, that parenting is a partnership, that you both need nurturing too – and always keep in mind that their will be good years, and challenging years TOGETHER, you will be ok. I promise. communication is key, and fighting doesn’t help.

8. The inner wolf mother will strike. If you have ever dared to offer a new mum unwanted parenting advice, do you realise how lucky you are to still have your head in tact?! I know I am 100% guilty of this one too. When you become a mum, you feel like you have learnt all this new amazing stuff and when others start to join the club behind you, of course you want to share your wonderful ‘wisdom’ with them! It’s only natural to want to help others with their parenting journeys, but there is one thing we all must be mindful of  – NONE OF US WILL PARENT EXACTLY LIKE YOU DO, and YOU WILL NEVER PARENT EXACTLY LIKE I DO. Be very careful about how you approach a new mother when it comes to anything to do with how she chooses to parent, be mindful she is already defensive, already in protection mode, always ready to strike those who prey on her and her cub/s. It’s nothing against you, its just her instinct. It’s in our DNA. “The hormones made me do it!” Please hold back on judgement, please think before you comment, please always see it from a place of ‘the mother is only doing what she feel is best for her baby’ and understand that her whole world is her baby, and that its never our place to judge.

 On an Environmental level:

9. Nothing is sacred. Nothing. Everything will be shat on. Everything will be vomited on. Your nice clothes? Your beautiful jewellery? Will rot in the closet. Don’t buy expensive furniture, carpets, ornaments… Don’t bother meticulously cleaning every nap time. Just don’t bother… I chose to just enjoy my time being a grot with my boy than further exhausting myself by cleaning up after the tornado baby. After all, it’s the perfect opportunity to just stop all the crap and reassess whats important, and to me – cleaning is very low on my important list.

 10. Every moment of your life now comes with an audience. Shower time? More like feeding time at the zoo (breast feeding joke), need to poop? Ha! More like a great time to sit down with one leg blocking one side of the toilet to stop little people from grabbing the toilet paper stack, whilst hugging the toilet brush in your lap, yelling ‘don’t eat that!’ As your reaching for the getaway toilet roll which has been chomped on and 47 metres have unravelled as it’s been pulled around the floor. Ahhhhh *bliss*

11. You learn the real value of time. Think you had no time to do anything BEFORE children?! pffft!  Calling your bluff! Time gains it’s TRUE value when you truly have none to yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I love my boy like nothing else in this universe, but since he has come along – he has taught me the appreciation of time. When I do get time to myself, say at nap time, I have no idea how long it’s going to last so boy do I make the most of it! Even if it’s to make a tea and sit on Facebook, I appreciate every single second. I’ve managed to do more book reading, more researching, more learning, more social interactions, more writing, more designing and more thinking, more cooking and creating than EVER before! And all because I know how precious the gift of time is, and I now know how to truly use it wisely.

 12. You will find friends in unlikely places. Now that you have a little one, you will be stopped in the street, in the supermarket, you will be smiled at by strangers, get parenting advice from randoms and also find yourself in a tribe of other like-minded mothers who you may not have ever connected with pre baby. I see this one as a bit of our instinctual nature coming through subconsciously – traditionally, women have always banded together, raising their children together, gathered food and water together, learnt from our elders on womanly matters and its in our nature to seek counsel with other women once we embark on our motherhood journey. Doing it alone is far too hard, it takes a lot of communication, a lot of time, a lot of thought, a lot of compassion, a lot of understanding to raise a child. Embrace your new mummy friends, and if you don’t have any – go and find some! it will make you feel like your apart of something special, a movement for the next generation. My friends have referred to it as mothers club, and yes, it can be seen like that – but just know this is imperative to our children’s development, their education, their health and our sanity. We all need friends, our babies too!


 On a Spiritual level:

13. Sleep replaces everything. Drinking, dancing, sex, eating, watching TV, exercising – everything. Sleep is the only thing that keeps a mum from being admitted to an asylum. I used to always complain about being “tired” – and man if I could go back and visit the pre-baby me I would probably give her a swift kick right in the kisser. In the beginning, when you are learning your rhythm with your new little bundle of joy, sleep is non-existent. Napping is your best friend, at anytime of day, or night. Napping is our little secret to surviving the first year (and maybe more) of our child’s life. I will proudly admit that I will day nap at least 1-2 times a week, just to get through the day. 

