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My personal psychic reading experiences and knowing which one is right for you

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Psychic readings have a bit of a reputation for being a bit hit and miss and it’s super important to either be recommended by others or to know that this person has great success in their field but more importantly to also trust your own gut when it comes to deciding when and who to ask for a reading.

The majority of the planet don’t really want to know anything about themselves or their spirit guides or get messages from people who have passed and that is totally ok! Some of us are just happy letting nature take its course and don’t really believe – so naturally, if you aren’t drawn to it you simply don’t do it – but for me – I need confirmation from the universe that my own intuition is right and I cannot explain how amazing the feeling is when someone tells you things about yourself and your future that you can already see or feel is your truth.

It’s so exciting when I feel really aligned, in tune and ready to own my power and trust that what I’m doing truly is the right path and journey for me in this lifetime. Sometimes it just takes someone to tell you something at the right place and time to help it truly sink in. Especially when you are paying them for this information, which I think plays a big part in the process on a subconscious level!

If you have been thinking about getting yourself a reading from someone, I highly recommend it. However it’s not something to rush into and sometimes life throw you signs as if to say “your not ready for it yet!” – (such as missing out on my free readings on Monday nights :) ) but when you do and you feel that magic feeling; it really can change your life.

Here are my tips to finding the right person to ask for a reading:

1. They are highly recommended by friends or family; or you have heard stories on how accurate the reading was from them – or, you have seen them in action and click with them instantly!

2. They have a very successful business with a bonus of a great testimonials page and you connect with them upon researching them online.

3. Your gut tells you this person is the right person to be asking for a reading at this time.

4. Know what it is your looking for before you ask someone. There are so many different readers out there and they all serve different purposes – read the most common list here. They of course all use different tools – personal belongings, a huge array of tarot and oracle cards, birth charts, ruins, crystal balls, crystals, even tea leaves! The list is endless and can be daunting and confusing. Think about what it is you truly want from them and work back towards what they offer and see who’s services resonate with you.  

If things don’t work out don’t be disheartened. You have most likely still seen the right person, at the right time and for the right reasons. Think about it – if you get a reading from someone and it doesn’t ‘speak’ to you – what is that telling you about yourself? did you trust your intuition? or did you need to have that reading in order to give yourself clarity on what it is YOU really want to happen? regardless, have you still learnt something? These things happen for a reason!

After all, we are the masters of our own destiny and your path is not written in stone. It is in the embodiment of that reading in mind/body/spirit that allows for you to create your own truth; as the message is simply something you needed to hear in order to follow your own intuition at this time.

There really is no right or wrong reading – it’s all about perception, intuition and interpretation.

In saying all this, I want to share a few things with you about my personal experiences with some readings I have had over the last few weeks to perhaps help you to decide what kind of reading is right for you- but to also help you to understand the process a bit better.

Personally, I’ve only ever really had readings from my myself, mum, aunty and played around with reading each other with friends many moons ago. Since I’ve now decided to offer paid readings online, I have felt the need to experience readings from others to help me to not only grow and learn as a reader but to also learn more about myself and my path, too. I am intuitive & psychic to a degree (we actually all are) and currently I resonate most with being a ‘diviner’ and these gifts are being opened up more each day, but there is something special about hearing it from someone you respect and trust, but don’t really know – to help you to make sense of your world and what it is you truly want.

Through my blog I’ve been contacted by many beautiful souls which lead me to places I have never heard of – forums, groups of like-minded people and the such. Cue my discovery of KV and her universe which is known as Aquarius Nation. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico – KV instantly got my attention as someone who I just had to get a reading from. Her messages are so profound and I connected with her and her teachings instantly.

I want to share with you some key things her reading confirmed for me, as I asked for a reading of my birth chart from her in regards to my soul’s purpose.

Here’s what really resonated for me:


“You are one of the oldest souls on this planet; you have all the information you need inside”.

“These next several years you will be meeting your guides and discovering a new comfort and new solid connection that will pull you through anything”.

“You will be gifted with helping others to get more out into the world just because you love it and talk about it”.

“You will come up with those beautiful magical words that really soothe an injured soul and set them on the right track to go out there and soar in life”.

“You are very in tune, and you need to honour that because your information comes from existential sources and it comes up through your intuition as a sign or a feeling or with how something maybe just doesn’t smell right. you can always trust this, 100% of the time”.

“You are very in tune with what others need as you are ultra sensitive to subtle vibrations and are also more than willing to come forward and help, and that is so kind of you”.

“You are like a tower of strength to others and they really do see you as a sort of hero”.

“You will always have opportunities that will drop into your lap to be this upstanding teacher who is here to guide others”

“Always pulling information from above and from your 3rd eye, you are hooked up in a way so that the channel is always open and sharing information that is quite ahead of the times. maybe some have thought you are a freak because they don’t understand what you are saying, but with the right crowd of awakened souls, they are in complete unison with your visionary words.”

“That mind of yours is always churning away trying to figure everything out and trying to always come up with the perfect answer”.

“You will be sharing wisdom of the highest caliber through writing, publishing or something internet related. you are hear to share the new world energy and in a very positive and humanitarian sort of fashion.”

“In past lives you were possible something like a witch or someone who was persecuted because their gifts were not understood.”

“You will gain much experience on the shamanic path with shamanic studies. but you already know everything you will learn from anybody else as you incarnated with this powerful wisdom”.

“You will be the ultimate teacher guide”

“I just heard the world midwife – you might want to study something like this”

“You are to leap often!” “requires your heart on your sleeve”

“You worked so hard to be able to incarnate as this great wise old soul teacher that you will be. so honour that and do not question this life now”.

