I always encourage people to “go their own way” when it comes to ritual work, as really it’s all about personal practice and connection to yourself, so outside rigid and strict “rules” don’t really sit right with me.Here are 5 easy ways you can do that to feel supported during the few days before and after a new moon phase which I really encourage you to play with, try and tweak to make your own!


I love a really easy spread I’ve created called “truth unfolding” which is my take on the common past, present, future spread. Simply draw two cards beside each other, the first representing THE TRUTH – YOUR CURRENT SITUATION, and the second representing what could be UNFOLDING from this. I see this as a beautiful new intention spread because it acknowledges where you yet ask you to create energy on where to move next from this space. It gets you thinking and reflecting, then planning and moving.


Taking some time to reflect and then plan out the next moves for the month ahead is a beautiful way to feel in and begin to plant the seeds for growth and expansion

As every moon phase lands in different astrological signs every month, each phase carries its own energy from month to month. Perhaps one month you may feel called to really focus on career whilst others you feel focus on self-love and care – it really is a personal journey, one you can check in with and follow along with us here at TFEL through our energy readings and guiding words.

Take a moment to write out your intention and focus for the following 28 days, really feel into how you can begin this journey right now and how you intend to roll this out. Ask yourself – what is your intention? What do you want to focus on for the next 4 weeks? How can you start the momentum on manifesting this? Follow your own flow and enjoy the process of the visualising too, that’s half of the manifesting already done!


Aromatherapy can be a really magical way to bypass the bullshit and hit you where it counts! I’m talking inhaling the good shit and exhaling what we are done with. Diffuse your favourite support blends for this time – I find I’m usually quite introspective, quiet and often moody or emotional during a new moon – so my go to would be frankincense and lavender and then any of the more grounding/woody/resin oils which keep us feeling safe and supported.


At this time of the cycle, often we can feel a little fragile and a bit like we want to hide away to regroup and plan. I feel that ; like during a full moon also, this is a great time to cleanse and simplify, be kind and gentle, rest, create and just BE. Ask yourself what you need, and honour it. Resting and being clear in our


Stop everything that’s pulling you in all directions and re-centre yourself. How? DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE. What brings you joy? What gives you that feeling good and in the flow feeling? For me it’s dancing, singing, roller skating and making art – so I make sure I do one of these things to help me jump into my vortex at this time to really put me in the right place for intention setting, too. Then I’ll know for sure this is a true intention.

Most importantly, trust your intuitive pulls and listen to your inner guidance at this time – and see where the universe is hinting (or sometimes screaming!) to take you!