How to create an element altar


A new change I have been making to my life is to start to worship more. Sounds super religious and cult-y right? But don’t be scared, it doesn’t have to be anything you don’t want it to be. 

A few months ago I asked a beautiful and talented illustrator colleague to draw me 5 illustrations that represented each one of the five elements. At the time, I was just doing this for me to use for my branding, to incorporate into my everyday life as a reminder to evoke the energy of the goddesses in the illustrations in times I needed to.

Upon receiving my beauties, I instantly felt I needed to embrace the energy of the air element. I needed help to clear my mind, clean up my thoughts and bring some clarity to my blog and business ventures.

I printed her out, framed her and placed her on my desk, but as much as she was beautiful and enough on her own, I felt drawn to dress up her space so she felt a bit more ‘special’; a bit more at home.

So, I bought her some beautiful little flowers, burnt a candle and some incense beside her, and hit up my crystal collection for a few that connected with the heart chakra – which is linked to the air element. Anyway… It did the trick, without having much previous experience with setting up sacred spaces, altars or worship spaces – I had essentially done just that intuitively. She really came alive. Within 24 hours, I was buzzing with clear thoughts and direction for my
Business. I distinctively recall sitting at my desk, for hours, on a rampage for more knowledge… I read, I discovered, I brain stormed, I wrote a million notes. I had asked
the Airess to guide me, and she did.

Needless to say, I’m converted. I now have a permanent altar space in my
Office (which I will change as I need to) and have the other illustrations
placed around the house for aesthetics and gentle subconscious nudging.

What exactly is an altar?
In my understanding, coming from a not-very-religious background – It’s a sacred space dedicated to worship. There are many cultures, all over the world that embrace the power of an altar – it’s a way of connecting with yourself, on a level you don’t easily do in your everyday life.

Many religions from Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism all embrace worship at altar spaces, as do the pagans and many new ageists. Worship at an altar gives you a chance to Stop. Listen. Feel. Reflect. Ask. It’s kind of like visual meditation. You look at the sacred items on your altar; you feel their presence, their sense of wisdom, their message to you. You just take the time to reflect and be in that moment, with you and your god, your spirit, your guides. Yourself.

So I thought it might be cute to share with you how to set one up, and give you some inspiration on where to begin with using this type of space to your advantage.

I have focused on element altars because I feel like I need specific things at specific times, and the elements are really good at getting you those. To brush up on your knowledge of the elements, and the goddess illustrations meanings – click here.

These are merely suggestions, you can do as many of these things, or as little. Or you can completely ditch the suggestions and make up your own!


airess element alter

Focus: thoughts & mind

Chakra: heart

Intention: set an intention for the space, ask the airess to bring you more positive thoughts, more information, more clarity with studies etc.

Placement: office space, living space – somewhere you need a clear mind and positive thoughts.

Items: Airess illustration, a tarot card from the sword house, fallen feathers, crystals that bring mind clarity or are coloured in yellow, green or pink. Something that smells beautiful or has a cleansing properly- a candle, incense, essential oil burner, flowers etc., any ornaments that you have a connection too – a bird/owl ornament etc. plants and flowers – you can display a live plant with yellow or pink flowers, or flowers which look like lavender – have small, hardy flowers and long stems.


firess element alter

Focus: Motivation and movement

Chakra: Solar Plexus chakra (stomach)

Intention: Ask the Firess to bring your thoughts into action, to bring more motivation and drive. Strength, stamina and all things powerful.

Placement: High movement areas – kitchen, home gym, living space, or even office of you need to get things happening.

Items: Firess illustration, tarot card with the Wands suit, burning candle or glowing salt lamp, ornaments of reptiles or horses, warming scents in oil burner, crystals coloured in reds and oranges, large flowers in warm, rich colours; herbs like or chilli plant.


wateress element alter

Focus: Emotions & relationships

Chakra: Sacral Chakra (reproductive organs)

Intention: Ask the Wateress to bring inner reflection; clearer communication with loved ones, to help honour and knowledge true feelings or to bring harmony to your life and environment.

Placement: Bathroom, living space, bedroom or somewhere calm, reflective. Mediation space.

Items: The Wateress, a tarot card from The cups suit, a vase with water and water growing plants or large leaved fresh flowers, succulents, blue/aqua coloured crystals, shells, ornaments of sea creatures or a fish bowl, candle with calming scents etc.


earthess element alter

Focus: Grounding, environment & prosperity

Chakra: Root chakra (genitals)

Intention: Ask Earthess to bring physical, mental & spiritual grounding, growth and prosperity. Great for anyone looking to move, travel, change relationships or manifest a new job or opportunity.

Placement: Best in a working environment, a creative space or somewhere you want to bring connection and change.

Items: Earthess Illustration, tarot card from pentacle house, money/coins, gold, gemstones and crystals of earthy tones of brown, red and dark green. Pot plants with big root systems, drift wood or beautiful wooden ornaments, candles, incense of sandalwood etc.


spiritess element alter

Focus: Spiritual growth, communication & consciousness

Chakra: Throat chakra

Intention: Ask the Spiritess for help with building upon your consciousness, helping to awaken you inner most desires. This alter will help you connect with yourself, with your true nature. Communicate with your guides, your angels and ask them for help.

Placement: Somewhere you have time out – bedroom, living space, bathroom.

Items: Spiritess Illustration, any tarot or oracle card, purple, clear or white crystals, lotus flowers or any beautiful flowers for that matter, incense, candles, mandalas, special jewellery – this might be a good chance to put a bit of your own flair on and put a picture or a word of something you wish to focus on.

There is no right or wrong way to do it! There might be in certain cultures and religions, but because this is a personal tool, trust your intuition and use whatever you want that will help. You don’t need to go out and buy new things, be thrifty and find special things you have laying around the house that you kept for some reason… This is the reason! If you only have 2 or 3 things – that is great, and will still do the job.

The main focus is to always remember to use it. Go to your altar when you need some ‘me time’. Sit around it, look at it and just be with it. You don’t have to sit at its feet and pray (you can do this too, though!) just find your style, start your own little ritual. Once you ask for help at your altar, always be aware of what it is you have asked for, and help it to happen. Conscious thought will bring the outcome. That is the main objective here.

Happy altar-ing! Please, if you do make one please send me a photo or put it up on your social media page and tag me in it so I can check it out! And if you have any great stories of the things you managed to manifest with it, I would love to hear those too!

Love, light & worship

Sarah xox

What’s in a name?

Seems I’ve opened the flood gates since my last post – here I am again with another spiritually led discovery! This is just a quick one, something I just want to share since its such a cool find, sent by my inquisitive little spirit.

I have been noticing a name a lot recently, in fact, not recently – maybe over the last 6 months… it shows up in my life, time and time again, to the point where I find myself having multiple conversations going at the one time with a person with this same name…scary right? well, it would be much more scary if the name was something really odd like ‘Maleficent’ (token Sleeping Beauty reference for anyone else who’s down with Disney) – and I guess I never took much notice of this name in the beginning, because, well for starters its one of the most common names of my generation, and – the name is actually my own name, Sarah.

Yes we probably all know a Sarah or two, and I do – but not like this. There’s a Sarah at the online jewellery store I’m emailing, a Sarah who is helping me with catering for an event, a Sarah who is helping me up-cycle my vintage dining chairs and even yesterday when ordering a coffee the barista made a comment that since she started working there, she has come across SO MANY SARAH’S…. I said in passing, “well – it is a very common name!” But what seemed like a random observation she was just blurting out to a stranger, what she said to me has stuck in my head. She also sees a lot of Sarah’s, but I feel like she was telling me that for a reason – she wanted me to get the message. She wants me to finally acknowledge the name Sarah.

So, thats what I’ve done. My good friend google has given me some very interesting leads, which I would love to share.

Since it’s my name, I already know that in Hebrew it means “princess” and that Sarah is also a biblical name – she apparently was the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac. But then I turned my attention to angels. I’ve been thinking – well, I’m much more interested in angels, and I believe we all have them watching over us – so maybe there is an angel named Sarah and I just don’t know about her yet?

