The energy of 2018 is going to vary from that of 2017 which was more of a highly sensitive and a lot of beginnings and endings, full of power and force – where are this year we shift focus to building more stability, organisation, ditching old habits and creating new ones that are based more on good health, sustainability and enjoying life with loved ones.

The Earth Dog carries a more masculine/yang energy, so there will be focus on DOING and the energy is in our favour to make huge leaps in career, home and health if we remember to surrender to the ebbs and flows of the energy we feel. So when we feel like running out there and releasing huge amounts of energy, we are then to honour that our bodies will need an equal amount of downtime to avoid burn out, exhaustion and adrenal fatigue.

Like the dog, we are reminded to draw on our ability to work well within a pack and this can mean working well with a team and also spending our time and energy on building stronger networks/teams and business relationships, as well as nurturing our pack/family as well. Here is where we will feel most fulfilled when we get to share time with those we love and develop stronger and deeper relationships with people we feel bring out the best in us.

Financially things will feel more stable and abundant, and we will focus more on building stability and structure to our lives this year. We might really want to set down roots or find somewhere new that we can do this. I know personally I have felt a much stronger pull to ‘grow up’ in a sense that a lot of the ways I do things aren’t as productive or helpful to me, so I’m tweaking systems, being more disciplined with my energy and organising myself better to feel the freedom that is created in the mind when there is less noise. I liken this energy to grow up from a puppy to a more mature dog – they are still the same beautiful spirit, just more discerning, and know that less is more and have more control and discipline.
The big message I’m getting for this year is to look after your health; create better and healthier habits; focus on building a stronger foundation for yourself in all aspects of your life; finances are going to flow better and we will find that work is much more productive when we work more in our own cycles rather than ones created for us. It will be a great time to studying, grow your career and business or build a stronger family unit (or all!) – a huge warning though – As much as you’ll want to be a human DOING, you’ll need to remember to be a human BEING. Do not over commit, over do or lose sight of what’s really important.

We will divinely align with what is meant to be with us on our journey this year, and the other things will very obviously want to pull away. Do not fight it. Focus goes where energy flows. Put yourself first, be the leader of your own pack, trust your intuition, your 6th sense and don’t let those bad habits creep back in to sabotage your souls’ yearning for growth and stability and balance this year.
Mother earth is also going to be a focus, she may even speak up more to us about where we need to shift focus as a collective, too. We have a long way to go to fully and deeply respecting and understanding her, and she’ll make it known to us this year. I personally have focused less on my deep-rooted activist self over the last few years while I focused on healing myself from various things, but again, a huge shift has occurred and I’m being pulled back to this place of looking out of myself again and how I can help her regain power.

(If you want to learn more about the spiritual significance and meaning of a dog, check out my personal message about them here.)

I hope this has helped bring clarity and ease to your world, I can’t wait to journey through 2018 with you all with this beautiful energy working in our favour
Sarah x