Ok folks, listen up. MR (mercury retrograde) I’m going to bust some myths about this little gem that we are GIFTED with multiple times each year, so let’s clear them up so you can change your stinkin’ attitude about this natural cycle in our life.

You see, it’s necessary that we honour this time and surrender to it when it comes up because they offer us such beautiful gifts to our calendar year.

Ok, let’s start with understanding Mercury’s VIBE:

Mercury is a planet associated with all forms of communication, astrologically represents the mind, intelligence and wit. He is a messenger of the gods who’s winged feet speed news and information as fast as thought itself. In the celestial system, Mercury is the fastest planet – he zooms around our sun in 88 days.

His shadow side is being cunning and trickery, which can be used to take advantage of those who are not so quick-witted and maybe more naive or gullible.

Usually, his vibe is that he’s all go go go hustle type of energy so you can imagine – when he goes into a retrograde phase (which basically means he looks like he’s slowing down, or standing still in space) – this vibe gets turned on its head and the energy at this time feels slower and perceived to be filled with more obstacles.

I say perceived obstacles, because, that’s exactly what they are. You are used to the go go go and DOING so much, that when the energy is not fully supportive of this around you, you are essentially pushing shit up a hill! This is particularly heightened more and more to us as we evolve with different and new ways of communicating via new technologies – so I’m taking a wild guess that the reason why we all focus or are being pulled to focus and pay attention more to MR – it’s because 1. We are more influenced because of more communication and information flowing in and out of our lives daily than ever before and 2. Because we are simply just doing way more than anyone in history, too.

Doesn’t it make sense that this time is actually more like a universal permission slip to slow the fuck down a little then?!

So, when dealing with this time that usually occurs 2-3 times each year, this is a general vibe guide to help you navigate it better:

REFLECTION TOWARDS OTHERS > You can’t help the actions or issues being highlighted with others (people OR machines). You simply need to shift your energy and focus on being extra aware of treading lightly and communicating VERY clearly, especially if you aren’t taking much of a break – as well as double and triple checking all your technical things. Expect hiccups, practice the art of letting go.

REFLECTION TOWARDS YOURSELF > Remain centred as much as possible. Use this time to practice all of the positive RE words in our vocab – it’s all about the RE- words >> so things like REST, RESTORATION, RECHARGE, RESTRUCTURE, REGROUP, REMEMBER, RETREAT, RELEASE, RECENTRE, REBIRTH, RELEASE, REJUVENATE, REVEAL, REPLENISH. All of that good stuff should be in focus at this time. It’s less about doing and more about being. It’s about taking a little step backwards in order to move forward 3 more.

mercury retrograde meme sarah wilder the fifth element lif

MR is also about awareness to the collective REACTION to previous actions.

ASK YOURSELF: Are you acting from your shadow self? Or are your actions coming from a centred and balanced place? If you’re heavily weighted in your shadow self at this time, generally speaking – it’s just kind of a sign to sort your shit out! READ ABOVE – All those important ‘RE’ words like REST should be your focus because you’re unbalanced AF.

So, don’t buy into all the doom and gloom bullshit at this special time of year, most astrologers actually love it and rep hard for this particular planetary retrograde. Truth is, every planet has a retrograde phase, which we don’t really focus much on. So if you don’t particularly notice those, this one really shouldn’t be placed on some type of pedestal. It’s more about just working with the global energies more, at the end of the day.

Many restful retrogrades,

Sarah x