How to ask the right questions in a tarot reading

dark,fashion,fortuneteller,goth,vintage,arab-b7ff0baa9dffb25741000637cacdcd76_hAs some of you know I have been offering one card tarot readings on my Facebook page each Monday night for the last few weeks, to help me develop my reading skills for future endeavours.

The more I submerge myself into this practice, the more I am learning about myself, about my capabilities, as well as my not-so-clear intentions!

I want to take this opportunity to teach you how to best prepare yourself before you ask for a reading (from myself or anyone else!) which in turn is going to help me greatly with clearly portraying my intentions with clients in the future.

I guess I want to be less of a “fortune teller” and more of a “mystic mentor” – a mystic is someone who sees more to life than what is usually perceived, someone who has formed a union with the universe, in order to exchange truths about ones existence/truth/journey. As you all should know by now, I’ve embarked on a bit of a spiritual adventure in the last 12 months, and I guess I consider myself a bit of an alchemist; a mystic-in-training.

That said, I also feel driven to help others – at my very core, this is what makes me most at peace.

With my readings – my intentions are that I want to help you, to provide insight into situations you encounter on your journey – helping you to see something in a new light. To heal, to inspire, to support and to motivate. I have absolutely no right to tell you whether or not your going to have a baby this year or not; nor do I claim to have the ability to predict your future. (That’s more of a psychic thing).

So, lets start this again – shall we? Let’s set some clear ground rules for future readings together, so that we can all have the purest of intentions, and to really make the most out of my free services right now.


How to ask the right question in a tarot reading:

1. Firstly, you need to keep the question open – it cannot have just a yes or no answer

example – *Will I get the job I applied for? (NOT GOOD)
Instead, ask *Can you give me more insight into what I need to know about my next career move (GOOD!)

Need help? Here are some great ways to start your question, without it ending up being a yes or no type deal…

* Can you provide me with further insight towards….
* What do I need clarification on in regards to…..
* What was the meaning of….
*How might I know when….
* What was the lesson to be learnt from….
* How can I improve upon my chances of……

2. Please avoid questions relating to time – eg when is my house going to sell? and also avoid starting questions with SHOULD you do something…. this is still a yes or no question.

3. Another thing to consider is the level of detail you want to share – I understand in a public forum, it’s instinct to be more vague so the noisy parkers don’t learn something new about you, but there is a key to finding a happy medium here.

for example:
too specific: How can I tell John he no longer has the job?
too vague: How do I tell that individual what I intend to do?
best, neutral question: What do I need to know about John’s further involvement within the company?

4. the trick is to not already have a desired outcome in mind.

When will I get pregnant? – as in, you want to be pregnant. This is moving toward the fortune tellers land…we don’t want to go there anymore!

What do I need to know about my reproductive health at this time? – This shows that the question is neutral, you want to gain further insight into why or why not something is happening/not happening.

5. Then there is also another key point to consider – to always ask a question about your own life, not someone else’s. You are the focus!

So, in summary – here’s the key points to remember:


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This is specifically to do with the one card readings I have been offering for free – with regards to different spreads you will be required to ask different questions and provide different information; but this is a great beginners guide to understanding what the essence of tarot is – and how to get the best response that will resonate with you the most.

It also protects me, because I have been naively answering most, if not all questions that have been thrown my way, and this has ended up with me being more of a fortune teller, which is not my truth. It doesn’t mean it won’t pan out or that anything bad will happen, I simply want to move away from that direction and establish clearer ground rules for moving forward with this.

I encourage you to come to me and ask the tarot and the universe for clarity, insight and wisdom. Anything else, please know that I love you, but I won’t be going there anymore! It is not capturing the essence of what I’m about.

I hope this has cleared things up for you, and look forward to seeing your thoughtfully prepared questions for the readings to come!

Love, light & mystics-in-training

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5 thoughts on “How to ask the right questions in a tarot reading

  1. Miriam

    Hi there! I would love to receive a moon phase calendar, please?
    That’s really creative and nice of you! I can’t believe you make everything! You are a wonderful creator 😀 Wish there were more people like you! How do I go about getting one?

    Thank you!

    1. Post author

      Hi Miriam! did you sign up to my newsletter? you get your free copy when you sign up – box is on the right hand side of my website – thanks so much for your kind words :)

  2. niki cotton

    ok Im back for more! :0 , I promise im not stalking! Your story resonates with me so much on so many levels. I started with angel cards a couple of years ago and really got to grips with them and then I upped the anti to tarot at the beginning of this year. I had some tarot my mum bought me about 15 years ago but I dont think I was quite ready for them, the imagery didnt sit with me well and my mum isnt a big believer so I think they werent bought with the right attitude, it makes her feel uncomfortable and I think all of that fed to the cards. After realising it was ok to buy your own cards rather than being given them and then seeing the wild unknowns incredible pack pop up on my instagram feed a couple of times in early january, I felt soooooo drawn to them, I adore the illustrations, the fact they are based with animals who I feel an affinity to, I think they express human nature sometimes so much better than we humans do and it helps you not get bogged down with the who the card is, although my dad and mum and people I know have started to imprint onto the cards, the feelings I get when I think about said person emerges when I see the card, is this normal? The flashes of colour and the light that emits from them is just so peaceful and beautiful. I have been having moments with them but not nearly enough. I am still learning but am finding I am getting to grips with some cards more than others. They have certainly been accurate though. thank you for expressing you r thoughts and feelings so well xxx

    1. Post author

      love you Niki :) One thing you could do is get into the habit of clearing your energy and the space with sage and good intentions before starting your reading. Even if you are just practicing on yourself, it’s a good habit to get into. It’s totally normal when reading yourself only to associate certain cards with people in your life, it helps with the story telling aspect of the reading so I think your on the right track. They are beautiful cards, right? I totally resonate with them too because of the simplistic and natural nature of them x

  3. niki cotton

    weirdly I did just that on Friday night… he other half was out otherwise I think he would have called the men in white coats 😀 I found some dried sage as all I have here is fresh new growth, I ran the smoke over the cards as I was feeling they where picking up the energy of a friend who as handled them alot recently and the readings where starting to sound like something for her and me…. anyway after clearing them they felt so much better! I must have read your mind x


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