Now, for anyone who has followed my blog posts for the last year will know that everything she told me is BANG ON. Like, after reading that (the skeptic in me still hasn’t quite left the building) It honestly flashed into my mind that she can’t have known all that about me and I thought she must have read my blog or cyber stalked me. Now, I know that’s 100% not true because ‘ain’t no body got time fo dat’! I know this woman is the real deal and she wouldn’t be nearly as successful as she is if she was a stalker. ha! This is a true testament to her ability and she will forever be my big soul sister as we are very similar in a lot of ways and I’m so thankful to have connected with her.

Now, if that isn’t cool enough for you, queue yesterdays adventures. I saw an ad on TV to go to the “fantabulous” psychic expo here in Townsville. I felt a calling so I took myself and my little boy to the expo to check it out. There I found an international psychic medium by the name of Cassandra Eason  who has written 95 (!!!!) books, has been on UK & US television and radio spots for her work and is also a celebrity psychic. So, of course – I picked her to give me a reading.

Picture source:

Picture source:

We sat down, and she instantly connected with my son. She told me he was one of the rainbow children (will do a blog post about these soon) and also spoke about my father who has passed and told me he is with Billy and always protects him (confirming to me my hunch as to why this kid has NEVER had a bad boo boo, even at 16 months old and has many close encounters with the floor/chair/tiles/wall/cement). It was so nice to hear about my dad finally. She told me my son is will be an animal healer and is very connected with animals (spot on). There was loads more, but I won’t go into too much detail, will save for another post regarding spiritual children.

Anyway, funnily enough – Cassandra also told me I would be writing books and I would be connecting with women on spiritual journeys and also made emphasis on maidens and mothers and working with women through pregnancy, birth and motherhood. (midwife reference?!). This has confirmed to me about my new sister company to The Fifth Element Life that will see me working with women in this way. This business is still in planning stages but this reading has basically confirmed for me that it’s exactly what I need to be doing right now.

She saw a location change ahead for our family, and once the move has taken place – everything is going to align and we are going to hit the ground running. (We are working hard on manifesting a move to the Sunshine Coast at the moment).

Cassandra told me my first book would be about my own journey, and would be something to do with “spiritual motherhood” – she said she could see that I was a very laid back mum who connected on a deeper level with my child and that I would be helping other mums to trust their intuitive selves to do the same. She said I could have been born 5000 years ago as my instincts are so ancient, as in not been influenced by modern day parenting styles. I was also asked if I read tarot and I said yes, and she asked me if I had thought about going professional – so that was another lovely little boost of confidence for me to know that my reading abilities are developing well enough that she picked up that I should be offering them as a paid service (if I wasn’t already).

So anyway, I’m sorry that may have turned into a bit of a yawn fest for anyone other than myself! But my point is that these readings have really cemented some key aspects of my path to myself – and I am so grateful to have been intuitively led to both of these amazing people.

I would say these readings were life changing to me because they have given me exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the right time of my life – and they are pushing me forward at a time I could easily choose to let self-sabotage break my spirit.

If you have any further questions or want to share your reading stories with me, please do! I love hearing about them!

Love, light & psychic readings

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To anyone who has lost someone. A dedication to Jess Ainscough


This post is dedicated to my dad Bruce, Jess’ mum Sharyn and all the beautiful souls who have now left their bodies and minds to rest.

Jess, I want to take this opportunity to give my thanks to you for being so brave, inspiring and courageous. To lose your mum is one thing, but to have it happen as a public figure, in the health and wellness industry is another. I want you to know that we all hear what isn’t being said. We, at the end of the day – all want what is best for ourselves, and our families. I have heard you speak your truth in person, and I felt your soul. I don’t see you as anything other than a woman living her truth. As was your mum, I’m positive. This blog post is for you because I just felt the need to share it with you. Deep down I felt you needed to read this message. So, here it is, for you, and anyone else who is struggling with a physical loss.

The end of October saw 5 years past the death of my father, Bruce.

I have blogged about this before and sorry to anyone who finds it hard (or annoying) to hear me write about him time and time again, but for anyone who has lost someone they love, you would understand that everyone grieves in different ways, and although each day is another day after their death, it doesn’t mean the loss goes further away, too.

Last month, I saw that Jess Ainscough publicly announced that she too has suffered a loss recently. Jess lost her dear mother to breast cancer.

The Big ‘c bomb’ is a hell of a dis-ease; and whilst majority of sufferers fight like hell to survive it, sometimes the bomb just detonates. It seems unfair, unwarranted and just plain unjustified some times. We have all been affected by it in some way, no?

On the 5th anniversary of my fathers death I wrote a Facebook status to him thanking him for my gift of life, but also thanking him for giving my brother and I the gift of awareness, to which he passed onto us as his soul left his body, unbeknownst to us at the time. It could be, that perhaps in hindsight, one of his purposes’ in life was to give us this gift.

It took me a while to accept this, but he knew he was going to die that day. He knew his soul was ready to move on. As hard as that is to acknowledge, I now know that he was ready to go, and had made peace with that fact, that day. He even told me he was….he actually said to me “i’m going to die”…. I just did the whole “don’t be stupid, your fine!” thing. I didn’t know how profoundly he was speaking, that day – that he knew his soul was ready to go.

A fortnight ago, I had (funnily enough) been reading a chapter in my favourite book ‘Conversations with God’ about death. It’s like the final piece of the puzzle for me, and now I feel I’m at complete peace with the lose of my dad and I want to share this with anyone who has lost someone they love. To tell you some things to help you feel more accepting of the circumstances around this loss.

