6 ways to be more authentic in an artificial world

I want to take this moment to talk to you about something that keeps showing up on my intuition raider. Little signs all around keep pointing to this topic so I’m gonna finally give it the nod and address it.


THIS MAGICAL WORD: Authentic. Aka genuine / original / real / true. The actual legit truth.

In a world filled with hidden agendas it can sometimes be quite hard to be your truest self; especially when you are still trying to learn who that truest self actually is.

We are constantly bombarded with images from the media that are edited within an inch of their life but I think most of us now know to question the reality of what the media and advertising agencies are up to; but on a more personal level – we are now suffocating in the ‘digital noise’ of others that then make us feel just that less in love with our own self.

Take selfies for example, we can sometimes forget that they (or we?) took 20 outtakes before finding the one with just the perfect amount of pout, then filtering it to brighten the colour or set a mood, throw in a bit of airbrushing or bokeh and send it out to the world with hash tags about how great life is #livingthedream. Oh, and don’t get me wrong in saying all that – I absolutely do this, too.

I am building myself a brand. I do these things with intentions of mimicking an aesthetic that matches my inner spirit, therefore (most of the time) I have pure soul-led intentions. The social media world pins us all together in such an unnatural way it’s easy to fall prey to comparison traps. I fall into them daily. “She’s so creative” “she’s got the best body” “I will never be that successful” “Why couldn’t I think of that?!”. It’s time to stop. If I’m saying that about them, maybe others are saying that about me, they are thinking that about someone else – and it keeps going on, around and around in circles. How exhausting, how debilitating to the collective consciousness.

I am now learning new ways to try and be my most authentic. My true self. No smoke and mirrors. Raw spirit. Truth. Transparency. I feel I do that a lot in my writing and sharing of my journey and whenever I create something new or have a new idea, I am now better able to decipher the genuine self from the imitation self.

2014-02-26 14.38.46

Screen shots from my very first ‘vlog’ asking for your support recently – weirdo faces, right?!

I’m slowly trying to not worry about what others think of me and focus more on what I think about my own self – it is challenging – but it’s also very freeing. When you stop caring you start living. You stop holding yourself back. And guess what happens when you stop holding yourself back? You come into your truth. You align and you soar. Then you just get on with the life you dream about.

One big thing I have been asking myself is why? Why am I doing this? What’s the desired outcome? You might be surprised at what the answer is. And don’t try and bullshit yourself, doesn’t work. Trust me – I’ve done it. You can only be a fool to yourself for so long (after all, your super intuitive like that.)

So, lets get down to it shall we?
How do you go back to your authentic self in an unauthentic world?

1. Motivations – do the old ‘go within’ and see what comes up first BEFORE you act.
Ask yourself; What motivates me?

Is it to get more likes? why? does that align with your spirit?
To be perceived as trendy? why? does that align with your spirit?

To look like you are smarter? funnier? more wealthy? more intellectual? more creative? more in love than you actually are? why? does that align with your spirit?

It’s ok to do unauthentic things, it really is. We are all human that crave that connection. But more importantly this is about the WHY…. getting to know yourself better. Provoke that thought and learn to love these imperfections you have (we all have them!).

2. Do shit offline. Would it still be done in your day to day life? What should truly be documented and shared and what is just a reflection of how your feeling today? Need validation? Need to be told your beautiful? Need a hug? Go on, give those things to yourself in real life. It will feed your soul so much more, I promise.


like my modern spin on the ol’ tree falling philosophy? 😉

3. Block out the excess noise. Fighting yourself constantly to ‘be’ someone? Be better? Be different? Be like her? Can’t tear yourself away from stalking their profile or website and sighing like you aint’ ever gonna be that good. Well, here’s an extreme (but helpful) measure – unlike/unfollow them! Just for a month. See what a difference it makes in your life. Or delete facebook/IG altogether! Some of my friends have done this and express how liberating it is to get back to their authentic, simple life.