(FYI Even if you don’t believe in angels, and think its all non-sense, there is no denying that what I’m about to show you is eerily coincidental to my current  situation) 

Sure enough – there is.  She is not a commonly referred to angel, not like the ones I already know like Archangel Michael, but a quick google search discovered the below passage, which I think is what I was meant to find, and it has really hit the nail on the head for me right now…

 Archangel Sarah has been referred to as “the spiritual bulldozer”. Her energy is strong and relentless, while at the same time gentle. Many energetic blocks are no match for her steady flow of energy. Archangel Sarah helps us release feelings of powerlessness, especially when they are a result of situations we have no control over. She’s a good angel to call on when you need doors to open in order to live your soul’s purpose. She loves to open the doors of opportunity. She helps with the practicalities of living on the earth plane while working with spiritual realms. She gives the gift of ease and empowerment. I’d like to give you a small word of warning, though. When you call on Archangel Sarah, be careful what you wish for, be ready to receive it, and be ready for transformation…fast. Sometimes we ask for things to come, and they do. Then we run away from them because we never really expected to get what we asked for. Or, they come to us in a way we didn’t want or expect, and again, we get scared and push the gifts away. Angel Sarah makes things happen. except from Spirit Magazine, author Robyn Linke.

 In other words – she’s been lingering around me for a reason. Sarah has allowed for me to go on my spiritual quest, whilst keeping me on the ground with developing my product range too. I have to giggle about the part that mentions she helps to release the feelings of powerlessness with situations we have no control over (finally accepting that I have forever lost my bloody phone?!). Sarah is the one who has helped to open all these doors, lead me to all this information and to develop all these little links along the right track – what a babe!!! Basically now that I know she is around, I need to be careful not to focus too much on her bringing me what I want just yet…I have a little bit to go before I’m ready to bare my all, so Archangel Sarah – we will be chatting in a few weeks! Please go out for a extra long smoko break or something?!

I will let you all know how it goes, and I’m sure you will be able to watch all the magic unfold once I launch my exciting new ventures, seems like she will help me come out with a bang!

And to tie it all in nicely, I’ve been trying to think of what she might look like, so I could attach a photo of her below. As I have been pondering it, my thoughts tracked back to when I was pregnant and I went to get a pregnancy massage. The women was a beautiful chinese lady, who turned out to be incredibly spiritual too. She told me I was having a boy, she gave me a lovely massage and did some sound therapy using singing bowls around the room whilst I lay down and soaked in the vibes… she then put something quite hot over my eyes as they were shut and I thought I had drifted off to heaven. As I came back to reality, I sat up and asked her what she had used over my eyes that were so warm? I thought perhaps she used some hot stones. She giggled “that’s just my hands – they are very warm”. She generated so much heat from her palms I honestly felt like I was in a sun bed! She told me as she worked on my energy, she saw me (on a spiritual level) and that I had a big white light, I was a white angel. When I told my mum the story about my angel, she replied “well duh….I could have told you that!” (smart ass).

So here she is, my beautiful Sarah angel, with her radiating white light. Conveniently, she has a peacock feather in her hair.

 As a final note – I put it out to you, do you notice a particular name on a regular basis? Maybe your intuition is trying to tell you something, or give you a message from your angel with this name?…. a quick search around on the internet might give you just the right message, at just the right time. Feel free to share you findings with me, I would love to hear them!

Love, light and white angels,

Sarah xox


The accidental alchemist

It’s another Saturday night. The football is on tele (yawn), the baby is sleeping peacefully in our bed, and I’m doing some editing for my new blog site in my room (I’m also fluffing around in facebook forums and eating ice cream). It’s a full moon. I’m just recalling the aura readers message to me a few months back at the mind-body-spirit festival who said to me “work with the cycles of the full moon; you will do your best work on the day of the full moon and three days after”. Just typing that has sent shivers down my spine!!! I’ve just confirmed with google that this full moon’s message is that “The key to balance lies in identifying and expressing our spiritual needs, while maintaining order in our everyday lives.”

I’m having a bit of a moment here, so bare with me. I would usually just leave this stuff for me to mull over myself, since I don’t really have anyone to talk to about it, but I need to frantically type it out while its fresh on my mind and so I have a record of it.

After I mentioned that I was working on my “about” section on my new blog a couple of blog entries ago, I was talking about my spirits identity. I asked you to think about who your spirit is and to send me your spiritual identities in private for me to share on my blog at a later date (and special thank you to those who truly embraced this task and took the time to do this for me and yourself, I am really grateful). I’ve just had another one of those mind-blowing, freaky, intuition-led discoveries and its seriously freaking me out. I legitimately had a tear in my eye. Rewinding to a few months ago, on my ventures to self-discovery, learning about the elements, mind/body connection, the doctrine of signatures and so forth (and if you have NO idea what I’m on about, check out my previous blog posts if you can be bothered) – I started noticing a word. A word I had never heard before, or at least never noticed before recent times. Alchemy.

Here’s where it began: I organised for my mum to meet with a healer for her arthritis a couple of months ago when she was on her holiday in Bali, their meeting spot was a cafe called Alchemy, in Ubud. It stuck in my mind at the time, but I never bothered to look into the word.

Fast forward to last month – one of my best friends visited, and was reading a fiction novel called The Alchemist. I hadn’t heard of it, but she said it was interesting. I ignored the sign, again.

The other day I was on instagram, and stumbled on a couple of other bloggers/soulpreneurs talking about the same novel, and how great it was. Ok…I hear you, intuition (you nag!). However, I got distracted and forgot to look it up. Today I asked my friend who was reading the novel, if I could borrow it next, maybe I need to read it? (getting warmer). So that takes me to right now, I’m at my computer, and I think about the word alchemy again. YES! OK! I’m going to google it. HOLY SHIT BATMAN. HOLY SHIT.

I’ve spent the last few hours immersed in the wondrous world of alchemy. Here’s a passage from a particularly informative website which has explored the many facets of the alchemy world, summarising the many books and teachings from alchemists across the world, and over centuries. A particular book called “The Alchemical Tradition in the Late Twentieth Century” by Richard Grossinger has listed the basic components of the different types of alchemy, which he has referred to as “planet science”. Check them out (my cheeky notes are in the purple):

1. A theory of nature as made up of primary elements. – yep, elements.

2. A belief in the gradual evolution and transformation of substance.

3. A system for inducing transmutation. My grand plan is to create a program for myself and others that does exactly this!

4. The imitation of nature by a gentle technology.

5. The faith that one’s inner being is changed by participation in external chemical experiments.

6. A general system of synchronistic correspondences between planets, herbs, minerals, species of animals, signs and symbols, parts of the body, etc., known as the Doctrine of Signatures. hello!?!!! already blogged about this one!

7. Gold as the completed and perfected form of the metals, in specific, and substance in general (Alchemy is the attempt to transmute other substances into gold, however that attempt is understood and carried out).

8. The existence of a paradoxical form of matter, sometimes called The Philosopher’s Stone (the lapis), which can be used in making gold or in brewing elixirs and medicines that have universal curative powers.

9. A method of symbolism working on the simultaneity of a series of complementary pairs: Sun/Moon, Gold/Silver, Sulphur/Mercury, King/Queen, Male/Female, Husband/Bride, Christ/Man, etc. In my healing course I am learning about mind/body connection, and everything I’ve been teaching myself is about creating balance, hence the marriage of two worlds which is a common theme amongst alot of things I’m into at the moment.

10. The search for magical texts that come from a time when the human race was closer to the source of things or are handed down from higher intelligences, extra-terrestials, guardians, or their immediate familiars during some Golden Age. These texts deal with the creation or synthesis of matter and are a blueprint for physical experimentation in a cosmic context (as well as for personal development). They have been reinterpreted in terms of the Earth’s different epochs and nationalities. Things like angel cards/tarot etc spring to mind here!

11. In the Occident, alchemy is early inductive experimental science and is closely allied with metallurgy, pharmacy, industrial chemistry, and coinage. I do have a focus on modern medicine at the moment…hmmmm…..

12. In the Orient, alchemy is a system of meditation in which one’s body is understood as elementally and harmonically equivalent to the field of creation. (Between East and West, the body may be thought of as a microcosm of nature, with its own deposits of seeds, elixirs, and mineral substances). I have been meditating and learning more about chakras, crystal healing etc

13. Alchemy is joined to astrology in a set of meanings that arise from the correspondences of planets, metals, and parts of the body, and the overall belief in a cosmic timing that permeates nature. I keep referring to the moon’s cycles and meanings, and of course have mentioned types of cosmic timing on many occasions lately.