I used to think I feared death, like most of us understandably would. After seeing it from this point of view, I feel more comforted believing that all of us die how our soul intends, and it is only the fact that modern medicine has taught us to fear it because it means you failed at healing, you failed at surviving or failed at living right – that we harbour such fear. This then feeds into our loved ones, who see dying as a massive disaster, sheer despair and disbelief. Great loss. What could we have done to help? Were we providing enough support? What if we had tried this or that method, would they still be here today? I have had these exact thoughts for years. Now I see it differently, and know that he went exactly the way his soul had intended. His body had served his souls purpose. Nothing was going to save him, because his soul didn’t need to be saved. ” Only to the soul is death a relief – a release”.


Some excerpts from the book that I would love to share:

The greatest gift you can give the dying is to let them die in peace – not think they must “hang on” or continue to suffer. so this is very often what has happened in the case of the man who says he’s going to live, believe’s he’s going to live, even prays to live: that at the soul level, he has “changed his mind”. It is time now to drop the body to free the soul for other pursuits. When the soul makes this decision, nothing the body does can change it. Nothing the mind thinks can alter it. It is at the moment of death that we learn who, in the body-mind-soul triumvirate, is running things. All your life you think you are your body. Some of the time you think you are your mind. It is at the time of your death that you find out who you really are.

There are times when the body and mind are just not listening to the soul, this too creates the scenario of when seemingly healthy, fighting, strong people still pass on. The most difficult thing for people to do is hear their own soul. It happens often that the soul makes a decision that it is time to leave the body. The body and the mind (servants to the soul) – hear this, and the process of extrication begins. Yet the mind (ego) doesn’t want to accept. after all, this is the end of its existence. So it instructs the body to resist death. This the body does gladly, since it too does not want to die. The body and mind (ego) receive great encouragement, great praise from the outside world – the world of its creation. So the strategy is confirmed. 

At this point, everything depends on how badly the soul wants to leave. If there is no great urgency here, the soul may say “Alright, you win. I’ll stick around with you a little longer”. But if the soul is very clear that staying does not serve its higher agenda – that there is no further way it can evolve through this body – the soul is going to leave, and nothing will stop it – nor should anything try to.

The soul is very clear that its purpose is evolution. That is its sole purpose, and soul purpose. It is not concerned with the achievements of the body or the development of the mind, these are meaningless to the soul. The soul is also clear that there is no great tragedy involved in leaving the body, in many ways, the tragedy is being in the body. 

Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations with God.


I now see that each of us – within our souls – already know when our time will be up. We all leave our bodies behind at exactly the right time. I know that is a really hard concept to grasp. I’m still trying to grasp it myself. It’s a huge topic of discussion, but this has helped me to understand why things happen, terrible, devastating, awful things. It also helps the ones who are “left behind” to feel more at peace, which in turn helps them to heal and continue their own souls purpose.

My dads soul has taught me to connect with mine, to listen, to understand and to ask those crazy questions. My dad’s soul left his body because it no longer served him in this life. It learnt what it needed, achieved what it wanted and learnt all it needed to know. It’s now moved onto the next, and I for one am so excited for my dads next soul adventure!

Ever since he passed, I’ve noticed a particular bird species – the Willie Wagtail around me all the time. They have followed me from Sydney, to Brisbane and now Townsville. I don’t know why, but since dad passed over I always thought as soon as I saw one that they remind me of him. Their is usually only one or two, and they wave their little tails around at me, dancing around in the grass or low in the bushes – as if to say ‘ hi darling! I’m having such fun again’ they are cheeky, extroverted and always put a smile on my face. I feel this is my dads spirit having a dance, having a laugh and seeing the cheer again, and helping me to remember to always do the same. He was always such a boisterous man, he had an infectious laugh. I mean, look at this fella? doesn’t he just look like such a character?!


I stumbled upon another blog post that the True Activist Facebook page posted about a palliative nurses’ reflection on the 5 most common regrets the people in her care had told her. I would like to share this, because I feel it works well back into my above story, regarding how at the end, we all truly know what we want, we know our spirit, its just that a lot of us don’t listen, because we do everything for everyone else, first. The top 5 comments made were:

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

2. I wish I didn’t work so hard.

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

You can find the full article here.

These have really hit home to me. Right now, I’m in my late 20’s – I have so much life to look forward to. I feel a sense of comfort in knowing I will not have these same regrets that these beautiful soul’s did on their final days in their physical bodies. I thank them for giving us the gift of being able to connect with our inner most desires, NOW. TODAY. We all have this precious gift, we just have to listen, and then live it.

I’m sure if my dad was here today (and Jess’ mum too) that they would tell us that we are both exactly where we need to be, and that we will always be ok. After all, we have some pretty amazing angels watching over us now.

To anyone who has lost someone, I hope this has helped you the way it helped me. And maybe, JUST maybe this was a message from them to you that you were waiting to receive.

Love, light & soul journeys,

Sarah xox

Relaunch of The Fifth Element Life


black and white squareThey say a change is as good as a holiday. So, I finally did it. I made the change! I have taken a chance, a leap of faith – finally putting myself out there, ALL of me. Months of blood, sweat, tears and breast milk (its very nutritious) has gone into this little sucker. My new blog and website is my online pride and joy, and has finally been released out into the wild. It took me about 3 different versions to get to this one, but I’ve worked with the full moon this cycle and feels 100% right that I was meant to take this long, I was meant to make those few transformations to finally get to the point of being 100% authentic in my intentions with this new website.