14. You will be tested. Your partner might say “what do you do all day?” your friends might say “oh I never see you anymore” an older adult or grandparent might say “this is how we did it and my kids turned out ok”. My advice is to just breathe. At the end of the day, its your life, your children and your priorities have changed. I have had MANY tests this year within all my relationships, and sometimes you have to accept that your choices may not suit everyone else, and yes they might put their judgey pants on, but those choices suit you and your family, and thats the way it should be. Another mother friend of mine expressed how she now bases all her decisions on a type of ladder of priorities, her kids come FIRST, then herself and partner, then her family, then her friends. This has been something I have found hard to do, but it does get easier as you grow stronger in your family values, and as more experiences as a parent are had. Always go with your gut, always trust your instinct. Motherhood is not a popularity contest, its about building trust with your child, whilst providing them with all the tools they need to be happy and healthy adults.

15. A new appreciation is found. If you are anything like me, you will find that being at home, all wrapped up in another little life will make you think about your own roots. You discover a lot about yourself, and your place here on earth, at this moment. A lot of things are put into their place, you might find you do a lot of soul searching, growing – after all, your world has now completely changed – you are now responsible for another life, you want to make theirs special, more special than your own. Gone is your old career title, and in its place is ‘mum’. Enjoy how ever long you have away from other distractions like work and use the time to really reflect on what it is you want for the rest of your life. Again, like me – you might find that not only have you physically birthed, but also spiritually, too. This year I reconnected with my spirit and I have my son to thank for that. 

16. The feeling of being a mother is like nothing else on the planet. Here’s where things get deep. Creating life is a gift. Some take this for granted, some wish their children away and blame them for holding them back. Some don’t know how to coupe so they detach from their spirits and go against what their instincts tell them, in order to get through the tough times. Although its hard for me to comprehend other mother’s actions, I must always keep focused on MY journey. My journey is to break the cycle, to teach my children things I did not learn as early. Everyone’s journey is different. The love I feel for my son is indescribable. Sometimes, I just watch him and smile. He is like pure sunshine. The innocence, the beauty he sees in the simplest of things, is inspiring. I can’t believe a whole year has past, and that after a year, my love for him still grows. You never know true love until you make it, in its most pure, physical form.

So, as you can see – its a pretty intense year! And those are just the things I can remember! Which, I feel is pretty impressive given that its not unusual for me to forget my wallet more than once in the same day. In closing, I would love to share with you a little poem I have written dedicated to my darling boy, my little light.

Dedicated to Billy Wilder

Love, light and #mumlife

Sarah xox


My 3 little lessons learnt

This post has been a long time coming….I’m admitting I lost my mojo for blogging (and life) last week. I have been suffering from a little bit of mummy guilt, mixed with exhaustion, lack of motivation and throw in grief for the loss of my beloved friend (my iphone 5) and I think its safe to say, I’m glad that week is now over.

Just over a week ago I travelled back to my homeland for a friends wedding, followed by my 10 year high school reunion, then a football grand final pool party (aka boys watching footy, girls inside talking party). It was the busiest weekend I have had in a long time, and although I had plenty of fun, I came home with plenty of guilt, too.


Since becoming a mum, obviously my priorities have changed quite dramatically. I used to be a social butterfly, love dressing up, dancing and just going with the flow of the life of a young, 20-something with a well paying 9-5 job in tow. Life was very un-complicated, pretty cruisey and self indulgent. I know it sounds like I shouldn’t still be new to this, my son is almost one! but one thing I have learnt is that it doesn’t get any easier with time….the noise in your mind never stops. As a mum, when you are faced with new or old scenario’s, its always really challenging trying to decipher what it is you really want to do. I’m always wanting to make the best parenting choices, trying to be prepared, plan ahead, but also live in the moment, enjoy myself, let my hair down, reconnect with my partner, enjoy the precious time with my friends, yet always be a mum, first. There are so many conflicting statements in that last sentence, and for a reason. That’s just how things are, and sometimes – its just plain hard to know what to do, and which thoughts to listen to.