Thus, alchemy deals fundamentally with the basic mysteries of life as well as with transcendental mysticism. But its approach is neither abstract nor theoretical, but experimental, in nature.

Just who were the alchemists, and why are their contributions important to us today?

The alchemists were the leading explorers of consciousness in medieval times, and their research led to a vast improvement in the conditions of human life. Among the more famous are Albertus Magnus, Paracelsus, Nicholas Flammel, and Sir Isaac Newton. Their contributions not only improved the lives of their contemporaries, but influenced the thought of many philosophers if the same and later eras, such as Meister Eckhart, Thomas a Kempis, John Dee, Johannes Kepler, Thomas Vaughn, Bishop Berkeley, Emanuel Swedenborg, William Blake, and Geothe.The contributions of these eminent alchemists are staggering: Albertus Magnus, alone, wrote eight books on physics, six on psychology, eight on astronomy, twenty-six on zoology, five on minerals, one on geography, and three on life in general from an Aristotelian point-of-view. He was a Dominican friar who was canonized a saint in 1931. No wonder I can’t make my mind up on a subject I like to explore?! check out this guy!!!

So, what is Alchemy?

It is a cross-cultural phenomena which has been practiced in various forms by ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Christian Europeans, and the Islamic, Hindu and Taoist faiths. All of these use symbols to depict a process of transformation, whether this process is thought to occur inside (introverted) or outside (extroverted) of the human body. Although there are many types of alchemy, the main split seems to be between material (extroverted) and spiritual (introverted) alchemies. The deciding factor is the direction of the practitioner’s creativity. And to really let this one sink in for you all – last year when I was designing my ring range, I created 25 symbols out of thin air that at the time, represented the animal spirits I was going to work with. I have since broadened this to the geometric symbols representing a set of affirmations which aid in both physical and spiritual transformation.

SO….what does all this mean? well. I’m a bloody alchemist, aren’t I? I have been sub-consciously practicing alchemy for the last year and didn’t even know what it was.

exhibit A:

here’s the logo I designed for my business. I didn’t look into the symbolism of things much, just went with the fact that a pentagon is a 5 sided shape, and I will be working with the 5 elements so that should be a feature.  In my alchemy surfing tonight I found these interesting facts about the geometric shapes and their meanings, kinda freaky right?! I like to think that the hexagram has just been slightly morphed into circular points instead of the ones on the star, perhaps a more modern take on the symbols meaning and the fact that the circle around it gives it wholeness.

And here’s a definition from P.T. Mistlberger more specific to spiritual based alchemy (not the chemical/scientific alchemy type)

“alchemy is thus a means by which we re-structure our personality and the various levels of our identification with it, so as to realize the infinite potential of our true being. It is essentially a comprehensive roadmap, using colourful and sophisticated symbols, detailing the means and steps by which we get ourselves ‘out of our own way’ and allow our highest and best destiny to unfold.”

Now its Sunday night, and I’m doing the final touches to this post before releasing it into the abyss. Funnily enough, I got 2 more signs today with the word ALCHEMY!!!!! Don’t believe me? Hell, I don’t believe me either – but I couldn’t even make this shit up if I tried!

Innocently check my emails, BAM!

Creeping around on Instagram an hour later – BAM!

This stuff is coming in thick and fast, and its starting to creep me out, in a “holy shit life’s magical!” kinda way. I have had “signs” before, but I think now that I am truly listening, or have my hearing aid turned up a little louder, that they are being received much more loud and clear. cool, huh?

As a final summary, I thought it would be cute to do some angel cards on all this, just to see if I had found something I was looking for this week or if there was any further clarity I needed.

Adriana says that I am leading towards the answers to my prayers. To please listen to and follow the steps she is communicating to me through my intuition, thoughts and dreams. (gulp!)

Aurora confirms I’m flying high right now, which may threaten others, but says not to descend, because others will soon become inspired by my example. She is totally spot on. this is my fear card. I have been thinking all day, that well, am I just bat shit crazy? will people stop reading because I’ve lost the plot to fairy land??!! I needed this reality check. Fear is going to always keep me from being who I want to be, so I’m never going to not do something, just because others may not get it. I get it. Thats all that I need to focus on, being my biggest cheerleader in life.

And finally, my mate Daniel – who is the angel of marriage says he is assisting me right now. No, not a literal marriage – he’s showing me how to connect the dots, to bring it all together. Which is exactly what the word “Alchemy” has done for me. Its tied all this crazy searching, finding and learning into one big neat package for me. Knowing that this is actually A THING (that I haven’t just made up, and that many others have explored themselves) makes me feel like I belong, to a much greater picture. It’s liberating, and so exciting! I can’t wait to continue on this adventure and take some of you with me!

On a final note, perhaps last weekend when I set up my very first ‘Element Alter’ that this sent out a very powerful message to the universe to send me something amazing! the alter I set up was dedicated to the Air element – air represents our thinking and reason. Its the element that guides our thoughts, helping to bring clarity and higher intellect. It can also represents inner turmoil, but reminds us to always do things with love in our hearts. So thats exactly what I have been issued this week – clarity. Wow, to say a weight has been lifted off my shoulders is an understatement!

complete with my “AIRESS” illustration, scented candle and incense for aroma, some small ‘lavender like’ flowers (which is a flower linked to the air element) and two of my crystals which are coloured in pink and green, the heart chakra/air chakra colours.

Now, I know not all my readers are into this spiritual stuff, but if you are reading this – thank you. Thank you for taking enough interest in my journey, even if your own truth looks nothing like this. The best thing about all this is that you have watched it unfold in front of your eyes, and even though we don’t all know what is next, we know that there is going to be something amazing. Not just for me, but for you. We can look back at this very moment in time and say “this is when it all really began” (whatever it may be!)

