I’ve been the holistic healer/plant witch in my home for as long as I can remember. When I had my first major energy shift in my mid-twenties, I began to look back to nature to learn from her and heal myself. I taught myself basic nutrition, I detoxed my body and soul and my entire home. Not a chemical to be found. Instead, everything was reduced down to a handful of natural products and about 4 essential oils, vinegar, bi-carb and coconut oil 😂. This plant witch has been cackling inside me all along it seems!
These days, If I’m not tinkering around propagating plants in my little 70’s faerie den, I’m making up lotions, potions and making art inspired by nature dowsed in my favourite oil blends. I’ve also discovered how powerful they are for our emotions, which again, has blown my mind and cracked me open. Frankincense, in particular, was my rock when I was grieving the loss of my fur baby Peaches who tragically died in an accident in 2017.
Like most of us, I used to live a pretty shitty lifestyle (which I relapse into from time to time – balance, ya know!).
And since becoming a mum 5 years ago, (and as many of you would know this story because it goes hand in hand with my TFEL journey) – I rebirthed myself that day too.
I found out she’s really passionate about 4 core ELEMENTS
Those are:
NATURE (earth element)
COMMUNITY (water element)
CREATIVITY (fire element)
The Fifth Element Life was birthed from this place of the rediscovery of the elements of me that they helped me feel most alive.
Fast forward 5 years, and plenty of hard work later, including lots of huge personal life transformation (for example, becoming a single mother)… I’ve been drawn back to this place, this questioning space, this regrouping of the elements of me and I soon realised that as much as I live and breathe my brand, I still had itches I needed to scratch outside of what I had created. I crave something bigger than myself.
I’ve been saying for over a year now that I want to get back in touch with my community, IN PERSON.
I’ve been saying I need to do more stuff in nature, get out of the office and work with her magic more (probably why I have so many indoor plants!)
I’ve been saying I need to be creating more but I haven’t felt very inspired because of so much on my plate as a single mama with a growing business.
I’ve been saying I want to teach more people business, help more people create lifestyles they love and help them to flip the bird to the shitty patriarchal society we are forced to work in, unappreciated and uninspired.
On top of this, I want to help people find their strengths and double in on those so they can make real progress in life and stop feeling overwhelmed by so many options like I did in the beginning. No one person should ever have to wear so many hats, and still think they can walk and see straight!

This is where doTERRA has sauntered in and taken me by surprise. It meets ALL of those elements of me AND MORE (hello, philanthropy!)

So I bought my Home Essentials kit in June 2017 and worked with them in sceptical silence.
 Integrating them into my lifestyle again after dropping the ball on being a great version me for a while. I got really sick in 2017. Multiple physical Injuries, glandular fever… my body was asking me to finally love and look after it. My hormonal headaches were creeping back. My son also has had a rough trot in the health department, needing surgery to remove his tonsils, adenoids and get grommets inserted. Needless to say, the diffusers been getting a workout and every day requires a different oil support.
Now, it’s just a part of my life again like it never left. My mental health, energy, physical self feels lighter > because I finally listened.
I’m eating better, exercising, regular chiro and using an oil or 4 every damn day. (I’m absolutely obsessed with passion and whisper blends… yum!) and I’m finally ready to take my blinders off of survival mode and to look to the future of my business, my life and my lifestyle with optimism. So begins phase two of this exciting new venture!
I’m absolutely no stranger to essential oils, or doTERRA. In fact, TFEL AND OILS are for the same people.
Oily and plant magic folk are TFEL folk, it’s a fact.
So many of my customers are also advocates for doTERRA, so, when I was ready and took a long deep breath after what feels like a very long time holding it – I realised this is where I was being led. I have to join my people, meet them where they are. Reconnect, play, grow, learn, explore, prosper together. We crave the village, after all!
One of the only people in the whole world who knows me, my business, my life and fully aligns with so well is my dear friend, Yvette Luciano. She helped me birth TFEL years ago and has been a constant collaborator and biz sister ever since.
Yvette joined forces with doTERRA early 2017 and I’ve watched her lead her Aroma Angels with integrity and authenticity, in the same way she has always run businesses and helped me do with TFEL.
I trust her with everything. I look up to her as a soulful businesswoman.
Naturally, we’ve come together now through our mutual love and connection to nature and are excited to bring you into this special space we have created (if you feel called, of course) – called The Wilder Ones.
You know me. I don’t ever put my name to anything lightly. And trust me, everything you’ve heard, I’ve heard too about network marketing and trust me I’ve said probably some of the worst things about this company previously because, as an ignorant outsider, I judged a book by its cover and also harshly judged those who joined “the cult”.
Let’s address my biggest block (and the elephant in the room here) and that was about representing a multi-level marketing company. The whole network marketing thing.
Well, I admit. I thought I hated doTERRA. Not because of the product, not even the company itself (they really have nailed this soulful business model I can’t fault them) but more like the people who were representing the brand that I saw snippets of around the place – the “oil pushers” I called them.
These are the people who were inboxing me cold turkey TELLING me they had such a great opportunity for me! Did I want some samples?!!
Instantly, I felt gross! I’d be swearing to whoever is in the room with me…. I realise though, fuck. I actually do that myself. I have no problem approaching people I fangirl on the internet to ask them if they would like to receive some free jewellery and if they did would they like to share with their community – or better yet – if they want to collaborate with me! Some of my greatest work has been results of that approach! After all, everything this business model is about coming back to my core values and focuses in life.
And let’s be fucking honest here, women, particularly the conscious ones, really need to be the ones making more money in the world. More money = more freedom; more power to create the real change we wish to see in this world. We know what the world actually needs. I’m sick of the ignorant white blocks running the show.
I can’t argue that anymore. Sorry for judging (but like any group of people, I’m sure there are some bad seeds).
But do you think the head of BHP focuses on these things the way we do? Pfft. Those marketers are the real bad guys here. Not the mum wanting her home and family to be safe and healthy, not the woman who asks other like-minded women to join forces with her to create more freedom, community, health and abundance or wanting to work with people she loves, trusts and adores every day!
Anyway. Point is, I’ve dived in.  I’m really keen to explore this arm of my beautiful business as far as I can as long as it’s complementary to her mama TFEL – and I want you to join me if you feel called to!
It’s not for everyone, I get it and it’s all cool.
You’re still my soul sister and I hope you feel the same way back!
 As a “leader” in my industry, I’ve been privy to plenty-o multi-level marketing spam – and fuck, I want to help change this shit for the better.
I’m always ALWAYS looking for the better, smarter and more innovative ways to do things, and this is no exception.
Ok, so that’s my story and I have so much more I want to say…
If you’re still reading, thank you!
Are you open to learning more and exploring doTERRA with me and The Wilder Ones?
I would love to invite you (if you don’t already have a doTERRA account) – to join me in a separate little coven now specifically for plant witches. Let’s explore and play and see what magic we can create together. Thank you for being so open-minded, you won’t regret it.
If you would love to join The Wilder Ones – please email me at thewilderones@thefifthelementlife.com