Now, I obviously don’t win mother of the year with last weekends antics (I drank about 5 champagnes and was completely written off until well into the afternoon of the next day), but I don’t regret anything. I had a really great time, and ticked those ‘old Sarah’ boxes off, all in one big foul swoop.

This would have been just another night out in my ‘old life’, or to my friends, but for me, it was THE night…the one where I discover my new limitations, I learnt about where I fit in on the social scale, where I now draw the line, what my body can and can’t do these days, and the consequences of being a little selfish. My son was in good hands, he was safe and loved, but I felt like I let him down. As my first real taste for ‘letting my hair down’ – I really don’t think I mind my new simple pony tail.

little lesson learnt #1 – I am human. After giving myself a mental, physical and spiritual caning after the wedding, I realised that I am human, and that I will always make mistakes. I guess trying to start a new chapter up here in Townsville has really paid off on a lot of levels – I feel better than I ever have, I love myself more than ever, I know myself well and I am learning so much more about what makes me truly happy, but as much as I know I am a new and improved version of myself, I’m still a human being. I still want to have fun, let go, be spontaneous, enjoy life, and its in the balance of the structured everyday routine and the crazy party animal antics that I am seeking. So from one extreme to another, I now know my new limits.

Drunk bitch act aside, I also managed to lose my phone – which – ironically enough was a much bigger test for me for the last week. If you would refer to my previous blog post where I explained how dependant I was on my social media and online community – well, how is that for irony? Again, from one extreme to the other – I’ve gone from FOMO land to UNCONTACTABLE! Needless to say, I have been going through some serious stages of grief for the loss of that evil bastard. Check them out…it’s so sad, it’s funny.


This one kicked in when I realised I didn’t come home with my phone. “It’s ok, its here somewhere, I will find it later”….2 mins later….”must. find. phone.”….”WHERE IS THE IPAD?!?!” I was utterly lost. What the hell was I meant to do with all this spare time?!? I need to see what I’m missing!! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!?!


stage 2: ANGER

This is legit. After spending much of the morning feeling sorry for myself with the world’s most rubbish hang over, I crawled upstairs and sat on the couch, on the verge of tears. I haven’t felt this shit since the juice fast I did earlier in the year, only at least I knew all that detoxing was going to benefit me, and it did! Alas, this detox feeling was so bad  I wasn’t even able to keep a sip of water down for more than 5 minutes without hurling into the toilet bowl like I was 17 again. I said to my partner with water in my eyes “I want to go home.” I was so angry with myself. How could I lose my phone? I have NEVER lost a phone! and now, the ONE night I do something social, I manage to leave it behind in the cab? who am I? why am I SUCH an idiot. *cue violin and self sabotage*


“if only I didn’t drink so much” “I’m sure I checked my seat” “maybe this is a blessing in disguise” “its only a phone” “why me?” “what did I do to deserve this?” “I’m never drinking again” all the what if’s, self blame and pity came pouring in… hindsight is a bitch.


This one set in after the dust settled from my whirlwind weekend, about Tuesday. I was just in a constant state of funk. No drive, no motivation, no energy. I just couldn’t accept that it was gone. I had lost over 100 notes of my sleepless midnight brainstorms, photos, recipes, even a beautiful poem I wrote was gone, forever. I didn’t care so much about IT, but just all the things that were going on within it. It was my connection to the world, my little friend who answered all my questions, entertained me in the down time and even tucked me into bed every night ( and yes, I can’t believe I am writing this, either….get a grip?).


So by about Thursday I realised I had to say goodbye. I had to accept my new reality. I lost the stupid thing, its gone, move on. So I connected up my old iphone 4, got a new sim card and set up my new phone. Due to the new software update being as slow as a freakin’ snail and full of glitches, I can’t even access my instagram account. I can barely use facebook without wanting to rip my hair out. SO.MANY.ROAD.BLOCKS. So here I am, 10 days in, and I’m trying to accept my new middle ground. I’m not the gadget queen or the nomad. I’m that middle guy.