love, light and alchemy

Sarah xox

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The shoeless doctor

I’ve never been one for doctors (namely GP’s). Haven’t needed them much, nor have I had much respect for what most of them do for a living (pharmaceutical pushers). My beliefs just don’t really align/mesh well with the majority of theirs. Doesn’t mean either of us are right or wrong/ good or bad…. Just different views on the world. I stick to my truth, as does everyone else.
I’ve been lucky enough to have pretty good health over my life, no broken bones, no hospital visits (doesn’t count giving birth!) and very little sickness – and lets face it…. I haven’t always been kind to my body, so I am actually extremely thankful and impressed by my amazing bodies resilience all these years!
I was talking to my fiance (yep… Still haven’t gotten around to doing much about a wedding yet) the other day about doctors, and when I look back to the GP’s My family and friends have been in contact with over the years – it saddens me to see just how badly some of them practice medicine! It’s no wonder I have lost faith in the system – it’s failed me on many levels. On more than one occasion, I’ve had a loved one being ‘diagnosed’ with cancer, then gone straight under the knife to realise there is no cancer at all. The negative effects of this on every level – physical, mentally and spiritually for all involved is just unfathomable. Not to mention the amount of horror stories I have heard from countless mothers who have been given ridiculous advice regarding their children’s health, diet and mothers well being at very vulnerable times of their lives. Its scary to think that if I didn’t have the confidence and opinions I do about how I raise my child then it could have easily been me that had succumbed to misguided medical advice in a time of distress, luckily I have conditioned myself to question everything and have chosen the self care path in recent years. (OK I need to stop now because I’m digressing from my positive post here).
They definitely have their place in the world, but just like everything else, the medical profession seems to be a far cry from its roots – and perhaps I haven’t really ever respected their opinions or advice much because, well, for starters – they don’t exactly LOOK like what my idea of a doctor should. The first impression is everything. How do they carry themselves? Are they ‘healthy looking’? Do they have a healing glow? Followed by genuine interest in health/my health, do they ask me any investigative questions to find a root cause for my issues? Do they follow with insightful analysis, diagnosis and advice which aligns with the route of the problem? Sadly, majority of the GP’s I’ve seen or hear about haven’t even passed the first impression test. Again, just like everything else – there’s usually a diamond in the rough, but man do you have to sift through some shit to find them!
kinda like this guy….he’s the guy I picture.
Today I took my son and myself to a doctor that was recommended to me by a fellow ‘conscious mama’ friend. When I called them some months ago to get an appointment for general check ups for both of us after missing some of our post-partum checks earlier in the year, I was promptly told that this particular doctor had a new patient waiting list of 2.5 months!!!!!! Lucky I wasn’t in a hurry to see a GP, so I patiently waited my turn and today, was the day. As you know by now I’m getting pretty good at trusting my own instincts and I went in fully expecting to be told what I already know, we are both in perfect health and I can assume to be asked a few basic questions and 5 mins spent going through the drill and pushed out the door and cough up the cash, lady. (we all know the process…)
Well. Hali-fucking-lujah! (Pardon French) was I pleasantly surprised. Here; in this quaint country town is THE doctor. the guy who would restore my faith in the whole profession. I arrived, his practice is a beautifully renovated Queenslander, which doubles as his home. (Talk about work/life balance!). There is a beautiful pool and garden, and as I walk up the stairs I hear the trickle of water (water feature down stairs) and see a sign to leave my shoes at the door (had me at no shoes, mind you). There is calm, meditative music playing in the background and beautiful cushions on the timber floor in the waiting area. A box window seat overlooks an outdoor deck waiting area which has a beautiful view of the pool. At the front desk we are greeted with smiles and, of course all the ‘goos and gahs’ for how cute Billy is (my little lady killer). While I fill out the new patient info sheet, the receptionist (who is naturally beautiful and has a radiance about her) tries to keep Billy busy while he has to touch EVERYTHING in sight. There is a glass of water on the desk with a slice of lemon at the bottom. No daytime television, no crappy ‘thats life’ magazines. Out comes my doctor. A handsome, happy, middle aged gentleman with a welcoming smile and enthusiasm to match. Smart/casual dress, oh, and NO shoes. I looked at him up and down, twice (I had to make sure). I cannot tell you how utterly refreshing yet bazaar that moment was for me. A shoeless doctor. What? He shakes my hand, introductions are made and we sit to begin the (shoeless) consultation. His office is lovely and spacious. A bookcase filled with an eclectic mix of diet, spirituality, yoga and modern medicine books takes pride of place along the wall. (And if I REALLY have to find something negative to say, he had a couple of Atkins diet books on the shelf… But I will let that slide, hopefully they were just gifts and he was too nice to ‘misplace’ them).
doctor said so.
He asked me a general story – where am I from/what do I do etc. How did we hear about him? I said a friend recommended you and as I went to say her name, he finished it for me. This guy, he is SMOOTH. This is how it is done!
I will spare you the details on all the specifics but want to make a special note on some of the more in-frequently asked questions he asked about our health.
How much do you exercise? What kind of exercise? How regularly? I say a bit of yoga and walking (of course, I changed the frequency of these things to what I INTEND to do!)
Next question – What about resistance movement? That’s a first. Does constantly lifting a 10kg child count? Yep! Got guns for days doc!
Diet – are there any special mentions? Yes, vegetarian. Great. Do you eat any other animal proteins? Eggs, small amount of dairy. No worries – just need to remember as a vegetarian it’s important to have a good source of B12. (Generally not a fan of doctors giving nutritional advice, but this guy is switched on…gobsmacked by this stage).
What about mental health? Do you do anything to rest and relieve stress – mediation, reflection etc? (Jaws on the floor now) – yep, listen to some guided meditations at bedtime when required and also have been writing/blogging as my therapy. Great!
Then he examined my skin. Yep! Another first. Got the head to toe check for dodgy moles or spots. He asked if I had noticed any changes to my skin since cleaning up my diet. I made special mention that I no longer use chemicals in my skincare regime and make my own deodorant etc (what a showoff) – he showed great interest in my comments and even asked about what I put into my deodorant. I told him that I have noticed my skin reacts differently to sunlight since being ‘cleaner’ and that I tan better and no longer burn as easily. He smiled with please. He was genuinely interested! Not one whiff of ‘yeh righto, stupid hippie girl’.
My skin got the all clear! Yippee! And my favourite comment…
Now it’s very important that even though you are fair skinned, that you still do get direct sunlight on your skin regularly. (Marry me, doc?) – yes I know, I’ve been sunning most days for short periods, I was vit D deficient when pregnant so always aiming to build it back up. He also TAUGHT me something – which is that your stomach is the best area to get sun exposure, and that sun on your limbs doesn’t cut it as they produce the least amount of vit D, the stomach is the most efficient and important. Right on, mate – gotta bust out my stretch marks a bit more often. Doctors orders!
Next, is Billy’s turn. Is he eating solids? How many feeds a day is he on now?
I pretty much feed on demand, not sure how many feeds?! Maybe 5-7. We do baby led weaning, so he just samples a bit of everything I eat. He’s only really taken an interest in actually ingesting food in the last 2 months. Well, he’s certainly thriving! Nothing wrong with this kids diet! Must love his food.
He hasn’t ever had any fruit juices or cows milk in his diet, has he? Nope. Just the liquid gold stuff. Tick.
Have you vaccinated Billy? No. We researched this topic thoroughly and feel we are currently going to either delay vaccines or not do them at all. (Here’s me thinking… Here we go, lecture time…) – OK no worries. There is no problem with delaying them, there is always option to explore this at a later date if you choose to go down that road. [the end]
Billy was examined, weighed and measured. I like to believe that he is the best ‘people reader’ when it comes to strangers. He gets those ‘vibes’, you know? At the moment he is 10 and a half months old, which means he is in baby to toddler transition mode (aka prepare yourself, mum). Climbing, crawling, getting into everything, exploring, picking, grabbing, pinching, biting, bouncing and jabbering all day long. The saying “ants in the pants” springs to mind. I striped him down and he lay on the table while he was gently prodded and poked/examined by the doctor. Not a peep. Not a squirm or a squeal. Just a cute smile, as he lay back, relaxed and just watched….and waited. Is he usually a really calm baby? He isn’t phased by any of this, is he? Ah, lets see doc? I can’t even change his nappy without singing 5 songs, passing him 3 toys, changing him one handed as I’m trying not to let him touch his own poo whilst hes doing constant stomach crunches to get the hell out of there. Calm, ah…yes. At home? usually not. Home is his playground. Out here in the big wide world he is a bit more subdued, with strangers he likes. This kid is simply a mind reader. He’s picking up those vibes I’m sending out.
my son is pretty much the most perfect human being on the planet (no bias, of course) – At the end of the consultation, the doctor confirmed that we have produced and raised a beautifully perfect, happy, healthy and thriving baby (which I already knew) and that I seemed like a pretty great picture of health myself and that he loved meeting well patients. He only hoped to see us again same time in 12 months to do the rounds again. We were in his office for a good 40 minutes, and felt like I had been at a job interview and the role was for principle of the Sarah’s health school. I’m pretty sure I nailed it, or at least get the deputy role.
I left with a quiet sense of empowerment. I had just witnessed the very moment that my faith in modern medicine was given a fighting chance. I now know that not all doctors are created equally. I learnt that I don’t have to make sweeping generalisations about an entire industry, anymore. That there are doctors who genuinely want to help people, who actually care about our health. That they would do anything to find the real cause of an issue, and not blindly pass out prescriptions AS the patient is still telling their story. This is how it should be. This is what it’s about! The man is worth his weight in gold. Yes, he cost more than any other doctor I have seen before, but he was worth it. You get what you pay for. I justify it as his practice being the ‘organic health food store’ of GP’s, and since I’m always making changes to invest in our health, I’m happy to always choose the best for my family. (We are worth it!).
Love, light and no shoes!!?? (still can’t get over it)
Sarah xox