I will keep this one short and sweet so you can get on with exploring my new digs…. there is plenty of reading to do! (standard – I’m not very good at summarising). Just so you can fully appreciate what is going on, here’s the breakdown:

I’ve managed to teach myself how to build a wordpress blog on my own, to save costs, and, well…because I love a good challenge. It’s been one major pain in my arse, but I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. This does mean, however, that since its a DIY job (and I’m no web developer or coder) – things may seem a bit rusty to start with. As I find my feet here in the “big girl blogging” world – I pledge to get better at the following:

1. Be less DIY and more PAGTDI (pay a guy to do it)

2. SPELL CHECK. (I know, I know – I’m a shocker for spelling and punctuation – but just keep in mind that I’m human and that sometimes, I just don’t give a f*ck and want to go to bed)

3. Focus more on formatting – My past blog posts have been long winded, lacked bold highlighting and pictures – you will be pleased to know that now you won’t lose your place, lose interest or lose all hope in my blogging abilities (I hope!)

4. Share more about everything – Lucky you! more TFEL (The Fifth Element Life) – I will be posting hopefully a couple times a week, but also sharing a lot more variation of things – recipes, DIY projects, photographs, spiritual techniques and whatever else is the flavour of my week…. this way, there is something for everyone and keeps things interesting.

5. Building my empire – before, I was just blogging for the extra curricular activity – now I’m a big girl, and I need to start thinking about my future. I’ve had a year off from earning my own income, and I’m ready to be my own boss, and make this my career, and my life.

colourful logo

Virtual cheers! I hope you enjoy everything I have put together into my sacred online circle, and would love for you to share my blog, my Facebook page etc with anyone you feel would love to be a spirit sister to me, too.

OH, and PLEASE! sign up to my newsletter – you will find where to do that on the home page in the right side bar – that way, I can harass you via email too (jokessssss). I promise, It’s just so I can keep you in the loop when exciting things are happening – like the launch of my jewellery line which is not far away!

One last thing – please let me know what you think! I have heard that depending on the device you viewing on, your views will be quite different to what I see – so for best impact so you can “get it” the way it’s been put together, I recommend checking it out on a PC, too.

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 9.10.00 PM

Isn’t she purrrrrdy?!?

Love, light & big changes baby!