So it was clear that this was my little lesson learnt #2 – Time to live more of my REAL life. Worry less about everyone else, and just get on with REAL LIFE. This is my chance to re-write history, where the little mummy blogger went from social media savvy to obsessive compulsive FOMO MOFO who wears the latest PC glasses, is now divorced and only real life thrill is camping outside of apple when the latest gadgets get released. I’ve decided that my little angels have been working hard in the background to give me this message, and now that I have been physically disconnected from my online life, its time for me to draw a clearer line in the sand. Be conscious, be present, be accountable. Embrace the real relationships more, the real life I have created more, enjoy my physical surroundings more. It’s again, about being human. I can have both. I don’t need to istagram my smoothie to know I am eating better. I need to have the balance. One extreme experience has led me to the middle ground. I am grateful for this lesson, as hard as it has been – it truly has opened my eyes.


Imageand this is what I have going on in my real life. Not so hard now, is it?

That weekend wasn’t all bad news for me – I went to my 10 year high school reunion, and I must say I was pleasantly suprised. It was pretty tame, quite intimate and pretty enjoyable. The awkward silences were at a minimum, and the group was dynamic enough to chat to people we haven’t seen in 10 years, yet had plenty of ‘safe-houses’ to check in with when we needed to regroup. I had some great conversations, and one in particular stands out in my mind. A few of us were talking about “putting yourself out there” and we discussed why we thought some girls didn’t want to come, and also spoke about this topic in general terms. We were all putting ourselves out there on some level, and by simply attending we were potentially going to gain something positive from the experience, eg ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’.

I was talking about starting up in business and how with past ventures I practiced “putting myself out there” alot. I used to send the most desperate emails to strangers I admired, ask questions of other business guru’s for their help, prod and poke my way around my industry until I found my answers. When you want to achieve something worthwhile, you simply have to put yourself on the line. You have to take risks, you have to push aside the fear and just follow your heart. Be fearless, be courageous and go and get it! A little bit like what I’m doing with my own blog and business now, It takes a lot of guts to say some of the things I do, there is always the fear of being judged, of people not liking what I have to say, of thinking I am are a phoney, a fake, boring, *insert favourite insult* – but you know what?! Alot of that shit is just in my own head. I know I’m on the right track, I have friends and acquaintances private messaging me to further discuss things I have blogged about, or just to say “hey, I read your blog, its awesome!” on a regular basis…THIS is what keeps me going. That one random act of kindness puts that little spark back in my heart when I am feeling doubt. Its like a little message from my angels telling me to “keep going, your on the right path!”. Speaking of angels, at the reunion as I was about to leave, one of the girls came up to me (and I don’t think we had much to do with each other at school, but I’m glad she came up to me to say say this) and she said to me that before I go, she wanted to say that she read one of my very first blog posts about my breastfeeding journey, and that if it wasn’t for me, she wouldn’t have persevered with her breastfeeding her beautiful little bub. I was completely taken back. She commended me on putting my story out there, for sharing my journey and telling it like it really is. I want her to know, I will never forget that moment. It truly touched my heart, and I thank you so much for giving me that gift. Thank you for putting yourself out there, too.

little lesson learnt #3 – putting yourself out there is always worth it. 

Now that these 3 little lessons have been acknowledged, I feel much better about applying them into my future. I now know that yes – although I am on a quest to always grow, always improve, always learn – sometimes I feel like I am away with the fairies. I get too caught up in the mystery of the world, and forget to keep my feet on the ground. Being reminded that I am human, allows for me to say “it’s ok” if something doesn’t go right, or If I steer off the path. I can always get back onto my feet and walk forward. Living more of my REAL life reminds me to embrace the NOW, and to enjoy it while it lasts. I won’t always have this space in time to enjoy, so I have to play with it while I can. By putting myself out there, like this, consistently – means that I will always have a chance to document, and share my journey, with whoever, whenever. That is a beautiful gift in itself.

