5 ways to cleanse with a full moon


Of late I have found myself awaken more to my feminine energy; thus now feeling a deeper appreciation for the moon and its cycle. It is such a fascinating topic and one that has really reconnected me with myself and my own habitual rhythms in life as a woman and a mother.

It is often evident that at times of the full moon that we, particularly women, do tend to feel differently – whether we are conscious of it or not. We have all heard the phrase ‘raving mad lunatic’ – and well, that’s because the word lunatic really means to be momentarily crazed by the moon. I’ve felt the urge to learn how to balance this more and help me to work with the moon cycles to help me find more flow and rhythm in my life, and to help manage hormonal impulses and emotional surges.

The time of the full moon, usually the day of and around three days after you should feel the strongest effects within. After all, astrology affects so much of our energy because our planet is apart of a whole system that works in synchronicity with the sun, moon and other planets. When you think about it, the tides are dictated by the moons energy, and since us humans are made up of over 70% water – it’s no wonder we feel the ripple effects too! This is an opportune time to cleanse in ALL areas of your life, like a wave crashing in and drawing back out to the sea.

Here are my 5 elements to cleansing with the full moon

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Our thoughts can be so powerful, especially at the time of the full moon when emotions are heightened and our minds are often working over time causing us to be much more unsettled and unbalanced (it can also keep us up at night). To me, the best way to keep your feet on the ground and your mind from thinking too irrationally or getting carried away- is to simply do some easy breath work and to find some time to meditate. If you’re one of these people who “have not time to mediate” – then simply taking a moment away from technology, away from distractions and just living in the moment, quietly and simply might be all you need to do to come back down to earth. Alternatively, maybe it’s time to learn more about meditation and to try it for the first time. If you find it hard, there are so many amazing guided meditations out there, as well as something called binaural music, or ‘meditones’.  Emphasize on breathing really deep breaths will also assist your body with its own cleansing processes at this time too. If you are a seasoned meditator, perhaps a guided meditation targeted towards cleansing or chakra work would be a great option for this time of month.


This is probably one of the most common cleansing rituals we use regularly; and that is to simply just clear out the junk! This includes tidying up at home, in the office, sorting through our email accounts or sorting out our desktops. This is one of the areas I know I need to focus on as I am a bit of a hoarder, so I recently took on the huge task of cleaning out all my accumulated ‘likes’ and ‘friends’ on social media. It was something I had been building up for years, and it got all too much. Simply letting go of that virtual baggage has already freed up so much of my precious time and helped me to set new boundaries for my personal online space and life.


We can often harbor our emotions and never truly feel or face them. I’m sure we are all guilty of holding onto that little issue that just seemed too challenging to deal with at the time, so we buried it and ‘moved on’. This can often resurface throughout our life, so the full moon is a perfect time to let go of it. A great way to cleanse emotionally is to do something that involves water – this could mean taking a beautiful bath, cleansing your body but also healing you from within and if it means to also have a good cry! Feel those feelings, release them and forgive yourself and others to set yourself free of this emotional baggage.


The action of cleansing your body is one of the most instantly rewarding, but often most challenging too. Some people choose to juice or water fast around this time or to start detox programs. It is the perfect time to clear out toxins and waste – through skin exfoliation, colon cleansing, working out to build up some perspiration and respiration and to drink plenty of water to assist on all those things. Even something super gentle like putting lemon in your water first thing in the morning around this time will help you to work with the moon and assist with cleansing and detoxing your body. The key is to just do what works for you, not to force anything but honor yourself with these things to work with the cycle, not against it.


To me this can mean many things and come in many forms – it’s really just about where your interests lay and what helps to reconnect you most to your spirituality and truth. For me, I find cleansing my crystals under the full moon, cleansing my home with white sage smoke, having a beautifully feminine bath ritual where you cleanse away your day in a truly feminine ritual of scented candles, flower petals, essential oils and just letting your mind drift off and feel that moment, soak up its beauty and energy. Involving all the elements – fire (candle), water (bath and tea!), air (scent) and earth (crystals, flowers etc.) is a really beautiful way to treat yourself and remember it as a beautiful time to honor your spirit and keep you connected during this often challenging time.

Allow yourself to try one (or all) of these suggestions as you feel you need them – trust your intuition and only participate in these practices with nothing but love in your heart, self love, self worth and self empowerment.


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3 thoughts on “5 ways to cleanse with a full moon

  1. niki cotton

    Hello gorgeous! I am giving myself the promised hour I have been so craving to catch up on your blog and about a million posts that I have probably missed whilst my head has been emersed in pots of paint and with poorly mini boys. Loving this post. The moon is something that is so fascinating and tangible, she hangs in the sky giving us markers as to what time of night it is and where in the month/year we are. I love that this circling orb connects so massively with our planet and ourselves, pulling the tides in and out twice a day. I love the ghostly figure she makes in the sky when she stays up way too late and can be seen trying to be invisible in the blue skies, trying not to pee the sun off. I have found that this year whilst I have been looking into mindfullness, meditation, peace of mind, projecting thoughts to make them happen, keeping the positivity up, trying out my spirituality and chats with the other side, pushing my art work that my own personal cycle has moved bit by bit to be in tune with the full moon. I have slowly started noticing and it is the most curious thing. The last 3 months bang on like clock work its synced with the full moon… i am yet to research this and see what it means but I hope im not going slowly mad! 😀 xxx

  2. Susan

    I absolutely love this post. It was just what I needed to remind myself to be gentle and listen to my intuition. Thank you for taking the time to craft this beautiful writing & visuals :)


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