Want to learn about my Bschool experience? (no BS…. Lots of waffling)

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I know many of my tribe have been here since the beginning and have watched my space evolve over the last 2 years (2 years, what?!) – organically growing from personal blog to thriving (yet still growing) mirco biz.

Last year, due to a series of syncronocities and signs, I found myself exposed to the wonderful world of Bschool.

I was primarily a stay at home mum, one income family – with a big dream to do bit things (with no money, no help and no fucking clue on where to start). *cue violins*

I was at a crossroads, I had just launched my little mandala ring biz and had a few sales rolling in each week. Enough to get me excited that a) people wanted to actually buy my designs and b)I had created something from nothing and finally felt I had ‘found myself’. Yet, reality was nipping at my heals, and it was make or break – I either had to start making some more money, or I was out to get a ‘real’ job.

I’ve put together this video blog for you to get to know my business journey a little better, learn about my personal experience with biting the bullet and investing in Bschool (trust me, it wasn’t an easy decision!) and shared some of my learnings with you to help you decide if it’s right for you or not.



So, what did you think? I’m hoping you could see past my blotchy nervous skin reaction? (ha!) and found something in there that resonated for you?

If you want to dip your toes into the free training videos Marie provides prior to Bschool opening it’s enrolments,¬†just sign up here on her homepage if you haven’t already.

And, if you feel drawn and want to learn more about my special offering with Naomi Goodlet – Here are the details on our offering here¬†(note the cart doesn’t open until Thursday 19th Feb for Aussies).


1. It’s only worth it if you put ALL of yourself into this – you are the key to a successful biz, no amount of money or training programs can make you a successful biz goddess.
2. If it doesn’t feel right, then trust that feeling – if it does, and you notice your fears/self sabotage kicking in, dig deep to decide which path to follow here – the fear, or the love?
3. Shop around for offerings, but remember that taking on a lot of things at once can be counter productive, so always look to people who you admire in business, pick an offering for something you know you could really use to your advantage (and won’t be an overwhelming amount of work for your already busy life) and who you connect with on that heart to heart level – because learning from those you admire in business is exactly what I did and still do, it keeps you on your own hearts journey, too.

Sending you lots of clarity, abundance and confidence for this exciting new chapter ahead for you and your business!

Wilder success,


ps >> I meant it when I said to email me to chat. sarah@thefifthelementlife.com


2 thoughts on “Want to learn about my Bschool experience? (no BS…. Lots of waffling)

  1. Anita

    Thanks so much for sharing Sarah. So many things hit home with me, but especially your guidance on feeling worthy of receiving business success and the fact that you have to put yourself out there. Both are not as easy as they sound, I’ve recently discovered! Thank you for telling your story and sharing your own experiences so gently and honestly – it was not salesy in the slightest. I’ve been looking into BSchool for a couple of years now, this may just be the right timing! Thank you again xx

  2. Sharyn

    This was such a sweet video, Sarah! Thank you. I really liked your approach and down to earth take on your experience of Bschool. I’m signing up this year and also looking forward to Bootcamp with Denise. Here’s to rocking it for 2015!


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