Next week I will be returning down south for another wedding and more festivities, but I know this time I will have a different set of limits in place, my 3 little lessons learnt in the back of my mind to ensure my feet are still firmly planted and walking forward, ready to come home to my brand new website and product launch! I consider the next few weeks as my little pre-wedding getaway, because when I come back, I’m committing myself to this full-time – and there is no turning back.

This will be my little mantra over the next few weeks, let the good times roll.

ImageLove, light and champagne,

Sarah xox

Chasing that innocent bliss

As I have previously written, I’ve made alot of changes in my life over the last few years – the catalyst being the sudden death of my father in 2008. The more I have learnt, the more changes I have made – to my physical life, mental state and spiritual energy. Improvement after improvement has seen me grow more and more and become who I am today. I am proud of myself and my achievements, but there is just something still going on that hasn’t allowed for me to completely let go and to be 100% happy, I don’t get that “bliss” feeling nearly as much as I think I should be. I know its very hard to be 100% happy (and note when I just wrote that 100% I accidentally wrote $100!! hmmm…thats definitely a sign, and another story! ha!) – there is always something we want to change/do/become in order to find our bliss  – but personally, I just don’t think its real. I don’t think happiness is a place, certainly not a place to stay. This is the trap I have found myself in, always striving to make changes so I can be happy. What I am finally wrapping my head around though, is that happiness is not a destination – it’s just a fleeting feeling in that moment, much like all the others.
Don’t get me wrong, I am far from depressed. I’m comfortable in my own skin. I have so much to be grateful for, and I am. I may not show my gratefulness all the time, but I truly am blessed and I know it. The problem is that when I reflect on my past, I was “happy” then too…just a different kind of happy. I had an ignorant happiness. I felt more carefree, relaxed and had more stereotypical fun, didn’t take life too seriously. I wasn’t as wild as some of my peers, but I was my own version of wild. Its true, perhaps it comes with “growing up” that the fun changes, or that as you grow as a person, you grow out of your old self…. but I must admit, at times I do miss her, I miss the ignorant life a little. It’s a little selfish, I know. Although I don’t quite think thats the right way to put it….
Since making alot of the positive changes I have increased my knowledge and understanding of more world issues, as well as made alot of personal development – but with all that, I have found there are some negitives to knowing the things I do. The more I learn, the more I know about certain subjects – parenthood, diet, climate change, animal welfare, spirituality….the more I learn, the harder it is to go back to that time when I knew much less, but was that kind of happy, an ignorant happy. The stuff I have now seen, I cannot un-see. Yes, its made me stronger. No I would never want to not be the person I am today, but man…..does it make life more challenging at times!
The old saying “Ignorance is bliss” has literally been dancing around in my head for a few months….it pops in and out of my consciousness as if it were wanting me to address it. So here I am! Now, I don’t particularly like the saying, but its extremely relevant in my life right now. The saying can be used as a way of people to remain being kept in the dark about certain things, and that not knowing something is a better place to be. An excuse of sorts. I agree, it probably is in some instances. The love of your life is cheating on you, and you don’t know (or don’t want to know); The red meat consumed multiple times a day by some people is causing their body more harm than good, but a high protein diet is ‘good for you’ so its not given a further thought. Ignorance IS a kind of bliss, but it still means you don’t know and don’t choose to know – which is something I find really hard to grasp. Why doesn’t anyone WANT to know? Being ignorant means to have a lack of knowledge or awareness; to be uneducated or unlearned – why do so many choose to lead their lives this way? I am finding it harder and harder to sympathise with people who decide to live their lives in complete darkness. Punch in and out of work they hate, waste their money on detrimental substances and services and then pass this same un-educated blind lifestyle onto their own children. I know I shouldn’t dwell on how others live their lives, it is their journey, that is their truth – but I just wish we could all evolve a little quicker, they are lagging behind!