4. Be vulnerable. People love the unpolished, un-edited you. Your a real person;  not a
Magazine spread. You have wrinkles, freckles, weird teeth, bad regrowth, hairy legs. Don’t filter that shit out of oblivion. Small chubby hands? And design rings (like me)? Oh the irony. Rock that shit anyway, at least others will feel a sense of reality and self in that action and be left with a feeling of equality, rather than inferiority.


5. The “what would my spirit do?” question – as in, when you’re about to take any action – whether it be start a new course, get a job, take a photo, buy a concert ticket, shop for new clothes – ask yourself “what would my spirit do?” – not this whole “what would Miranda Kerr do” or “what would Oprah do” – that’s just putting people up on a pedestal in YOUR life that make you feel like you have to always be BETTER. Do BETTER. Choose BETTER. Stop that, it’s soul destroying and artificial. The harder question is – what the hell would your spirit do? That deepest, most raw, natural, soulfulness that resides in you? DO THAT. Fuck what ‘others’ are doing.

6. Find your voice – don’t mimic others – Ain’t no copycat ever find happiness or fulfilment on a soul level when they followed an unauthentic path. I absolutely love this post from one of my mentors – Leonie Dawson – how to deal with copycats – check it.

There is a difference between experimentation or trend/play; do it for you first – and others second. Remember too that authenticity is a process, as we are always growing, learning and living and experiencing this life in real time – so too our spirits move with us in this way.

Luckily for me, when I haven’t been authentic or motivations were for artificial reasons – the universe has picked up on that and it’s never come to reality or given me my desired outcome. The most authentic and organic actions have made the biggest impact – so that’s filled my heart with enough authentic soul stroking for me to move forward in that direction, further away from the ego moves and more towards me being the real deal Sarah Williams.

I would love to know what you do to help with staying authentic too! I think its such a fascinating topic, and we are all so caught up sometimes on what others think about us, but not what we think about us – which I think is the key to happiness.

Love, light & authenticity

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2 thoughts on “6 ways to be more authentic in an artificial world

  1. niki cotton

    I wrote a blog post about my genuine love for IG this weekend! Yes I know the world is a fake one online and yes I know there are a tonne of people out there that are so filtered I am surprised they can see their own hands let alone the world in which they live when it is not online, but there is also a really joyful community of people who are out there doing it for themselves, juggling home life in all its gory ways and staying positive to themselves and most importantly to others, they are breaking boundaries and most importantly to me there is a HUGE creative community. A little portable cheerleading group carried around in our phones. Yes I totally understand the feeling of without the ig post would it still happen?! (great analogy!) but to the same extent when you have doubts about a piece of work you have produced (I’m an artist working from home) Its great to stick a pic up and get some great feed back. I also love bigging others up, helping them find the strength to take that leap of faith into the unknown and launch into that abyss. So many of the people I follow/follow me (makes us sound like serious stalkers!) have started new businesses and need some guidance, starting families with genuine how to questions and are being creative and need some supposrt too…I was even being a styist the other day?! Thing is I think I am extremely lucky to be happy in my skin and in my heart, head and soul, I know what I want from life and I know what feels right with my soul, I’m happy being a bit of an odd one out, I have never paticularly followed the herd but people have weirdly always turned to me for guidance (even standing in the queue at the supermarket and the guy on the till tells me all about his gambing problem and all I did was ask to borrow a pen…?) & I find even on social media I get given peoples problems to help them…. I should probably set up an online therapy site! :) keep being an amazing soul lovely lady xxxxx

    1. thefifthelementlife@gmail.com Post author

      oh, don’t get me wrong – I LOVE IG too! I have made sooo many (great, authentic) friends via social media – I guess I more refer to the ones who aren’t looking so much for the connection with others like us, and more doing it for egotistical type things…. your a definite empath! I’m the same with getting given other peoples problems, but thats because I subconsciously ask the universe for that :) x


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