The sower of seeds and searcher of spirits

I’ve been a busy little working bee over the last month, fine tuning my brand new blog and business platform (yay!). The original website I built and launched (not so long ago) I have since taken down and I am just using this basic blog in the interim as my way of continuing to communicate and maintain momentum for my ventures. I found that I needed to just ‘do something’ in a forward motion to get the ball rolling for me, but since launching it initially, I quickly realised It didn’t really capture the essence of what I was trying to say. It wasn’t ‘me’. But that’s ok. I’m finding that it’s totally fine to just do something and it not be quite right, than not to do it at all in fear of it not being perfect from the start. It is/was right…. It’s led me to here so this whole trusting my instinct and listening to my heart thing is paying off, it all feels so right, even when it’s wrong! Ha!
As a pretty impatient person, I must admit its been really testing lately just wanting everything, NOW. My friend and I joked about this only this morning, we both have so many ideas and visions for things we want to do with our lives, and simply bite off much more than we can chew at that very moment and get annoyed when we can’t just do it/be it/have it all in that very second. There is Devine reason why I haven’t got everything I want right now, I know if I had it all I wouldn’t be able to handle it – but still, it’s the nature of the beast….sowing seeds takes time, it needs nurturing, nourishment and time. So that’s what I have been doing. Dedicating my babes nap times to business time, and watching lectures online when he goes to bed to keep me learning new things I might need one day. It works, but it’s a slow process. ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ is my mantra of late – no wonder I love turtles/tortoise’s so much (and sloths for that matter!!!).
Anyway! two exciting things fell into place late last week! yippee – its harvest time!!!! First one was my etherial ‘element’ illustrations, drawn by the beautiful and talented Lara Cresser landed in my inbox!
These lovely ladies capture the essence of the underlying theme of my new life’s work – embracing the elements. Each one of these goddesses symbolise not only an element each, but the healing properties of those elements – encorporating associated healing plants, animals, minerals, tarot and emotions. I have given them each a name, and they carry a very special message. I can’t wait to show you more!!! Here’s a sneaky snap of one of my lovely bunch of beauties….
Ladies (and gentlemen?!) introducing – The Earthess
The second awesome thing is some images of yoga poses from one of my good friends Danique, who happens to also be on a similar spiritual journey to me. She’s epically amazing at yoga, and has nothing but success on her horizon. We have collaborated on a series of images that will help heal and unlock the chakras that are linked to the corresponding elements- and well, without giving away too much, these will be used for something big I’m working on.
Here’s another sneaky shot to wet the whistle…
Stunning lines, right? She makes it look so easy and effortless!
Even though I haven’t quite finalised the grand plans for everything I’m putting my time and energy into, I know I’m meant to be doing it. My big ‘all the planets have aligned’ moment is coming! I’ve got the new blog in development, I’ve got my jewellery line in production, I’ve just enrolled to become a  certified holistic wellness healer, I’m half way through 2 e-courses on nutrition and lifestyle and well, ummm?!? Probably a few other things too – and my point is that I don’t really know WHY I need all these things at once, but I know that it feels right and I have to trust it will all fall into place for me at the right time.
I was writing my ‘about’ section the other night on my new site, and that’s been the hardest thing to get my head around. I can blab on about everything else, but when it comes to summing up me and my purpose for all this – it’s been quite challenging. Who am I? What am I about? What’s my title? Who do I want to speak to? Who’s going to connect with this? I don’t have a degree or title to throw around with  my academic achievements, I’m more than a stay at home mum (which, believe me, is more than enough too!); I’m just me – but how do I put it in writing? I know its not that important to anyone else, in fact I’m not even sure people really read that section, do they?! but its imperative for me to nut this one out so I can always remember it when I move forward, so I know I am always remaining true to myself and never trying to be someone I am not.
To quote the amazing book “Conversations with god” again – he wrote something which has really resonated with me. Here is one mention about the value of words…
So I had to just stripe it all back, cut out the shit, and just say what I feel without worrying how others will interpret it. It was a lot easier to say the things that I wasn’t, so I did that first. Then I had a passing thought to try and make it a bit easier – what if I cut away all the titles, fancy words, achievements, accolades or over exaggerated descriptions and try and describe who my spirit is? this is a snip of what I came up with…


“Who am I? My name is Sarah Williams, I am a mother to a beautiful little soul and a lover of all my own discoveries. I am not a nutritionist, shaman, witch, hippy, healer, councillor, designer, philosopher or new age trendy…. I’m just a young woman following her instinct with a spirit yearning for rediscovery and that has the freedom to dance to its own beat”.

I’m interested to know how you would describe your own spirit, too?!….if you feel daring enough, let me know please! I find it fascinating to take a person out of their comfort zone and get to the bare parts of their soul…do it, It’s really liberating! We don’t have to be restricted to what we look like on paper. We are so much more interesting and complex than that! Private message me too if you thats more of your thing, please!!! It’ll be fun – If I get enough, I might do a cute blog post about them (ALL anonymous of course!) so you can see it in writing and connect with your spirit and be ever reminded of its message – it might also inspire others or help them to fine-tune their descriptions too :) Oh and that reminds me, perhaps if this task interests you enough to send it through to me, you might just be a fantastic candidate for my program I’m working on – maybe your one of the spirit sisters I’ll be searching for to trial it out??
In summary, since words are the lowest form of communication, my focus will be more on words unspoken. Yes, I’m blogging but these are not the only stories I have to tell. If you like what I’m about, if you connect with me on any level, through my designs, my musings, my images, my theories, my insights, my information; if you see my photo and think “yep, I like her” then thats all I can wish for (and thank you). If you don’t connect, thats ok too. I appreciate the time taken to take a chance on me. 
Love, light and dancing spirits,
Sarah xox

and p.s – send me your spirit identity asap, it can be our little secret! xx

Soul sisters from other misters

This one is dedicated to my soul sisters.

For years we search for friends who reflect who we are and who we want to be, we spend more years developing those friendships into full blown relationships – we kiss, we fight, we make up, we back stab, we joke, we cry and we help each other at every cross road. Friendships are so imperative in life, yet we do often take them for granted. We also mix them up and try and make them things they simply are not. We sometimes can’t let go, which in turn keeps holding us back from finding new friends who help to further nurture our souls and help us on our never ending quest for growth.

As I reflect on my many friendships with many different souls over the last 20 odd years…. It’s only really dawning on me now just how precious these friendships were and still are. Not only that, but just how amazing and powerful we are at manifesting the right friendships at the right time. Yep, even the bad ones!
 I’ve been doing some research on my animal totem interests – and in the spirit animal world, Evidently there are really 3 different types of spirit animals/ totem animals. To my understanding and interpretation, this is how it works:
1. The power animal – the one who follows you throughout your entire life. Is a reflection of your own negative and positive sides. The animal who represents you, who walks beside you in the spirit realm. Think of Harry Potter or the Compass movies – the main characters all have an animal who represents them in animal form, it is their soul mate.They are Kindred spirits. Family.
2. The totem animals – these animals are the ones who come and go throughout life, helping you to learn lessons, deal with particular situations in life and then move on. They are like guardian angels, they know when to be there at the right place and right time. The animals that cross your paths – in your dreams, in real life. It’s the butterfly that lands on your hand, the snake that is laying across your walking path or the owl nesting in your favourite backyard tree. They all have a message, once it has been received, their job is done.
3. The shadow animal – these are the animals you fear, the ones who you don’t understand, are afraid of or simply freak you out, upset and frighten you. They too have lessons to teach, yet often we let the fear supersede them which doesn’t allow for us to acknowledge their true message, and thus they tend to linger around in life, much longer than we would want them to. They represent our own fears, the negative stuff that hides in the shadows of your spirit.
 These are my current guides…
Now, if you were to replace the word ‘animal’ in those last 3 options with people, then I believe you can also apply this same principle to all people you have in your life, too.
1. The power people – your familia, your soul sisters. The ones that will grow old with you. You perform the dance of life together, hand in hand. For most there may only one be of these, could be a family member as well, for they also know every aspect of you and your life and have no intentions of moving on. For me, however, I’m blessed with more than one – I believe my own soul didn’t want to choose and needs access to multiple soul sisters to help me become a more diverse person (greedy, I know!).
2. The totem people – the great friendships that offer you more of a shorter term relationship, yet can be ever consuming at times of need. These friendships can last minutes, days, months or years. They are beautiful, powerful forces that lead you to another in hopes to find support, love, hope, company, guidance at different points in life. For instance, since having my baby boy, I have found a handful of totem/spirit friendships that I would never have had prior to becoming a mum. Perhaps we might all move on once our babes are all grown up and we all go our separate ways, but the beauty of it is that with these relationships, that is ok. It’s ok to let go, to grow apart and to move on – for it was only meant to be, what it is or was.
3. The shadow people – this is where it gets complicated. The people in your life who you see as poison, depressing, draining, hard work, scary, annoying, intimidating etc the ones you hate to love or love to hate – they really are a type of friend. They are showing you something about yourself, a teacher of sorts. They test you, time and time again to see if you are either going to take the bait and let your fear get in the way, or if you will truly see what it is they are showing you. Only when you understand their lesson, will they no longer play this same role in your life (thankfully!).
No friendships are the same, nor is any more important than the others. We all need one another for one (or more) of the above reasons. As individuals, I believe we are also all 3 of those types of people, to others. I am a soul sister to some, yet a shadow person to others. Once upon a time, if I was told that, I would have perhaps tried harder to be more of a power person than a shadow person, how on earth could anyone find me scary? I would have fought harder to prove to others just what I THOUGHT I should be to them, but now in hindsight, it simply doesn’t work that way. The role I play in others lives, really isn’t any of my business. It is what it is; I am what I am. I love that everyone is so different, and that every relationship brings out the best and worst in me. Relationships and friendships are imperative to personal development.
The only thing that makes sense is that I know most of who my 3 groups are, and to always be available to receive their blessings, even when disguised.  From simply studying yet another spiritual based philosophy that I truly believe in, it has helped to unlock an amazing insight into my friendships with others, I feel it really makes so much sense now that I have typed it out. When I think to all my past relationships, I can definitely see now who mine are and what it truly is that we are sharing together. Once you can categorise the relationships in your life, it really will help you to see things clearer. Just like cleaning up your desktop. Those 3 different folders hold all the answers you need. Let go of the totem friends you have outgrown, embrace the new ones and acknowledge that your power people have totem people, and don’t ever be threatened by those relationships. They won’t ever replace you in your power position. Reflect harder on the shadow people, what is it that they are trying to say to you? Are they a reflection of one of your own traits to which you might want to perhaps work on to better yourself? Or are they simply teaching you patience or to be more understanding or compassionate? The harder you look in the shadows, the clearer the picture becomes – and then comes on the light!
Love, light and shadows
Sarah xox