I am a self-confessed “know it all” or “knower”…. I know a little about alot. I always want to know more. I am always wanting to stretch my knowledge in many different aspects, always asking questions or researching something until I know enough that I have made my mind up about it and can then move on. With that, comes an ever growing conscious – one that is tested much more than it once was. Now that I know more, I feel a bigger sense of responsibility, like I am carrying the worlds problems on my shoulders at times. Burdened by the reality of our existence, heavy right? I feel immense guilt if I dwell too long in the supermarket, staring at the wall after wall of processed health-ruining food-like substances, the government do nothing, the advertises do nothing, the doctors do nothing – they all keep the population from taking their blinkers off from seeing the world the way it truly is. When I see people with trollies full of meat, dairy, soft drink and junk food, I cannot help but feel for them, their families and sink deeper into a headspace of utter grief and despair. I want to do so much, I feel a huge sense of responsibility as a human on this planet. The earth is our home. I feel a huge sense of duty to speak for the ones who cannot speak, to speak my truth as I know it. I have made a lot of changes, some of which I don’t like, for the greater good. For the big picture. YES, sometimes I do want to eat a piece of salmon, or smoke a cigarette – but I won’t because then all this work I have done will be jeopardised, and nothing is more important to me than my journey, and the positive impact it has on our beautiful planet. I want my children to be proud of me, and this place, and to not feel the way I do, or even see what I have. The thing I don’t understand, is why doesn’t everyone feel this way? Will a time come when everyone stops and sees that nothing is more important? not their greed, tastes, desires or lifestyle?
Speaking of children, again, since I have learnt much more about parenting, parenthood and raising children – I am constantly tested and reminded just of this old “happy” me who used to work in a childcare centre, warming bottles of formula for the babies and toddlers in my care, putting them to sleep in their cots or beds and playing with them on the playground. Back then, I had absolutely NO knowledge about the types of parenting, about children’s diets or anything much at all! I had no idea what kind of parent I would be either. It did not phase me to raise my voice at these little innocent beings, feed them their un-nutritious foods or to punish them when they were being “naughty”. Now, I am embarrassed for myself. THAT kind of ignorance may have been bliss for me, I enjoyed my workdays and got so much out of working with children…..but what gets me now is the consequences of my ignorance. Have any of the children in my care been negatively affected by my interactions with them in their early development? Could I have done more to be a positive parent-like role model for these beautiful little people? If I had known what I do now, could I have changed their lives for the better? all of these answers I will never know.
Ignorance is bliss…. for the ignorant.  thats what the saying should be changed to. The lack of knowledge keeps the knowledge keeper in a “happy” place, but what are the consequences of this selfish act? If you choose to be ignorant, you are selfish. You are saying to the universe that its ok to live a lie, to ignore your intuition, that anyone can take advantage of you and your precious gift of life and that its ok to live at the lower spectrum of evolution. You are teaching your children that its ok for someone else to tell you how to live your life, to settle for less. The ripple effect can be catastrophic. So many others are effected by our selfish actions, sometimes we just don’t see it until we have to finally face the consequences. Knowledge is power, knowledge is the key to us ever evolving.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that this big, daunting word “HAPPY” needs to be taken less seriously. Let it come, let it go. I have found that new things make me happy now, and they are a far cry from past happy feelings….like going to the health food store and finding a new vegan dessert, designing a really cool logo, watching an awesome doco on juice fasting or watching my son giggle at his daddy reads him his favourite book. They are my new “bliss” feelings. They all take me to my happy place.
In reflection, perhaps its truly the INNOCENCE I miss, not the IGNORANCE. I miss that blissfully unaware feeling I had when I would down 10 rum and cokes and chain smoke all night long, but that was me being ignorant and their are consequences to those actions. The school dances where we could dress in theme and dance the night away with our friends….that is the stuff I miss, the innocence. I have to accept that those days are past, but new ones are coming and will always continue to. My son’s own innocence is already helping to teach me to stop taking on so much of the world’s issues, and to live in the moment, with him, my world. By acknowledging the feeling that innocent bliss gives me, I am showing others what the true happiness is; and perhaps that is all I can be doing now to help inspire others to ditch their ignorant blisses and to find it in the more uncorrupted, pure form of the word. To laugh at the little things, to let go and feel those innocent feelings again, with, and through my son. Then perhaps those other uneducated choices might begin to seem less important. Here’s hoping :)
Right, thats enough rambling for today. I’m off to jump through the sprinkler or something.
Love, light and bliss
Sarah xox

To me, love from me.