Sarah xox

The shoeless doctor

I’ve never been one for doctors (namely GP’s). Haven’t needed them much, nor have I had much respect for what most of them do for a living (pharmaceutical pushers). My beliefs just don’t really align/mesh well with the majority of theirs. Doesn’t mean either of us are right or wrong/ good or bad…. Just different views on the world. I stick to my truth, as does everyone else.
I’ve been lucky enough to have pretty good health over my life, no broken bones, no hospital visits (doesn’t count giving birth!) and very little sickness – and lets face it…. I haven’t always been kind to my body, so I am actually extremely thankful and impressed by my amazing bodies resilience all these years!
I was talking to my fiance (yep… Still haven’t gotten around to doing much about a wedding yet) the other day about doctors, and when I look back to the GP’s My family and friends have been in contact with over the years – it saddens me to see just how badly some of them practice medicine! It’s no wonder I have lost faith in the system – it’s failed me on many levels. On more than one occasion, I’ve had a loved one being ‘diagnosed’ with cancer, then gone straight under the knife to realise there is no cancer at all. The negative effects of this on every level – physical, mentally and spiritually for all involved is just unfathomable. Not to mention the amount of horror stories I have heard from countless mothers who have been given ridiculous advice regarding their children’s health, diet and mothers well being at very vulnerable times of their lives. Its scary to think that if I didn’t have the confidence and opinions I do about how I raise my child then it could have easily been me that had succumbed to misguided medical advice in a time of distress, luckily I have conditioned myself to question everything and have chosen the self care path in recent years. (OK I need to stop now because I’m digressing from my positive post here).
They definitely have their place in the world, but just like everything else, the medical profession seems to be a far cry from its roots – and perhaps I haven’t really ever respected their opinions or advice much because, well, for starters – they don’t exactly LOOK like what my idea of a doctor should. The first impression is everything. How do they carry themselves? Are they ‘healthy looking’? Do they have a healing glow? Followed by genuine interest in health/my health, do they ask me any investigative questions to find a root cause for my issues? Do they follow with insightful analysis, diagnosis and advice which aligns with the route of the problem? Sadly, majority of the GP’s I’ve seen or hear about haven’t even passed the first impression test. Again, just like everything else – there’s usually a diamond in the rough, but man do you have to sift through some shit to find them!
kinda like this guy….he’s the guy I picture.
Today I took my son and myself to a doctor that was recommended to me by a fellow ‘conscious mama’ friend. When I called them some months ago to get an appointment for general check ups for both of us after missing some of our post-partum checks earlier in the year, I was promptly told that this particular doctor had a new patient waiting list of 2.5 months!!!!!! Lucky I wasn’t in a hurry to see a GP, so I patiently waited my turn and today, was the day. As you know by now I’m getting pretty good at trusting my own instincts and I went in fully expecting to be told what I already know, we are both in perfect health and I can assume to be asked a few basic questions and 5 mins spent going through the drill and pushed out the door and cough up the cash, lady. (we all know the process…)
Well. Hali-fucking-lujah! (Pardon French) was I pleasantly surprised. Here; in this quaint country town is THE doctor. the guy who would restore my faith in the whole profession. I arrived, his practice is a beautifully renovated Queenslander, which doubles as his home. (Talk about work/life balance!). There is a beautiful pool and garden, and as I walk up the stairs I hear the trickle of water (water feature down stairs) and see a sign to leave my shoes at the door (had me at no shoes, mind you). There is calm, meditative music playing in the background and beautiful cushions on the timber floor in the waiting area. A box window seat overlooks an outdoor deck waiting area which has a beautiful view of the pool. At the front desk we are greeted with smiles and, of course all the ‘goos and gahs’ for how cute Billy is (my little lady killer). While I fill out the new patient info sheet, the receptionist (who is naturally beautiful and has a radiance about her) tries to keep Billy busy while he has to touch EVERYTHING in sight. There is a glass of water on the desk with a slice of lemon at the bottom. No daytime television, no crappy ‘thats life’ magazines. Out comes my doctor. A handsome, happy, middle aged gentleman with a welcoming smile and enthusiasm to match. Smart/casual dress, oh, and NO shoes. I looked at him up and down, twice (I had to make sure). I cannot tell you how utterly refreshing yet bazaar that moment was for me. A shoeless doctor. What? He shakes my hand, introductions are made and we sit to begin the (shoeless) consultation. His office is lovely and spacious. A bookcase filled with an eclectic mix of diet, spirituality, yoga and modern medicine books takes pride of place along the wall. (And if I REALLY have to find something negative to say, he had a couple of Atkins diet books on the shelf… But I will let that slide, hopefully they were just gifts and he was too nice to ‘misplace’ them).
doctor said so.
He asked me a general story – where am I from/what do I do etc. How did we hear about him? I said a friend recommended you and as I went to say her name, he finished it for me. This guy, he is SMOOTH. This is how it is done!
I will spare you the details on all the specifics but want to make a special note on some of the more in-frequently asked questions he asked about our health.
How much do you exercise? What kind of exercise? How regularly? I say a bit of yoga and walking (of course, I changed the frequency of these things to what I INTEND to do!)
Next question – What about resistance movement? That’s a first. Does constantly lifting a 10kg child count? Yep! Got guns for days doc!
Diet – are there any special mentions? Yes, vegetarian. Great. Do you eat any other animal proteins? Eggs, small amount of dairy. No worries – just need to remember as a vegetarian it’s important to have a good source of B12. (Generally not a fan of doctors giving nutritional advice, but this guy is switched on…gobsmacked by this stage).
What about mental health? Do you do anything to rest and relieve stress – mediation, reflection etc? (Jaws on the floor now) – yep, listen to some guided meditations at bedtime when required and also have been writing/blogging as my therapy. Great!
Then he examined my skin. Yep! Another first. Got the head to toe check for dodgy moles or spots. He asked if I had noticed any changes to my skin since cleaning up my diet. I made special mention that I no longer use chemicals in my skincare regime and make my own deodorant etc (what a showoff) – he showed great interest in my comments and even asked about what I put into my deodorant. I told him that I have noticed my skin reacts differently to sunlight since being ‘cleaner’ and that I tan better and no longer burn as easily. He smiled with please. He was genuinely interested! Not one whiff of ‘yeh righto, stupid hippie girl’.
My skin got the all clear! Yippee! And my favourite comment…
Now it’s very important that even though you are fair skinned, that you still do get direct sunlight on your skin regularly. (Marry me, doc?) – yes I know, I’ve been sunning most days for short periods, I was vit D deficient when pregnant so always aiming to build it back up. He also TAUGHT me something – which is that your stomach is the best area to get sun exposure, and that sun on your limbs doesn’t cut it as they produce the least amount of vit D, the stomach is the most efficient and important. Right on, mate – gotta bust out my stretch marks a bit more often. Doctors orders!
Next, is Billy’s turn. Is he eating solids? How many feeds a day is he on now?
I pretty much feed on demand, not sure how many feeds?! Maybe 5-7. We do baby led weaning, so he just samples a bit of everything I eat. He’s only really taken an interest in actually ingesting food in the last 2 months. Well, he’s certainly thriving! Nothing wrong with this kids diet! Must love his food.
He hasn’t ever had any fruit juices or cows milk in his diet, has he? Nope. Just the liquid gold stuff. Tick.
Have you vaccinated Billy? No. We researched this topic thoroughly and feel we are currently going to either delay vaccines or not do them at all. (Here’s me thinking… Here we go, lecture time…) – OK no worries. There is no problem with delaying them, there is always option to explore this at a later date if you choose to go down that road. [the end]
Billy was examined, weighed and measured. I like to believe that he is the best ‘people reader’ when it comes to strangers. He gets those ‘vibes’, you know? At the moment he is 10 and a half months old, which means he is in baby to toddler transition mode (aka prepare yourself, mum). Climbing, crawling, getting into everything, exploring, picking, grabbing, pinching, biting, bouncing and jabbering all day long. The saying “ants in the pants” springs to mind. I striped him down and he lay on the table while he was gently prodded and poked/examined by the doctor. Not a peep. Not a squirm or a squeal. Just a cute smile, as he lay back, relaxed and just watched….and waited. Is he usually a really calm baby? He isn’t phased by any of this, is he? Ah, lets see doc? I can’t even change his nappy without singing 5 songs, passing him 3 toys, changing him one handed as I’m trying not to let him touch his own poo whilst hes doing constant stomach crunches to get the hell out of there. Calm, ah…yes. At home? usually not. Home is his playground. Out here in the big wide world he is a bit more subdued, with strangers he likes. This kid is simply a mind reader. He’s picking up those vibes I’m sending out.
my son is pretty much the most perfect human being on the planet (no bias, of course) – At the end of the consultation, the doctor confirmed that we have produced and raised a beautifully perfect, happy, healthy and thriving baby (which I already knew) and that I seemed like a pretty great picture of health myself and that he loved meeting well patients. He only hoped to see us again same time in 12 months to do the rounds again. We were in his office for a good 40 minutes, and felt like I had been at a job interview and the role was for principle of the Sarah’s health school. I’m pretty sure I nailed it, or at least get the deputy role.
I left with a quiet sense of empowerment. I had just witnessed the very moment that my faith in modern medicine was given a fighting chance. I now know that not all doctors are created equally. I learnt that I don’t have to make sweeping generalisations about an entire industry, anymore. That there are doctors who genuinely want to help people, who actually care about our health. That they would do anything to find the real cause of an issue, and not blindly pass out prescriptions AS the patient is still telling their story. This is how it should be. This is what it’s about! The man is worth his weight in gold. Yes, he cost more than any other doctor I have seen before, but he was worth it. You get what you pay for. I justify it as his practice being the ‘organic health food store’ of GP’s, and since I’m always making changes to invest in our health, I’m happy to always choose the best for my family. (We are worth it!).
Love, light and no shoes!!?? (still can’t get over it)
Sarah xox

The balance of East and West

Recently when I was in my super moon rampage, I was doing a lot of reading about mind/body/soul connections and how everything is linked. It’s had me thinking a lot about the human race, and where we stand in regards to living our lives as our truest self. Deep, I know.