The birth of Saisha Red Wolf

Today I woke up feeling a need to nurture my spiritual side a bit more. I have always dabbled in tarot, angel cards and the like as a bit of fun. I enjoy deciphering messages and telling stories from the images and meanings that appear in the spread. Sometimes it’s a bit hit and miss, but mostly my interpretations are pretty accurate. I am used to reading myself and my friends and family, but have done a few readings where I didn’t really know the person or their story, and well, lets say I need some work there!

I feel the missing element has been that (aside from doing alot more practice!) I forget to listen to my intuition. The fifth element! I’m not sure if you are like me, but I do have a pretty apparent intuitive streak. Things like thinking of someone from your past who you haven’t heard their name or even thought about in 10+ years, and then within hours you see their name mentioned in an email or they show up somewhere unlikely. Or simply thinking of someone, so you text them and at the time of pressing the send button, you get a text from them! This happens all the time, some intuitive moments appear more dominant that others, but they do always happen.
Everyone has an intuitive side, its apart of your soul, however some just know how to listen better than others.Trusting your gut, listening to your deepest most inner thoughts. I’m slowly getting the point that I need to put more priority on developing my intuition and I think developing my reading skills is a great place to start this.
This morning I got a call from one of my
Dearest friends. She has some exciting things going on in her life and we briefly discussed them before she had to start at work. I hung up and I just couldn’t stop smiling. I remember doing her tarot cards back on our holiday on Stradbroke Island a good few months ago, and her spread suggested that she had been putting too much emphasise on searching for her soul mate, and that once she changed her priorities and truly loved herself and showed herself the respect she deserves, she will attract someone who emulates those same things. Amongst other parts of this reading, it’s proven to be right on track! As I stood reflecting on this, I headed over to my new ‘zen’ room (the spare bedroom which has a reading table and all my spiritual bits, bobs and books on display) and thought I would get an update on her situation with my tarot deck. As usual, it’s confirmed that she was in a dark place spiritually and that since finally shifting her mindset – the road is very straight forward with great direction, purpose and positivity. It even had rainbow lines along the tracks! She’s got it going on and I’m like a proud mumma!
I was feeling particularly energised by this so thought I would do a few more short message readings for a few people I had recently been thinking about and just felt might need a random reading to gain some clarity on whatever situations they were dealing with. With this small gesture, I have decided I would now make it a regular thing, and when I’m feeling particularly intuitive, will be sending random readings to my network when I feel they might need it most.
Since this is just one side of me I have chosen to nurture, I decided to give her a name so that way, she can come and go when I decide to envoke her, and I can carry on just being Sarah on normal days  without further ado – introducing Saisha Red Wolf. Saisha is the name of a hindu princess, and means ‘truth of life’. pretty fitting. The red wolf is a great communicator, a teacher of valuable lessons. They are very rare and treasured creatures, extremely loyal. Also very fitting. Funnily enough, to link a few of my last blog posts together (because everything is connected, remember!) in my aura photograph reading I was told I would do my best and truest work during the full moon, which is coming over the weekend – so I must work with the moon cycles…and, if the last full moon is anything to go by, the next few days are going to be very busy but positively mind blowing for me! No wonder Saisha has been born today.
On a final note, I wanted to complete my reading session this morning with one for myself, just to see if my thoughts were on the right track… I was shuffling, and this card fell out of the deck:
The empress is the mother card, the goddess of the tarot. I feel her message to me was to continue to nurture my instincts, much like a mother would her child. It’s like my mind is my new baby and its time I give it all the nourishment, nurturing and attention it deserves to develop into a beautiful, strong, healthy version of itself. The empress also urges me to reconnect with nature, and even says in the guide book ‘ go outside tonight and find the moon’. Well, I heard that sister! The full moon is calling my name, and like the red wolf knows best…. AAAAWOOOOOO! (Yes, I just did that).
Love, light and random readings
Sarah aka Saisha Red Wolf xox

The balance of East and West

Recently when I was in my super moon rampage, I was doing a lot of reading about mind/body/soul connections and how everything is linked. It’s had me thinking a lot about the human race, and where we stand in regards to living our lives as our truest self. Deep, I know.