This week I have felt considerably more ‘weak’ emotionally. Could possibly be the fact that I’ve spent over 3 weeks (minus a weekend visit) on my own raising our son in a new town, been unpacking and trying to set up our house on my own, cook, clean, look after a sick dog, we have had no Internet connection for a month and only got it set up today (happy dance) and I’m just a little bit over it all, really. Mumma needs a break. *cue violins*

I have been left alone with my own company for far too long, and I’m well and truly over listening to the crap that streams through my head every moment, of every day. The last few days I have noticed alot more negative internal dialog going on. I don’t usually have much, but when I do, I can be a real bitch to myself. Too much ‘me’ time has led me to hosting my own little pity party up in here… No body loves me, no body is talking to me, no body cares how I am, no body cares about what I do for them, blah blah blah. Then it’s – get over yourself, your not better than anyone else, you are getting no where, your a fraud etc etc. really horrible stuff, right? I don’t particularly dwell on the words, they just pass through at moments of weakness. It’s like my aura is a bit damaged from a few less than desirable situations occurring, so the negative energy knows when to strike. Like a bird of prey. Self sabotage is a bitch. It’s something we all deal with, we are our own biggest critics. You think you look fat, when others think you are glowing and wow your hair style really suits you. It’s alot easier to truly ‘hear’ the negatives than to hear the positives. We all get compliments all the time, but they are never enough. Why? Because you don’t believe them yourself. If your internal dialog is negative, that’s all you pick up – like attracts like, or in this case, dislike.

So I’ve decided to take a stand before I manifest a migraine or a burnt hand or a fight with a loved one. I’ve written myself a letter of love. If I have felt unappreciated, unloved then yes, that’s what I am I guess. So I’m going to change it myself, I can’t expect others to do that for me, to help me to flip the script on my internal dialog and bring back the love. I’m my own biggest fan, after all. Love will attract love, so I’m positive that this self indulgent task might infact bring some more love into my life…here’s hoping!
I’m going to share it with you so it’s out there – I’m not going to be modest and coy, I’m just going to put the love for myself out there.
Dear Sarah,
I want you to know just how truly amazing you are. I’ve watch you blossom from a social little chameleon to a fully aware, inspiring and powerful woman and mother wolf. Your abilities to adapt in environments that others would never survive, is a remarkable trait which also showcases your true souls purpose. Something you yourself would never have thought you could ever handle, yet you have far exceeded your own expectations on all levels.
Even though you sometimes feel lost, overwhelmed or unloved, always know that you have so much love around you, you must always remember to actually see it. This love will always show you the way. Your white light shines bright over your path, trust that it will always guide you in the right direction.
I ask that you please slow down, breath and enjoy the life you have created. You have a beautiful son who worships you, a family who will always be there for you and loves you unconditionally, a partner who loves and supports everything you do and a network of amazing friends and beyond who need you in their lives, for you are what helps to make them whole, as they do for you.
Take the time to celebrate what you have achieved and always remember the best is yet to come. You are an inspiring soul, beautiful inside and out and loved by all who take the time to understand you. 
Thank you for always wanting to improve your life and the lives of others, thank you for the time and energy you spend in working towards the things you truly believe in, thank you for providing such a nurturing, natural and positive environment in which your children can grow. Thank you for sacrificing your time and energy and abilities to earn an income in order to raise another beautiful soul like your own.
Continue to share your love and passion and only love and passion will follow. Everything you do comes straight from the heart, which is something I really admire in you. Keep on sowing your seeds, and watch your beautiful harvest flourish. Your abilities to learn, grow and move forward from both negative and positive situations and always remain grounded is beautiful gift. Cherish it.
You are doing an amazing job and I am extremely proud of you. If it wasn’t for you, a lot of people wouldn’t exist in the way that they do now.
Your biggest fan,
Sarah xox
So there. It’s out there. I’m loving myself sick. So what.
I feel better already!
Feeling unloved and a bit down? Maybe it’s time you did the same for yourself? You might get some more love back in return… AND you don’t have to blog about it, it’s your own little secret 😉
Love, light and letters
Sarah xox