I guess I’d consider myself as one of the ‘minority’ on a lot of my beliefs. It’s not easy to break away from mainstream thinking and certainly takes a lot of un-learning of things, but I must admit it is so much sunnier here on the ‘other side!’. I have found my truth, which has really helped me to understand myself, my soul and the world I live in much better.
I have a really keen interest in medicine at the moment. I have been educating myself on ‘self care’ and healing with foods. Something we are not taught from birth, that’s for sure! I mean, we all know a few of these – foods high in vitamin C are good for colds, ginger helps settle your stomach and cranberry juice is good for bladder infections… But this goes much deeper, something that eastern medicine has always practiced and embraced,where as us westerners have decided to embrace a whole other practice (industry) – modern medicine. We are now working against nature, so much so that diseases caused by lifestyle choices are on the rise at an alarming rate.
 Where we once would have eaten 5 oranges at the sign of a cold, we now are pushed to just nibble on some vitamin tablets. instead of learning the foods that omega 3 is found, here’s a simpler way! Just swallow 2 super krill red power oil capsules which have 5000 times more omega 3’s than any food can provide you, and take them everyday for the rest of your life! Why the hell are we eating krill anyway?! Leave that shit for the whales.
Every time I see a freakin’ vitamin ad on TV, I die a little inside. Why do you think these companies need ads for   vitamins,supplements, panadol, meat, dairy?!? To sell them -they are just products! The health food industry is worth billions,the pharmaceutical companies are worth trillions. They don’t actually care about YOUR health and well being. The media and advertising industry is an absolute joke. If anyone truely cared for human health and wellbeing, we wouldn’t see KFC sponsoring football teams or ads for McDonald’s new potato wedges on in prime time. It really grinds my gears when I see ads for fast food on huge sporting time slots, and then they are all wearing a pink jersey to raise awareness for breast cancer. Do we not see the connection?
We’ve all heard this to death – ‘you are what you eat’ – that is because its true. Fast ‘foods’ are full of hormone injected, genetically modified, bottom of the line, high salt, high sugar, high processed carb crap. It’s been through so many processes, it shouldn’t even be classed as food! It is a food-like substance! Don’t even get me started about the animal welfare either.
Anyway, I digress. What I’m trying to say is that I feel we are out of balance. A bunch of oxymorons (thats for you Karen). Western culture is focused on the treatment of the body. Something breaks, we fix it. Something is off balance, we take a pill to rebalance but then that just masks the cause, or creates another reason to become more off balance. Anti-biotic means ‘against life’. I believe that the more antibiotics you take, the more you are at risk of taking the life out of yourself. It’s in the name. If you must take them, learn how to counter-act the damage it causes. This is where pro-biotics are helpful. Keep it a level playing field. I cannot say how empowering it is to learn more about why we do the things we do, and not surprisingly, a lot of the time things don’t really add up.
Why don’t doctors learn much about nutrition? This is a major concern for me, now knowing what I do and can’t actually believe that they still don’t cover much about nutrition in medical school (so I have heard). It is becoming more and more apparent these days at the massive disconnect there has been between diet, mental and spiritual health. Thankfully, there is an increasing number of amazing people who are unlearning what they were taught as children and taking their lives into their own hands. Ain’t no body got your back more than yourself! Jess Ainscough is one of those people – she chose to heal her rare ‘incurable’ cancer by embracing natural therapy after a failed medical road. She completely cured herself of her cancer, and is so spiritually and physically awakened its so inspiring! I might do another blog going into some more amazing people like Jess ‘ stories so you can see what I’m getting at.
Eastern medicine is more focused on healing the soul. Acupuncture, meditation, sound therapy, aromatherapy, naturopathy etc all embraces the nurturing of our souls, and with that the body should follow.
The soul is what makes us, us. It is where we find our dreams, aspirations, intentions, decisions, fascinations and beyond. It is what makes us all unique. Our body is the vessel in which our soul rides in.
Too much focus on healing the physical body means you are disconnected from your soul. You are not healing it. If you are stressed and sick, your soul is weak because you haven’t been listening. It sends the weakness message to your body, and that is where the physical cracks start to show. I have realised that in order to heal your physical body of an aliment, you need to also extend your focus into your soul and spiritual body too. Emotions play a huge role on your physical self. As does your physical self play a similar role on your soul.
For example – you are overweight, you don’t like yourself, your inner dialog is negative towards yourself, you feel nothing but sadness and hate, which then goes back out to the physical body and shows up again – drug or alcohol or food abuse, cronic disease, cancer etc. it’s all connected. On the other side, you start treating your physical body better, you start to see yourself more positively, your inner dialog is loving towards yourself and other amazing things start to happen in the physical world – you attract more positive energy – a new love, new job, healthier complexion and other physical ailments begin to heal themselves as well.
I have noticed this first hand with my own body. I have gone from disliking myself, eating badly, not leading the life I wanted to, to finally listening to my souls urges for change – going vegetarian, introducing new foods, cleaning up my diet, which saw me looking at myself in a more positive light and now more than 10 kgs down and since having a baby, feel like an absolute warrior woman and am so blessed to have this vessel in which has created something so perfect all on its own. I no longer focus my energy on the negative parts of my body, instead have nurtured both my body and soul, through healing foods, beautiful natural foods – and soul cleansing practices like meditation, yoga and just even listening to music again. You don’t have to be a raging hippy. It’s not about that. I’m far from done in my transformation too. Take the stereotypes off the eastern practices and embrace them. They do just as much healing, if not more, than any doctor could.
It’s all about listening. I know you hear it, but are you listening? Second guess everything. Trust no one but yourself. You hold the answers to all your own health issues. Why do you feel the way you do? What could you do to fix it? Think outside what you know. What feels right? what does your body and soul lack? Follow the thoughts and see where they take you.
The key to remember is balance. If something is off balance – either body or soul, try to pin point what you can do yourself to even it back out. Obviously, if you are in a car accident and break you leg in 3 places, you need medical attention. You need to repair your physical self. You also need to keep a positive mindset in order to accelerate your physical healing too. Don’t ever let a physical issue defeat your mental and spiritual self too. If you are feeling emotional, don’t eat the whole chocolate bar and then call yourself a fatty! Think about why? Have a cry. Have a bath. Play some soothing music. Go for a walk in nature.Treat your soul. Get that balance back. Deal with those emotions, accept them and move forward.
(Sorry that that turned into a bit of a random rant in the middle there, as a scanner my brain sometimes enjoys discussing a million topics all at once.)
Love, light and whale food
Sarah xox