I guess I’d consider myself as one of the ‘minority’ on a lot of my beliefs. It’s not easy to break away from mainstream thinking and certainly takes a lot of un-learning of things, but I must admit it is so much sunnier here on the ‘other side!’. I have found my truth, which has really helped me to understand myself, my soul and the world I live in much better.
I have a really keen interest in medicine at the moment. I have been educating myself on ‘self care’ and healing with foods. Something we are not taught from birth, that’s for sure! I mean, we all know a few of these – foods high in vitamin C are good for colds, ginger helps settle your stomach and cranberry juice is good for bladder infections… But this goes much deeper, something that eastern medicine has always practiced and embraced,where as us westerners have decided to embrace a whole other practice (industry) – modern medicine. We are now working against nature, so much so that diseases caused by lifestyle choices are on the rise at an alarming rate.
 Where we once would have eaten 5 oranges at the sign of a cold, we now are pushed to just nibble on some vitamin tablets. instead of learning the foods that omega 3 is found, here’s a simpler way! Just swallow 2 super krill red power oil capsules which have 5000 times more omega 3’s than any food can provide you, and take them everyday for the rest of your life! Why the hell are we eating krill anyway?! Leave that shit for the whales.
Every time I see a freakin’ vitamin ad on TV, I die a little inside. Why do you think these companies need ads for   vitamins,supplements, panadol, meat, dairy?!? To sell them -they are just products! The health food industry is worth billions,the pharmaceutical companies are worth trillions. They don’t actually care about YOUR health and well being. The media and advertising industry is an absolute joke. If anyone truely cared for human health and wellbeing, we wouldn’t see KFC sponsoring football teams or ads for McDonald’s new potato wedges on in prime time. It really grinds my gears when I see ads for fast food on huge sporting time slots, and then they are all wearing a pink jersey to raise awareness for breast cancer. Do we not see the connection?
We’ve all heard this to death – ‘you are what you eat’ – that is because its true. Fast ‘foods’ are full of hormone injected, genetically modified, bottom of the line, high salt, high sugar, high processed carb crap. It’s been through so many processes, it shouldn’t even be classed as food! It is a food-like substance! Don’t even get me started about the animal welfare either.
Anyway, I digress. What I’m trying to say is that I feel we are out of balance. A bunch of oxymorons (thats for you Karen). Western culture is focused on the treatment of the body. Something breaks, we fix it. Something is off balance, we take a pill to rebalance but then that just masks the cause, or creates another reason to become more off balance. Anti-biotic means ‘against life’. I believe that the more antibiotics you take, the more you are at risk of taking the life out of yourself. It’s in the name. If you must take them, learn how to counter-act the damage it causes. This is where pro-biotics are helpful. Keep it a level playing field. I cannot say how empowering it is to learn more about why we do the things we do, and not surprisingly, a lot of the time things don’t really add up.
Why don’t doctors learn much about nutrition? This is a major concern for me, now knowing what I do and can’t actually believe that they still don’t cover much about nutrition in medical school (so I have heard). It is becoming more and more apparent these days at the massive disconnect there has been between diet, mental and spiritual health. Thankfully, there is an increasing number of amazing people who are unlearning what they were taught as children and taking their lives into their own hands. Ain’t no body got your back more than yourself! Jess Ainscough is one of those people – she chose to heal her rare ‘incurable’ cancer by embracing natural therapy after a failed medical road. She completely cured herself of her cancer, and is so spiritually and physically awakened its so inspiring! I might do another blog going into some more amazing people like Jess ‘ stories so you can see what I’m getting at.
Eastern medicine is more focused on healing the soul. Acupuncture, meditation, sound therapy, aromatherapy, naturopathy etc all embraces the nurturing of our souls, and with that the body should follow.
The soul is what makes us, us. It is where we find our dreams, aspirations, intentions, decisions, fascinations and beyond. It is what makes us all unique. Our body is the vessel in which our soul rides in.
Too much focus on healing the physical body means you are disconnected from your soul. You are not healing it. If you are stressed and sick, your soul is weak because you haven’t been listening. It sends the weakness message to your body, and that is where the physical cracks start to show. I have realised that in order to heal your physical body of an aliment, you need to also extend your focus into your soul and spiritual body too. Emotions play a huge role on your physical self. As does your physical self play a similar role on your soul.
For example – you are overweight, you don’t like yourself, your inner dialog is negative towards yourself, you feel nothing but sadness and hate, which then goes back out to the physical body and shows up again – drug or alcohol or food abuse, cronic disease, cancer etc. it’s all connected. On the other side, you start treating your physical body better, you start to see yourself more positively, your inner dialog is loving towards yourself and other amazing things start to happen in the physical world – you attract more positive energy – a new love, new job, healthier complexion and other physical ailments begin to heal themselves as well.
I have noticed this first hand with my own body. I have gone from disliking myself, eating badly, not leading the life I wanted to, to finally listening to my souls urges for change – going vegetarian, introducing new foods, cleaning up my diet, which saw me looking at myself in a more positive light and now more than 10 kgs down and since having a baby, feel like an absolute warrior woman and am so blessed to have this vessel in which has created something so perfect all on its own. I no longer focus my energy on the negative parts of my body, instead have nurtured both my body and soul, through healing foods, beautiful natural foods – and soul cleansing practices like meditation, yoga and just even listening to music again. You don’t have to be a raging hippy. It’s not about that. I’m far from done in my transformation too. Take the stereotypes off the eastern practices and embrace them. They do just as much healing, if not more, than any doctor could.
It’s all about listening. I know you hear it, but are you listening? Second guess everything. Trust no one but yourself. You hold the answers to all your own health issues. Why do you feel the way you do? What could you do to fix it? Think outside what you know. What feels right? what does your body and soul lack? Follow the thoughts and see where they take you.
The key to remember is balance. If something is off balance – either body or soul, try to pin point what you can do yourself to even it back out. Obviously, if you are in a car accident and break you leg in 3 places, you need medical attention. You need to repair your physical self. You also need to keep a positive mindset in order to accelerate your physical healing too. Don’t ever let a physical issue defeat your mental and spiritual self too. If you are feeling emotional, don’t eat the whole chocolate bar and then call yourself a fatty! Think about why? Have a cry. Have a bath. Play some soothing music. Go for a walk in nature.Treat your soul. Get that balance back. Deal with those emotions, accept them and move forward.
(Sorry that that turned into a bit of a random rant in the middle there, as a scanner my brain sometimes enjoys discussing a million topics all at once.)
Love, light and whale food
Sarah xox

Breaking old habits

As some of you know, I’m currently doing my best to overhaul the way I live. Breaking the 27 years of old habits which I have reflected on, and feel are doing more harm than good. This is not an easy process, I have good days, and bad. I know a lot of people who have reached around the same point and age of their lives and realised we are no longer as young, carefree and resilient as we once were. Nor are we as stupid. The days of weekend benders on alcapops, 2 packets of benson and hedges ‘subtle’ chain smoked, the taxi home via maccas feast at 3am, followed by the huge KFC hung over feed at lunchtime the next day. Each work day I would usually buy my lunch, processed carbs (usually a fair few hot chips) and soft drink consumed most days. I was lucky if I ate a salad once a month. I was also popping panadol almost daily due to constant headaches and had severe migraines monlthy for years. Just the thought of that actually makes me feel sick. This abuse happened for years! YEARS! Gosh I have some work to undo.

Party. Party. Party. Repeat.

As mentioned in my first blog post, becoming vegetarian I guess has set the pace for me with my health transformation. I am so passionate about animal rights and now I actually walk the walk, I had to prove to myself that I could be a good one. A bad vegetarian just makes us all look bad! So since Jan 2011, I’ve made it a personal challenge of mine to transform my health, so I didn’t end up a 50-something with cancer like my father.
I’m certainly not done transforming, I have a lot of things to still change, by looking back to just those last couple of years as a bit of a progress report with myself I can see some great significant changes have occurred. At my heaviest, I would say I was around 80kgs. Not obese, but definitely overweight for my height. (This doesn’t include being pregnant, obviously!). From memory, I was this heavy the year after my dad passed away and I was living on my own alot as my boyfriend was working away in the army. Plenty of emotional and lazy eating going on! Might I also confess at times I had/have been a ‘secret eater’ – doing a sneaky drive thru stop here and there to get my fix. A dirty, dirty habit that I don’t know I have really ever admitted to, until now. Anyway, with the new vegetarian lifestyle, no more softdrink, much less dairy, sugar,alcohol drinking, less fast food and more active lifestyle I begun to retrain myself with foods and I’m now weighing in around 15kgs lighter than my heaviest weight, and that’s not with much exercise going on! (But will note I am still breast feeding on demand which I think has contributed to me burning more calories over the last few months).

I don’t have the best reference photos, but you can definitely tell which Sarah is healthier and happier 😉

During my pregnancy I was petrified that my child would end up like me. I ate next to nothing as a child. I was a picky eater my entire childhood. The only food memories I have are of constantly eating chips, apples, vegemite, bread and junk food etc. We would have spaghetti  bolognese every Sunday night, and I would eat plain pasta with tomato sauce! My parents tried and tried, but nothing would make me add things to my diet. In my teens, high sugar, high processed everything. The only fruit I ate was apple. The only vegetable was potato. The first green thing I added to my diet was lettuce, somewhere in my early teens. I had/have a complex about textures in my mouth. If it has a funny consistency, is ‘bitty’ or just unfamiliar – it wouldn’t even come near me. This haunted me for years… And still does… I would always get told ‘ what happens when a boy want a to take you out on a first date! – you can’t just order chips!’. Ha! As if I cared then? I always knew deep down that I wouldn’t always be like that, but until then I was going to happily eat my chip sandwiches and wash it back with coke. It definitely would take some hard work to break that cycle.
I read somewhere that our taste buds change roughly every 7 years, which makes a lot of sense – and luckily for me, that means a big change at 28 next year will give me another push to extending my food repertoire. So from the age 14-21, was probably my most damaging 7 year stint diet wise, 21-28 has seen a transition from old to new food habits and over those years, I have come a long way. Things that aren’t given much thought by most people, have really helped me to progress with my transformation. I have pushed myself to try at least a few new things every so often, and now alot of them are finally encorporated into my diet. Things like corn on the cob (only started this one about a year ago!), spinach, mushrooms, quinoa, pumpkin, nuts, berries etc have only been introduced into my diet slowly in the last 7 year cycle, and I’m still trying new things when I have the courage. I’m really interested into working out the psychology of this kind of ‘condition’ (if any of my readers can lead me in the right direction on how I can work on this food block – please private message me!)  but glad that I can now finally take more risks with food and to be able to eat like a pretty normal person!