The amateur of many…

I mentioned in a previous post about a book I was reading called ‘ refuse to choose’ by Barbara Sher. This book has already changed my life. Not so much in a physical sense (just yet) but its been priming me for my many goals ahead. The book is basically directed at a specific type of person. A scanner. Who or what is a scanner? Well, they are the ones who have so many interests in life, but a lot of them don’t seem to ever ‘achieve’ much. Multi-passionate, A scanner is someone who likes to scan the surface of subjects, get something out of it (whether it be to learn something new, teach it to someone, gain clarity, be able to prove themselves etc etc) and then move onto the next subject.

For example, as I am most definitely considered your typical scanner – I have dabbled in ALOT of things over my 27 years. My friends and I have joked about the many ‘jobs’ or ‘titles’ I have had over the years. It explains why majority of the near 100 books I own have only been half finished and that when I recently listened to a new guided mediation CD, during the meditation I wasn’t thinking ‘wow this is so relaxing’, I was thinking ‘wow! I’m going to make my own line of guided meditations!’ – Ha!

One of the first tasks this book asked me to do was to make a list of the things you have achieved, or started and not finished. Can be trivial like win a contest, paint a picture to finishing a uni degree. For the divers (the opposite to a scanner – the ones who know a lot about one or two fields, for example anyone who has worked or wants to work their way up in a company for 20 years, their hobbie is golf and they live happily ever after or choose to keep on studying into a certain field so that they become a master of the subject) this list would be relatively small in comparison. My list was 2 A4 pages long! Just so you can gauge what a typical scanners life can look like, here’s parts of my list:
Hairdressing, Pet sitter, cert II native animal rehabilitation, koala rehabilitation volunteer, child care worker (started studying child care too), fruition tuition tutor and manager, clothing production, bachelor of creative industries, 2 failed attempts at getting into fashion school, fashion retail, cert II fashion illustration, office manager for wholesale haberdasheries, sales account manager in textiles, multiple fashion accessory labels (started my first jewellery line in grade 5), online business, dabbled in photography, graphic design, painting, costume design, belly dancing and hip hop dance. Currently wanting to study nutrition, iridology, tarot, start another jewellery line, a coaching business and there is about 25 things on my list of ‘to-do before I die’. That’s just scratching the surface.

        Saralli – necklace from my range

                  Surfboard artist?!

If you are thinking you are a scanner, or know someone who might be – I cannot recommend this book more. It’s honestly so hard being a scanner when you don’t know you are one. You start something, you have an idea, it flies around in your head and drives you crazy like a little voice is saying ‘ do it all now, now, now before its too late! Today is the only option’ but then there are reasons why you can’t get to it today, or the next day and then you realise your list of things that interest you has tripled and you don’t know where to start, so you don’t. You stress constantly about doing things, creating things, starting or finishing things, inventing things and being someone or doing something and then you generally just give up because the chaos is exhausting, confusing and overwhelming. This book helps you make sense of it all, and of what drives you.
It has brought my attention to a word I once thought had quite a negative undertone – amateur. Who wants to be an amateur? We are all taught to be the best, do our best and apply ourselves, but so I have learnt, scanners just don’t work like that. Not everyone is the same. We need the divers and the scanners of the world to keep everything balanced, together.  If you look it up in the dictionary, it says something which kinda makes my heart flutter:

In other words, they do things for the love of it. I thought – absolutely. I love so many things! That’s why I want to do them! The hardest part to grasp is that not everything I love needs to be made into a career, like I once thought. In this book, it teaches scanners how to focus, plan and adjust how they perceive themselves and their world and how to harness all the potential. They are good at so many things, yet are a master at none of them. This is so true. I’ve always been really good at a lot of things and they come quite naturally to me, but never the leader, never the master or go-to person in those fields. It used to really piss me off that I seemed to have a lot of potential and drive to do great things but never really got anywhere? The reason is, I got what I needed to from it. Whatever my driving force is (which I think is something like wanting to help people) once I was able to forefill my needs, the topic no longer interested me so I moved on.