Never thought I could eat something like this!

My new found passion for whole foods is taking me on a bit of a journey regarding healing my past food issues, and not too long ago I researched juice fasting and it’s benefits. When I was pregnant, I bought my first juicer as a good way to finally be able to give my body and my growing baby more nutrients. Some said its a waste of money, they are a bitch to clean (yes, yes they are) and most people go through a juicing phase and then it’s shoved into the back of for cupboard until the next generation digs her out. Not me. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it so much that I was juicing pretty much everyday of my pregnancy and felt simply amazing. I definitely missed it when I didn’t have it, and could feel a huge change in my body. I was glowing on the outside (also because I was cooking a kid) but also could feel my insides screaming ‘what is this?!? Where have you been all my life!!!!’. It’s like liquid gold.
There is definitely a need for everyone to juice at some stage of their lives. This is   not referring to fruit juices we find in the shops. That stuff is by no means healthy….I’m talking fresh fruit and vegetables juiced at home. Yes, the fibre is removed, but all the nutrients are then in liquid form for your cells to absorb without much digestion. Instead of me typing it all out, check out these pics which cover alot of the benefits:

It makes so much sense to me to be able to drink my fruit and vegetables, as I know it’s still an uphill battle for me to want to eat them. Anyway, so back to the juice fasting. I was reading up on it, as fasting is known for its amazing ability to heal the body. Juice and water fasting is curing many illnesses, diseases and improving the health of 1000’s of people. Saving lives.

The idea of fasting (not eating any food for a set period of time) is that our bodies spend a lot of its energy digesting the foods we eat. It is constantly working to break down the last meal you ate. It never gets a chance to do matenence anywhere because we are constantly eating large meals. The amazing thing is that when you take the food out of the equation, what does the body do with all that excess energy? It finds things to do. Your body literally gets an RDO and finds all those odd jobs to do around the home. It flushes all the bad toxins out of your body, it finds blockages, bacteria even parasites and finally gets around to getting rid of them – the body now has the time to dedicate to the things that are no good! This means detox. The body goes through a big spring clean, and you will definitely know about it!
I had to try one. All those years of abuse had to mean I was carrying around some serious crap! I will do another post about my first fast experience over the next few days, it was pretty eye opening. And awesome. Lets just say I’m pretty hooked on the idea and plan to do many more over the years to get my body feeling and performing how it should.
Now with my old habits slowly deminishing, I’m becoming alot clearer in my mind, body and spirit and everything just seems to be falling into place. I can honestly say that it’s like my body was a poisoned, stagnant pond with no sign of life, living life like a sheeple and now the flood gates have opened, flushed out the poisons and there is a full river flowing with little Eco systems growing! Ha! I owe it all to one little movie, (Earthlings) to which I will be eternally greatful. I’m doing this not only for myself, but for my children and for our planet. I was always pretty cold/ emotionless/strong/switched off to alot of sensitive issues throughout the years of my poison diet, but since cleaning up my act my sensitivities have emerged and I am now one of the more compassionate people I know! I don’t have extreme mood swings, I cry when I need to and I let go of alot of the dead emotional and negative weight that used to drag me into alot of controversial situations. I have learnt to be more open minded, less juddemental and to always try and see the positives in all situations.
It’s so amazing to be able to reflect on how emotions and diet are linked. It truly is all connected. As a reflection, I’ve just admitted to some pretty scary truths, right? So come on – what’s your diet secret? What’s your old habit you want to kick or have already kicked? Maybe it’s time to dig a little deeper and see why you do it and come up with a positive way to improve it. Big change won’t happen over night, but one small step could be the catalyst for an amazing transformation.
Love, light and hot chips
Sarah xox

SUPER moon SUPER powers

I had a whole other post typed up, was just finishing up on the last paragraph. Some how, in all my wisdom I have managed to lose the entire blog post. Shit. I was pissed off for about 3 seconds, but I decided perhaps that I wasn’t meant to discuss that post just yet. So here we are. I’m all blogged out with nothing to show for it.

I’m going to share a little experience I have had over the last week and a bit which is really amazing/cool/awesome. Last weekend when I was packing my place up in Sydney, was a full moon. A super moon to be precise, and funnily enough the moon was in Capricorn (that’s me) and it was MY moon. Well, I felt like that at the time!
Anyway, the weather was so crappy I didn’t even get to see the bloody thing until we drove from Sydney to Brisbane 2 days later. I was pondering for days what that moon would be giving me, as apparently, according to the astrologists was all about inner reflection and facing deep truths.
Well. Did I get so freakin’ deep last week or what!? All of a sudden, a few things popped up on my radar/social media. A tribe leader of mine (refer to last weeks post) mentioned something called the ‘doctrine of signatures’. It’s basically, amongst other things, discovering the link between everything – a philosophy that herbalists have developed that all plants are linked to the healing of the body. For example, a mushroom looks like a thyroid gland, or an ear, and the tomato is the same colour, shape and size of a human heart – it also has four chambers. I already knew of this theory but wanted to read more into it.

I found some amazing documents online regarding this doctrine, which then dove into links between plants and animals, and then also the classical elements (water, earth, fire, air) and their connection to everything. I mean EVERYTHING. Plants, animals, humans, the ground, the stems, the mind, our emotions, the planets, colours, horoscopes, chakras, seasons, numbers… I literally spent hours teaching myself and taking notes on the elements and their connections.
The most bazaar thing about this is that my new business is called ‘the fifth element life’. I chose this name last year when I was trying to come up with a business name for my new jewelry line. I was wanting to call it something with the word ‘totem’ or ‘spirit’ but I just wasn’t getting anywhere. Beside it being my all time favourite movie (the fifth element – Bruce Willis, Chris Tucker, Mila Jovovich) the fifth element is referred to as the forgotten element – the spirit, the aura, the unknown energy that surrounds us and guides us. So it felt right to name my business after this as it was basically another way of representing spirit.
Since launching my blog and website recently,I always knew there would be more to my business than just a jewelry range and was feeling a bit lost with where it was taking me. I just wasn’t clear on the direction, as I have so many passions and interests, how can I possibly combine them all into ONE business? I told myself I just had to jump in and start writing and soon enough I might find myself leaning towards the direction that felt right. Well. Thanks to my super moon, I’ve developed a super deep mind frame and all in the last week, have confirmed how I would do this – it’s all in my business name but I didn’t even realise.
The elements are going to guide me to developing a multi faceted business which will see me exploring nutrition, health, activism, healing, teaching, spirituality, products, creativity, writing and beyond. It all makes so much sense to me now that my head is just exploding with drive to develop and share my findings with anyone and everyone.
With the elements now a clear force behind me, I have begun on this journey by teaming up with an amazing illustrator friend Lara who has seen my vision come to life for me in such a quick amount of time (there are no road blocks for me anymore now I know exactly what I am meant to be doing!) these beautiful illustrations will be the spokes images for my teachings and represent each side of my business.
I am bursting at the seems with excitement and really feel like this is a life changing moment for me, and I just know it will be the same for those who follow my journey. The next month will be heads down, bum up fine tuning everything, and a new website and blog will be my platform to easy understanding of what it will be all about. There will be e-books, program’s, coaching and retreats all based on the elements and I will be looking for lovely ladies to road test these for me! Watch this space – I’m finally getting somewhere!
As a last thing to share, over the weekend at a mind body spirit expo I had my aura photographed and read. It confirmed to me that I was a healer and teacher with a spiritual energy, and well; that’s exactly the path I am about to embark on! A message I was given was to make sure I practice what I preach, so I have some changes to make myself and I know my new life in tropical North Queensland is my place to begin this also.
Love, light and super moon’s
Sarah xox