So anyway, I’m about 1/3 into the book – I have a bit to go! But I just wanted to mention one thing I just read – Barbara has come up with a system which can help bring ideas to reality for those who are scared of taking a leap from – for example – leaving their current office job to persue their new career goal of becoming a yoga instructor. Scary right? Her system is called ‘backward planning’ – basically you write the end goal, and work your way down the line to a point where you see something you could do now. A tiny, minor little thing which would be your first step to achieving your end goal. With regards to my example, perhaps it goes like this:
Teaching yoga full-time
Find clients to come to class
Locate local space for hire to run classes
Research other yoga studios in area
Complete instructor course
Practice a lot of yoga, move to advanced class
Start yoga classes after work
– this is your first step. You could do this tomorrow? Not scary. Just jump on the computer and find your local classes at the gym or yoga studio. Easy. Take a friend? That way you have someone to make sure you go.
I hope that made sense. How awesome and simple is this process?!? Her way of explaining it is 50 thousand times better but hopefully you get what I mean. I’ve started applying it to the huge list of things I want to do, and its helping me to set goals, time frames and actually hit targets instead of getting lost in my own head.
If you have something you have been meaning to do, achieve or want to start – perhaps give this system a whirl?! Fear is the biggest hurdle between our dreams and reality, and I’m definitely learning now that this has been the only thing keeping me from being the person I really want to be. Once we break it all down into easier steps, the fear melts away. So  my mantra for the next few months is going to be ‘just shut up and do it!’ Ha!
Love, light and amateurs
Sarah xox

The tribe transition

A few years back, when I was on my fashion design path – I read a book called ‘If you have to cry, go outside’ by Fashion PR guru Kelly Cutrone. At the time, this straight shooters words were so powerful to me, I really connected to her – she was a tough, strong, powerful woman in fashion business, had a child and a very successful career and also discovered in her book she had a bit of a spiritual side.

Now days, on the other side of it – I don’t really feel her and I aligned at all, but one thing I have never forgotten were the chapters where she spoke about ‘her tribe’. A group of people you surround yourself with who guide you, teach you, learn from you and play a role in your journey in life. Good or bad. Large or small. Everyone has a tribe. Family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, workmates and Internet friends. All our tribes are intertwined and morph and change as time passes and as we grow.
In my early 20’s, my tribe consisted of a lot of like minded friends, as well as a vast network of contacts in fashion. Photographers, stylists, designers, PR companies and so on. The people I looked up to were successful designers like Sarah and Heidi from Sass & Bide and because I was designing accessories, my ultimate leader was Samantha Wills (had the same initials as me too – it was a sign!).I wanted to be just like them, so they were members of my tribe whether they liked it or not. Lets say they became the head honcho’s of my tribe, and the others I was networking with were teachers, guides and fellow tribe members. One big happy family!
The more I got involved in my tribe, the more I grew and learnt. I taught myself pretty much everything I needed to know about the fashion world just by taking what I needed from my tribe members. That’s how I got to where I was. I had so much fun doing it. Photoshoots, collaborations, fashion weeks, selling in boutiques and building my own tribe from my brand.
A significant moment occurred last year that made me reflect on my ‘fashion tribe’. I was at a trendy Sydney lunch spot, working at my fashion fabric sales role (where I worked along side some of the fashion greats – if I must name drop – Wayne Cooper, Lisa Ho, Lover, Bec & Bridge, Hunt No More, Saba, Seduce etc etc) and in the line up to ordering my locally grown, paleo-style inner-city trendy lunch of honey glazed baby carrot salad and fresh lemon and ginger juice, I saw Sarah from Sass & Bide. She looked absolutely immaculate. I initially felt my heart flutter thinking – oh my god! It’s Sarah! And then thought – who cares? Actually… I don’t. I don’t care. Wow. I don’t want to be like her anymore. I had outgrown my tribe.
I had felt it coming for a while, and being pregnant at the time I was doing plenty of soul searching anyway, but at that moment, it clicked. It was time to fly the coupe.
Move forward a year, and now when I look at who is in my tribe, it makes me smile and reflect. I no longer surround myself with the fashion greats, I have deleted a lot of the people I had networked with on social
media and have replaced them now with others who I feel fit better in my tribe.
My tribe now consists of animal activists, spiritual leaders, wellness warriors, health guru’s and inspiring mums. They are all quenching my thirst for knowledge in their fields and helping me to morph into a future leader of my own tribe.
It comes back to that whole idea of surrounding yourself with like-minded people. You are a reflection of who you surround yourself with. If you hang on every word of a Kardashian, think that Kate Moss is your ultimate style and body inspiration and you and your friends go to every music festival and spend every weekend in a nightclub -well – you might just find yourself constantly battling with your weight, always feeling inadequate, feeling like crap and with an expensive coke habit! You are a reflection of your tribe. Don’t get me wrong, that sounds like a fun life! But are you for-filled? Do you yearn for more? What do you see on your horizon?

(Sorry Kate)

 If you find that you don’t surround yourself with inspiring people, ones who you aspire to be like, look up to or learn from or ones who will push you and challenge you in your current lifestyle – then you will stay right where you are. In life, love, health, wealth and everything in between. Pretty much like the law of attraction. You put Lorna Jane as a leader of your tribe, you will lead a more active healthy lifestyle. You put Kate Moss as your TL (tribe leader) you will have, well, an eating disorder and a fabulous wardrobe?!? Ha. No offence to her, I am generalising and assuming a lot with that but I’m just trying to make a point. You are what you eat, you become who you are surrounded by. The longer you spend leading a healthy lifestyle, the healthier you become. It’s the same with your tribe. The more you spend with your tribe leaders and teachers, the more you learn and grow from them.
Who inspires you? Who is in your tribe? Who do you aspire to be like or want to learn from? Like me, you might need to do a bit of an overhaul or tribe transition. I’m a completely new version of myself and have my tribe members to thank for that!
Love, light & TL’s
Sarah x